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I ABHISHEK TYAGI, student of BBA V Semester of Prestige Institute of Management, Gwalior, hereby declare that the project is my original piece of work and not the copy of any such work undertaken by someone else, all the information , facts and figures presented in the report are first hand in nature. They are actually based on my intense efforts conducted in DOMINOS PIZZA India Ltd. I have completed this project under the guidance of Prof. NAVITA NATHANI (Faculty PIMG).




This is certifying that the project entitled ³FINANCE ASPECT OF DOMINO¶S PIZZA AND COMPARATIVE STUDY BETWEEN PIZZA HUT AND DOMINO¶S´ is a work done under the guidance of Prof. NAVITA NATHANI by ABHISHEK TYAGI in the partial fulfillment of requirement for the award of Bachelor of Business Administration of Prestige Institute of Management, Gwalior. He has worked under our guidance and direction. Her work is found to be satisfactory and complete in all respect.


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It is a great pleasure and privilege for me to present report entitled ³FINANCE ASPECT OF DOMINO¶S PIZZA AND COMPARATIVE STUDY BETWEEN PIZZA HUT AND DOMINO¶S´ I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Prof. NAVITA NATHANI who has very kindly guided me for this project report. I extend my gratitude towards my institute Prestige Institute of Management, Gwalior for helping me to successfully complete the project work.

INDEX y y y y y y y y y y History of the Organization & Objective Organizational Structure Financial Performance Material Cost Control Production & Operations Marketing Strength & Weakness of the Organization. Suggestion Special Point Names of the CEO/MD/Department Head Chapter -1 y Introduction Chapter ±II y Objective of The Study Chapter ±III y Result & Discussion Chapter ± IV y Suggestion Chapter ±V y Conclusion .

Further. Fast Food Industry includes fast food restaurants. its trend. These behaviors will impact primarily on the restaurant industry. For example. In times of economic crisis. on the back of changing and busy lifestyle.I. It now accounts for roughly half of all restaurant revenues in the developed countries and continues to expand there and in many other industrial countries in the coming years. It features market performance. and outlines current trends and analyses. they will go out less in favor of enjoying evenings in. reason for its emergence and several other factors that are responsible for its growth. with the compounded annual growth rates of the market crossing 25%.1 Introduction This report is based on service comparison of pizza hut and dominos and also to analyze financial aspect of Domino¶s pizza. where it's radically changing the way people eat. This report provides extensive research and rational analysis on the Indian fast food industry and tracks the changing dynamics of the market. Consumers will be feeling the impact of the crisis far more over the coming months and will have to adjust their daily habits and attitudes accordingly. and heavily promoted. The fast food industry of India is experiencing phenomenal growth and is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country. the cocooning effect tends to emerge and this involves consumers focusing increasingly on activities within their own homes. teahouses. This report is based to test the quality of service and comparison between two pizza Houses. It has been made to help clients in analyzing the opportunities. But some of the most rapid growth is occurring in the developing world. with the lack of . key related sectors and competitive landscape of the market. INTRODUCTION 1. The research study looks into the market condition and future forecasts. coffee shops and juice bars in India. There are already clear signs pointing in this direction. For the purpose of this report. the industry will continue to grow at a pace in coming years. fast emerging middle class population and surging disposable income. easy to prepare. challenges and drivers vital to the growth of fast food industry in India. This paper aims at providing information about fast food industry. which are not necessarily detrimental to food retail. People buy fast food because it's cheap.

2 Objective of the study (i) To find out the comparative analysis between Pizza-hut and dominos-pizza.) In occupation side: . y y The 18-28 Age-group are more visited Pizza outlets (32person.something which has already been seen in a number of countries. These results as the male are leading the sample and female showed less interest in participating in the study. industries and retail will all be affected by the economic crisis to varying degrees.More students visited the outlets rather than other occupants(24 students) . the research group noted . 1. (iv) To find out financial soundness of domino¶s pizza 1. (ii) To check out the preferences of the people / or the customers. There will be losers. but also winners in this downturn.consumption outside the home made up for by the purchase of food products to be eaten at home.3 Data Collection ‡ y y y From the total of 50 respondents 32 are male respondents 18 are female respondents. Although only around half of consumers will actually be affected by the crisis. (iii)To find out which factors are more preferred by the customers. the situation will have a major impact on food retail. The various sectors.

and the history of Dominos Pizza is similar to its rival Pizza hut. on the East coast. in his first restaurant somewhere in the 1960s. Domino's corporate history was to begin in Australia with its first franchise in Brisbane. Later that same year Tom Monaghan. The locations for Dominos Pizza grew quickly from here as they sprung up in all sorts of diverse places including Bogotá. the founder of Domino's Pizza. Despite Domino's Pizza springing up diverse locations.II. By the late seventies there were over 200 franchise pizza businesses in the States and Dominos Pizza was ready to go International. Domino's Pizza dough . Domino's Pizza menu had been kept very simple and streamlined. two brothers started it with borrowed equity in the sixties. which was jointly run by them until James traded his share for a second hand car..A. they only sold one type of pizza crust which they named the regular pizza. LITERATURE REVEW HISTORY OF THE ORGANISATION AND OBJECTIVE DOMINO¶S PIZZA Dominos Pizza is the second largest franchised pizza chain in the U. they were still a very traditional company. Tom revitalized the image by changing the name to Dominos Pizza .S. and in the same year opened its one thousandth store. Tom and James Monaghan bought a small Michigan Pizzeria called Dominick's. In 1983 Dominos Pizza opened its doors in Winnipeg.

was shaped by tossing the dough and pulling it into shape. The pizza menu included just two sizes of dough. At the same time the company hit the African continent as they opened a store in Egypt . The turtles pizza was late and they received a refund of $3 for "being two minutes late. By 1994 Dominos Pizza marketing policy widened as chicken wings were introduced to the menu. dude!" However the benefits to Domino Pizza was enormous as millions of kids were to hear the name of Domino Pizza endorsed on celluloid. The belt driven pizza oven was the invention of Domino Pizza and they began using corrugated cardboard delivery boxes which were very effective at holding the heat within the pizza during the delivery time. for the first time in twenty five years the company was being forced to react to market demand. For many years the company had advertised that if the delivery of their pizzas took longer than thirty minutes then the pizza would be delivered free. Domino Pizza continued to grow exponentially and in 1997 they opened seven stores in one day but on 5 different continents. In 1989 the history of Domino's Pizza was to change when the Deep Pan pizza was introduced. . it was not until much later that competition forced them to add a medium and extra large sized pizza. as the same year they opened their five thousandth store. pizza or Pizza and you could only drink a Coke with it. By 1997 they had also had an internal modern facelift as their stores were all brightened up and the company introduced a new logo. There were no such things as side orders you could have Pizza. This was parodied by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie which specified the "pizza dude has 30 seconds" to complete the delivery. By 1996 Dominos Pizza website was launched and the company declared global sales of nearly $3 billion. Ever mindful of the fact that a cold pizza must be about the worst dining experience on earth Dominos pizza introduced the "Heat Wave. Despite their reluctance to add a wider range menu they have as a company given the pizza industry many innovations that have now become standard. This move consolidated the financial base and ensured the growth of Domino's Pizza ." a portable electrical bag system that keeps the pizza hot during delivery.

Super Bowl Sunday was the most hectic pizza delivery day of the year when Dominos Pizza sold over a million pizzas. Tom Monaghan is sole owner of company. 1970s Despite its high turnover. and renames the business "Domino's Pizza." ." a pizza store in Ypsilanti. which was an increase of 42 percent on their normal Sunday trading volume. Monaghan borrowed $500 to buy the store. As the company continues to grow so rapidly it is just as well the practice of adding a dot onto the logo was discontinued after three outlets as Dominos Pizza now has over seven thousand outlets globally. James trades his half of the business to Tom for a Volkswagen Beetle. Michigan. Inc. The Domino's Pizza Logo DOMINO¶S PIZZA TIMELINE 1960s Tom Monaghan and his brother James purchase "DomiNick's.In 2004. Monaghan and his wife managed to salvage what was left of the company and once again took off in pursuit of their dreams. only to have it returned to him 10 months later in worse condition than when they had taken it over. Domino's was $1. which Monaghan called the company's "hope for the future. Monaghan lost control of the company to the banks." The first Domino's Pizza franchise store opens in Ypsilanti. Canada. Michigan. 1980s In 1983 the company celebrated the opening of its first international store in Winnipeg. its creditors took action and 200 lawsuits were filed against it. By 1970.5 million in debt. Domino's Pizza International.

became in part responsible for much of the company's later movement and growth.000th store outside the United States. Egypt. Domino's rolls out Breadsticks.Domino's Pizza International division opens its 1. New York. Domino's launches long-term national partnership with the Make-A-Wish Foundation®. The company discontinues the 30-minute guarantee and re-emphasizes the Total Satisfaction Guarantee. market. making it the largest store acquisition in the company's history. a minority driver development program designed to provide a steady pipeline of well trained and supported minority drivers for the NASCAR circuit.000th store.000th franchise.. Domino's launches its web site on the Internet (www.Domino's Pizza. Domino's becomes an associate sponsor for the Drive for Diversity program. the company's first national non-pizza menu item. In August 2002. After a quarter of a century of honing its pizza making and delivery Colorado. 1990s Domino's Pizza signs its 1.500th store outside the United States. First store opens on African continent.000th store opens in Brooklyn. in Cairo.8 billion system-wide. the recognized world leader in pizza delivery. In 1985 tens of thousands of customers around the world showed their confidence in the company by ordering 135 million pizzas during that year. Domino's Pizza acquired 82 franchised stores in the Phoenix. Domino's Pizza celebrates 40 years of delivering pizza and innovation to homes around the world. Domino's Pizza knew the pizza delivery business. 2000s Domino's Pizza International opens its 2. Inc. By 1989 Domino's had opened its 5000th store. opening seven stores in 1 day on 5 continents consecutively.. Domino's Pizza launches a campaign to update the company logo and store interior with brighter colors and a newer look.dominos. Crunchy Thin Crust pizza is rolled out nationwide. Domino's Pizza opens its 1. 1983 also saw the opening of the company's 1000th store in Colorado Springs. In February 2002. Domino's kicked delivery up a notch with the introduction of Domino's Pizza Buffalo Chicken Kickers and marked the creation of a whole new surprising category premium chicken delivered right to the door! Domino's launches Domino's Cheesy Dots. delicious round balls of dough covered in a blend of zesty melted cheeses. begins . Domino's 7. an astonishing 69% increase over the previous year's sales. The company reaches record sales of $2. Ariz.

at New Delhi. Shyam S Bhartia. St. Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.Patrick Doyle as Brandon's sucessor . rest of the terms remaining the same.the University of Michigan announces Brandon will serve as its next Director of intercollegiate Athletics. According to the India Retail Report 2009. a Jubilant Bhartia Group Company holds the Master Franchisee Rights for Domino's Pizza for India.Brandon steps down as CEO effective March 7 and the Board of Director's Sucessor .Domino's proudly boasts its research-backed wins over Papa john. Domino's Pizza India has remained focused on delivering great tasting Pizzas and sides. Dominos opened its common stock on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in July 2004. we were the largest Pizza chain in India and the fastest growing multinational fast food chain between 2006-2007 and 2008-2009 in terms of number of stores. elect j. Domino s Pizza India Limited Jubilant FoodWorks Limited. exceptional customer service and value for money offerings. under the new ticker symbol "DPZ. Prior to Sep 24.Concurrently. Today Domino's Pizza India has grown into a countrywide network of more than 300 stores with a team of over 9. We have endeavored to establish a reputation for being a home delivery specialist capable of delivering pizzas within 30 minutes or else FREE to a community of loyal consumers from all our stores around the country. Mr.000 people." Domino's announces a three-year partnership with St.s and pizza Hut in a national taste test of hand-tossed pepperoni pizza. Hari S Bhartia and Jubilant Enpro Private Ltd. . 2010 After years of languishing near the bottom of consumer taste perception studies. Over the period since 1996. Jude Children's Research Hospital.00th store on March 11. Domino's Pizza opened its first store in India in January 1996. the company was known as Domino's Pizza India Limited and underwent a name change. Jude was selected as Domino's "charity of choice" by franchisees and team members. Brandon will be retained by the Compan as a Special adivisor for the remainder of 2010 and continue as a non-executive Chairman of the Board. The company has been listed on the Indian bourses recently. 2009. Nepal. The promoters of the company are Mr.sausage pizza and extra-cheese pizza chairman and CEO David A. superior quality.

Thus. Domino's constantly strives to develop the product that suits the taste of its customers to bring out the 'WOW' effect (i.1600-111-123 and Domino¶s was the first one to start this facility for its customers. toppings and flavours suitable to the taste buds of Indian Consumers. We are committed to bringing fun. Our initiatives such as Fun Meal and Pizza Mania have been extremely popular with consumers looking for an affordable and value for money meal option. suitable to the tastebuds of the locals and these have been very well accepted by the Indian market. Domino¶s vision is ³Exceptional people on a mission. the feel good factor).e. happiness and convenience to lives of our consumers by delivering delicious pizzas to their doorstep and our efforts are aimed at fulfilling this commitment towards a large and ever-growing customer base. time and again we have been innovating with delicious new products such as crusts. Over a period since 1996. Domino¶s believes in the strategy of ³Think local and act regional´ that is blended with a playful image personified by our "Hungry Kya?" positioning. are doing extensively well in the market. Customers can order their pizzas by calling the single countrywide "Hunger Helpline" . Domino's Pizza India has established a reputation for being a home delivery specialist capable of delivering its pizzas within 30 minutes to its community of loyal customers from its entire stores around the country. Domino's constantly strives to develop products that suit the tastes of our consumers and hence delighting them. time and again Domino¶s has been innovating toppings. we introduce new topping every 3 ±4 months . Thus. Domino¶s is committed to bringing fun and excitement to the lives of our customers by delivering delicious pizzas to their doorstep in 30 minutes or less. Further providing value for money and affordable products to our consumers has been an important part of our efforts. Domino's believes strongly in the strategy of 'Think global and act local'. and all our strategies work for fulfilling this commitment towards our large and ever-growing customer base. to be the best pizza delivery company in the world!´.Domino's vision is focused on " Exceptional people on a mission to be the best pizza delivery company in the world! ". We are constantly in the process of innovating further.

Recently this was done in the one of the Domino¶s outlet in Delhi and Mumbai . Domino¶s has been associated with the NGO¶s devoted to the cause of underprivileged Children¶s.Domino¶s understands customers demand and is constantly developing local flavors understanding the local sentiments. it's also about giving back to the community. In India. Thus. Domino¶s believes that an essential component of corporate responsibility is to provide support to charitable organizations that benefit the communities where its employees and customers work and live. Domino's is the recognized world leader in Pizza delivery. We take our delivery proposition very seriously and our entire corporate ethic is based on it. But it isn't just about delivering. Domino¶s worldwide is known for its commitment toward social causes and believes in adding fun to the lives of our customers and communities it serves. Domino¶s concentrate more on carrying out below-the-line activities in the area it serves. Domino¶s conducts Store Educational Tour (SET) for the underprivileged children time-to-time. the ingredients. sauces etc. Also. are made keeping in mind the taste buds of Indian consumers while retaining the international flavor. Domino¶s believe in bringing fun and excitement into the lives of our clientele. Domino¶s constantly strive to make the company an integral part of the lives of the target audiences by getting involved with the clientele at the emotional level and building long-term relationship with them.

reiterating its commitment towards social causes.percent of that day¶s first 20 deliveries of the store were given to CRY toward the cause of the underprivileged children. they have been able to achieve this as a result of continuous efforts and dedication of the entire team in improving operating efficiencies. in terms of quality of operations. Domino¶s Pizza India has been consistently rated amongst the top 2 pizza chains worldwide in the Domino¶s family by Domino¶s International. fifty. Domino¶s Pizza India also boasts about its commitment to serve its customers on time by implementing the ³30 MINUTES OR FREE´ service commitment. The children had a gala time while they learned to make and bake pizzas at the store and finally tasted the sumptuous offerings made by them during the Store Educational Tour. Our pizza delivery times have also been judged as the best delivery times in the world across all Domino¶s.with the underprivileged children from CRY (Child Relief and You) where Domino¶s took the pledge to provide part-time employment to the eligible wards from CRY who are above 18 years. Dominos pizza Gwalior menu card . Also.

com .KEY INFORMATION Domino's Pizza. (1960) Headquarters Ann Arbor. LLC Type Public (NYSE: DPZ) Industry Restaurants Founded Ypsilanti.425 billion USD (2008) Employees 145. Patrick Doyle. Michigan.S.000 Website www. chicken wings. Michigan. pasta.S.dominos. desserts Revenue $1. CEO Products Pizza. U. Key people Tom Monaghan. sandwiches. U. Founder J.

as per our estimates. The fast food industry is Rs 1. including its propriety recipe dough. of which. Additionally. has been upped by 50% from last year's Rs 14 crore.Budgets too have been scaled up. the latest being an outlet opened in Gangtok this week. Bangalore and Calcutta. Ad budget. and Domino's dominates this with a 44% marketshare. .Chairman of board of directors CEO. helped by the rising popularity of delivery services in India and more geographical expansion. for instance. Domino¶s Pizza India Ltd David Brandon (Non Executive) Ajay Kaul (CEO) CEO J. which on the first day clocked sales in excess of a Rs 1 lakh with 500 to 600 orders. Mumbai.800-crore to Rs 2000-crore business. which is up 75% this year. our company makes everything in-house. Patrick Doyle FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE Domino's Pizza India is beating the downturn. organised pizza players market comes to Rs 650 crore. as has the training budget. at its four commissaries in Delhi.

Gwalior or Nagpur. where the average customer eats pizzas a few times a month. 2007 and 2008 reflected the underperformance of their product and promotional offerings during those years. lower same store sales and lower volumes in our domestic supply chain operations. even so because of population. which are total retail sales at Company-owned and franchise stores worldwide. Domino's is present in 47 cities in India. Domino's has witnessed a CAGR of 40 to 42% in the past few years.773 at the end of 2008.8% in 2007 and decreased $37. the pizza market is still growing in India by 20%. Domestic same store sales decreased 4. Worldwide store counts have increased from 8. The Company¶s domestic same store sales results in 2006.The increase in revenues in 2007 was largely due to higher domestic supply chain revenues.6% as compared to 2006. including cheese. cities with a much larger population.9% in 2006. the kind of response we may have expected in Indore. continued challenges in domestic business and a weak consumer environment. 6. offset in part by a decrease in domestic same store sales and negative foreign currency translation impacts on their international sales.6% in2008.0%. Research shows that majority of Indians eat pizzas once a year. due primarily to higher food prices.7% and 6.1%. compared with the US.4% as compared to 2007. This increase in global retail sales was driven by strong international same store sales growth as well as growth in worldwide store counts. For instance. increased 1. we were surprised with the response to our new store in Gangtok. global retail sales. this year we have added 15 to 20 cities. . global retail sales increased 6. Business Performance In 2008.079 at the beginning of 2006 to 8. The decline in 2008 was due primarily to lower Company-owned store and domestic franchise revenues. offset in part by a decrease in domestic franchise same store sales Revenues increased $25. respectively.8 million or 2. This growth in store counts can be attributed to the growing global acceptance of the brand and pizza delivery concept as well as the economics inherent in their system which attracts new franchisees and encourages existing franchisees to grow business. 2007 and 2008.This increase in global retail sales was driven by strong international same store sales growth as well as growth in worldwide store counts. driven primarily by Company-owned store divestitures. International same store sales increased 4. we opened stores in 8 to 9 new cities. 1.7% and 4. In 2007.2% during the same periods.6 million or 1.Today. Last year.

As of December 28. among other factors. If estimation relating to legal matters proved inaccurate for any reason. They closely monitor their accounts and notes receivable balances and provide allowances for uncollectible amounts as a result of reviews. historical collection experience and a review of receivables by aging category.9 million. They record long-lived assets.0 million. a large portion of its cash flows provided from operations has been used to make principal and interest payments on its indebtedness as well as distributions to shareholders in the form of dividends and stock repurchases. 2007 and December 28. historical experience and other. Overall. For certain periods prior to December 1998 and for periods after December 2001. Allowance for uncollectible receivables. It is highly leveraged primarily as a result of its recapitalization in 2007. same stores sales growth continues to result from the growing acceptance of delivered pizza around the globe and the successful execution of the concept. Its securitized debt requires no scheduled principal payments until anticipated maturity in 2012. dough manufacturing and supply chain centers and international operations.2 million and $2.owned and franchise stores. 2008. At December 30. they may be required to increase or decrease the related expense in future periods.They estimate the fair values of the assets and liabilities acquired based on physical inspection of assets. For acquisitions of franchise operations. depending on the policy year and line of coverage. It believes that its ability to consistently produce significant free cash flows allows the flexibility not only to service its significant debt but also to invest in their growing business as well as return cash to shareholders. Their net deferred tax assets assume that they will generate sufficient . consolidated long-term debt was $1. They had approximately $8. accrued for legal matters. Since 1998. They earn revenues through their network of domestic Company.000 and $3. general liability and owned and nonowned auto liability under insurance policies requiring payment of a deductible for each occurrence up to between $500. including property. 2008. These estimates are based on. respectively. at cost.they maintain insurance coverage for workers¶ compensation.Internationally. Income taxes. Long-lived and intangible assets. plant and equipment and capitalized software.7 billion. Critical accounting policies and estimates Revenue recognition. Insurance and legal matters.

.Inc. based on estimates and assumptions. Same Store Sales Growth Store Growth Activity KEY FINANCIAL INDICATORS The selected financial data below. including tax reserves. have been derived from the audited consolidated financial statements of Domino¶s Pizza. also consider the ultimate resolution of revenue agent reviews based on estimates and assumptions. The amounts relating to taxes recorded on the balance sheet. If these estimates and assumptions change in the future. with the exception of store counts and same store sales growth. They may be required to adjust their valuation allowance or other tax reserves resulting in additional income tax expense or benefit in future periods.taxable income in specific tax jurisdictions.

25 Income Tax .0 0.Total Income After Tax 55.462.0 195. Total Operating Income 197.29 55.33 186.91 0.S.0 22.0 0.87 1.0 0.0 56.97 108.2 0.79 384.0 0.0 0.94 170.31 385.02 378.87 0.0 0.0 0.425.Domino's Pizza Inc: Financial Statement Financial data in U.23 64. Net Operating Unusual Expense (Income) Other Operating Expenses.0 0.0 0.56 0. Net Income Before Tax 0.425.26 1.0 0.0 160.6 1.78 79.08 173.0 0.0 0.0 0.11 1.0 0.32 1.0 199.1 Interest Income (Expense).32 1.0 0.88 54.0 0.404.0 0.85 1.06 1.28 135.0 0.23 184.85 363.0 193.052.0 0.29 Selling/General/Administrative Expenses.74 28.0 -13.511.0 0.0 0.03 0.11 1.18 0.017.0 82.87 1.404.0 0.511.0 0.0 0.43 0.0 0.68 37. Total Research & Development Depreciation/Amortization Interest Expense (Income).47 168. Total Gross Profit 1.52 0.437.98 1.0 214.0 0.0 189.2 106.0 0.97 17.0 0.06 1.53 1.0 .061.28 Minority Interest Equity In Affiliates 0. Dollars Values in Millions (Except for per share items) 2009 Period End Date Period Length Stmt Source Stmt Source Date Stmt Update Type 01/03/2010 53 Weeks 10-K 03/02/2010 Updated 2008 12/28/2008 52 Weeks 10-K 02/24/2009 Updated 2007 12/30/2007 52 Weeks 10-K 02/26/2008 Updated 2006 12/31/2006 52 Weeks 10-K 02/23/2007 Updated 2005 01/01/2006 52 Weeks 10-K 03/03/2006 Updated Revenue Total Revenue 1.0 0.084.51 0.0 0.08 386.0 0. Net NonOperating Gain (Loss) on Sale of Assets Other.9 53.126.0 0.462.0 0.0 0.437.6 Cost of Revenue.0 0.0 0.

23 0.53 210.3 1.6 1.65 275.76 0.91 22.97 0.93 0.0 110.41 1.82 Revenues.6% in 2008. royalties from domestic and international franchise stores and sales of food.66 213.9 48.91 243.0 108.36 43.3 1.53 50.74 0.7 244.62 1.Common Stock Interest Expense.2 29.62 Diluted Weighted Average Shares Diluted EPS Excluding Extrordinary Items Diluted EPS Including Extraordinary Items 57.78 25.06 1.53 137.41 181.17 98.68 1.48 0.59 0.8 0.52 182.85 50.83 1.6 Normalized EBITDA Normalized EBIT Normalized Income Before Tax Normalized Income After Taxes Normalized Income Available to Common 161.95 21.0 0. Revenues include retail sales by Company-owned stores.Common Stock Primary Issue Gross Dividends . Supplemental 0.56 6.S.37 24.23 0.54 1.28 Total Extraordinary Items Net Income 0.0 37. Supplemental Depreciation.89 1.0 0.66 100.76 0.4 0.17 211.38 58.65 1.0 0.03 6.7 846.88 0.0 106.38 1.0 37.75 5.U.93 62.0 155.37 157.55 65.47 1.58 1. This decrease in revenues was due primarily to lower Company-owned .0 Basic Weighted Average Shares Basic EPS Excluding Extraordinary Items Basic EPS Including Extraordinary Items 57.68 66.14 1.Consolidated revenues decreased $37.93 63. GAAP Adjustment Net Income Before Extra.0 108.65 1.87 1.61 63.34 0.9 0.93 0.0 106.14 98.59 1.88 0.0 0. Items 0.01 25.65 68.0 79.79 0.91 65.39 1.39 57.18 0.0 79.43 6.4 130.8 million or 2. equipment and supplies by supply chain centers to certain domestic and international franchise stores.5 26.28 Total Adjustments to Net Income Preferred Dividends General Partners' Distributions 0.0 0.0 53.83 83.84 55.65 43.0 0.9 106.52 70.0 53.0 0.6 100.61 0.17 Basic Normalized EPS Diluted Normalized EPS Amortization of Intangibles 0.59 64.0 114.58 Dividends per Share .74 0.97 0.88 0.

There were 4. These decreases in revenues are more fully described below. respectively. 20 Domestic supply chain. 2007 and December 28. Domestic franchise same store sales decreased 5. respectively. This decrease was due primarily to lower same store sales and a decrease in the average number of domestic franchise stores open during 2008. There were 571 and 489 domestic Company-owned stores in operation as of December 30. Revenues from domestic franchise operations decreased $4. Domestic stores revenues are comprised of retail sales from domestic Company-owned store operations and royalties from retail sales at domestic franchise stores.2 . 2007 and December 28. Domestic stores.558 domestic franchise stores in operation as of December 30. This decrease was due primarily to store divestitures.3% in and domestic franchise revenues. during 2008 and lower same store sales. Revenues from domestic supply chain operations decreased $12. Domestic franchise.2% in 2008 compared to 2007. driven primarily by Company-owned store divestitures. 2008.2 million or 2.584 and 4. primarily to existing franchisees. Domestic Company-owned stores. as summarized in the following table.9 million or 9. lower same store sales and lower volumes in domestic supply chain operations offset in part by higher international revenues.2% in 2008 compared to 2007. Domestic Companyowned same store sales decreased 2.7% in 2008. Revenues from domestic Company-owned store operations decreased $36. 2008.

particularly in the food space. International revenues are primarily comprised of royalties from our international franchise stores and sales of food and supplies by international supply chain centers to certain franchise stores. Interest income. Cheese prices positively impacted revenues by approximately $11. having been sold off by the parent company between 1993 and 2007. related to decreases in domestic same store sales and were offset in part by an increase in overall food prices. Major franchisesDomino's Pizza Enterprises Domino's Pizza UK & IRL Franchisor has 350 employee(s). New Zealand. through product. the Netherlands and the Principality of Monaco are currently owned by Domino's Pizza Enterprises. The master franchises for the UK and Ireland were purchased by Domino's Pizza Group (now publicly traded as Domino's Pizza UK & IRL) in 1993. This decrease was primarily due to $1.1 million in 2008. service and image. operate and franchise branches of the chain owns the master franchisee for Domino's Pizza in India by Jubilant Group and in Australia. International.6 million to $2. We knew we had the ability to offer great value. Domino¶s Pizza was aware of the looming uncertainty in the economic environment and the Àow.on effect if may have with consumers.7 million in 2008. Franchisees The rights to own.5 million of tax-exempt interest income that was earned in 2007 on funds received in connection with the Company¶s 2007 recapitalization. France. including cheese prices. Interest income decreased $2.million or 1. This decrease was due primarily to lower volumes. but what we wanted to do was create a whole new experience for customers which they may not have expected from number one pizza maker . 75 employee(s) in franchise department FINANCE REPORT CEO REPORT At the beginning of 2008-09. Belgium.6% in 2008.

Unassisted brand recognition has increased 35% in France. .000 jobs across Australia and New Zealand PERSONAL POLICIY ECLUB DATABASE Brand loyalty has also grown signi¿ cantly with eClub member database. resulting in greater loyalty.33% of stores convert to online ordering in Europe. The growth in our eClub database has also enabled Domino¶s to drive the creative look and feel of EDMs including personalised CEO letters and themed pieces around new menu items and signi¿ cant calendar events. France opens its 150th store.5 million units.5% of sales now coming from online ordering.22. Choc Lava Cake was a ¿nalist in the Food Magazine Challenge Awards 2009 and has sold more than 1. With a database reaching into the hundreds of thousands. Each month tens of thousands of people join to receive special Domino¶s offers and communication direct to their email box. weekly Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) pieces have given us the opportunity to target offers to a store¶s local area. Over the past 12 months Domino¶s has created more than 3. Average delivery time has dropped by more than 21%. Website is ranked number one for ³Food and Beverage Restaurants and Catering´.

co. Future plans .As our customers and the broader Australian market adopt new technologies. Delivered pizza can be ordered via website (www.ONLINE ADVERTISING Greater integration across all media channels for the new menu launch in February 2009 helped increase Domino¶s presence in online advertising which resulted in great pro¿ ling opportunities for online ordering capabilities. The iPhone application will provide customers with greater freedom to order their favourite Domino¶s meal wherever they are. All Domino¶s banner advertising. E-Commerce In 1999. Domino¶s is committed to ensuring we remain at the forefront with new innovations. includes a click through function enabling customers to place an order immediately after seeing an online banner. including the successful Choc Lava Cake banner. Domino¶s Pizza became the first pizza delivery company in the world to offer nation-wide internet and interactive television ordering.dominos. iPHONE Over the next few months Domino¶s will launch a dedicated iPhone application for online or via any of the UK¶s major interactive TV services. This Australian-¿rst for the pizza industry will help drive online business and cement the position as the leading innovator.

Yum! plans Pizza Hut to be in 42 cities by end of 2007. DNAF also provides cost-effective print materials to domestic stores for use in local marketing that reinforce national branding strategy. It also contribute to market-level media campaigns. Pizza Hut is also experiencing double-digit growth in India and hence is confident about expanding its operations in India. and 55 cities by end of 2008. saturation print mailings and community involvement through school and civic organizations. The funds remitted to DNAF are used primarily to purchase television advertising.. or DNAF. Additionally. not-for-profit advertising subsidiary. including targeted database mailings. Third-party suppliers . India is amongst the top five growth markets for Pizza Hut. It¶s Domino¶s. it estimates that domestic stores have invested approximately $1. MARKETING OPERATIONS Domestic stores contribute between 4% to 5% of their retail sales to fund national marketing and advertising campaigns advertising programs.By communicating a common brand message at the national. Pizza Hut hopes to increase the number of Pizza Hut outlets in India to 180 by the end of 2008 from the present figure of 130. In addition. This is evidenced by successful previous marketing campaign with the slogan ³Get the Door. local market and store levels. domestic stores spend additional amounts on local store marketing. These national and market-level funds are administered by Domino¶s National Advertising Fund Inc. we may from time-to-time partner with other organizations in an effort to promote the Domino¶s Pizzabrand. we create and reinforce appowerful. consistent marketing message toconsumers.Œ´ Over the past five years. local and co-operative advertising.4 billion on national.´ and current marketing campaign with the slogan ³You Got 30 Minutes. The expansion programmed will make Pizza Hut the fastest growing western restaurant chain in India. In addition to the national and marketlevel advertising contributions.According to Yum! Restaurants International.

the Company entered into a new arrangement with this supplier. Changes in these preferences and perceptions may lessen the demand for products. Suppliers are required to meet strict quality standards to ensure food safety. pay to the supplier an amount reflecting any benefit previously received by the Company under the new pricing terms. among other actions. alternatively. Its policy is to pursue registration of trademarks and to vigorously oppose the infringement of any of its trademarks. the supplier agreed to provide an uninterrupted supply of cheese and the Company agreed to a five year pricing period during which it agreed to purchase all of its primary pizza cheese for the Company¶s United States stores from this supplier or. If it fail to successfully implement growth strategy. The food service market is affected by consumer preferences and perceptions. on-site visits. The pizza category is highly competitive. It license the use of registered marks to franchisees through franchise agreements. Risk Factors Risks relating to business and industry 1. 2. and such competition could adversely affect operating results. Under this arrangement. They currently purchase pizza cheese from a single supplier. third party audits and product evaluations to ensure compliance with standards. which would reduce . They review and evaluate suppliers¶ quality assurance programs through. Trademarks It has many registered trademarks and service marks and believe that the Domino¶s mark and Domino¶s Pizza names and logos have significant value and are important to business. In 2007. which includes opening new domestic and international stores. 3. They believe that the length and quality of relationships with suppliers provides them with priority service and quality products at competitive prices.The active relationships of 15 years or more with more than half of major suppliers. then ability to increase revenues and operating profits could be adversely affected.

Any prolonged disruption in the operations of any of dough manufacturing and supply chain centers could harm business. and may cause profitability to decline due to increased costs. 9. Such risks and costs may differ in each country in which we do business. STORE OPERATIONS Dominos believe that its focused and proven store model provides a significant competitive advantage relative to many of its competitors who focus on multiple components of the pizza category. Domino¶s use geographic information software. Dominos stores also benefit from lower maintenance costs.sales and harm business. Fluctuations in the value of the U. Not having long-term contracts with certain suppliers. labor and other costs could adversely affect profitability and operating results. 5. 6. 7. Loss of key personnel or inability to attract and retain new qualified personnel could hurt business and inhibit ability to operate and grow successfully. It has been focused on pizza delivery for 48 years. 8.Earnings and business growth strategy depends on the success of franchisees. as store assets have long lives and updates are not frequently required. 4. or on or near college campuses. Shortages or interruptions in the supply or delivery of fresh food products could adversely affect operating results. Dominos locate its stores strategically to facilitate timely delivery service to its customers. The majority of domestic stores are located in populated areas in or adjacent to large or mid-size cities. particularly dine-in. 11. 10. Increases in food. and may be harmed by actions taken by franchisees that are outside of control. are relatively small and are relatively inexpensive to build and equip.S. . dollar in relation to other currencies may lead to lower revenues and earnings. they typically do not require expensive real estate. and as a result they could seek to significantly increase prices or fail to deliver. which incorporates variables such as traffic volumes. Because its domestic stores and most of their international stores do not offer dine-in areas. International operations subject us to additional risk.

Focused menu It maintains a focused menu that is designed to present an attractive. Pizza size Products The current Domino's menu features a variety of Italian-American entrees and sides. Their simple and efficient operational processes. keeps pizzas hot during delivery. Additionally added a number of complementary side items to menu such as buffalo wings.300 square feet. household demographics and visibility. while minimizing order errors. The Domino¶s HeatWave hot bag.competitor locations. vertically-integrated supply chain system. which was introduced in 1998. with traditional. a sturdier corrugated pizza box and a mesh screen that helps cook pizza crust more evenly. Product and process innovations Dominos 48 years of experience and innovative culture have resulted in numerous new product and process developments that increase both quality and efficiency. Domino¶s Buffalo Chicken Kickers. accordingly. include: Production-oriented store designs Dominos store is relatively small. quality offering to customers. specialty and custom pizzas available in a variety of crust styles . to evaluate and identify potential store locations and new markets. Pizza is the primary focus. It also continue to introduce new products such as Domino¶s Oven Baked Sandwiches. and is designed with a focus on efficient and timely production of consistently high quality pizza for delivery. The store layout has been refined over time to provide an efficient flow from order taking to delivery. which they refined through continuous improvement. Its stores are primarily production facilities and. Its basic menu has three choices for pizza products: Pizza type. These include its efficient. and expediting the order taking and food preparation processes. do not typically have a dine-in area. cheesy bread and Cinna Stix. occupying approximately 1. which launched in 2008.000 to 1. bread sticks.

Historically. whose beef Check-Off logo appeared in related advertising. Domino's menu consisted solely of one pizza in two sizes (12-inch and 16-inch). the menu at Domino's Pizza was kept simple relative to other fast food restaurants. Domino's announced its first new pizza since January 2000. with the debut of Domino's deep dish. In August 2003. as well as beverages and desserts. as an alternative to Buffalo Wings. white-meat fillets. Additional entrees include pasta bread bowls and oven-baked sandwiches. breadsticks and salads. yard-long "The Dominator". From its founding until the early 1990s. in August 2002. are packaged in a custom-designed box with two types of sauce to "heat up" and "cool down" the chicken. The product launch also marked the beginning of a partnership with the National Cattlemen's Beef Association. The new product launch cost approximately $25 million. with the introduction of its "Brooklyn Style Pizza". The first menu expansion occurred in 1989. and Coke as the only soft drink option. Domino's once again branched out into non-pizza fare.and toppings. Domino's tapped into a market trend toward bite-size foods with spicy Buffalo Chicken Kickers." a reference to Subway's spokesman of the same name. of which $15 million was spent on new sheet metal pans with perforated bottoms. starting with the 30-slice. and larger slices that could be folded in the style of traditional New York-style pizza. the Philly Cheese Steak Pizza. 11 toppings. baked. cornmeal baked in to add crispness. featuring a thinner crust. The menu offers chicken side dishes. intended to compete with Subway's toasted submarine sandwiches. offering oven-baked sandwiches in four styles. Domino¶s continued its move toward specialty pizzas in 2006. . The breaded. Domino's started testing extra-large size pizzas in early 1993. or pan pizza. Its introduction followed market research showing that 40% of American pizza customers preferred thick crusts. Early marketing for the sandwiches made varied references to its competition. similar to chicken tenders. to ensure efficiency of delivery. In 2008. such as offering free sandwiches to customers named "Jared.

The entire order taking and pizza production process is designed for completion in approximately 12-15 minutes. The audit program focuses primarily on the quality of the pizza the store is producing. sauce and cheese used in their pizzas. the customer service the store is providing and the condition of the store as viewed by the customer. Their advertising campaign admitted to earlier problems with the public perception of Domino's product due to issues of tale. boxing and delivery. composed of a crunchy chocolate shell filled with warm fudge. Comprehensive store audit program They utilize a comprehensive store audit program to ensure that their stores are meeting both their stringent standards as well as the expectations of their customers. These operational processes are supplemented by an extensive employee training program designed to ensure world-class quality and customer service. production and delivery Each store executes an operational process that includes order taking. It is their priority to ensure that every Domino¶s store operates in an efficient. In 2010. Efficient order taking.000 cakes to deliver at Hoffstadt Bluffs Visitor Center near Mount St Helens.[35] and Lava Crunch Cake dessert. the company changed its pizza recipe "from the crust up". That same year. pizza preparation. cooking (via automated. making significant changes in the dough. conveyor-driven ovens). featuring 40% more cheese than the company's regular pizzas.The company introduced its American Legends line of specialty pizzas in 2009. a lightly seasoned bread bowl baked with pasta inside. consistent manner while maintaining their high standards of food quality and team member safety. Domino's promoted the item by flying in 1. They believe that this store audit program is an integral part of their strategy to maintain high standards in their stores. Domino's began selling its BreadBowl Pasta entree. along with a greater variety of toppings. .

To give quality services to customer inside they groom themselves well in personal presentation.They provide self service operation.The order is served within 10 to 15 minutes. VIII. XII .THE SERVICE OPERATIONS TO SERVE THE CUSTOMERS INSIDE THE GWALIOR FAST FOOD : I. VI. They said that communicating clearly with people of all ages is highly regarded. They have commitment to professional service. They asked the customers to have a seat. III. V. II. Domino¶s people job is day to day & from minute to minute.An understanding of customer needs & expectations. IX. They also provide CRM Coupons. VII. IV. Give them their menus. Have sound knowledge of all menu & beverages items & to ensure prompt efficient . So they told us that customer contact is the key to run a successful operation. X. As each interaction is unique. XIII. They take care of both verbal & non-verbal communication like listening & answering & how domino¶s people make use of proper space & time XI. They give buy one get one free offer to customers.

They constantly check that assigned section is clean and all tables are set up properly in order to treat customer inside the Domino¶s well. Payment can be made in cash or by Cheques in favor of "Dominos Pizza India ltd". HOUSEKEEPING OPERATIONS INSIDE THE RESTAURANT For housekeeping Domino¶s gwalior use UT service. Kitchen cabinets are cleaned for fingerprints and food spills that have occurred recently and can be recovered with wiping a wet or damp cloth. Everything ismoved on the counter. The floor is edged for crumbs with a vacuum. Make sure that furnishings & fittings including light fittings are clean & in good condition. they provide proper check on cleanliness of the restaurant. the items cleaned and moved back. BULK ORDERS: Dominos Pizza Gwalior also takes bulk orders for its corporate customers as well as for any big gathering. Dominos involves itself in various community activities like blood donation campaign. Of all large appliances in the kitchen are cleaned. in housekeeping operations there is flexibility in there restaurantMaintenance Housekeeping in the wet areas:Top to bottom. Maintain flexible & willing attitude. Light fixtures are dusted. clean up drive etc. They also told us that in housekeeping is also responsible for décor. baseboards. maintain cleanliness of the washroom etc.They make sure that all fittings are in good working order. essay. They arrange for different competition like painting. Ensure windows are cleaned regularly. the selection of furnishings & wall coverings being very important. Not only are sinksmade to shine. XV. then vacuumed thoroughly and . cleaned behind it. They check that all supplies such as toiletries & minibar stock have been replenished. all corners and edging is done on carpeted and non-carpeted floors. service guests using friendly. Any order can be placed 2 days in advance to avoid inconvenience.service standard operating procedures. reasonable and the foods are Hygienic and Low fat. junior pizza making etc at Their store level for children. and other dusting in the kitchen are done. They also cater to different college functions/events depending upon its location. top to bottom. The outsides. Thousands of rupees are spent on décor & these decisions are not taken lightly. polite manner at all times.a. Ensuring that tables & other areas are cleaned & polished. xiv. windowsills. but also all the tight spaces that trap dirt are cleaned.

Today it's hard to miss pizza delivery cars -thanks to Domino's Pizza.washed. corrugated pizza box.They can do the whole package pulling out a fridge or oven wiping them clean and everything in between All of Their work is 100% guaranteed. including taxis and driving schools. crisp crust is one of the most important parts of the pizza. Number of staff is more as compared to winter seasons Total number of staff is around 35-40. During summer seasons their sales increases. I Equipment Fresh and delicious pizza has always been a priority at Domino's Pizza. a mesh tray that helps cook the pizza base moreEvenly than a tray made of wood or stainless steel. Income per month is around 35 lakhs. simply call them within 24 hours. which is currently used by avariety of industries. Domino's was the first to use a fibre glass tray for dough. Domino's invented the 3-D car-top sign. Domino's was the innovator behind the sturdy. On an as-need-basis. A delicious. . the floor is washed by hand around the edges. which prevents moisture from making the box soggy and stops the cheese sticking to the top during delivery. which simplified dough handling and ensured better preservation. Food that is stuck to a floor is not ignored. Domino's developed the pizza screen. In search of the perfect crust. If customers are not happy with Domino¶s cleaning.

Domino's International.Asia Pacific 2007: Dominos Pizza India won 1 International and 3 Asia Pacific awards 'Supervisor of the year'.Recognized as one of the 10 brands that have changed the consumer behavior and set new trends in last decade.Asia Pacific 'Rookie Manager of the year' .Domino's International. Leading industry publication Pizza Today magazine named Domino¶s Pizza "Chain of the Year" in 2003.ACHEIVEMENT AND AWARDS Domino's Pizza India won the GOLD FRANNY award for the fastest growing Domino's franchisee in world for 3 consecutive times . . Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd won the award for "Brand Excellence in service / hospitality industry" in CMO Asia awards by CMO council. 'Supervisor of the year' . presented by Brand reporter & agency faqs 2008: Dominos Pizza India won 1 International and 2 Asia Pacific awards 'Trainer of the year' . 2009 .2006 2007 & 2008. presented by Domino's Pizza Inc.Domino's won the top 25 Marketers of 2009 award presented by a leading Marketing Journal Pitch and exchange4media 2009 .

Ajay Kaul won CEO with HR Orientation in Asia's Best Employer Brand Awards .Asia Pacific 2004 / 2005 / 2009 Franchise Award .Asia Pacific 'Trainer of the year' .Dominos Pizza India) Mr.Ajay Kaul (CEO India Subcontinent .Asia Pacific 'Rookie Manager of the year' . Dominos Customer Service Food and Beverages 2006/2007/2008 Distinguished Achievement Award of the International Franchising Association presented to Dominos Pizza India CEO Awards.'Rookie Manager of the year' .Award for Excellence in Franchising and Business Development. and opened its first restaurant in Bangalore. Since then it has captured a dominant and significant share of the pizza market and has maintained an impressive growth rate of over 40 per cent per annum. COMPARITIVE STUDY BETWEEN DOMINO¶S PIZZA AND PIZZA HUT PIZZA HUT INDIA Pizza Hut entered India in 1996.Domino's International. Pizza Hut now has 95 outlets across 24 cities in India.Star Youth Achievement award III.Asia Pacific 'Manager of the year' .2010 by World HRD Congress.Asia Pacific 2006: Dominos Pizza India won 1 International and 2 Asia Pacific awards 'Manager of the year' . 2010. 'Supervisor of the year' .Most Admired Food Professional Of The Year In Food And Beverages 2009. .Golden Spoon Award .

and has more than 33.000-335.000 people by end of 2004. Yum! Generated more than US$ 25. In India. Yum! Brands own Kentucky Fried Chicken. this is over and above investments made by franchisees. According to Pizza Hut sources.and employed nearly 4. Market share Pizza Hut is believed to have close to 50 per cent market share of the organized pizza-retailing segment in India. Financial performance According to an article in Financial Express. Taco Bell. the average investment for each outlet is US$ 275. the market size of the pizza segment is around US$ 87 million and currently growing at the rate of 15 per cent to 17 per cent per annum. The 6000 corer fast food retail industry is mainly dominated by the multinational players and the key players which are active in the research of the food retailing include: ‡ McDonalds ‡ Wendy's ‡ Papa John's ‡ International and California Pizza Kitchen Leveraging the India Advantage : International brand with an Indian heart . A&W and Long John Silver¶s restaurants worldwide. A Fortune 300 company.000 restaurants in over 100 countries. most of their outlets are financially successful. Yum! has invested about US$ 25 million in India so far.9 billion in worldwide sales in the year 2003.000 and is borne by the franchisee. Pizza Hut. Yum! Brands Inc is the owner of the Pizza Hut chain worldwide. encouraging further expansion.

IV. Pizza Hut is adding to the bottom line by localising equipment as well as by paying attention to inventory replenishment. ‡ Focus on location of the outlets. Ahmedabad and Surat.5 per kilogram. ‡ Increase the quality of Pizza¶s ‡ Make good ambiance in outlets ‡ Should focus more on market zing itself confidently. SUGGESTION / RECOMMENDATION  For Dominos ‡ Increase varieties in Pizza¶s. which was developed locally. The landed cost of imported mozzarella comes to US$ 3. The Tandoori range of pizzas.3 . Indigenous sourcing of raw materials Pizza Hut has reduced costs through indigenous sourcing of raw material. has a menu mix of over 20 per cent. works out to US$ 2. the Indian food heritage is very rich.3.3. whose members prefer not to eat at places where meat is served.99 .1 per kilogram.Pizza Hut is one of the first international pizza chains with purely vegetarian dine-ins at Chowpatty (Mumbai). and hence Indians like local flavours. Offering more than the international menu International food chains typically offer only a few localised products in other parts of the world. Pizza Hut¶s local menu is as large as the international one. Pizza Hut has even opened two all-vegetarian restaurants in the western state of Gujarat to cater to the Jain religious community. It has tied up with a local company Dynamix Dairy Industries Ltd (DDIL) for sourcing mozzarella cheese. According to Pizza Hut. which also serve Jain menus. The domestic price. However. . which has been reduced from 60 to 30 days. however.

And in the preference side people also prefer Pizza hut rather than dominoes.SUMMARY From the comparative study of these two Fast food chains Pizza hut and Domino¶s we understand that on which front. As we know that Pizza hut is the largest pizza restaurant company in the world with 12000 outlets in 90 countries and it enters in INDIA in 1996where as The Domino¶s pizza enters in INDIA in 1995 and now it has 220 outlets in India. VI. CONCLUSION Keeping up the sentiments of Indian customers and services offered by Pizza-houses and Keeping our study focused on some of the key ±areas of sensitivity of customers preferences (analysis of factors which affects the preferences). In price category the price of the pizza is less in Domino¶s rather than pizza-hut but once again the quality of pizza and the conditions which is imposed by the dominoes for door-steps services makes domino¶s less attractive. From this study we know that pizza hut makes its number 1 position in between peoples. cannot succeed as most favorable brand in between the people of those who likes Pizzas. But after all Domino¶s which has First mover advantage and customer base. For Pizza-Hut y y Try to attract more number of Ladies customers. Should focus on Low price customers. Make the door step services better ‡ V. which company is weaker than others. We come to a conclusion that: Pizza ±hut is preferred over dominos in terms of  Varity of Pizza¶s  Good ambience  Services offered .

in . BIBLIOGRAPHE Books. 27 January 2006 (ii) Joshua Ozersky (29 January 2010).in www. "Domino's Mea Culpa and America's Pizza Passions". Quality of pizza¶s  Location of the Outlet  Waiting time in the outlet Domino¶s is being preferred over pizza-hut in terms of:  Door step services  Low pricing So we can say that due to these qualities Pizza-hut dominates Dominos ±pizza In different areas and capture the market share and gain rapidly. Internet: Time Magazine.000th Store". Magazine & Journals/ Newspaper: (i)Domino's Pizza Delivers 8. QSR Magazine.

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