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I did six weeks internship at OGDCL as a compulsion for my BBA Hons degree from Bahria University. It is a necessity for every student to do internship with any organization relevant to their subject of studies. This stipulation is a way of familiarizing the students with the practical world which they intend to enter after completion of their education. During the tenure of my internship I got an opportunity to understand the organization and apply my knowledge and theoretical concepts in a better manner. This report precisely states my experience. The following report has been written on the format provided by the university administration. It initiates with an introduction of the company’s background and proceeds with its contribution to Pakistan’s economy. OGDCL forms the industrial base of our country and plays a dominant role in energy generation activities to support the nation on the whole. This sector dates back to the creation of Pakistan and ever since owing to its importance it has been pampered by all sectors of production. I interned in the production department of OGDCL and this report elaborates my experience and understanding of the production soft wares, marketing issues and human resource requirements of the company. I have also talked about the financial standing and progress of the industry in 2009. Operational, HR and market analysis all show positive results and bright future of the company in the following industry of our country. Other than a few pits that I discovered which include lack of use of modern technology, bureaucratic, hierarchical structure and nepotism the overall analysis of the company depicts a very positive and influential picture which is why it has been profitable over the years.
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Oil industry is a lifeline for an economy. It is a world of oil exploration, oil refining and oil marketing. Pakistan understands the importance of this industry for its economic uplift. Therefore the government of Pakistan established OGDCL in 1961. OGDCL is the leading firm providing 23% of total consumption, saving Pakistan from imports and contributing to economy by paying different charges to the government. Prior to OGDCL's emergence, exploration activities in the country were carried out by Pakistan Petroleum Ltd. (PPL) and Pakistan Oilfields Ltd. (POL). In 1952, PPL discovered a giant gas field at Sui in Baluchistan. This discovery generated immense interest in exploration and five major foreign oil companies entered into concession agreements with the Government. During the 1950s, these companies carried out extensive geological and geophysical surveys and drilled 47 exploratory wells. As a result, a few small gas fields were discovered. Despite these gas discoveries, exploration activity after having reached its peak in mid-1950s, declined in the late fifties. Private Companies whose main objective was to earn profit were not interested in developing the gas discoveries especially when infrastructure and demand for gas was non-existent. With exploration activity at its lowest ebb several foreign exploration contracting companies terminated their operation and either reduced or relinquished land holdings in 1961.

Oil and gas sector has been the oldest industrial base for Pakistan and the world around us. It is the source of all kind of activities geared towards the
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generation of energy, for the use of other industries and activities that support the economy of a nation. This reason alone has let the energy sector to be pampered by all the sectors of production and society around us. The setup of oil and gas related infrastructure and institutions started with the formation of Pakistan. The then governments (in the first decade of formation) did take some very useful decisions for the later generations of Pakistan. They made sure that our energy needs were made secure enough so that we could count on them. Many energy generation and exploration projects were started which really proved useful in that decade of intense growth of industrial development. These explorations fueled the development process further to attain one of the fastest growths in the history of Pakistan. This also proves that if these projects weren’t initiated maybe the picture would have been much different and grotesque today. INDUSTRY OVERVIEW In the public sector many companies and firms are operating including OGDCL, PPL, PSO, SSGCL, SNGPL and PARCO. Private sector companies of Pakistan have done a formidable job in attracting much needed investment and also in fulfilling much of the strategic fuel needs of Pakistan. Major Private Sector companies include: British Petroleum (BP), Asia Petroleum Limited, Shell Pakistan, OMV Pakistan, Attock Petroleum Limited (APL) and Chevron (Caltex) private limited. ENERGY SUPPLIES OF PAKISTAN The primary commercial energy supplies for the year 2006-07 in Pakistan have been 60.4 million tons of oil equivalent (mtoe) from 57.9 mtoe in 200506. Natural Gas holds a share of 48.5% in primary energy supplies followed by oil 30.0%, hydro electricity 12.6%, coal 7.3%, nuclear electricity 0.9% and LPG 0.5% while imported electricity is only about 0.1%. PETROLEUM Fuel or petrol has many forms and is one of the most important energy constituent as the world today depends on it. Most of its transportation and many other needs would remain unfulfilled if this energy source is not available in a timely manner or as per requirement. The total amount of identified recoverable reserves of crude oil, according to the report of GSP
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APL Fuel Oil Pipeline. held by NTC (National Tankers Corporation). Mahmood Kot (mid-country) and Morgah (Rawalpindi). In addition. Aviation Fuels and Naphtha. The structure of firms in the Petroleum industry is summarized as follows: Page | 5 . We export various by-products of petroleum and in fact crude oil itself when it becomes more than necessary and when there is no stocking space left in the storage depots.9) percent. out of which. Machike-Taru Jabba Pipeline Project (MTJPP) and the trans-Karakoram oil pipeline. This demand for petroleum is expected to increase consistently over the years Major products or kinds used and produced in Pakistan are Motor Spirit. The number of development wells drilled during 2006-07 was 41. The average production of crude oil during the 2006-07 was 67.6).6) Industry (9. Gujrat (mid-country). Faisalabad and Machike. Korangi.438 barrels per day. Power (40) and others (1.800 million barrels. agriculture (0.5). Furnace oil. Zulfiqarabad.(Geological Survey of Pakistan) is 341. We have 2 major ports in the country: Karachi and Port Qasim. 10 were by OGDCL and 7 by the private sector. Transport (47. Pipelines are the major transportation mode in the transfer of oil to different locations. The consumption of Petroleum products in 2007 was 1685 million tons. Refineries and the OMCs have key installations and terminals to receive and store crude and petroleum products in Karachi (Keamari. and so on). Since 80% of our oil requirements are fulfilled through the import of oil.4). The drilling efforts resulted in 17 discoveries mostly of gas/condensate. INFRASTRUCTURE At present the publicly owned shipping vessels in the industry are only 3. There is excessive increase in the demand for Petroleum since the number of vehicles has increased at an alarming rate. During the same period a total of 36 wells were drilled. There are a variety of pipelines operating in the country namely PARCO. HOBC (High octane blending component). Diesel (HSD and LDO). The percentage share of different sectors in its consumption is as follows: Households (0. the PARCO pipeline system has its own terminals at Korangi. White Oil Pipeline Project. our port facilities are of absolute importance for the Petroleum sector. Bulk of the traffic is handled by the Karachi Port. Kerosene. Mahmood Kot-Faisalabad-Machike (MFM) Pipeline.

The upstream sector consists of different companies that may or may not be involved in the petroleum sector as well. processed sent to the distribution networks and from there sent to the consumers as required.• • • Upstream (Oil Exploration companies e.g.g Shell) The Upstream sector of our Petroleum industry consists of the Oil exploration and extraction companies. Basin Understan ding Exploratio n Developme nt Production Mid & Downstream Reserves Management Reserves Replacement Rate Metric Exploratio Developme s n nt Exploration Success Ratio Finding and Development Cost. The downstream sector comprises of the firms that directly market the petroleum and its by-products to the final consumer. The transmission system of SNGPL is in Punjab and NWFP. Gas is brought out from the gas fields. The Midstream sector represents the oil refineries operating in the sector. PARCO ) Down Stream (Oil Marketing Companies e. GSP) Mid Stream (Oil Refining Companies e. There is a vertically integrated environment for Gas sector. For example the main Transmission system for most of Pakistan is situated near Sui. The key installations for Gas are the areas where it is discovered. since it's from there that the gas is being pumped into the pipeline system of the country.g. PIPELINE NETWORK Pakistan has the world’s second largest pipeline network after America in the world which is being run by two companies namely the SNGPL and SSGCL. Spend Share Production/Operatio ns Production Cost Operations Effectiveness Development Spend Corporate Planning HR Enabling KPIs Supply Chain Requisition to Order cycle time Page | 6 Safety Employee Safety Technical Staff Gap Productivity .

2006. to undertake comprehensive exploratory program and promote Pakistan’s oil and gas prospects. at Page | 7 . OGDCL is the largest petroleum exploration & production (E&P) company in the Pakistan oil and gas sector based on recoverable reserves. OGDCL held the largest portfolio of recoverable hydrocarbon reserves of Pakistan. hydrocarbon production and exploration acreage holding. In 1997. COMPANY BACKGROUND ESTABLISHMENT The Oil & Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) was created under an Ordinance in 1961.Many companies are operating exploratory wells and development drilling wells in Pakistan. Midstream sector is processing gas and distributing it to networks for transporting and home delivery. As at June 30. Downstream sector is where the gas is supplied to the end users the main suppliers being SSGCL and SNGPL who have been marketing and setting the price for different consumers. it was converted into a Public Limited Company and is now governed by the Companies Ordinance 1984.

Our principle objective is to first expand and accelerate onshore exploration and development activities and. DEVELOPMENT OGDCL plays a leading role in developing oil and gas resources in Pakistan. It was incorporated as a Public Limited Company w.e. undertake carefully selected offshore and international development activities to augment our oil and gas resources. in December 2006. OGDCL now holds the largest shares of oil and gas reserves in the country. 48% of total oil and 37% of total gas reserves. besides seeking opportunities abroad. which are operated by it besides having working interest ownership in 28 non-operated Mining and Development & Production Leases. OGDCL has the largest acreage position in Pakistan and currently operates 17 exploration concessions and holds non –operated working interest in another 7 exploration concessions. GOP divested another 10% of its stake in OGDCL in the form of Global Depository Shares and listing of the Company on the London Stock Exchange.e.32% of gas and 37% of oil. OGDCL explores and exploits indigenous resources for optimum production of oil and gas. respectively. Its percentage share of Page | 8 . OGDCL has an extensive database. i. With a balanced. efficient and competitive structure. Government of Pakistan (GOP) divested 5% of its shareholding in OGDCL by way of an Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the Pakistani Stock Exchanges. OGDCL was a statutory Corporation and was known as Oil & Gas Development Company.f. It also leases out its drilling rigs to the private sector and carries out seismic surveys and data processing on contract for these companies on extremely competitive rates. In November 2003. contingent upon theses activities. In addition. Prior to 23rd October 1997. Services of the Company’s highly qualified and skilled expertise in the fields of geology and geophysics are frequently availed y the local and foreign oil companies. 23rd October1997 and became known as Oil & Gas Development Company Limited. OGDCL contributed 22% of the country’s total natural gas production and 48% of its oil production on net basis. In addition OGDCL has 35 Mining and Development & Production Leases. Subsequently.

the total oil and gas production in Pakistan is 34% and 28% respectively. allowing the Company to utilize its significant reserves base and capitalize on the strong economic growth and accelerating energy demand in Pakistan. FUNCTIONS OF OIL AND GAS DEVELOPMENT COMPANY The main functions of the Corporation are:1. To produce. Exploit Exploration Opportunities: by building the Company’s future reserves portfolio through its large onshore exploration acreage. Accelerate Production Growth: by continuing to accelerate production growth. To carry out drilling and other prospecting operations to prove and estimate the reserves of oil and gas.25 million barrels of oil including company’s share in non – operated Joint Ventures. organize and implement development of oil and as resources. stood at 9. For the fiscal year 2007. 2003 and made 59 discoveries with a success ratio of 1:3. Page | 9 . 2. On the basis of its activities since inception. 3. 4. 2003. the Company has set targets for exploration drilling of at least 41 wells and plan to increase this target to 52 wells in fiscal year 2008 and 65 wells in fiscal year 2009. To perform other functions as the Federal Government may from time to time assign to the Corporation. program of exploration of 2. geophysical and other surveys for the exploration of oil and gas. OGDCL’s updated estimates for remaining recoverable oil and gas reserves as on 1st July. To plan. During the last 42 years OGDCL has grown into a technically and commercially viable organization. To carry out geological. the Company seeks to execute the following strategies: 1.228 billion standard cubic feet (BSCF) of gas and 164. the company has until June 30. In order to achieve this goal. refine and sale oil and gas 5.

Pursue Selective International Expansion: while domestic expansion 5.3. OGDCL has established an in-house technical services division. remains OGDCL’s core focus. Within Pakistan. will be a major factor in allowing it to control its low cost structure. Maintain Low Cost Operations: OGDCL’s operating environment. the Company’s leading position also enables it to access economies of scale across its significant reserves base and operations. 4. Page | 10 . As part of our restructuring plan. which separates technical support services from core E&P activities. the Company intends to grow and diversify its portfolio through selective international expansion in the medium to long-term. the Petroserv Directorate. Implementing International Best Practice: by ensuring an efficient organizational structure and business processes that are focused on core production. namely the geographic concentration of its reserves base within Pakistan.

However raw gas extracted from underground has very variable composition. Gas is only transported through gas pipelines to the gas processing plants of the respective companies where it is processed for daily consumption. NLC tankers are often used by OGDCL for this purpose. The gas pipelines are set up in collaboration with the government where possible. Before the raw gas which can be fed into the processing plants. There are six customers of OGDCL. However due to the prevalent demand conditions most fields are producing at their maximum output level. it needs to be of the required standard. Crude oil from the fields is transported to the two oil refineries in Karachi. In other words once the oil or gas comes out of the ground it is no longer the property of OGDCL. Transportation of the products is the responsibility of OGDCL. most of its customers are government owned. Oil is transported through pipelines and also through oil tankers. Page | 11 . There are several on site gas processing plants which process it so that the required standards are met and then it is transported. it contains a lot of impurities in various quantities. Production is done round the clock without any scheduled stops except for maintenance. This is important because if the fields are over producing then they might dry out very quickly. PARCO in Multan and Attock oil refinery. These pipelines take the oil directly from the oil fields to the refineries. No other means are used. OGDCL doesn’t own any oil tankers or any oil carrying vehicles however it bears the cost. Where pipelines are not present or cannot be made due to any reason third party carriers are used to transport the oil. Gas for further processing is sold to SNGPL and SSGCL. There are no Oil and Gas storage facilities of OGDCL. The fields are operated with the view of optimizing their output over a length of period of time. 4 oil refineries and 2 gas companies. Everything OGDCL produces is sold under the name of President of Pakistan there and then.COMPANY’S ANALYSIS OPERATION ANALYSIS OGDCL is a government owned organization.

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showing the company is growing robustly. Government of Pakistan divested 9. the company’s growth is expected to be 37. this is because of the less decommissioning cost. company’s debtor turnover is less as compared to other companies showing managerial inefficiency and infectivity. OGDCL became the first Pakistani E&P Company listed in the London Stock Exchange with effect from December 2006 and acquired 70% working interest along with the operatorship in Guddu Block under an assignment agreement executed in 2007 between GHPL. OGDCL is 85% government owned. so the major income of it goes to the government revenues CAPITAL STRUCTURE OGDCL is 100% equity financed company out of which 85% share is of Government of Pakistan and remaining 15% is issued to general public and some shares are also bought by international investors. duties. 37 billion to the national exchequer in the shape of royalty.5% of the total shares of the company through secondary offering in the form of Global Depository Shares to international and local institutional investors.61% under sustainable growth method. Sales growth is about 25%. The Company is the single largest contributor of more than Rs. and other incomes. taxes and other payments. no financial leverage. while it is less as compared to companies in industry. the reason for the high sales is rise in oil and is prices in the country. this is because of 22times more share of OGDCL than any other company in industry.31% under varying growth method. OPERATING LEVERAGE Page | 13 . While in turnover. Gross profit.FINANCIAL ANALYSIS OGDCL financial performance has been consistently improving with sustainable growth since the time it became a self-financing Company. while 35. Earning per share of company is ever rising due to rising net income. Net profit of the company are high as compared all companies in the industry. An in future prospect. OGDCL financial performance in the current year is quite impressive. OGDCL and IPRTOC. OGDCL has a growth of almost 40%. operating profit.

it now operates much purely as Oil Company does. It is now divided into separate departments and each department is in Page | 14 . This growth in sales is due to increasing demand of oil.54 in 2008. It also shows that the company is risky one. which consists of 01 Chairman. EARNINGS & DIVIDEND The EPS of OGDCL has increased from 4 in 2002 to 11. OGDCL can broadly be divided in to following three companies: • • • Corporate Exploration & Production (E& P ) Technical Services The whole organization has been streamlined on the functional basis and it has emerged as an efficient unit. The sale of Gas has also increased from 250000 MMcF in 2002 to 300000 in 2005 which was also same in 2007. policies and affairs of the Company vests in a Board of Directors. it gives a magnifying effect. now it has increased to 350000. MD is responsible for operational and other activities. 10 Directors and 01 Managing Director (MD). The general direction. while speed and competence are its Hall Mark. HUMAN RESOURCE ASSESSMENT COMMENTS ON THE ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE All policy related issues are dealt by the board of Directors that is headed by a non-executive Chairman and a full time Managing director. In 2002 the sales of OGDCL million barrels of oil and now it has reached to 14500 barrels of oil. The OGDCL has been re-organized during the last few years. The Dividend payout rate of OGDCL is very high because of the government control due to 85% share in capital. Government covers its losses of petrol by getting these dividends. GROWTH IN SALES The sales of OGDCL have also grown insignificantly.OGDCL has high operating leverage as it has high total Fixed Expenditures as compared to variable expenditure. Emphasis is on Professional Competence and getting things done.

different Executive Directors performs following activities in consultation with General Managers. who are assisted by the concerned Departmental Managers: Page | 15 . For effective operational activities.a position to work independent business unit.

it is then drilled to assess the quality and quantity of the deposits. Executive Director Admin: The administration department manages all the activities from recruitment to training and development and is responsible for management of personnel Executive Director Corporate Affairs: Looks after the activities of planning of different development programs and monitors the implementation of that program. Transfers –Postings and maintenance of seniority. It coordinates with all the department of OGDCL and prepares a strategic plan for the activities of OGDCL. Maintenance of Database-Computerization. FUNCTIONS OF PERSONNEL DEPT 1. Processing of Pension / EOBI and retirement cases.The Executive Director Exploration: Supervises all the geophysical and geological and exploration activities and is assisted by different Manager. ED (Drilling) is responsible for all the drilling activities carried out by OGDCL in the country. This department also acts as a liaison between OGDCL different Ministries. 3. Responses to Senate. 2. 5. 7. Implementation of CBA Management’s agreement’s after every two year’s duration. Handling of Personnel grievances. 4.. 6. Executive Director Drilling: When a potential oil or gas field has been identified through seismic surveys. Page | 16 . Maintenance of service record of employees from their induction to retirement and beyond. National Assembly Questions / Other Government Agencies. This process is achieved through drilling.

that in general admin section and housing section. VEHICLE FOR GENERAL DUTY For each department they provide special vehicle for emergency cases. Particularly in housing cases the approval of PAO is must. FUNCTIONS Actually PAO is the head of two major sections. Page | 17 . It has many functions they are:    Hiring of houses for the employees of OGDCL. He is the in charge of overall staff of both sections. Hiring of building for offices and lodges at Islamabad. rest houses for staff and officer at big cities like Lahore. TRANSPORT SECTION The main function of transport section is to provide transport facilities to the officer staff member of OGDCL Islamabad. Karachi Peshawar etc. He may approve the legal cases and also has the power to reject illegal cases. Various types of vehicle they provide to the officers / staff in various shapes. Hiring of lodges. All type of documents/cases are tabled to the PAO for verification and signed. VEHICLE FOR ENTITLED OFFICER Manager they provide official vehicles for duty. The posting (DAK) of all Islamabad come to the PAO and also he distributes the post to the required party/person.HOUSING SECTION Housing section is also one of the permanent parts of OGDCL Islamabad therefore it performs the function for OGDCL’s staff member to hire houses for their accommodation.

so at this also they deals the cases same as above. But when inside OGDCL any employee appeal against any officer under the section rule 25. Employee can witness in court personally. but legal service department are always advocates from the management side. They have their own advocates. On the other side when OGDCL claims on any person or body of person. To deal with court and legal cases. If any body from outside accused on OGDCL in any affair. VERIFIER FIELD DUTIES At each field from 5 to 6 vehicles ready every time for field duties at the time of emergency. It is not essential for employee as well as for legal service department that they hire advocate for case. then legal service department stands from management side of OGDCL. After that if the employee is frustrated then he can go to the court for appeal. ORGANIZATION OF LEGAL SERVICE DEPARTMENT Legal Service Department Legal service department is one of the most simple and little department but its functions are always maintained on climax position in OGDCL.VEHICLE FOR PICK AND DROPS Large number of coasters for officers and buses for other lower staff are available which perform the duty of to pick early in the morning and drop at the end of office time the staff to perform their duties. It is the information from the department that mostly cases are go in favors of OGDCL. VEHICLES FOR FOREIGNERS Similarly some vehicles are available for engineers and other staff. Page | 18 . whenever occur in OGDCL. so if the case is lower level then legal service department delete that claim by negotiation with employee. but mostly they consult with outside advocates on various fees.

Medicines Medicines are provided to patients from entitle panelist chemist through prescription. For verification the owner of the drug store send bills to the DCMO at the each month. Diagnostic Facilities X-ray and laboratory diagnostic facilities are available at M. homes /specialist on the panel of the corporation and reimbursement is allowed when such facilities are not availed. OGDCL Medical Centre Islamabad Function   To check the OPD patients To check the OPD bills. Every year medical centre make an arrangement with any drug store on 6% discount.Medical Center Department Organogram Manager Medical Services It is the head of the medical services and is responsible for. They keep money for vaccination. Vaccination programmed is also processed in MC. Emergency drug are also kept at both medical centre to meet any emergency.C Islamabad.   To manage the medical centers of the corporation. It is a permanent discount so after check up. After that they refer the bills to the account department for payment. the patient may receive the drugs from that particular drug store. Page | 19 . To provide medical facilities to the corporation employees. Hospitalization Patients are referred for hospitalization as and when required to hospital/nursing. DCMO checks and make verification and signed on those bills.

The union and management make on agreement after every two years. To provide facilities to the staff members of their families. Page | 20 . i.15/. It is also a proper channel between the two bodies. to give amount to the staff members after five years in OGDCL for conveyance. Functions of Welfare Section Various types of functions performed by the welfare section are as under:    To deal with union matters.e. the amount will be given to his wife. PENSION AND WELFARE SECTION Welfare Section It is just like a bridge between the union and management. Ambulance Ambulance equipped with first aid kit is available at medical centre Islamabad for 24 hours duty.Vaccination Vaccination facilities for children are available at both medical centers and every Monday is specially fixed for this purpose. Distress grant. in extra fund by pension. at the time when any staff member their income   Similarly large number of facilities they provide to the staff member. due to the arrangement with management. Grant of house building advance. Benevolent fund. Conveyance advance. Welfare section negotiates with union from the management side. deducted every monthRs.

Recruitment Section Recruitment section is one which is a real base to provide facilities of selection of new and old employees. After that the pension allowance will be counted again. To recruit the experimental employees for higher jobs. as under: Page | 21 . The recruitment procedure of the OGDCL is mostly related with CSS of Pakistan .e. After 60 years he can not stay more. Functions of Recruitment Section Recruitment section basically performs the following functions.Pension Section Pension was introduced in OGDCL after 1984. Analyze the recruitment of employees in each department. To take examination and interview of new and experimental candidates. Accommodation allowance is 50% of the growth monthly pension supposes that on the age of 25 years of service his pension will be counted of the 14th scale employee. After 10 years in OGDCL the staff member qualified for pension and after 25. This procedure is called Organogram. Organogram After circulation to every department they analyze that how many employees perform their duties and how many are required and they take a deficiency with his scale. After the completion of organogram they take the official approval from chairman and give advertisement through public relation department of the most required vacancies.    To recruit new candidates as a trainee. Years he can demand for pension.As a whole it means that OGDCL will provide pension till 15 years and something. The super innovation of the pension is maximum 60 Years.i.

P Baluchistan Fata A.5% 04% 02% After the advertisement they receive application from all Pakistan and take written examination. boldness communication skill. It should be kept in mind that the interview has no value and no marks. where the candidate want to join and that department send the result to recruitment section. The selection procedure is recently shortly changed and is as under:Written Test 40%weitage Experience Academic Qualification 30%weitage 30%weitage The time for a written test is usually one hour.4% 7.f. Those candidates who qualified the test then they send a call for interview if they are not low merit. This examination is held in those departments. RECRUITMENT TYPES Regular Contract Basis Trainees – Special Trainees Page | 22 .6% 11.W.Merit Punjab Sindh rural Sindh urban N.k 10% 50% 11. convincing power and also his dealing with other people.j. It is just only for to and to analyze the courage.5% 3.

FOR EG-VII AND EG-VI Managing Director Executive Director (Admin) / G.M. (Admin) Executive Director (Concerned) Member Professional / Expert in the relevant field/discipline Member Preferably having PhD or Master degree in the Relevant subject Head of Department Concerned FOR EG-V TO PS-15 Executive Director (Admin) Executive Director (Concerned) Head of Department Concerned Head of Department Concerned Professional/Expert Head of Department Concerned Chairman Member Member Member Member Member Chairman Member Page | 23 .Hiring through Contractor Classified appointment SELECTION COMMITTEES FOR RECRUITMENT FOR EG-VIII AND ABOVE Managing Director and Members of Human Resource Committee.

mis-conduct or any offence which occur in fields and offices by the employees.DISCIPLINE SECTION FUNCTIONS Discipline section deals with those matters which depend upon any misbehavior. After taking action he send a report to discipline section then discipline section help him in penalties with the approval of executive directors and chairman under the rule of 1973.SRO1213(1)/73 published in the gazette of Pakistan enter ordinary dated 18-081973. ODGCL Servants (Efficiency and Discipline) Rules-1973.Every higher authority can take action against that evil. Government servant (efficiency and discipline) rules 1960 which were adopted in the draft service rules vide part-II statutory notification (SRO) govt of Pakistan cabinet secretariat(established division) notification No. Page | 24 . In OGDCL there is delegation of powers .These new rules have been adopted by the oil and gas developing company limited and matters relating to efficiency and discipline of the employees shall henceforth be governed by the OGDCL servants rules 1973 being issued as annex.

a person on whom major penalties is imposed shall have a right to appeal to the next higher authorities.   MAJOR PENALTIES  Reduction to a lower post or time scale. or to a lower stage in a time scale. in accordance with the rules or orders pertaining to the service or post. at an efficiency bar in the time scale. With holding for a specific period. Recovery from the pay of the whole or any part of any pecuniary (minority) loss caused to corporation by negligence or breach of orders. there shall be no appeal but the person concerned may apply for review of the order. Provided that whether the penalties are imposed by order of the board of directors. Page | 25 . Removal from service and Dismissal from service.PENALTIES The following are the minor and major penalties namely: MINOR PENALTIES   Censure. promotion are increment. Removal from the service does not but the dismissal from the service does disqualify for future in this rule.     APPEAL There will be no appeal against minor penalties. Compulsory retirement. Stoppage for a specific period. otherwise then for unfitness for promotion financial advancement. removal or dismissal from service does not include the discharge of a person. other wise then for unfitness to cross such bars. However.

That what he performs his duty and also they prescribed to the employees their operational set up. Promotion is main figure of career planning section. there have been some problems in application of the promotion criteria in some cases. Career planning section is under the control of personnel manager. where after a few clarifications were also issued from time to time.N.NOTE The chairman’s approval is necessary at all the stages for issuing the show cause notices and enquiry letter for awarding the final punishment. Organizations are hard pressed to find good reasons why they can’t dedicate an hour long meeting once a year to ensure the mutual needs of the employee and organization are being met. The elaboration is as under:The promotion and recruitment criteria of the corporation was notified vide O. The revised promotion criteria are notified herewith which shall be effective from first July. 0103-15 dated 12 November. 1984. Performance review help supervisors feel more honest in their relation ship with their subordinates and feel better about themselves in their supervisor roles. the promotion criteria has been reviewed and revised under the guidance of the executive directors. decreases the organizations overall effectiveness and wastes more of management’s time to do what isn’t being done properly. decrease credibility of management. However. CAREER PLANNING Career planning is basically career orientation and career development. PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL Yearly performance reviews are critical. M. Avoiding performance issues ultimately decrease morale. Page | 26 . It informs the employees that what they will do after 5 years And 10 years. It informs the employees of OGDCL about their future planning. their own personal strengths and areas for development and a solid sense of their relationship with their supervisor. 1991.AA. Subordinates are assured clear understanding of what expected from them. Therefore to remove these difficulties.

Ongoing assessment of performance and the progress against work expectation. mainly. Provisions should be made for the regular feedback of information to clarify and modify the goals and expectations. PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL PROCESS The performance appraisal process typically consists of four related steps as follows:  Establish a common understanding between the manager (evaluator) and employee (evaluate) regarding work expectations. Formal documentation of performance through the completion of a performance and development appraisal form appropriate to the job family. based on the completed appraisal form and ending in the construction of a development plan. The accuracy and reliability of any scoring system increases with full descriptions/definitions. and reduces subjectivity.    All the departments at OGDC are enforce to follow following performance rating Outstanding Very Good Normal Marginal Poor 20% 50% 20% 05% Page | 27 05% . and to reward superior performance with proper praise and reorganization. The formal performance and development appraisal discussion. and better still with examples for each score band.The scoring system is also having a major impact on effective performance appraisals. to correct un acceptable performance before it was too late. This gives everyone the same objective scientific reference points. the work to be accomplished and how the work is to be evaluated.

CPC may be involved in appraising the management on the current issues and difficulties in practical application.BARRIERS TO PROMOTIONS • CPC invites recommendations to reach end February and end August each year. Recommendations received in CPC very rarely have that aspect properly dealt • • • • SUGGESTIONS • • • • Computerization of record is of great essence for speedy disposal and accuracy of record CPC is keen for digitalizing ACRs and related record. (Proposals for improvement in Promotion Criteria have been recently submitted). Administration and other related departments. CPC has great difficulty in meeting the promotion dates of 1st July and 1st December each year Cases are received with inadequate information causing wastage of time and un-necessary correspondence There is lack of effective communication among departments which causes un-necessary wastage in time and efforts Absence or lack of clarity of promotion channels Career Planning begins from the Department of the individual. H.O. This will speed up information and provide updated and accurate data Promotion criteria should incorporate changes reflecting ongoing trends. CPC.D has obligation to pay special attention to the Career development of those in his Department. They are seldom received according to schedule. Consequently. Consultancy services of a reputed company will greatly help in this direction Training of staff and officers of CPC in the field of computerization is essential and primary step On line information system may be developed among Personnel. Page | 28 • MAJOR OIL & GAS FIELDS .

Missan. Dhodak. Sadqal. Toot. Dakhni. Kunnar. Daru. Nandpur. Sono and Thora. Pali.Major oil and gas fields of OGDCL are in Tando Alam. Page | 29 . Fimkassar. Uch. Bobi. Lashari. Pasakhi. Chak Naurang. Qadirpur. Rajian. Kal. Missa Keswal. Chanda.

Public relation department operates various methods and procedures to inform the public. As is evident in the diagram below. Shell and gas companies such as SSGCL and SGNPL. Public relation department is more concerned with press. The main objective is to provide accurate and an esteem information to the general public about OGDCL’s functions that what OGDCL is doing. Initially it was started and performs duties in Karachi. Since the gas is supplied to the end users the main suppliers being SSGCL and SNGPL who have been marketing and setting the price for different consumers. Through newspapers they give advertisement about OGDCL. Page | 30 . The operations of OGDCL are such that it does not require a formal marketing department.MARKETING ANALYSIS PUBLIC RELATION DEPARTMENT Public relation department is one of the permanent departments of OGDC. but in 1985 shifted to Islamabad along with whole records. For the development of oil and gas sometime press conference also arranged for this purpose. The product is transported to oil companies such as PSO. The product reaches the end consumers through these companies. Unfortunately it cannot surely say that on which date and year it was established in OGDCL. Various types of newspapers are mostly used to inform the public. It also performs the function to maintain the relation between the management and staff. OGDCL supplies gas and oil through pipelines. Public relation department deliberate plan and sustained efforts to established and maintain natural understanding between an organization and its public.

ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYSIS INDUSTRY & MARKET ANALYSIS At home the demand for energy in the form of gas and oil has skyrocketed. the following are its products by which it is earning profits: • • • • Crude Oil. was brought on to stream and it started giving production from 17 July. Chanda Development Project Chanda oil field. • • • PROJECTS Qadir Pur Development Project Qadirpur gas field. Gas. Therefore right now there is a deficit between demand and supply. Solvent Oil. 2004. the over discovery in NWFP. one of the large fields in the country was discovered in 1990. LPG. Sulphur. With the shortage of electricity the industrial sector is also looking to gas for its energy supplies. In accordance with the consolidated revised development plan dated 30 November. . south of kandhkot and Sui gas field. It is located in the central Indus basin. Kerosene Oil. 2002 phase-II “revamp project” was commissioned on 23 January 2004 to process MMscfd of gas. Naphtha. Under this plan pretreatment memguard unit and new membrane elements were installed and drilling of one well was completed. and is currently producing 3. MAJOR PRODUCT LINES MARKET SEGMENTS In the product line of OGDCL.500 barrels of oil and 13 MMscf Page | 31 • Gasoline/High and Low Speed Diesel.

Chanda LPG plant will also be installed by October 2004 were 25-40 M. the field will produce about 2.tons of LGP Satellite fields namely Mithrao and chak dim.050 barells of stabilized condensate per day. Page | 32 . particularly in China and India (each with a population in excess of 1 billion) and to a lesser extent in Africa (0. Where high demand growth exists it is primarily due to rapidly rising consumer demand for transportation via cars and trucks powered with internal combustion engines.This will increased the production of field to 5.35 billion).8 billion) and South America (0.tons of LPG will be produced. LPG and sulpher. the projects will result in substantial enhancement of production of oil. On its completion.of gas per day. Dhodak Plant Enhancement And Dakhni Expansion Dhodak plant enhancement and dakhni expansion projects are also in progress and are expected to be completed by some time completion. Demand growth is highest in the developing world. this high demand growth component did not exist in most of the developing world even a decade ago. Phase-II of the project is expected to be streamlined in October 2004. gas. Bobi Development Project First phase of the bobi development project has also been commissioned in June 2004 and is producing 1. The third well at Chanda field is planned to be in third quarter of 2004.300 sbarells of oil and 19 MMscf of gas per day.2005. For economic and/or political reasons. Growth Rate for the Entire Industry Reflecting increasing consumer demand for petroleum products.800 barrels of oil per day and 125 M. world crude oil demand has been growing at an annualized compound rate slightly in excess of 2 percent in recent years.

Gas will take an increasing market share in energy supply. global energy demand is expected to increase by 50% of which around 60% of the energy supply is expected to be met by oil and natural gas. Oil will remain the dominant energy source for the transport sector and feedstock for the petrochemical industry. Page | 33 . Currently 74% of the energy mix. essentially for power generation.Until 2030. will still be by far the dominant contributor to the energy mix in 2020.

OMV Pakistan OMV is basically the biggest private E&P Company working in the gas sector of Pakistan. It is the operator of the Sawan and Miano gas fields. Currently BP is responsible for 16% of the oil and 6% of the gas that is conceived from all of the exploration projects of Pakistan. thus making Mari the country’s 2nd largest gas field. Over the years with the development of the Field and the subsequent evaluations its gas reserves were enhanced to 6.000 boe/d (100%). covering around 16% of Pakistan’s natural gas demand. From the time of its inception BP has been responsible for 22% of the total exploratory wells drilled and 43% of all the discoveries made in Pakistan. It has a major share in the industry. PPL Page | 34 .COMPETITOR ANALYSIS MAJOR COMPETITORS OGDCL is Pakistan’s largest E and P Company. Its competitors. In the past competition has been minimum but today things have changed. BP has limited all its operations to southern Sindh in order to keep it simple and efficient.8TCF. though still not in any position to threaten its share. OMV is reliably producing more than 100. Mari Gas Mari Gas Company Limited is one of the largest oil & gas exploration and production companies in Pakistan. are gaining strength. Major competitors for OGDCL are discussed below: BRITISH PETROLEUM (BP) BP Pakistan is a truly Pakistan based company and lately it has hired its entire employee pool from Pakistan. and the Kadanwari processing facilities.

the oldest Exploration and Production Company in the country was incorporated on 5th June 1950. TECHNICAL METHODS THAT AFFECT THE INDUSTRY Oil related machinery Pakistan being an agrarian economy and not having extensive knowledge in technical fields has always had problem with industrial developments. No industry in Pakistan can be said to be 100% self sufficient in the indigenous production of their machinery and Petroleum is no exception. LPG and NGL production from PPL operated and non-operated fields for the year 2004-05 in terms of oil equivalent. Majority of our imports in the Petroleum capital items are imported from Germany. It is important to benchmark their use of technology with industry peers. According to Total Group of Companies which is an indenter for many refineries and oil and gas distribution networks most of the refineries and other industries related to oil and gas have one common source of their imports: Germany. A number of major institutional reforms and improvements have been implemented in all areas of operations enabling the company to take up the challenge of making the country self-reliant in the energy sector. Page | 35 . The gas. Instilling value management as a key competence supports business / IT strategy alignment.205 barrels of crude oil per day. TECHNOLOGY ANALYSIS Technology is of crucial importance to enable oil and gas companies to grow their business. OGDCL is using the modern seismic technology for improving its ability to discover the unexploited oil and gas potential in the country. was about 171. In fact. the machinery required in the Petroleum sector is far more complicated and advanced than in other industries.Pakistan Petroleum Ltd is Pakistan's Premier E&P Company.

One oil drill. Pakistan lacks that know how so they have to call in engineers to setup machinery whenever they buy it to setup a new refining or distribution plant. The machinery and Capital used in this industry is very tough to use and learn because of the technical expertise needed. Page | 36 . Netherlands is our second option for the import of the Capital Machinery. but the upstream sector (which obviously includes OGDCL) doesn’t find it economically feasible. Austria and Italy. the machinery is updated after every 7 years as its maximum life is said to be 10 years after which the machinery does not work up to its potential and also with time new machinery keeps coming which can extract more oil in the same time due to technological innovations taking place in the sector. Otherwise the cost is higher. pumping and distribution. Some of the equipment also comes from USA and Japan. that can dig up to 100 feet costs around . However keeping all this in mind it is proposed that machinery should be renewed in 5 years to keep up the supply of oil. nuts and some basic electric material are taken from our indigenous production or resellers in Dubai and Arab Countries. The figure is in respect to the fact that if we buy these machinery in bulk. Gas Related Machinery Pakistan has the latest and the most improvised machinery that is being used in different processes of gas refining.especially in the upstream sector that includes OGDCL. All of the equipment that is usually upgraded to or installed on a new project originates from European countries like Germany.2 million dollars from Germany. The prime purpose of the machinery used in this sector is in the use of oil extraction. Lately there has been a lot said about Ukrainian and Russian machinery as well. The small parts used in the machinery like bolts. Since the capital requirement is quite high.1..

efficient and productive extraction of gas and oil. China has also gone into this sector but yet has not shown any important signs. FUTURE PROSPECTS OF THE ORGANIZATION Currently OGDCL is operator in Nineteen Exploratory Blocks and working interest in nine non-operated blocks. 730 MMcf per day gas. To accelerate exploration activities by covering 3. 2950 Km of seismic survey. Innovation Many innovations are taking place in the oil and gas industry. Russia and Germany. This machinery has many parts like piping and nuts and bolts connecting them that are made in Pakistan but like oil most of the rigs that are used to bring gas out from under the crust are made in countries like Italy. In addition company has got 34 mining and D & PL leases.Machinery that is being used in the Upstream sector including OGDCL includes Pumps that bring Gas out and pippin’s responsible for taking that gas to the processing plants if the impurity content is too high.200 km of seismic Survey and drilling of 12 exploratory wells with the clear objective of a net increase in oil and gas reserves. production of 28. In this scenario a significant amount of resources are invested in R & D for more costeffective. Targets have been based on risks and opportunities. It is expected that exploratory program will result in increase in OGDCL reservoir in oil and Gas and also to the country‘s reservoir.111 barrels per day. 313 metric tons per day pf LPG and 60 tons per days pf sulphur. Physical targets for the year 200-02 was envisage drilling of fourteen wells (nine exploratory and five development). To develop the already discovered oil and gas fields with a view to enhance production and improve revenues of US$ 35 Page | 37 . It remains the most lucrative and profitable business in the world as global demand for energy soars disproportionately to the supply.

e. Despite number of Joint ventures and competitors in the oil and gas sector. Sanghar and Zin etc. Ghari. seismic and processing equipment in order to keep the equipment in sound operating condition at all times. Norijagir. Chanda etc. from these points oil and gas are discoved to achieve the future targets. Exploratory wells are being drilled on various points i. to explore new Drillable prospects. Sanjharo .605 Mmcfd of gas is expected to be produced during 1999-2000. FUTURE GOALS & STRATEGY OGDCL plans to drill 45 wells during current financial year (2005-06). OGDCL Seismic Crews are busy in G&G survey on different concession like Kharar.million per annum and 24. Basal. OGDCL is providing gas to IPPs like Uch power from Uch Gas Filed Project and from Nandpur / Panjpir to Fauji Kabirwala Power Limited. Page | 38 . replace and effectively maintain the drilling. The Company has placed great emphasis on fast track completion of these projects and on progressive project management concepts. &.500 barrels of oil per day and 565. Sinjhoro and Uch-II. Ranpathani. To develop OGDCL‘s human resources through transfer of technology and training. To rationalize stores and spares inventory to the optimum level. The Company has also started three new development projects – Tando Allah Yar. To modernize. All these projects are contributing a lot of income to the OGDCL’s current revenues. OGDCL has drilled different concessions independently as well as it has ventures with other company’s successfully.

So whenever any new employees recruit OGDCL. So at the end of every year they check the record of each employee. 2. his ACR (Annual Confidential Report).EGIII) (1 . whenever they want any type Page | 39 . the minimum time for promotion is five years. Pay Scale and Fixation It is also the function of personnel department that they fixed the pay scale for employees.16) Recently personnel department has computerized the whole process to reduce the burden. In short any type of personal problem or work will maintain in his personal files with personnel department. There are three types of employees in OGDC. Correspondence The personnel department also maintains the record of each employee for promotion. experience qualification etc. Similarly if any employee want to leave for more than 48 days which are Official than concerned department will approval them and send to the personnel section.DEPARTMENT INTERNSHIP WORKED DURING Personnel (HR) Department Functions Maintenance of personnel files As we have mentioned above that every section is related to the concerned department. 1. the concerned section maintained this personnel record from the first day. It’s called correspondence. 3. Executive Group Staff Contractual Staff (EGI . Every employee has their own personal file in personnel department.

The main issues are with the Hr department and are briefly described below. This includes setting up of aggressive targets. pursuing industry best practices. utilization of state-of-the art automation systems and fostering use of information technology.of data immediately. enhancing in-house engineering design and simulation capabilities. and induction of latest technologies. They have their own computer section. PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION During my stay at OGDC head office. I have observed some weaknesses in the organizational setup functioning of various departments. strengthening surveillance techniques. PROBLEMS Lack of Awareness of Employees Regarding Latest Technological Changes Technical and non technical employees working at field / wells sites in far away areas of the country do not have any access to the latest modern and technological changes. literature etc. The engineers constantly explore areas for oil and gas reserves in order to see where they can hit the jack pot. Production Department Functions Various measures have been taken in order to augment production levels to reach new heights. Page | 40 . call to computer. enduring commitment by its professionals. Marketing Department Functions OGDCL does not do any kind of marketing since its major contacts are regular local and overseas clients.

Grades 19 are not entitled to have official transport. While officers of Equ. OGDC also provides pick and drop facilities to stop and officers to some extent with few Buses / Coasters but it is not sufficiently only few percent get benefit from this. mostly at sites but they are misused by their location in charge. Page | 41 . Unfair Utilization of Transport OGDC have a large number of vehicles.Lack of Career Planning Of Employees OGDC is only organization in the field of exploration and development of oil and gas resources of the country. but unfortunately does not use scientific techniques in career planning of employees.

Further more the recruitment system is also influenced by the nepotism of politicians. chaos and unprofessional attitude of Page | 42 . My internship at OGDCL removed my previous misperceptions regarding the inefficiency. The main draw back of this method is that it blocks the way for new generation which carry new ideas and knowledge. In just Way of Awarding Training Training is used to develop the skills of the employees in this regard lot expenditure is made on training but unfortunately training facilities is also awarded to the employees based on nepotism. I am awed by how well things can work in state run organizations. Promotion Policy Promotion policy is the mixture of both merit and seniority. location in charge uses their powers towards petty cash purchases from local market. OGDC have a centralized procurement department but stocks are accumulated in the absence of the strict rules and policies regarding purchases and stock position. but in practice emphasis is given to ACR and one can say that where there is ACR there is less chance of favoritisms. Poor Method of Recruitment To recruit the employees both internal and external methods are used but the corporation gives preference to the internal method.Unnecessary Purchases at Sites Due to less accountability and more delegate powers. RESULT My stay at OGDCL was a very eye-opening and valuable learning experience for me.

government organizations. To save time of the employees chasing their payments employee related payments should be excluded from the ambit of pre-audit. RECOMMENDATIONS During my stay in OGDC I carefully observed the major flaws and setbacks face by the company. 5. Quarterly comparison of actual verses budgeted expenditure is carried out to ascertain weakness and cost over-runs. 4. All accountants should be given training on different accounting modules and chart of accounts. There is great focus on the company’s mission of providing oil and gas to Pakistan and maintaining productivity. 1. 2. Despite the fact that bureaucracy. I put forward my suggestions the following practicable remedies to improve the existing practices. Timely payment to the vendor. internal procedure should be well defined which will reduce time in these payments. So that monopoly and dependence on few is eliminated. supplier and contractors is effective tool for image building of OGDCL. Rotation of duties should be made at regular interval to improve the overall work output and to keep the interest of the employee intact. The company also maintains a chic. informative and very upto-date website for the public which is quite commendable. nepotism and corruption are very much present in the organization but overall there is a smooth running of operations and profitability is very much there. 3. Page | 43 . Discoveries of energy reservoirs are made on a regular basis. To achieve this.

heavier oils. Understand potential for and exploit non-conventional hydrocarbons. A good internal Control is a key to success for an organization.6. A professional Accountant should be assigned the job to the review of AFEs with the collaboration of technical professionals for proper and effective control to avoid cost over runs. Ensure core E&P excellence through Meld exploration. Responsibility of clearing/correcting the entries should be fixed with the section generating the activities. 9. accelerate production. explore and master remaining Pakistan structures. OGDC must take necessary action to acquire modern technologies so that they can compete at international level and in this way they can play more effective role in Pakistan’s economy. standardization of different stationery items and consumable is approved for purchasing in bulk from the manufacturer directly. production and reservoir management. hasten and grow reserves to meet Pakistan’s energy requirements. in part via building enhancement competence. 10. For effective cost control. which should be improved and implemented effectively. 8. Fit with and help shape Pakistan’s downstream capacity gradually take positions and operate downstream to leverage reserves. With the passage of time many modern technologies changes take place in oil and gas industry. strategically add reserves/production to enhance domestic infrastructure. partner to build new expertise – offshore. Attain new horizons. 7. 11. 13. Page | 44 . operationalise international E&P intent 12. but in OGDCL there is a lack of internal control.

Management must take necessary action to control costs i.14. a new department “career planning department “ is created and few posting were made in this department . 17. As the promotion policy of the corporation clearly shows merit + seniority. The powers of location in charges should be reviewed and minimized. 15. because it will affect the efficiency and ultimately the corporation will be unable to achieve its objective. so it should be fully implemented. 16. 18. • • Training facilities should be awarded according to the requirement of the job. To offset recruitment bias favoritism should be completely discouraged. The department concerned can organize professional training at OGDC or with outside agencies etc and latest literature newspapers and magazines etc of professional interest should be provided at sites free of cost. Management should try to develop maximum and minimum store inventory levels and also 100% physical verification to be done at least once a year. Anticipate and support core operations and become commercially competitive.e. If appraiser make appraising based on actual performance it will decrease heart burning problem and employees’ efficiency will be increased. And try to eliminate political interference in recruitment. Although the management in recent past takes some initiative in this area. administrative and selling expenses. Page | 45 • . 19. They should to pay full attention to the intensive professional training of staff in related fields. But to achieve excellent and positive results rapid operations are too much essential.

excise duty. The Company expects to continue a high level of exploration activity including 2-D and 3-D seismic acquisition in the onshore and offshore areas. This is not only meeting the requirement of the IPPS but also contributing a lot towards meeting the demand of electricity in the country. for the period ahead. extensive exploratory drilling and follow on its recent Page | 46 . maintaining and enhancing production from existing fields. Power generation by IPPs (Industrial Power Projects) in the country is a major source of energy. will be to ensure production growth and deliver its exploration and development program with the objective of securing oil and gas reserves and enhance its production base. Strenuous efforts are on going to build an extensive. CONCLUSION The production of oil and gas is contributing a lot in reducing the country’s import bill. OGDCL entered into new JV agreements in various exploration Blocks with the foreign oil companies to boost up the efforts for increasing the Oil & gas demand of this country. and taxes are a huge support as compared to the other state owned organizations. debt servicing. OGDCL’s Uch Gas field and Panjpir/ Nandpur Gas Fields are the two main fields.• Beside this it is also desirable to suggest that in this modern area computerization of record is very much essential .So to facilitate the management computer system in all the section must be introduced. OGDCL’s contribution to the national exchequer in the form of royalty. which have now started supplying Gas to power companies. OGDCL is following the strategy of maintaining balanced growth through acquisition of new exploration acreage. diversified and high quality portfolio of exploration licenses. expeditious production from new discoveries and joint venture opportunities outside Pakistan. The focus of the Company.

Page | 47 . We are confident that the pace of growth will continue in times to come and we have every reason to look forward to the future with confidence. thus leading to significant value addition for the shareholders.successes with further appraisal drilling leading to potential new field developments. resulting into strong operating cash flow and sound financial position of the Company. The Company anticipates a significant boost to its existing production on completion of current and future development projects. Petroleum Policy. 2.kse.Beach Operations management/Theory and Practice (2nd Edition). 13. By H. 4. 14. Management theory and practice. Ministry of www.Bibliography 1. Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resource’s site. 8. by Edwin B. (4th Edition). www. 2007. 12. Behavior in organizations. .Monks.Flippo 10.Human management (7th edition) by Descenso.Joseph Reitr. (4th edition). Personnel: The management of people at work (5th Edition) By Dale By Joseph Pakistan industrial Reviews Annual Reports of OGDCL Business Recorder “ News Paper” Observer Journals.ogdcl. Business research for decision 5. Ministry of Planning Commission Page | 48 16. Resource Interview of OGDCL MD. 11. 2007. 6. www. Ernest Dale Principle of personnel management. By DavisCosenza 15. Vision 2030.

OGDCL Page | 49 . Strategic Plan.18. 2006.

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