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Chithra Viswanathan South Indian

Tiffins / Snacks

Arisi Upuma
Ingredients Raw rice - 1 cup Tur dhal - 3 tsp Gram dhal - 3 tsp Urad dhal - 2 tsp Grated coconut - ½ cup Salt To temper: Oil - 3-4 tbsp ( slightly more, gives a better texture & taste) Mustard seeds - 1 tsp Urad dhal - 2 tsp Red chillies - 4, 5 Pepper-jeera coarsely powdered - 1 tsp Hing - ½ tsp Curry leaves - few Preparation Remove, add rice & grind in low speed till it crumbles completely & fairly well. Now add back the dhals & give one run again for proper mixing. If you have 1 cup of this, 2 This again depends on the quality of rice & hence keep some boiled water ready, to add on, if necessary for thorough cooking. This used to be traditionally prepared in a heavy vessel Now any heavy saucepan or kadai or pressurepan can be used. called “ vengala panai “ in olden days. cups of water will be required. Mix the 3 dhals & grind in the mixi in low speed for a mte.

Now lower the flame, add boiling water ( beware of splashing !) & salt. It gets cooked in about 15 mts. Top with 2 tsp ghee for a nice flavour & rest for 10 mts, before serving. Serve with any gotsu ( preferably with brinjal.) Didn’t turn out as expected? Need more help? Have an idea to improve on this recipe? Need other recipes from this cook? Want to contribute your unique recipe? Visit Add coconut, simmer & keep covered. Keep the flame as low as your settings will allow.

Finally add the mix & roast lightly just to coat it with oil completely.

Heat oil in the vessel & temper all given ingredients.

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