2011 Kalama Fair Vendor & Game Booth Application

July 22, 23, & 24

Business/Organization name: _________________________________________________ Contact Person: ________________________________ Phone/Cell: _________________ Fax (if available): ____________________email (if available): ______________________ Address: ________________ City: ________________ State: _______ Zip Code: _______ Booth Fees: $40.00 Non-profit organization (standard space is approx. 10x10 area) $50.00 Standard space (10x10 area) $55.00 Extra large space for vehicle and/or more than a 10’ customer counter. Space needed: ____________ $65.00 Food vendor with electricity and/or water 220_____ 110_____ (please mark one)


$10.00 Any extra vehicle $10.00 Junior business owner/operator (prior board approval required) $ ________ Booth Fee $ ___5.00 Clean-up Fee (All Vendors) $ ________ TOTAL Mail To:
Kalama Fair Vendor Form P.O. Box 546 Kalama, WA. 98625

Food vendors must have proof of permit from Cowlitz County Health Dept. (provide on July 22) Provide license number of all vehicles associated with your booth. (Vehicles not listed will not be allowed in vendor parking) Vendors are responsible for trash removal in front of their booths. Description of what your booth provides is needed. (all vendors will be approved by our board) Set up time is Wednesday July 21st from 11am to 5pm (arrangements can be made for other times) Please provide all names associated with your booth. (for work passes)
Season Fair phone number: (360) 673-5323
For Fair use only

Vendor Coordinator, Andrea Gish jagish@scattercreek.com

Date application received: _______________ Paid Amt. ___________ Cash _____ Check# _______ Date receipt sent to vendor: ______________ Vendor # _________

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