Mobile Marketing

• Mobile Users = 3 * E-Mail Users • SMS is still the king of mobile marketing. • Mobile Marketing is the youth marketing. The Mobile Services (paid digital content)
• Logo • Ring Tone, Phone Tag • Wall Paper • Games & Gambling • eWallets (Micro-Payment Tools) • Etc.

Innovation : M-Commerce & L-Commerce

What Do Asian Mobile Phone Users Want. Have ? Interested in Using 48% 45% 44% 42% 40% 38% 33% 32% 32% 31% 29% 28% 21% 21% 20% 20% 20% 18% 9% Currently in Using 3% 3% 2% 7% 0% 12% 0% 20% 5% 17% 13% 2% 16% 3% 35% 7% 4% 52% 76% Application Download/play music E-mail attachment capability Send/receive music/video LBS Video conferencing/phone Send/receive photos Watch real time TV Search Yellow Pages/directories Subscribe to mobile coupons Browse Internet Subscribe to news/notices Mobile wallet/payment Download/play games Shop Download logos/characters IM or chatmail Online banking/stock Download ringtones SMS .

Global Telecom Business • • • • Fix-line internet had been tremendously growth in 90s Mobile subscriber is sky rocking since ’96 Mobile subscriber already surpassed the fix-line now Expecting mobile internet to exceed fix-line internet in few years time .

TV interactive. Radio Interactive.Advanced User Multi-purposes with Multimedia Interaction e. and etc Mutimedia with camera become common function Advancement Intermediate Basic User Color Screen & Internet Ready 2005 2006 onward .g.

content download. People use it for browsing internet.Mobile Internet Multimedia Interactive with TV and Radio are integrated with next generation mobile GPRS and mobile internet. e-mail and www site SMS Basic Voice People start using SMS and enjoy its content < 2004 2004 2005 2006 2007 .

2% Direct Marketing 0.5% SMS 5% Mobile Network Source: WTS .3% • 70% of mobile user tried SMS • SMS had become standard way of interactive TV Channel Radio 2.SMS Advertising Media Return to Purchase Rate 3.

S.Why SMS not e-mail • New & Trendy • Personal & Engaging • Speed & Reliability • Accessibility (anywhere anytime. E-Mail . not at pc only) • Wider audience than email • Ability for recipient to instantly call back sender V.

Bluetooth-enabled Mobile phone Connects directly to A vending machine 1. 3 C . en V s te a th e 3. Call to a premium Rate number 1.Mobile Pay. Special credit. payment card Issued by A financial institution . Consumer receives the product. My Coke iv ct ne a i r ch to a ra m pe ing O d 2.M C rad ach ca ase it in r d o av e c f u ail h si ab ec ng ili ks a ty i th cr n e ad it 2.

Push/Alert Function for Mobile Service Web server Content 1. . Content is pushed to a mobile terminal. Use the fixed internet to set a predefined trigger 2. Content releases the trigger 3.

In return. Maximum & Random .he/she receives online settings for a mobile portal site SMS/MMS Game Formular: Fastest. Consumer sends an sms to the advertised number SMS/MMS Server 2.Multichannel Advertising Model Content Consumer 1.

Interactive Media with Barcode Access Personal WAP page Internet Web Site Mobile Network Mobile WAP Site ตัวอย่างละคร และ หาค่่ Access VDO clip .

xxx Mobile Apps (News. • THANX 4 GR8 Party. NTT Docomo Mobile Portal : 2x. eCommerce.Mobile Marketing Moblie Services • SMS • Ring Tone • Logo & Picture Message • Screen Saver • eWallet Moby Language • RU OK 4 2Nite ? • CUL8r • UR my D l8est friend. Game & Gambling) NTT Docomo Mobile App. Developer Users • M-Commerce (Coke Buying) • L-Commerce (Where is Coke ?) .

E-Mail + Mobile (Realtime email) E-mail for Old User.(m-gen) . MSN for Teen User.

consumer Pull Push  DATA e-mail • Newsletter • Direct Mail • E-promotion • etc. E-Catalog. e-mail. write. etc. alert. Promote by Traditional Media. e-wallet. • CRM • etc. Permission Opt-in/Opt-out • Call Back • Repurchasing • 1To1 Web/e-mail Mkt. etc. Permission Push • Viral SMS Marketing • Web Promotion • Paid Mobile Content • Alert Services (UBC) • etc. Sponsors Free D/L E-book. Free Services News. Game Services : Internet (WAP.) Content : Logo. Article.3 Tools eMarketing Environment Push & Pull Marketing Brand Identity Banner Ad. GPRS). • Sell & Promotion • Search • Paid content & services • Marketing Research • etc. (read. etc. etc. Ring-tone. Services Integration • Mail Services. E-Doc. SMS M-Commerce/L-Commerce . Web.

Thank You “We can survive in the change by Daily IT & E-Commerce Info. 2007 .prasit.” “Imagine is more important than knowledge” www. for Thais Launch Date: 1 FEB.

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