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NAG Device Coordination Analyzer

 Basically a Protective Device coordination tool

 Addresses Plotting of Time current characteristics curves

of protective devices.

 Hereafter called NAG DCA

 includes protective devices used for the Industrial,

Commercial and Distribution Power systems
NAG Device Coordination Analyzer

 Following 5 different modules are Currently included in

the software package

o Relay Modules (6 Nos.)

o Low Voltage Trip Units/ Static Trip Units (5 Nos.)

o Transformers (2 Nos.)

o Motors (2 Nos.)

o Fuse (3 Nos.)
NAG Device Coordination Analyzer

 NAG DCA doesn’t include any in-built data base for any of
the above mentioned modules

 Output of the software is generated by the immediate

calculation algorithm / program meant for the individual
modules; after running the specific module run icon

 No inbuilt data - independent of the make and model

number of the protective devices which is being used

 User friendly tool

 Irrespective of the make and model no. of the devices

the input fields are same
NAG Device Coordination Analyzer

 No specialization is required to operate this software

 Capable of generating all the necessary study benchmarks

such as relay curves, solid state LV trip unit curves,
transformer thermal damage curves, transformer
withstand curves with inrush current plot, motor starting
curves, motor inrush curves, and fuse curves

 Relay curves which is included in a module is capable of

generating curves either IEC or as per ANSI standards
further US/ UK curves are also available

 The coordination curves of all modules/ thermal curves

can be plotted at any fault current and at any system
voltage level
NAG Device Coordination Analyzer

 Each curves are plotted with unique tag ID as per the

user input

 The time-current characteristic curves for the protective

devices plotted (TCC Plot) on standard log-log paper

 Setting schedule report shall be generated same as the

TCC plot

 The software is created in Microsoft Office Excel. To use

this software user should have a Microsoft Excel pre-
installed operating system
NAG Device Coordination Analyzer

 Suitable for all voltage levels and at any fault current

 Fully tested with the other reputed software for all

possible inputs

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