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Its Now O'Clock

Its Now O'Clock

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Published by John Jj Lawless

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Published by: John Jj Lawless on Jan 28, 2011
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Do you know someone who gives up easily at the slightest disappointment?
Somehow when things start to go wrong they allow themselves to be blown
off course from whatever they are trying to achieve and let their enthusiasm
wane? Perhaps this person is a loved one, a friend or work colleague.
Perhaps this person is even closer to home and you may recognise yourself
as you are reading this page. Why not think about times when we all give
up easily and what you can do to change your motivation.

Failure is something that we all experience and sometimes we may feel that
life should be straightforward all the time. A wise man once said “A man
who cannot tolerate small misfortunes can never accomplish great things”.

There is much food for thought in these words! Yes, when we embark on
something it is great to get a buzz from things going our way and we feel
motivated by it. Can you remember a time though when you started out
on something be it a diet, exercise regime, cutting back on your work load
or whatever the situation. Things may have begun to slip back to the old
ways and you hear a familiar inner voice saying ‘told you that you could
never do it’ and you doubt your ability. Sound familiar?

One way to counteract such negative thoughts is not to look too far into the
future but plan and set small milestones along the way to your goal. By
all means set your goal but also plan for set backs along the way. Try not
to take whatever it is too seriously and allow for diversions that will
inevitably happen. So instead of repeating negative worn out patterns
about yourself and others, try instead to start afresh the next day with the
experience and new learning of yesterday. Often the search can be more
rewarding than the goal.


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