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Its Now O'Clock

Its Now O'Clock

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Published by John Jj Lawless

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Published by: John Jj Lawless on Jan 28, 2011
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When you read the title to this page what came to mind for you? Was it a
brief thought of ‘nice idea but I don’t have the time’ – or ‘yes, I have
because I am worth it’ as the popular saying goes. Whatever your
reaction, why not spend a few minutes just thinking about how you look
after yourself at the moment (or not!) and what you can do about it.

Yes, life is busy, sometimes though we can use it as an excuse to put
everyone and everything else first and ourselves last in a very long line.
What if you were to put yourself first sometimes? What difference would
that make to you?

If you are unused to looking after yourself then perhaps you will feel a little
odd even thinking about it. Consider though the difference it would make
if you were to spend some time doing something for yourself alone and not
pleasing anyone else. Would you go for a walk, shopping, read a book, or
just sit quietly listening to music in your favourite chair? What would
you do? Consider it for a moment……..

Could you do just one of the things that came into your mind as you were
reading this page? Push away any excuses you may be making for
yourself as to why it can’t happen. Don’t make any detailed and
complicated plans but just be aware of the need to take care of yourself and
the difference it will make to you. Decide to do it as soon as possible and
feel the difference. If you like it (which I am sure you will!) make a
decision to do it again very soon.


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