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Video Questions “Luther” starring Ray Fiennes

1. What events caused Martin Luther to have his “spiritual awakening?” _____________________________
2. How did Martin Luther perform during his 1st mass? ___________________________________________
3. What did is father want him to be? _________________________________________________________
4. Where does Luther’s church leader send him? ________________________________________________
5. What does Luther see other priests doing in Rome that upsets him? _______________________________
6. Who rides through Rome on horseback clad in an armor of gold? _________________________________
7. What does Luther go to visit in the church in Rome? ___________________________________________
8. What does Luther buy from the monks outside the church? ______________________________________
9. What city does Luther’s church leader send him to? ___________________________________________
10. What happens to the people of Wittenberg every time a new priest arrives? ________________________
11. What does Luther attack during his lecture to his students? _____________________________________
12. Who becomes the new Pope of Rome? _____________________________________________________
13. What building becomes a symbol for the new Pope? __________________________________________
14. What does John Teasel do for the Pope? ___________________________________________________
15. What is Teasel’s slogan to the people who want to buy indulgences?
16. What does Luther nail to the Church of Wittenberg? __________________________________________
17. What machine allows Luther’s complaints against the church to quickly spread? ____________________
18. What does the Church/Pope threaten to do to Luther? _________________________________________
19. What key idea does Luther feel believers should have? ________________________________________
20. What does the church want Luther to say about his complaints? _________________________________
21. For Catholics during this time, who is the only person who can interpret scripture? __________________
22. What is Luther accused of being after arguing with the Cardinal? ________________________________
23. What language does Luther write in so that more people can read his work? _______________________
24. What German Prince takes Luther in and protects him? ________________________________________
25. What does Prince Fredrick tell his assistant to get rid of? ______________________________________
26. What animal does the Pope compare Luther to? ______________________________________________
27. What punishment does the Pope order for Martin Luther? ______________________________________
28. What is the name of the Emperor that wants Luther delivered to Rome? __________________________
29. What German city is Martin Luther put on trial in? ___________________________________________
30. Does Martin Luther recant the books he has written? __________________________________________
31. What happens to Luther after the trial at Worms? ____________________________________________