Local Funding Opportunities

Pam Alger MCLS

Where are the Local Funding Sources
• They’re Everywhere
– Local Business – Service Clubs – Your Patrons – Your FOL – Your Volunteers – City Staff – Local Churches

It’s a Relationship
Don’t Take Your Partner For Granted Don’t Take Your Partner For Granted • Both sides need to get something Don’t Take Your Partner For Granted • You need to learn about your partner • You never call me anymore – Don’t just check in when you are in trouble • Show your appreciation

It’s a Process
• Plan
– What do you do – What do you need

• Identify “prospects” • Learn about “prospects”
– What do they value

• Cultivate • Decide
– What are you going to ask for? – Who are you going to ask ? – Who’s going to ask?

• Ask • Followup

What Can You Do/How Can You Ask
• • • • • Direct appeal in person Direct appeal by letter Sell something Raffle something Special Event

What Can You Get Besides Money
• • • • • • • Food Program Materials Incentives Placement in an advertisement Facility Professional consultation Volunteers

Think Long Term It’s an Investment

• They go hand in hand • Sometimes a “fundraising” activity is really a public relations activity

Flexibility Thinking on your Feet