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“Find Your Voice” Workshop

Reference Sheet
Own your future. Take kuleana for our government and the laws that affect us. Will you stand with us?

My District and Legislators are

House Representative Phone Email


Senate Senator Phone Email


Governor Neil Abercrombie Hawai‘i State Capitol

State Capitol, Executive Chambers, 5 Floor 415 S. Beretania St, Honolulu, HI 96813
415 S. Beretania St, Honolulu, HI 96813
Phone 808-586-0034
W eb W eb

Public Access Room Contact the Media / Write a Letter or

State Capitol, Room 401 Honolulu Star Advertiser -
Phone 808-587-0478 Honolulu Weekly -
Email Civil Beat -
W eb Hawai‘i Reporter -

Submit Testimony to the Legislature

• Go to for info about the legislature.
• Check the Committee’s hearing notice for details on how to submit testimony.
• You can upload testimony on the Capitol website.
• Make sure you include your full name, address (or neighborhood), and what bill number you are commenting on
(e.g., “House Bill 275”)

Join Us and Take Action Together

Kanu Hawai‘i Common Cause Hawai‘i
W eb W eb
Twitter @KanuHawaii Twitter @CommonCauseHI
Phone 808-206-8446 Phone 808-275-6275
Email fri Email

Mahalo for joining us today! Your homework after today’s workshop:

1. Pick one bill and track it throughout the legislative session
2. Contact your legislators and ask them to take action on an issue that is important to you