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Without key pan Black ink spittoon assembly .Clear strip with position marks 9 C8111-67009 Encoder strip Pick roller assembly .Holds the ink cartridges 13 C8111-67008 Carriage assembly Color ink spittoon assembly .Drives the pick roller assembly C8111-67055 Carriage assembly . Exploded View REF PartNumber Description 1 C8111-67015 Paper input tray assembly C8111-67014 Top case assembly 2 C8111-67046 Top case assembly .For the DeskJet 450 series 6 C8111-67012 Bottom case assembly 7 C8111-67021 Paper feeder assembly C8111-67057 Carriage PC board 8 C8111-67010 Carriage PC board C8111-67056 Encoder strip .Allows access to the ink cartridges C8111-67059 Bottom case assembly .User can remove from the 3 printer when the ink level is full and replace with a new C8111-67053 one .For the DeskJet 450 series 4 C8111-67011 Keypad assembly 5 C8111-67016 Main access door .Collects excess color ink 14 C8111-67006 after the cartridges have been cleaned 15 C8111-67026 Absorber 16 C8111-67004 Starwheel frame .Feeds paper into the print C8111-67045 10 mechanism from the paper tray C8111-67007 Pick roller assembly 11 C8111-67019 Input structure assembly C8111-67020 Gearbox assembly 12 C8111-67061 Gearbox assembly .Made of mostly plastic parts with a spong inside the container C8111-67058 Keypad assembly .Collects excess black ink C8111-67017 after the cartridges have been cleaned Ink container module .

17 C8111-67003 Output platen assembly 18 C8111-67005 Drive roller assembly 19 C8111-67018 Main logic PC board and power supply C8111-67049 ASSY SERVICE STATION AND CHASI C8111-67002 Main chassis and service station 20 Printer baseplate .The center of assembly is the carriage lock .There are two service stations at both ends of the metal baseplate. The service stations are for C8111-67054 cleaning of the black and color ink cartridges .