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Solitary Man


Brian Koppelman

SALMON REVISIONS as of 10/31/08
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OFFICIAL WHITE as of 9/25/08

Producers: Steven Soderbergh
Paul Schiff



Spacious. Modernist furniture. Some black lacquer.

A man’s voice is heard. From his tone, we can tell he’s
used to people listening when he speaks.

BEN (V.O.)
The day I turned thirteen...

TRACK into...


BEN KALMEN sleeps.

BEN (V.O.)
...Actually, it was the night I
turned thirteen, after the party
and the envelopes and speeches and
all that...

An alarm buzzes. Ben slowly sits up. It is a rare
unguarded moment. He doesn't let anyone see him like
this: untucked, groggy, wearing all of his 55-plus years
on his face. It takes him a long moment to reach for his
bathrobe and put it on.

BEN (V.O.)
...My father came into my bedroom,
put a hand on my shoulder and
said, “Ben, a lot of guys are
gonna tell you a lot of shit. But
what I’m gonna tell you applies
across the board. Business,
personal, whatever, what-have-

He reaches into a bottle of children’s aspirin, swallows
one without water, and moves to the...


Ben checks himself in the mirror. Pulls his robe tight.
Slicks his hair with his hands.

BEN (V.O.)
“Son,” he said, “fuck ‘em where
you find ‘em, and leave ‘em where
you fuck ‘em...”

Salmon revisions - Oct. 31, 2008

Ben clears his eyes, splashes water on his face.

BEN (V.O.)
He was either a hundred per cent
right or a hundred per cent wrong.
I’m still not sure which.

Ben takes one more look at himself in the mirror and
leaves the bathroom as Johnny Cash’s version of Solitary
Man begins to play.



CREDITS roll and the song continues as Ben moves through
the Upper East Side streets of Manhattan.

This is Ben as the world sees him: almost sixty but
fighting it hard, he walks with the authoritative air of
a man who usually gets his way.

Note: Throughout, Ben always wears black Armani, black
slacks, black jeans, black sweaters, black shoes. And if
his hair isn’t quite black, it’s certainly not gray
either. He and his Madison Ave. colorist makes sure of
it once a month.



Amidst the Bicyclists and joggers competing for space on
the paths that run along the water, is a basketball court

SUSAN PORTER, twenty-seven, with big understanding eyes
and a great laugh, stands with her eight-year-old son,
SCOTTY. The two of them are looking up at...


Which is caught between the rim and the backboard of a
basketball hoop.

A TEENAGER jumps up, knocks it through the hoop and hands
it back to Scotty.

Susan nudges her son.


right? SUSAN He'd have tried. Fist pump. That's what I call my dad. BEN Don't call me that.. he'd have gotten it for me. Grandpa! But Ben doesn't seem to notice them.Oct. SCOTTY If Grandpa was here. Dad! Scotty sees him too. he quietly speaks to Susan. Salmon revisions . BEN Okay. SCOTTY Is he really coming this time? She is about to answer when she sees Ben entering the park. trying to keep up. SCOTTY What should I call you? BEN You can call me Dad. SCOTTY Yes! Grandpa. 2008 3. 5 CONTINUED: 5 He turns to Susan.Call me Captain Ben. Susan and Scotty move with him. Not now. He moves past.. SCOTTY No. As he walks by. BEN Don't call me Dad. over here! Come here. 31. toward a bench on an opposite court. Dad. SUSAN There he is. And you. . SUSAN What? He keeps walking. don't call me Grandpa.

take my arm. Salmon revisions . Now Susan stops and does an obvious scan of the park. 31. Here. 2008 4. BEN Back there. SUSAN The Miami blonde? BEN I saw her checking me out as I walked through the fence. 5 CONTINUED: (2) 5 Susan turns her head. Daaaad. SUSAN How's it supposed to help you if she thinks you're my husband? BEN She's about 29. SUSAN Yuk. Susan recoils. don't look. Maybe she'll think we're married. BEN At that age she's realistic. You'll screw me up. SUSAN Where’s this one? Ben gestures behind him. SUSAN Which means. but still plenty vain. She might be staring at Ben. You know what.. SUSAN'S POV: A tawdry looking DYE JOB leans against the park's fence.. right? SUSAN Yeah. BEN I told you not to call me that.Oct.? .

Ben whips around to show off for the fence leaning Girl. SUSAN A nap. just out of earshot. SUSAN Come grab some lunch. When Scotty finally ends up safely perched. By the time we finished and I got back to my place-- . I have to go home. SUSAN Too late "Captain. but there's no way she's gonna fuck a grandfather. picks up the little boy and gives him a big hug.Oct." Miami left three minutes ago. 31. BEN I'm bushed. 2008 5. 5 CONTINUED: (3) 5 BEN She might have an affair with a married man. He reaches down. SCOTTY Can you put me on your shoulders Captain Ben? BEN Sure. Ben's face shows disappointment. BROADWAY . Salmon revisions . Oh. They let go of Scotty who walks ahead of them.DAY 6 Scotty swinging between Ben and Susan as they walk along Broadway towards French Roast. excuse me Scotty. Ben tries to mask the effort it takes him to smoothly lift the boy onto his shoulders. BEN Jordan called me over at midnight. take a nap. And a hurt back. CUT TO: 6 EXT.

Salmon revisions . 31. .Oct. 2008 5A. 6 CONTINUED: 6 SUSAN You're pathetic.

Salmon revisions - Oct. 31, 2008
6 CONTINUED: (2) 6

What'd I do? I was sleeping.
Phone rings, she's using her
bedroom voice--

You're pathetic because you're
dying to tell me about it. You're
not going to take a nap. You
don't take naps. You just want me
to know you got laid.

It's not like I'm detailing the
positions we did it in.

A beat. Susan waits for it.

She was on top. Then I was. Then
she turned over and--

It's not normal for a man to speak
to his daughter this way.

That’s your husband talking. He’s
provincial. You’re a grown women.

Gary didn’t say anything. I just--

You can handle it.

That's what you say about Jordan,
right, to justify the fact that
you’re going to toss her in a
dumpster when you're done.

She’s got the power in this one.
Not me.

No. She's got something you need.
It's different.

And Ben smiles, real warmth behind it. Susan smiles too.

Why are you the one I can't con?

Salmon revisions - Oct. 31, 2008
6 CONTINUED: (3) 6

If you don't want me to reveal you
to the world, you're coming
inside, say hi to mom.

No. I can't stay.


So just say hi and go.

Your mother doesn't like it when I

Never stopped you before.

Ben doesn't answer. He just puts his hand on Scotty's
shoulder and, using the boy as a shield, enters...


Scotty breaks away from Ben and Susan and runs to the
back of the restaurant into the arms of NANCY KALMEN, a
mid-fifties woman who has kept it together without
surgery, Botox or excess make-up.

She notices Ben. Reacts. Her words may be sharp; her
manner is not. She's actually glad to see him.

Ben. I'm surprised you have the
time to drop in. What's the
matter, no more divorcees left to
bed on the east side?

That's not fair--

You're right. I left out the

She turns to Scotty.

Sit down honey.

Salmon revisions - Oct. 31, 2008

Scotty scoots in next to her.

Salmon revisions . NANCY You're too old for that one Benny. Ben hesitates. A waiter comes over to take Ben's order. 2008 8.I'll sit for a minute. Ben's SPIES a TWENTY-YEAR OLD GIRL alone at an adjacent table. BEN (covering) What are you talking about? NANCY Deny. Mom. Ben takes a seat that gives him a clear view of the Twenty-Year Old Girl. Susan bends over. BEN Just a quick hello. Nancy gestures toward Ben. NANCY Well. join us. NANCY Why is it still good to see him? (to Ben) Why is it still good to see you? BEN Cause you don’t have to live with me anymore. WAITER Can I get you anything? . Nancy laughs. kisses her mom and drops into a chair. Always Deny. 31. can't stay.. 7 CONTINUED: (2) 7 SUSAN Hi. Furtively tries to make eye contact.. BEN Well. But as he says this. They exchange a smile.Oct. There is an easiness to the way they interact.

Benny. 7 CONTINUED: (3) 7 BEN I'll have a cheeseburger.You’re gonna love this.. so if you want to come along with us-- BEN Can't. BEN I'll be up at our alma mater this weekend. The waiter finishes taking orders and leaves.. Gary has to work. Scotty looks up from his Gameboy. BEN I’d like to.Oct. Scotty... She is reading a magazine and not paying any attention to them. glances to make sure the Young Female Diner hasn't heard his age. . but. Nance. SCOTTY Why not? A beat. BEN Oh. SUSAN Dad. I'm taking Scotty to the Natural History this weekend. 31. Ben.. Salmon revisions . BEN I’ll have a cheeseburger.. 2008 9. BEN You've been expecting that call for thirty years. catching himself. NANCY Have a turkey burger. Ben hesitates. NANCY Out with it. NANCY It's only a matter of time until I get that phone call.

Salmon revisions . 2008 9A. 31.Oct. 7 CONTINUED: (4) 7 Both women react. .

31. Salmon revisions . NANCY/SUSAN You're what? BEN I'm introducing her to the dean. 2008 10. NANCY So why can't she take the girl herself? BEN Because of my 'relationship' with the dean. SUSAN You're a sixty year old-- BEN I am not-- .Oct. 7 CONTINUED: (5) 7 NANCY No. NANCY Do you even like this Jordan? No answer. Jordan and I are taking her daughter up for her college interview. NANCY How'd you get roped into that? SUSAN Doesn't she have a father? BEN Apparently he has a life. SUSAN No way. The women work the tag team into high gear. NANCY They finally convince you to come see the Kalmen Library? BEN Nope.

Ben finally catches the eye of the Twenty-year-old Girl. A Waiter places food on table. BEN I'll get you a check next week. No heat.Oct. NANCY You needed your independence. BEN I've got to go. Okay. Nancy. Ben gives Scotty a kiss on top of his head.. smiles at her. Have fun up there. that’s why you left? Now you're a kept man. 2008 11. NANCY Ben?. CUT TO: . right. NANCY What about your burger? BEN Better for me that I don’t eat it. 7 CONTINUED: (6) 7 SUSAN --Close enough.. Benny. Ben turns and walks out the door. Ben glances back at Nancy who seems to be looking right through him. 31. Nance. BENS'S POV: The Twenty-year-old Girl smiles back at him. dating a girl because of her father's connections. right? NANCY Okay. Scotty and Susan look to each other. Salmon revisions . the way one smiles at a kindly older person on a park bench.

. BEN You see. 2008 12. beautiful. eighteen. JORDAN'S BEDROOM. JORDAN KARSCH. I can't go. great looking.Which could be the centerpiece of an Architectural Digest spread. BEN So we'll reschedule-- JORDAN Allyson can't reschedule her college interview just because I have the flu. leans against a wall. I'd cramp her style-- ..Oct. Mom. 31. late 40s. JORDAN You promised. but in an uncompromising way. lies in bed. 8 . ALLYSON --It's fine. with a cool Dalton detachment. 8 INT. BEN I tried to get you to take the shot-- JORDAN --I hate shots. She doesn't even want my company. ALLYSON KARSCH. BEN I'm not going. BEN --And now you have the flu-- Allyson cuts in. JORDAN But I'm sick. BEN I promised to go with you.. She is holding a box of tissues in her hand. Ben stands over her. Jordan's daughter. In fact.. I'd like that better. Salmon revisions . I'll fly up there myself.

Otherwise she might come home pickled. Ben tries not to let his eyes follow her out. closing on some factory or something. She doesn't even like me hanging around you. Jordan blows her nose. 2008 13. Mom. Salmon revisions .Oct. Besides. ALLYSON Stomp on it you mean. Give me a minute with Benjamin please. 31. he makes her too tense. . You are not going up there alone. ALLYSON I stopped getting drunk in eighth grade. Allyson hands her mother the tissues and leaves. Jordan sits up with effort. Her style needs some cramping. 8 CONTINUED: 8 Allyson speaks under her breath. BEN I don't think it's a good idea. JORDAN What she likes doesn't matter. Allyson snorts. JORDAN Doesn't matter. JORDAN That's exactly why I want an adult up there with her. turns to Ben. Coughs. JORDAN Didn't you retire from thinking? BEN And we’re sure her father can’t go with her?-- JORDAN --He’s in Macau. BEN She's not going to be more relaxed with me. What's best for her does.

and then you’ll take my daughter up to her college interview. 8 CONTINUED: (2) 8 JORDAN Ben. A step behind him is an automotive company exec. 31.Oct. Please do this for me. BEN And it’s all prepped? JORDAN It is... BEN (PRE-LAP) Location isn't the only thing that matters. PULL BACK from the mock-up to reveal. crosses to her desk.’ BEN . Jordan forces herself out of bed. Jordan holds out the piece of paper. So think of it like a family weekend. Ben takes it.But anyone can see. this is a hell of an open point. JORDAN Before I forget. CUT TO: 9 EXT. but I know her. FOUR WAY INTERSECTION... SOMEWHERE IN NEW JERSEY . First you’ll go have the meeting my father arranged. she puts on this big independent act because she thinks she's supposed to. of course..DAY9 CLOSE ON: An artist’s rendering of a state-of-the-art car dealership. They’re sending a guy out tomorrow morning. takes a piece of paper out of the printer. It’s an order.. I just got the confirmation emailed to me. . Salmon revisions . Ben striding with purpose across a large undeveloped lot. A giant red sign in the foreground of the image says ‘Kalmen Motors. 2008 14. I printed it for you. PETE HARTOFILIAS.

9 CONTINUED: 9 PETE Nice traffic patterns. Full restitution. Son moves into his own place.Oct. BEN Well. get her an SUV with six airbags. PETE Mr. Look. But the negative numbers. 31. Daughter graduates high-school. New York’s honest car dealer. 2008 15. Out of respect. Because my first job was in the finance department of one of your places. the soccer. I'm recommending that you get your dealership. put him in a two-seater with some zip-- PETE Your old flagship-- BEN --Was north of here. I’ll be up and running in no time. BEN Nice? Outstanding! With my private banking relationships. you should try it sometime. I'm going to speak freely.. The name's still strong in this community-- PETE --Our research certainly shows that the name is known in this community. And if that sounds painful. And this zip code spends. I'll sponsor the little league. ‘I’m Ben Kalmen. the school car washes. Negatives will disappear. Salmon revisions . BEN I paid my fines. Because I grew up watching your commercials. Kalmen. Because the numbers make sense. I'm honored to know-- . Pete. Twenty-five miles.’ And because you probably inspired me to go into this business in the first place..

the younger ones who weren't there when I had my. Now. still sick. but sitting in her home spa. remind your father to speak to the three guys from Detroit. Salmon revisions . JORDAN (ON PHONE) Should I lay his clothes out for him too? Or do you think he can handle it? .. BEN Good. BEN You get that recommendation sent up to the committee. cell phone to his ear. Jordan. Pilates machine. Indoor pool. FOUR WAY INTERSECTION. SOMEWHERE IN NEW JERSEY . 10 LATER Ben leans against his car. 31. I'll worry about getting them to sign off. They move off to another section of the lot. Let me show you where the service area will be. PETE Fair enough.. 9 CONTINUED: (2) 9 PETE --But I don't think my recommendation is going to do any good.Oct. CUT TO: 10 EXT. The dealership development committee is not in the habit of granting open points to people who have brought the sort of public embarrassment to the industry that you did.It went as well as it could have. 2008 16.DAY 11 Jordan. The mock-up loosely rolled beneath his armpit. INTERCUT WITH: 11 INT. BEN ... JORDAN’S HOME SPA .

please turn the sauna as high as it can go.Oct. Roger that. BEN Thing is. 11 CONTINUED: 11 BEN Okay. A HOUSEMAN enters. after he almost tanked an entire company's reputation. A beat. to get an admitted grifter a new dealership. alright. Just like my father wants to use fifty years of goodwill and connections. and-- Total tone change from Jordan. Jordan covers the phone. JORDAN Good. Salmon revisions . A HOUSEMAN enters the spa. Hey. About this weekend. A beat. BEN I’m on my way to the airport. JORDAN (ON PHONE) Of course she does. JORDAN Jean. Dismissed. I like this. 31. Colonel. speaks to the Houseman.. we’ll have to put you in a leather bomber and nothing else. I need to sweat this out. The Houseman leaves. as well as his position on a board of directors. I’m sure Allyson doesn’t really want me around. BEN Well. This puts Ben on comfortable terrain. . 2008 17.. JORDAN Now I can’t wait for you to get back. BEN Yeah.

2008 17aA. 31. 11 CONTINUED: (2) 11 JORDAN (ON PHONE) Believe me. Salmon revisions . (MORE) . she’ll feel so much better with you there to guide her through the process.Oct.

JFK AIRPORT 12 Ben and Allyson move through the terminal. 11 CONTINUED: (3) 11 JORDAN (ON PHONE) (CONT'D) 12 INT. Salmon revisions . .Oct. 31. 2008 17A.

Stay out of sight. Ben considers it. A moment of relief plays on his face. C'mon. No reaction on Ben's face. Then can't. BEN What? ALLYSON It means. 31. ALLYSON I call bullshit. Ben. ALLYSON Just try not to catch anything you'll give my mother later. BEN No. ALLYSON I said I don't get drunk. ALLYSON Go to Foxwoods for the weekend. Ask me. 2008 18. He looks to her. 12 CONTINUED: 12 ALLYSON I’d feel so much better if you would just turn and leave. ask me where I was the other night for drinks. . Shakes his head. it's what you were hoping for the whole time. Salmon revisions . I can see how bad you want to. I don't want to have to take care of her. BEN Okay.Oct. Or Amagansett’s great off season. Or wherever. I don’t lie to your mom. Where were you drinking the other night? ALLYSON The bar at the Warwick. She almost lets him get away with it. BEN I thought you don't drink.

.Oct. but then she started squirming in a way that made me think. He just stands there and watches as Allyson bends down to hand her suitcase to the agent. . Ben.. I thought maybe you'd dropped something.So that's Gin. ALLYSON I was on my way to. ALLYSON Huh? BEN It means you win the hand. he didn't drop anything. She was in New York on business. Allyson hands her ID to the AGENT. Why didn't you come over and say hi? Allyson spools it out.. ALLYSON I'd cheat on her if she were my girlfriend. Thanks. They get to the check in desk. So have a good weekend. She's my niece. BEN Well. 2008 19. That was Eva. Ben doesn’t move. But that's when I saw you slip your hand under her skirt. Salmon revisions . ALLYSON I don't play cards. 31. you didn't sell me out.. 12 CONTINUED: (2) 12 BEN What night was that? ALLYSON The night you hope it wasn't. no. when you were in the back booth with that Eastern European web special? BEN Oh. A beat. BEN .

BEN No. They start walking. 2008 20. smooth it all through for you. She doesn't answer. BEN Look. I know the school. and I regret it. walk you to the interview so I can shake hands with the dean. I was too busy back then. And this time. BEN Slight exaggeration. ALLYSON Yeah.. I'll crash at the hotel and you can do whatever you want. thinks about it for a second. Salmon revisions . Allyson stops. right? . Long Island and Connecticut. He doesn’t like it. Caught. Mom says you used to always be on MSNBC and CNN. I missed Susan’s college tours. 31. I won't tell anyone. The Agent hands Ben back his ticket. I promise not to ruin your time.. For you. I'll show you around during the day. the Businessmen look away. ALLYSON She also said you fucked it up six ways to Sunday. I'm gonna do this for you. ANGLE ON: Ben. I know the dean. ALLYSON And you won't treat me like a kid. That you had dealerships in every town in Jersey. Something changes between them. 12 CONTINUED: (3) 12 ANGLE ON: A pair of BUSINESSMEN checking into first class appreciate her assets. Not for your mother.Oct. BEN No exaggeration there. Meets his eyes. At night.

Salmon revisions . CUT TO: 13 EXT. I wasn’t going to miss a Saturday to spend it with a bunch of losers reliving glory they never had. 2008 21. MYACHI and HACKY SACKERS. and DREADLOCKED STONERS share the quad with some actual SERIOUS-MINDED STUDENTS. A half-smiles comes to her face. on my way to my own shop.Oct. looks around. walk across the grass.DAY 13 The sun hits a rolling green campus in New England. FRISBEE GOLFERS.. I was gone. He shakes the memory off.Surprised it’s still right here. When I was gone. . ALLYSON Ben? BEN That bench. 12 CONTINUED: (4) 12 BEN Yeah. It. The couple moves away. you're not a kid. Ben.. They move to board the plane. but Ben keeps looking at the bench. His eyes land on a YOUNG COUPLE. BEN'S ALMA MATER . ALLYSON You never even came up for homecoming? Not even the year after you graduated? BEN Year after I graduated I was moving six cars a month. Ben stops for a moment. ALLYSON Fine. making out on a BENCH as they gather their stuff to go to class. 31. black framed shades accenting his normal black on black. and Allyson. BEN First time stepping back onto this campus since the day I finished. And to his.

And that just means I've written some big checks. ALLYSON That's nice. BEN Alumnus. 31. Well.Some kid was supposed to meet us. or the ground breaking money for a library.SAME 13A Ben and Allyson walk down the steps to the quad.. . Looks to throw it back. STEPS LEADING TO QUAD . CUT TO: 13A EXT. BEN It's insurance. ALLYSON What about now? BEN They pay a courtesy call if they're in town to see someone else. 13 CONTINUED: 13 BEN Let’s go to that admission’s building.Oct. they used to when they knew they would walk out of my office with an endowed chair in the English department. Salmon revisions . Ben grabs it out of the air. BEN .. For when I can write the checks again. An IRATE STUDENT comes running towards him. 2008 22. ALLYSON I thought you were an involved alumni. ALLYSON Then how do you know the Dean and stuff? BEN They come to see me. Screaming. A FRISBEE is about to hit Allyson in the shoulder. show us the way.

2008 22A. .Oct. Ben doesn't get it. 13A CONTINUED: 13A IRATE STUDENT HEY ASSHOLE. 31. Let the big dog hunt. Salmon revisions . let the big dog hunt.

grandad. Salmon revisions . The Irate Student sticks out his hand for the Frisbee. well. 31. Ben almost gives it back. The hole is over there. gimme it back. Already cost me a few yards by catching it. and lets his RIGHT FIST go. BEN It almost hit her. IRATE STUDENT Dickwad. The Irate Student gets in Ben's face. 13A CONTINUED: (2) 13A BEN Let the?-- IRATE STUDENT Put the frisbee down. He points to a maple tree 400 yards away. BEN No. IRATE STUDENT You motherfucker-- BEN --'Ey. 2008 23. IRATE STUDENT You would've cost me a stroke if you threw it the other way. It lands in the Irate Student's stomach. That was my drive. IRATE STUDENT Yeah. Just stands there. You called me an asshole. He turns his hips slightly. The student doesn't go down though. Now I'm gonna earn it. We're Frolfing. A slow smile comes over his face. Ben takes the Frisbee and whips it in the other direction. Ben hardly moves. It sails high and gets stuck in a big oak tree.Oct. There's a woman present. . Short beat.

IRATE STUDENT What the fuck were you thinking. They wrestle. weaken you. you know. The Irate Student is about to punch him in the face when a big beefy hand comes down and lifts him off. ANGLE ON: Ben is on the bottom. Salmon revisions . IRATE STUDENT Like some arthritic punch was gonna take me out?! Ben catches his breath. This time he falls. man? BEN Well. who almost busts out of his uniform. BEN Seems like a sound strategy. He is an enormous man. standard boxing strategy: go to the body. Ben throws a ROUNDHOUSE PUNCH that catches the Irate Student flush. Can’t. Campus Police. He turns back to the Irate Student who is now standing inches from him. Lots of grunting and groaning. JOHN HAVERFORD. smooths his hair and turns to Allyson who has been watching with an admixture of horror and amusement. Ben tries to free himself. SGT. then go the head. BEN I used to have a pretty good right. The hand belongs to SGT.Oct. JOHN Let’s stop all this. . He speaks with an accent that's Boston by way of Ireland. 13A CONTINUED: (3) 13A Then he puts Ben in a ONE HANDED HEADLOCK. The Irate Student rears up and takes Ben down to the ground. The Irate Student grinds Ben's head under his arm a moment longer. 2008 24. 31. about Ben's age. The Student lets Ben go and pushes him away. Ben's sunglasses fly off his face. Neither gains a clear edge.

Ben reaches out for his ID. JOHN Good. BEN Officer. SGT. This is not the right answer. Ben Kalmen. 2008 25. The Sgt. 13A CONTINUED: (4) 13A Ben scrambles to his feet. JOHN Someone want to tell me what happened here? BEN Misunderstanding. JOHN Too young to be anything else that won't get you arrested. She's too old to be my daughter. Get out of here. John. ALLYSON He goes out with my mother. pulls it back. John hands the student’s ID back. I want to know what you're doing on my campus. SGT. Ben and the Irate Student hand ID to Sgt. SGT. ALLYSON Escorting me for my interview. Salmon revisions . IRATE STUDENT Willing. .Oct. 31. John. SGT. Sgt. JOHN She your daughter? BEN She's not my daughter. So is Sgt. JOHN Not so fast. JOHN IDs. I'm willing to forget it if he is. SGT. Dean Gitleson is expecting me-- SGT. The Irate Student is silent. Allyson answers.

But there’s nothing he can do about it. you’ll take more than the blame. Sgt. BEN I support the school every way I can. SGT. SGT. I take the blame for not watching them closer. 13A CONTINUED: (5) 13A SGT. Allyson looks at Ben.Oct. JOHN Eighteen. JOHN Kalmen. You’re the donor. BEN I had some unscrupulous managers. Sgt. Allyson takes out her driver's license. ALLYSON Wow. Sgt. 31. John marches away. John holds out a hand. Sgt. JOHN He tell you to say that? ALLYSON No. . JOHN You do anything else untoward on my campus. SGT. SGT. takes one more long look at Ben’s license. JOHN Let me see it. Cost him nine grand on the back end. John doesn’t like it. 2008 26. He gives the ID back to Allyson. Smooth. The library and all that. John stares at it for a long moment. Salmon revisions . SGT. JOHN So you’re also the guy who sold my cousin in Connecticut on a leased Jeep that turned out to be financed.

BEN This is Allyson Karsch. BEN She has my highest recommendation. 31. Whoo! CHESTON The dean is ready for you. He waits on the front steps of the imposing admissions building. sir? Ben takes a deep breath.DAY 14 The Dean of Admissions EDWARD GITLESON. The Dean takes in Ben's appearance.. Kalmen.Oct. Ben? Ben doesn't give him anything. BRADLETON HALL. I'm great. ALLYSON Hi. BRADLETON HALL . CHESTON Mr. Are you okay. 2008 27. Dean Gitleson sent me to find you. Allyson. I'm Daniel Cheston. an earnest looking student. After a moment-- DEAN GITLESON Hello. 13A CONTINUED: (6) 13A Ben leans down to pick up his sunglasses. As he comes up with them. Edward. We should be getting over there. Cheston. BEN Better than that. DEAN GITLESON Rough morning. I hadn't thrown a punch outside of a gym in years. . who is a career fund-raiser in an academic's clothes. Salmon revisions . DANIEL CHESTON. I am the Vice President of the student senate. approaches. CUT TO: 14 EXT.

Cheston has volunteered to get you reacquainted with the grounds. CHESTON Don't you want to see the library? A beat. BEN You have anything better to do than show me around. You can pick Allyson up right here a little after two. . BEN Mmm-hmm. Meanwhile. Thought you might want to see the Kalmen Library. BEN Go do it. CUT TO: 14A EXT. CAMPUS . Cheston? CHESTON Um.DAY 14A Ben moves across the quad. Ben and Cheston watch them go.. DEAN GITLESON Allyson and I are going to go inside and chat for a while. Cheston keeps up with him. 2008 28. 31. Allyson and the Dean head inside the hall. Mr. 14 CONTINUED: 14 Beat. Cheston is conflicted. DEAN GITLESON I can hardly imagine a better endorsement.Oct. Salmon revisions .. BEN Because my name’s on the building? CHESTON Yeah. And then she'll go on the group tour.

31. 2008 28A. 14A CONTINUED: 14A Another beat. as if testing his knee. . Salmon revisions . Ben takes a couple of steps. BEN No.Oct.

it fits. 2008 29. You get to be Cheston. Now about the girl-- CHESTON Haven't found the right-- BEN Can't get laid. CHESTON'S DORM ROOM 15 Ben is pulling a T-shirt over his body. Not anymore. CUT TO: 15 INT. but then lets the Frisbee FLUTTER by. First name is Daniel. Thanks. ANOTHER FRISBEE comes sailing very close to Ben. Should we get it checked out at the school clinic? BEN I don’t do doctors. BEN Got a girl. Cheston? CHESTON Cheston’s my last name. . looks like he might catch it. Salmon revisions . I will. Anyone can be Dan. 31. Before they go out of frame. BEN Alright. 14A CONTINUED: (2) 14A CHESTON You’re walking a little funny. Ben thinks about it for a moment. Million Dans. huh? CHESTON I didn't say that.Oct. They turn and walk off into the distance. BEN Shouldn’t be. Although it is a little snug. Ben sticks out a hand. CHESTON Do you at least want to get yourself cleaned up? You can use my room.

. CHESTON I am making the most of my-- Ben cuts him off. 15 CONTINUED: 15 BEN Everything about you says it.Laurie? A beat. Salmon revisions . you're spending your days the wrong way.Oct. Cheston.. BEN Out there exists nothing but possibility.. Ben points toward the door to Cheston's room. CHESTON Diana. BEN Okay. model UN together or something-- CHESTON We were the assistant directors of the community service outreach-- BEN And then she went to school and met some junior who stormed the admin building or the provost's house-- CHESTON --How'd you know he was a--? BEN --They’re always juniors. BEN You had a high school girlfriend right? You were both on the. Well lemme tell you something. If you have time to put hospital corners on your bed at college. And you're still stuck trying to figure out how you lost.. CHESTON But Diana was-- . Look at this room. 2008 30. 31.

CUT TO: 17 INT.Oct.. We have to pick up Allyson.B. Opens it. Cheston is worried about how this will turn out. CHESTON No time. walks out the door into the. Salmon revisions . Cheston. . 15 CONTINUED: (2) 15 BEN --Just the same as the other girls on this campus. Ben. 16 INT. Shaw said that. for one. JOANNE and the friend she was laughing with. Says something. What's wrong with either of them? CHESTON Well. Watch. BEN'S POV: STUDENTS walk the dorm's halls. G. CHESTON'S DORM ROOM 17 Cheston watches. Hundred years ago. 31. HALLWAY 18 CHESTON'S POV: Ben walks over to the young women. they're not interested in me. CUT TO: 18 INT. not listening. 2008 31. A REDHEAD and FRIEND laugh. Ben crosses to Cheston's door. We're almost late as it is. Still true. Like all young men you greatly exaggerate the difference between one young women and another. BEN Because you don’t know how to speak to them.. And her. HALLWAY 16 Ben approaches the redhead. He smiles at them. BEN Look at her. KELLY.

2008 32. Shaw say that too? CUT TO: 19 EXT. Sits down. . It's the bench he stopped at before. From the look on his face it’s clear the Bench has meaning for him. Cheston waits a beat.DAY 19 Ben and Cheston walk at a brisk clip. 18 CONTINUED: 18 They laugh. and plenty of others just like them are going to be. Where those women. Especially twenty-one year old ass.Oct. He walks to one in particular. BEN Yep. And you will not want to have looked back on today with regret-- CHESTON That's why I'm gonna study tonight-- BEN Nobody regrets taking a night off from the books to chase some ass. walks up to Ben. BEN Hold up. CHESTON What'd you say? BEN Doesn't matter. Ben surreptitiously gives him a thumbs up sign. tell him something. I have to-- BEN You have to go to a party. 31.B. We're ‘hanging’ with them tonight. Salmon revisions . Someday you will be my age. CHESTON Tonight. THE QUAD . CHESTON G. He is standing at a series of benches. leave. Ben has stopped.

who looks to be about three years older than she is. CUT TO: 20 EXT. Then gets up. But he follows Ben as he moves on. 19 CONTINUED: 19 CHESTON I didn’t say anything. Spreads his arms wide across its top. TED I told Allyson to come by our house tonight. He gave the tour. Ben takes in the view from the bench.Oct. Only saps relive this shit. 2008 33. BEN Right. but there is nothing he can do. Salmon revisions . . and the tour has broken up. with spring-break-ready abs and arms. TED Ted Loof. we're having a party. Cheston doesn’t know what to make of it. This is Ted. BEN Sorry we're late. I’m saying something. I tried your cell-- ALLYSON No prob. It might give her a good idea of the social culture we have here on campus. FREEMAN HALL .DAY 20 Ben and Cheston arrive to pick up Allyson. They are late. BEN Onward. 31. All the same. Ted sticks out a hand. I'm glad this bench is still here. Ben already hates the guy. BEN I know. Allyson stands with TED LOOF.

ALLYSON Great. head back. We are in it now. CHESTON We're standing by a keg. We're mixing. mouth open. This means something to Ben.U.Oct. See you later. add a squeeze of lime..NIGHT 21 . Mixing in. Thinks Ben won't catch it. 20 CONTINUED: 20 BEN Sure. He LOVES what he sees.BASEMENT . Salmon revisions . 2008 34. BEN And you want to be over. We're pouring. Pouring. Ted. And that one. Ted imitates Ben. CUT TO: 21 INT. Sure. Look at that one. as TWO OTHERS pour tequila and triple sec from bottles into her open mouth. filling STUDENTS' cups with beer.. Which house is it? TED T. then shake her head to mix the drink Ben and Cheston stand by the keg. A RAUCOUS FRAT PARTY . 31. BEN Doesn't matter. TED Right. but active.there. Ben's eyes scope the room. doubling as an upside down Margarita station--one STUDENT sits in it. If she wants to go.Not out of hand. CHESTON I told you those girls weren't going to show up here... Yeah? . BEN Okay. ANGLE ON: A Barber’s Chair.

31. CHESTON No. 21 CONTINUED: 21 Ben points to a refined looking GIRL standing near the barber’s chair. Salmon revisions . say something. but not in the middle of the action. Go over. 2008 34A. ... BEN Your eyes keep moving to her.Oct. I uh.

Salmon revisions . you're going to have to listen to a story. Studious. so she came by. BEN What? CHESTON Not the kind of person you just go up to at a party. so I'll ask for your indulgence. but it has the benefit of being true.. 21 CONTINUED: (2) 21 CHESTON She uh. begins. BEN I was one of the ones actually had a job. CHESTON Granted. help me pay my way-- CHESTON Me too-- . this is a little raw. 31. BEN This was the first year of college. But nobody hooks up with her. Ben gestures to the Frat House. I wasn't what you'd call one of the elite around here. She's serious.. BEN If you're not going to go over there. 2008 35.Oct. Ben pours himself a cup of beer. pulls from it. BEN She's here though. She has a drink in her hand. Now. CHESTON Her brother is a member of the house. Certainly wasn't invited to join this place.

Sometimes. Especially the girls. I wasn't a total innocent. . And real clean looking too. I ask him how he hurt it and he says: “Jennifer Angel”. and this prick on the squash team orders a shot of Jack to help him loosen his hurt back. Harder. Anyway. But she keeps begging me to do it harder. Name was Jennifer Angel. Couldn't screw up the courage to even ask her out. Really. but I was intimidated by some of what I saw. "I was fucking her." he says. Cheston my man. 21 CONTINUED: (3) 21 BEN I know. And every day I would stare at the back of her neck. 2008 36. if she turned to glance out the window."How?". ANGLE ON: Across the room. 31. And Cheston. I wanted to get with her in the worst way. the Refined Looking Girl moves into the barber’s chair to get the Margarita treatment. She was smart. CHESTON Untouchable. But I couldn't figure it. The whole time Cheston is staring at the girl across the room. I'm nailing her so fucking hard that the bed collapses. I ask him. Salmon revisions . sat in front of me in Freshman Composition. To me." CHESTON Jesus. "hard. his answer was like a Joe Frazier left to the belly.Oct. I'd catch a glimpse of her face. she was untouchable. Harder. There was this one girl. I'm tending bar at some event. I saw your wardrobe. BEN One afternoon. and I twist my back all up when we hit the floor. Finally.

21 CONTINUED: (4) 21 BEN 'At's right. right there in front of the guy. But you know what? (MORE) .Oct. 2008 36A. 31. Salmon revisions . and I'm not exactly the blushing kind. My face turned red hearing about it. I actually had to catch my breath. you know.

Allyson stands with Ted. speaks without looking up. ran the place back then. not me. 2008 37. She's all DOLLED UP for the evening. Knowing how she liked it. Might as well be you. JIMMY Cause Jimmy Sr. JIMMY MARINO is wiping down the counter. freed me to talk to her. takes his time answering. ALLYSON (O. JAMES J. some reason. .) I thought you were gonna let me do whatever I wanted by myself. 21 CONTINUED: (5) 21 BEN (CONT'D) Turned out to be great. BEN Was a time I could sit in Jimmy Marino’s joint all night. it was my bed that almost broke. That's what you need to learn. MARINO’S . And the next week. When you open them I'll be gone. that she liked it. Cheston appears rocked by the story.NIGHT 22 A local coffee shop/diner. JIMMY We close in five minutes.' Ben has entered. A few STUDENTS pay their checks and leave. Ben notices. so whatever you order. He hears the door open. but he also begins moving in the direction of the Girl. And my father must have liked you. Jimmy is roughly the same age as Ben. Salmon revisions . BEN I was and I am. CUT TO: 22 INT. Jimmy still doesn't lift his eyes. Ben watches him.Oct. Some fella has a story like that on every single one of them. 31. Close your eyes.S. it's 'to go.

it would have been you. JIMMY You know I called you when you got in that trouble a couple years back. 22 CONTINUED: 22 BEN If by 'some reason. BEN I always knew. BEN Well.' you mean because I saved your ass in every math class you ever took-- JIMMY --I remember the ass saving.. A moment between them. 2008 38. . Salmon revisions .. That wasn't the only unreturned call. JIMMY Didn't expect a call back. There were. Jimmy. If there was anyone from this place I would have wanted to see. And I hope you know-- JIMMY Of course-- BEN No. she was under orders. 31.. That secretary of yours wouldn’t put me through. I got the message. Now Jimmy makes eye contact. I could've handled it-- JIMMY But there were three of 'em if I recall-- BEN Yes. not in class maybe.. Let me say it. BEN Well. if there was just one of them. I'm sorry for it. I appreciated it. but I remember doing most of it. Just wanted you to know.Oct. But when I was gone.

2008 39. It's clear they've been drinking for some time.Oct. BEN You had the business. Is there something you need? Ben sits at a stool. And now you're here. He can see and hear Allyson and Ted. who stands at the Bar's entrance. They do not notice him. * five years? * But Jimmy is already putting bread in the toaster.Yeah. ANGLE ON: Ben. JIMMY Usual? BEN Can you call it that after thirty. and I told the lacrosse coach that I played attack in Junior High. JIMMY Yeah. Salmon revisions . 31.NIGHT 23 Allyson and Ted at the very upscale OAK BAR in the Fairmont Copley Plaza.. 22 CONTINUED: (2) 22 JIMMY You always said you'd never come back. And that Ted is working it hard. BEN Any chance I can get a sandwich? To stay. BEN'S POV: TED .FAIRMONT COPLEY PLAZA . BAR . was All County attack in High School.. and there was no way I was playing D for him. They are sitting close to one another. Like you always said I'd never leave. ALLYSON So you're playing on the front line now-- . CUT TO: 23 INT.

Ted? Ted doesn't know he's out of his league. but that guy didn't actually fail. but that's not the point of the story. 2008 40.Oct. All the encouragement Ben needs. and this is from a man who has failed in Starburst colors. Nothing from Ted but a small smile on Allyson's face. And he said.I see what I want. and I take a run at it. It's why we know the quote. Salmon revisions . He walks over to Allyson and Ted moves between them and looks to Ted. He became President. Went after what I wanted. You look regaled. 31. (MORE) .. TED My parents named me after Theodore Roosevelt. "It is not the critic who counts. And that's what I always do.. there is nothing noble in failure.. Ted slurps his Jack and Coke. but the man who fails while daring greatly--" BEN --Yeah. BEN You regaling her. Ben has heard plenty. I stood up for myself. 23 CONTINUED: 23 TED --He cut me.. Goes with the College Man approach. TED . BEN Stories of what? Glory? Or its putative compatriot. noble failure? I say putative because. Allyson. young man? I think you are. Do you not agree.

They Crack Up the moment he is out of sight. BEN On campus he seemed like one thing. If that's what you want to do.. . but he's cute. Allyson looks to Ted. he's not from the City. anticipating some sort of snappy response..Well. found a way to succeed. That's not what I glean from your lacrosse story. ALLYSON You going to report in to my mother? BEN I already told you I wouldn't. Salmon revisions . Gets nothing.. 31. TED I'm gonna go to the bathroom. ALLYSON . 23 CONTINUED: (2) 23 BEN (CONT'D) See. But for some reason.. I'll be right back. You going to stop me from-- BEN --No. you do it. BEN How honest a conversation are you looking to have here? I can just drift off to my room now.Oct. BEN Scotch for me. Ben turns to the bartender. What do you think? A beat. 2008 41. I care what you think. Allyson and Ben watch Ted walk away. ALLYSON I don't even care what she thinks. he bumped up against failure. right? Then you get him here. leave you with Ted.

Obvious what he gets. Salmon revisions . ALLYSON You mean. BEN He's a waste of time. or. She takes a moment. You have all the information now. 31. 23 CONTINUED: (3) 23 ALLYSON I want your read on the situation. then speaks quickly. at the taste. and I think you should be on your way. TED But me and Allyson-- . You decide. ALLYSON’S POV: Ted lumbers towards them. begin the proceedings. BEN Finish that one. Ben doesn’t need any more encouragement.Oct. What do you get from the transaction? ALLYSON Transaction? BEN That's what it is. if he's strong. What do you get? ALLYSON I need another drink. his face'll flush at the sight of it. up in the room? BEN Do I have to draw it for you? A guy like that with a girl who looks like you? He's gonna go simple. 2008 42. What should I do? BEN Nope. before Ted arrives. Act like a guardian. You'll go through a lot of trouble for very little reward. ALLYSON Send him home. You'll get up there. Here he comes. and he'll be gone.

Ted looks to Allyson. whose face is in her drink. ALLYSON What about that drink? (MORE) . He downs his drink. 2008 42A. And go. BEN We should probably call it a night too. 31. Allyson and Ben watch him leave. Salmon revisions . departs. 23 CONTINUED: (4) 23 BEN --Are done for the night. You made your 'run' at it. Now chalk it up as another noble failure.Oct.

BEN It's always like that? . ALLYSON I didn't really want to. Takes a long drink. Salmon revisions . It's different. She was something worth doing. ALLYSON What you said about what would have happened in the room is right.FAIRMONT COPLEY PLAZA . 31.NIGHT 24 Some time has passed. 2008 43. I would have ended up staring at the ceiling all night while he slept like a log. 23 CONTINUED: (5) 23 ALLYSON (CONT'D) CUT TO: 24 INT. ALLYSON Is that what the Russian was? BEN No. At least in New York I could go home. It just sort of seemed like something to do. Ben and Allyson have moved to a corner table. BEN I know how that is. Allyson laughs.Oct. Ted is nowhere in sight. BAR . With Ted. Her manner becomes more relaxed with each moment that passes between them.

ALLYSON None of the guys I've been with really know what they're doing. Just take charge. I guess. it’s never really incredible. motions the bartender for another. BEN Can't you tell them what to do? ALLYSON How? I don't know what to say. Allyson stares into hers. Ben makes a hand motion for her to continue. I’ll say it: my first time I was fourteen. BEN And if that doesn’t work. 2008 44. But only by myself. Truth is. ALLYSON Alright. Puts a hand on Allyson's shoulder. 31. But it wasn’t incredible. take his hands and put them where they feel right. you know. Salmon revisions . yourself. It was okay. BEN You hardly have to say anything. Drinks arrive. Show him. I promise he’ll never forget you. 24 CONTINUED: 24 Allyson pauses for a moment. move him how you want to. .Oct. Ben drinks. and another for Allyson. Draws closer to her. Ben thinks for a moment. ALLYSON It'll make me seem like a whore. BEN You've never had an-- ALLYSON Of course I have.

24 CONTINUED: (2) 24 BEN You're thinking about it wrong. BEN Sure she does. When I'm with a woman. We want to know how to give others pleasure. ALLYSON A thickness. BEN We're all sensual creatures Allyson. BEN No one over forty is stick thin. (MORE) . Her body's changed. All of us. right? BEN It's not her fault. She gets me off. And that’s no way to live.. Salmon revisions . A beat as this lands. don't you want to know what makes him feel good? A beat. She's stick thin. 31. When you're with a guy you like. tell me. it leaves us wanting. We want pleasure. ALLYSON But not like the Russian. Not really. There's a thickness as they get older.. But when we shy away from that. Trust me. when we become timid. She's just older. I make it my business to solve her. Always. ALLYSON Does my mother know what to do? BEN Allyson-- ALLYSON No. But. 2008 45.Oct. ALLYSON But she can get you off-- BEN Yeah.

She does not back away. Ben leans into her. then it becomes incredible. 24 CONTINUED: (3) 24 BEN (CONT'D) Not out of the goodness of my heart. And when that happens. 2008 45A. . But because it will make her want to solve me. Salmon revisions . 31.Oct.

And they are down on the floor. Ben laughs too.. 31. You must've been one hell of a car salesman. 24 CONTINUED: (4) 24 ALLYSON My God. Now Ben is against the wall and her hands are moving down his body.Oct. . BEN Shhh. ALLYSON God no. Ben presses Allyson against the wall. BEN'S HOTEL ROOM .. 2008 46. But she would shit. ALLYSON If my mother saw us right now.. BEN She can never find out. Allyson turns it around. Then she takes his hands and puts them where she wants them. CUT TO: 25 INT..NIGHT 25 Ben and Allyson enter. As they get deeper into it. Show me.. On Ben: BEN I was the best. No shame in it. she would shit.. ALLYSON She'd shit-- Allyson laughs. They are all over each other. Salmon revisions . She sure would. BEN That's it. BEN Yeah.

Ben.. BEN That smile looks like trouble. in Ben's hotel bed. He sits up. That's sort of twisted. Looks. Allyson makes a shocked face. CUT TO: 27 INT.NIGHT 26 Ben and Allyson almost asleep. Salmon revisions . 31. BEN Me too.Oct. Ben reaches for his cell phone. LOGAN AIRPORT .MORNING 28 Allyson stands at an airport Starbucks. BEN Stop that. She answers her phone with one hand as she mixes Splenda into her drink with the other. Dials. And they are back at it. 25 CONTINUED: 25 ALLYSON I can picture her face. BEN'S HOTEL BEDROOM . INTERCUT WITH: 28 INT.MORNING 27 Light comes in the windows of Ben's suite. DISSOLVE TO: 26 INT. you liked it. BEN’S HOTEL BEDROOM . It'd almost be worth it to see it. They laugh together as the clothes keep coming off. waking him. . ALLYSON It is. Allyson is gone. 2008 47. imitating her mother.. ALLYSON Ooh.

That was-- ALLYSON Fun. BEN Okay. Safe trip. ALLYSON Don't read anything into it. BEN When we run into each other at the house. 2008 48. You looked like you needed the sleep.. So I.Oct. Neat turn. This happened and now we move on and my mother won't know the difference. I'm cool.. Salmon revisions . Into any of it actually. I'll tell her that I decided to head back before you because I had some homework to catch up on. Ben means it. . 31. You are. ALLYSON Hi. I'm usually the one sneaking out.. ALLYSON You think I never cheated with anybody and had to see their girlfriend at school? Don't sweat it. Thanks for coming up there with me. We had a fun night.. BEN Allyson. BEN Yeah.. 28 CONTINUED: 28 ALLYSON Hello... BEN Yeah.. BEN You sure you don't play cards? ALLYSON Don't worry about anything.

31. But his eyes are wide open. CUT TO: . Ben lays his head down on his pillow. you suddenly had a lot friends in the right places huh? BEN Well. PETE As do I.. Allyson throws the wooden stirrer in the trash and heads to her gate. Salmon revisions . 28 CONTINUED: (2) 28 ALLYSON Bye.DAY 29 Ben sits across from Pete the Auto Exec. PETE The official vote will come down next week. Pete turns his computer screen for Ben to take a look.... let me show you how many cars we’re expecting you to floorplan for the first couple of quarters. BEN Great. Pete. If they hadn't approved you.So the committee has met. CUT TO: 29 INT. Great. But I wanted to give you a head start on getting all the zoning in order.. 2008 49. Ben extends a hand.. You actually found a heckuva location.Oct. Now. one that needs just the kind of dealership you've proposed. PETE (PRE-LAP) . I certainly look forward to working together. PETE Yeah. I would have recommended finding another dealer to open in that very spot. AUTO EXECUTIVE'S OFFICE . Kalmen Motors on the uptick.

If either Ben or Allyson are uncomfortable as Ben kisses Jordan hello. Jordan enters. not speaking... You're a suitable candidate. Ben. mom? You think he had to pull that hard on the strings to get me in? It's not like my grades are so bad or anything-- JORDAN You know how those things are. ATLANTIC GRILL . 30 INT. I'm sure you've done quite a bit of lobbying. 31.NIGHT 30 Ben and Allyson are at Ben’s regular table at his favorite joint. but without Ben. After a moment. the Dean reached out. I can't believe that you were able to get the information so soon. I mean he called me.. they are doing a good job of concealing it.I can't imagine what you promised the Dean you’d do if he took her-- BEN No.So this is a celebration all around. JORDAN It's nice of you to say that. They sit quietly. isn’t it.Oct. he was very impressed.. Just fantastic.Your new dealership on track and the fantastic news about Allyson. 2008 50. . and if Jordan senses something. Again.. wanted to make sure he'd be seeing Allyson in the fall. she conceals it too. Salmon revisions . JORDAN . Fantastic. BEN stands to greet her. BEN (false modesty) Well.. JORDAN . ALLYSON Really.

.Oct. Al? Allyson almost chokes on it. 31. Salmon revisions . 2008 50A. 30 CONTINUED: 30 JORDAN We are so lucky to have you in our lives Right.

BEN Have you gotten my messages? ALLYSON Are you crazy? BEN Well. JORDAN'S APARTMENT . 31. since you are going to be a college girl. The phone rings. 30 CONTINUED: (2) 30 ALLYSON --Sure.Oct. if you want. JORDAN I'll get that. She disappears into the other room to take the call. Mom-- JORDAN (to Ben) I don't tell you often enough. and-- . JORDAN A drink with us first. Urgently. Allyson you can have a soda. ALLYSON I'm going out. it's hard to talk here. a little wine. JORDAN Let's have an after dinner drink. I'll see you later. They speak quickly and softly. BEN Just glad it all worked out.NIGHT 31 The three of them enter. We are. Lucky. CUT TO: 31 INT. Or. Ben turns to Allyson. 2008 51. Salmon revisions .

BEN Daddy thing. ALLYSON I didn't even know it was on my list. Salmon revisions . Jordan can still be heard talking on the phone in the other room. BEN Not looking to hang all over you. Please. Then both stop for a moment and listen. Please. You need to forget about it. But now I know. The last guy I was with.Oct. And I appreciate the advice you gave me. I just gave him a blow job first. And so now I can check two things off my list. It was awesome." That you wouldn't be all clingy and stuff. You know what it was in Boston. And then I got on top of him and told him exactly what to do. Come on. . Just thought we could get some time together. Really really fun. 31 CONTINUED: 31 ALLYSON That's right. And that you spoke to the dean on my behalf. So he could last when we finally did it. ALLYSON Ben. BEN Which advice? ALLYSON You taught me to ask for what I want. Ben. Awesome. We can't talk. ALLYSON I appreciate that you took the time to take me up to school. the spite thing and the daddy thing. 2008 52. It's already worked. before anything else. it was easy. And then another one. or that I had a list. 31. I hoped that was gonna be one more difference between you and the guys my age--that you wouldn't "go simple. It was a kick.

31. Allyson. Salmon revisions . But only when I'm afraid I might actually feel something for someone. ALLYSON I've got to go-- And at top volume. To put distance between us.Oct.. And I never think about them again. But I can't stop replaying our time together. I'm not. ALLYSON Mom. ALLYSON Well. BEN To put me off you. hoping to finish before Jordan reemerges. I just did what you told me to do when you were trying to get me up to the room. ALLYSON You mean most nights you're not with her-- BEN --That's beside the point. You know that's what I do most nights.. BEN --Not yet. I'm a pretty cool customer. It happened. is find someone to take home. Really connecting. I'm not gonna have a drink. When we were talking we were really listening to each other. 31 CONTINUED: (2) 31 BEN You're making it up. ALLYSON Why would I make it up? Ben speaks even more quickly. I have to meet my friends!-- Ben cuts in. I use that trick all the time. 2008 53. (MORE) . BEN I wasn't trying to. And not just in the room.

.Oct. in Boston. Dad. 31 CONTINUED: (3) 31 BEN (CONT'D) I forgot that you were eighteen. Mom.. Jordan enters from the other room. No lights are on. SUSAN (PRE-LAP) Oh. Sees the tension between them. SUSAN'S APARTMENT . SUSAN didn’t. SUSAN What? BEN Ask me was it worth it. ALLYSON Yeah. Jordan can't process. BEN Well. I didn't. CUT TO: 32 INT. You forgot that I was-- ALLYSON No. JORDAN Everything alright? BEN Of course. 31.. We did. That's right. 2008 54.NIGHT 32 It's night... Ben stands with Susan in the entrance just by the front door. SUSAN Are you actually going to gloat about throwing away-- . it was. BEN Ask me was it worth it. Lucky. Salmon revisions .. huh? On Ben's face. ALLYSON We slept together.

now you are. I'm both. Ben. SUSAN Gary! A beat. Salmon revisions . with a slight Chicago accent. looking at it. Which is. Suze. BEN Well that's a ballsy thing to say.Oct. approaches. stay out of my relationship with my daughter. 32 CONTINUED: 32 BEN Not gloating. I'd always hoped Susan would look to find a big man. GARY Forget that. But before he blew up his life. GARY Sure. No way. I cannot have you listening to this crap anymore. GARY My wife. The way a eighteen-year old body responds-- A voice comes from the darkness. 2008 55. thin. I've told you it's unhealthy. it was worth it. From standing here now. Stating something. what were you to him? Really. yes. Susan's husband. Logical. Cause you're what he has. . Garr. honey? I'm sorry-- GARY. bitter and small. GARY No. He's early thirties. 31. It was a night and a half. SUSAN Well. Also. the shrink told you it's unhealthy-- BEN Gary. You can't keep dragging her into-- SUSAN Did we wake you.

That's why they have clients who pay them $450 an hour. That's why I'm impressed he had the balls to come at me just now. 31. stay toe to toe. I've never said you didn't pick a smart husband. . SUSAN I'll meet you there in a minute. I'm here for her. Always. Sitting in a jail cell makes that sort of thing clear. No point to it. SUSAN You didn't used to talk like this. BEN Guys like Gary are always right about a lot of stuff. Of course. GARY Susan. But me and her. BEN Well. GARY But-- SUSAN My dad needs to talk to me. I used to shield you. SUSAN He's right about a lot of stuff. we've got something else.Oct. Salmon revisions . let's go back to bed. Gary glares at Ben. he didn't have the balls to stand his ground. you know. BEN You are a hell of a provider. Good. 32 CONTINUED: (2) 32 GARY I take care of her. We bleed the same. I don't bother shielding anyone anymore. He's just not much of a risk taker. I'll be in soon. and partners who fast track them and all that crap. heads back towards the bedroom. 2008 56.

you paid a fine. it'll cover two months or so..Close as I am to getting another dealership. I was going to cash it tomorrow. A beat. The money he earns by not taking risks. A long beat. SUSAN We can have this conversation another time. Takes the check and puts it in his pocket. my rent. and then rolling 'em up again. SUSAN I know. But that's all I can give you. 31. And it's his money. SUSAN Mom gave me this as a present. 32 CONTINUED: (3) 32 SUSAN You weren't in jail. Salmon revisions . And before I made my deal I spent plenty of nights thinking about what it would be like. Takes out a check. Well. BEN I spent a night there. . 2008 57. Susan goes to a drawer. I haven't gotten it done yet.Oct. Endorses the back. BEN It's only for a short time. Ben hesitates for a moment. And as far as income streams go.. Take it. I handle it.. SUSAN Gary handles the checkbook. BEN The thing of it is. but he goes through it. settled. A long beat. half her commission on a classic six. But you came here this late for a reason.

I love you. . Bill Rallye. 31. BEN Okay. 32 CONTINUED: (4) 32 SUSAN Look. Salmon revisions . BEN Do you want me to come too? SUSAN No. Ben strides over to them. He sees Pete Hartofilias standing with another suited man. I'm gonna head back to sleep.. BEN Pete. I have an early morning with Scotty. Ben stands watching as the new automobiles are loaded off of giant car trucks. She waits as Ben opens the door and walks out into the hallway.DAY 33 SUPERTITLE: Six Months Later. FOUR WAY INTERSECTION. It looks exactly like the image on Ben’s mock-up. Didn't I tell you this was a kick ass location! PETE Ben. Gary's taking the morning off. we're going to the circus. CUT TO: 33 EXT. SOMEWHERE IN NEW JERSEY . New York’s honest car dealer. BEN Ben Kalmen. ‘Ben Kalmen. Hi. pumpkin. so. SUSAN Good night dad. Game face on. A New Car Showroom has been built where before there was only the empty lot. Ben gestures to the man next to Pete.’ It’s a real pleasure.Oct.. BILL I know who you are. 2008 58.

I don't know what you did. A beat. I'm not even sure corporate would let you BUY a car from us... leave me with Mr. PETE Bill. 31. And he moves off. BILL Welcome to Rallye Motors. I saw the paperwork. Ben holds up a hand. It was prepared. 33 CONTINUED: 33 PETE Meet Bill Rallye. PETE Ben. I need a job. but now there's no way. I never saw someone turn friends to enemies so quick. 2008 59. Kalmen. PETE Now. BILL There's no doubt about that. BEN I'm not here in protest. Always could. I told you that I loved this spot. exactly.Oct. You were way. . You really crapped the bed on this one. Understand. It's his dealership. Bill extends a hand once more. could you step away for a moment. Salmon revisions . BEN Has a certain ring to it. BILL A great pleasure. Ben. BILL You want to come work for me? BEN I can sell the shit out of a car.

. I’m gonna say. Pete. HELLER FBI should hire you out as a profiler. It reads..NIGHT 34 This place is crowded. where SINGLES in Wall Street attire drink and FIND. wearing a five-thousand dollar suit. Heller is fifty-five. walks away. PETE I can’t do it. He nods in Tan Pants’ direction.Oct.. 33 CONTINUED: (2) 33 BEN Bring me into your house. 2008 60. Ben nods. BEN . and is going to play it for all it’s worth. BEN If they were smart they would. Tan pants. RALLYE MOTORS. CUT TO: 34 INT. 31. BEN Not that hard... Ben puts down his espresso and gestures toward the bar. (MORE) . looking back just in time to see: A giant sign is being hung atop the dealership. shaved bald. No wedding band. Look. Pete understands the offer being put on the table. TRACK past the bar. Salmon revisions . I’ll leave you a real nice parting gift. But she showed pictures on her phone to the bartender. Ben and STEVE HELLER finishing espressos at a table in the back.Count three down from the one who looks like an Eskimo. which is between their table and the front door.. ATLANTIC GRILL .divorced three years. has the kids with the dad tonight.

We will. But I can’t let you out of here tonight without turning the conversation in a different direction. Ben keeps his eyes on the bar. 31. we will. BEN Yeah. The LADY IN TAN PANTS takes a moment to get it. Tell her I’ll be over there in a minute. Now I can listen without being distracted. BEN One sec. Salmonrevisions . BEN Send two of whatever she wants to the lady in the tan pants. HELLER Ben. Ben waves a WAITER to the table. I’d know just what kind of vehicle to put her in. This is why I was so strong on the lot. and I definitely know what she’s looking for tonight. 2008 61. ANGLE ON: The Waiter makes the approach. HELLER I imagine you do. He nods back. but then smiles over at Ben. BEN Okay. I’ve always enjoyed our dinners. Gotta watch it. 34 CONTINUED: 34 BEN (CONT'D) The way he reacted. photos had to be of her kids. yeah. . The WAITER comes to Ben’s side. HELLER You’ve been a private banking client for-- Ben holds up a hand. Next. The waiter leaves to do it.Oct. she did one shot and ordered another.

decided to engage in a scam. and GOT CAUGHT. HELLER You call what? What is that? BEN It’s what they say. . I don’t expect your sympathy. caught. BEN If I can say this nicely: Fuck you. HELLER You had my belief. 31. Point is. BEN After all these years. but I’ve earned your belief. I’ve done nothing but win at business since I’m twenty-two years old. That’s why. 2008 62. when New York’s Honest Car Dealer. Steve. It’s why you didn’t touch your Lobster Cobb HELLER The bank usually sends a letter. Salmon revisions .Oct. Continued to steer deals your way.’ but you’re just looking for the right moment to get the deficit off the books. ON: Heller. I wanted to tell you in person. floorplanning phantom cars to rip off the manufacturer. 34 CONTINUED: (2) 34 HELLER The reason institutions like ours have private banking clients in the first place is so that our highest net worth individuals don’t have to deal with financial minutiae in the middle of their busy days-- BEN You’re kicking me out of the bank. BEN I call bullshit. you pretend you stick by clients through ‘difficult times. we continued to keep you and your family in the private bank.

I’m not really rolling her out of here. Just saying hi. Which was fine. Yells out to him. Check over here! Right away. the backing-- HELLER We have to do this. give me a year to get it going again. You used to wake up at three in the morning to review business plans and sales reports. HELLER They were an amusement six years ago. I need the credibility the bank gives me. leans in close so as not to embarrass Ben. Carol Salomonde. 34 CONTINUED: (3) 34 HELLER We are not the ones who changed. Steve. This cripples me. Now you can’t even get through a meal without jumping up-- BEN I was just yanking you with the stuff about the girl at the bar. The Maitre-D comes to the table with the check. HELLER Yanking me?-- A hint of humility comes into Ben’s voice. Now you’re finding your way home through a haze of women and booze-- BEN You never objected to the women when some were falling off into your lap. the access. It’s finished. . Ben sees the MAITRE-D. BEN Jason. Ben. 2008 63. Salmon revisions .Oct. I know all that because she’s a mother from Scotty’s class. BEN C’mon. 31.

34 CONTINUED: (4) 34 MAITRE-D About your house account.. 2008 63A.. . 31. Salmon revisions .Oct.

or are you just cautious? BEN I seem cautious to you? CAROL Not the first word I’d use.. CAROL Baby Aspirin. 2008 64. Next to him. perhaps some undergarments.. takes one.. . 31. and walks toward the door of the restaurant. pushing his chair into the table harder than necessary. then reaches into his pocket. huh? Have you had an incident.EARLY MORNING A35 Track through the living room. HELLER I really do wish you all the best. His movements wake Carol. 35 INT. BEN’S APARTMENT . Carol Salomonde.. Least he can fucking do. BEN He’ll pay it. Track into. Ben reaches to his bottle of children’s aspirin. Because what does that cost you? Ben stands. the Lady In Tan Pants still sleeps. 34 CONTINUED: (5) 34 Ben hands the check across the table to Heller. She watches him recap the bottle. He slowly opens his eyes. CUT TO: A35 INT. Heller hesitates for a moment. SEE a woman’s blouse.Oct.EARLY MORNING 35 Light comes in around the edges of Ben’s blackout shades. BEN Sure. Salmon revisions . BEN’S BEDROOM .

Salmon revisions . . Guy saw something on an EKG once.Oct. Wanted to run some tests. 2008 64A. 31. 35 CONTINUED: 35 BEN I don’t actually know for sure. CAROL What did they see? BEN Never went for ‘em.

mostly playfully. thank God for all involved. BEN What do I want to know for? I just want do the things I want to do. But most people only say this shit to themselves. This time a bit less playfully. Salmon revisions . How did I end up here with the grandfather of my son’s friend? BEN Because you’re in your late thirties. I let it fly. She slaps him. and only the things I want to do. Whatever it is going to be.. CAROL And you think that’s a good thing? BEN What I think is: conversation’s not our long suit. CAROL You seem to have infected me with a little of that spirit. 35 CONTINUED: (2) 35 CAROL I couldn’t live like that. Carol. until it happens.. 2008 65. 31. CAROL Fine with me. And if you were my husband-- BEN Well. Let’s just get dressed. CAROL Who talks like that? BEN Everyone. She begins getting out of the bed .Oct. Shit. In your twenties you’d have held out for a dissatisfied father of your son’s friend. She slaps at him again.

BEN The one in the drawer on your side. BEN Fuck. Salmon revisions . 2008 66. BEN Good. As she’s going to the drawer. I don’t have to get the kids until two. What time is it? CAROL Early. CAROL Isn’t that the idea? BEN I was drunk. BEN Fuck. that’s the last thing I want. although it shouldn’t need to be voiced. so it wouldn’t wake us up when the alarm went off. CAROL Don’t worry. So I have three hours. I threw it in there last night. 35 CONTINUED: (3) 35 BEN And. CAROL Yeah. BEN Hey. can you get a look at that clock? CAROL The clock. It’s eleven? CAROL Thirty.Oct. 31. CUT TO: . let’s not tell Susan about this. Ben scrambles out of bed.

” BEN And I’m sorry about that. But I’m here now! SCOTTY Yeah.. Ben. BEN So we’ll have our own after-party. you limbo right under it. SCOTTY You missed the party. 36 EXT. Speaks to Scotty. Ben ignores him. but the party’s over. You didn’t get to sing happy birthday. I had a last minute business meeting. A few MOTHERS and KIDS of Scotty’s age are saying goodbye to them. As Ben and Scotty separate.. 2008 67. PLANETARIUM . . 31. Ben pulls Scotty into a hug. Ben comes half-jogging up to them as the last of the Moms and Kids leave. You didn’t get any cake. SCOTTY We will? BEN Definitely. Gary can barely look at him. Captain Ben. BEN Happy Birthday. Susan shakes her head at Ben.DAY 36 Susan stands with Scotty as Gary loads presents into the trunk of a TAXI. “tell ya later.Oct. GARY Capital work there. Every time I lower the bar of expectations. Kiddo. Salmon revisions . And we’ll make it even better than this party. Gary bumps an eyebrow at Susan “Captain Ben?” Susan shrugs.

shouts out the window. And you better have a present and a cake with you too. Ben hands Scotty a knife and helps him cut the first piece. BEN Are you heading back to the apartment? Susan doesn’t respond. mom! Susan shuts the door.DAY 37 Ben. And the car drives off. Move the presents to the trunk. Susan speaks softly enough that Scotty can’t hear. leaving Ben standing there with his hands in his pockets. . As soon as Happy Birthday ends.Oct. He turns to head towards the subway. Susan. Salmon revisions . Gary enters the room at the sound of the singing and joins in for his son. Gary walks back out. GARY C’mon Scotty. CUT TO: 37 INT. let’s go. Susan grabs a HUGE BAG of gifts. 36 CONTINUED: 36 He turns to Susan. Scotty and Susan stand around a Carvel cake with nine candles in it. SUSAN’S KITCHEN . get yourself there. BEN We can squeeze. but her anger still comes through. 31. she looks to Gary. SUSAN If you want to come. Ben lights the candles and he and Susan begin to sing. in between Gary and her. puts it in the front seat of the taxi. 2008 68. SUSAN There’s no room in the cab. SCOTTY Can he come over? Please. Then she hustles Scotty into the back seat.

Salmon revisions - Oct. 31, 2008

We’re going to save that for after

But it’s my cake.

You already had cake today.

It’s his birthday. Let him have a
bite at least, so I can watch.

Ben cuts off a small bite for Scotty, puts it in his
grandson’s mouth. Scotty makes a big show of enjoying
himself. Susan can’t help letting a smile come.



Susan stands at the doorway watching Ben and Scotty. The
two of them sit right next to each other on the floor of
Scotty’s room, playing Madden on PS3.

This is the last quarter, guys.

We just started this game. No

How many have you already played?

This is the last game of the
regular season. But we’re only
playing three minute quarters so
we’ll be done really soon.

(with Scotty’s
Really soon.

Half-hour more and that’s it you
two. We have to go to your other
grandparent’s house.

Salmon revisions - Oct. 31, 2008

But I want to stay with Grandpa.
He said I could call him that in

Well, daddy’s parents are
expecting us, so we have to go.

Ben makes some moves with his controller.


Hey, no fair. I was talking to my

Snooze you lose young man.

And they are back to the game. Susan watches a moment
more then shuts the door.



Ben stands at the door. Susan helps him on with his

Bye, Scotty. See you this week.

Scotty gives him one more hug.

I’ll walk you to the elevator.



Susan and Ben stand by the elevator doors.

I’m glad we have a minute alone.
I need to ask you for another
small loan.

Salmon revisions - Oct. 31, 2008

You are out of your mind. Gary’s
right. You’ve actually lost it.


I’m not giving you more money.
Especially after today’s

The elevator comes. Ben lets it go without him.

You telling me Scotty didn’t have
a great time?

No. He has a better time with you
than anyone. That’s the problem.
He thinks you’re magic.

That’s how he should think of his

No. He should think of his
grandfather as consistent,

Consistent is boring. His other
grandparents are consistent and he
doesn’t even want to go to their

But when he needs them, he knows
that they’ll come running. And it
makes him feel safe.

That’s an illusion. You know
that. No one can really protect
anyone. You saw what happened to
me. All those so-called important
pals I had lined up over the years
went running for the hills--

I’m not going to go back and forth
with you about this.

And you know whose fault it really is? Mine. My alarm didn’t go off and-- SUSAN It’s not what you mean to do. Either be in his life or don’t. 40 CONTINUED: (2) 40 SUSAN (CONT'D) You missed his party. SUSAN It’s not fair for you to dart in and out at your own whim so he can’t even have fun at his own birthday party. that’s it. He had a long face on the whole time. I can’t put him in a position to get hurt. but has a warm. kept looking at the elevator every time it opened. NANCY’S APARTMENT . . If you let him down again. Just like I did when I was his age. But I won’t anymore.Oct. thinking that you were going to come walking out. Nancy hands Ben a glass of red wine. Antioxidants. 31. CUT TO: 41 INT. BEN What are you gonna do. cut me off from seeing my own grandson? You see the way he looks at me? I love that little boy. The elevator arrives. I let him have these hopes. Mom and I must’ve tried your cell six times-- BEN I didn’t mean to miss the party. Ben slowly gets in. sits across from him. Not when you can totally prevent it from happening. Salmon revisions . classic style. Susan pushes the elevator button and neither one says another word.NIGHT 41 The apartment is huge. 2008 72. It’s what you do. NANCY It’s good for the heart.

how much cash went from me to you-- NANCY Stop. The truth is: I can’t give you anymore checks. What I did. 2008 73. You didn’t even make me take you to court. Move forward. You’re not who you were. goes to the window and looks out over New York. 41 CONTINUED: 41 Ben moves the wine to the side. BEN What am I supposed to do? NANCY What people do.. BEN Important as the future health of my circulatory system is. BEN And.. it’s not at the top of my list at the moment.And I need to ask you to float me some cash. NANCY Hmm-hm. 31. Ben opens his palms. BEN Which is thoughtful considering-- NANCY --But I can’t support you-- BEN --How many meals I bought you over the years. What was I gonna do? Ben gets up. BEN You put in the years. You’re not one of those guys. Nancy takes it in. (MORE) . Nance. I’d never let you starve. wine in hand. NANCY Benny. Not for a while. Salmon revisions .Oct.

NANCY Couch still comfortable? BEN Most comfortable couch I’ve ever sat on. 41 CONTINUED: (2) 41 NANCY (CONT'D) I’m not either--never thought I’d sell real estate. Salmon revisions . Turns out I’m good at it. Ben gestures out the window. and I wanted everything to be the same for our reunion. Not even a cushion. NANCY That’s why I never sold it. 2008 74. Or a couch. I know you’d rather I joined a convent. Ben glances back at her. And I like my wine class and playing bridge with my friends on Wednesdays. Not a chair. BEN You made it pretty clear you weren’t when you shacked up with Mark. NANCY It lasted three months. NANCY Or did you think I was holding vigil that some day you’d return.. BEN I just find it interesting that you haven’t changed the furniture. And I like it.Oct. the orthodontist-- NANCY He’s a financial-- BEN He had the affect of an orthodontist. 31. BEN And you still have the best view in the city. ..

Ben almost speaks to it. Until you decided that nothing was working for you. 41 CONTINUED: (3) 41 NANCY Yeah. looks back over the city. That’s your move. but until you figure out how you actually got in this position. CUT TO: . You can blame anyone you want: me for having the audacity to get older each year. I don’t make it a habit to change what works.’s office for being politically motivated.Oct. Always have. You built your business yourself. NANCY You’ve never been the kind of person “things happen” to. Same with our marriage. His buzzer rings.A. He is unshaven. Salmon revisions . PACKING BOXES are scattered across the floor. Events took place. Almost unburdens. BEN I didn’t decide. your general managers for “engaging in practices” you didn’t know about. BEN'S APARTMENT . 31. in his bathrobe. you’ll never find your way out of it. CUT TO: 42 INT. the D. he just takes a sip of the wine. Things happened. destroyed it yourself. Instead. You make things happen. BEN Is that what you think? That it was working? NANCY For a long time. No answer from Ben for a long moment.DAY 42 Ben. sits on his couch. 2008 75.

DAY 43 Ben. sits on his couch. never call her. This apartment. He doesn't answer that one either. TODD Mr. He doesn't answer it. We recognize it as Susan’s before we see her. is much smaller than the old one. cut in the Kevin Smith mold. you’re three weeks late and it’s only your second month. Ben does not ask him in. BEN'S NEW APARTMENT . 31. in his bathrobe. never even return her calls. plenty of attitude. He considers his options then gets up. TODD Mr. Kalmen. BEN By tomorrow afternoon. 2008 76.Oct. His land line rings. Salmon revisions . When I let you move in here with questionable financials you convinced me I could trust you. a studio with a bed in the corner. SUSAN Carol Salomonde? You had to fuck a friend of mine. Standing at the door is TODD THE BUILDING MANAGER. (MORE) . BEN Todd. My own sense of honor won’t let me default on-- Ben is cut off by a VOICE coming from down the hall. watching television. And then a knock on his front door. His cell phone rings. someone I see at school everyday? Then mock her in the morning. TODD I need that check or I have to start removal proceedings. Kalmen. 43 INT. BEN You can.

SUSAN No. and when I get there to drop him off. BEN You expect me to be chaste? To never have sex again now that your mother and I are divorced. takes his time answering. Todd leaves. Dad. 31. 2008 77. that I’d pin her. TODD By tomorrow. I expect you not to fuck my friends. Or you’re gone. It’s about what I expect. Ben turns to Todd. that’s Carol’s son. Certified or cashier’s. SUSAN Scotty has a play date at Sean’s house. BEN What’d she expect. smirking. SUSAN It’s not about what she expects.Oct. she stops me at the door and tells me the story. Says her nanny is going to bring Sean to the next playdate because it’s too awkward otherwise. BEN Do you want to come inside. Salmon revisions . who does not make it more comfortable by leaving. BEN Do you think you could let us-- Todd. BEN Ho-ho-hold on-- By now Susan is standing at the door with Ben and Todd. Pumpkin?-- . enjoying it. 43 CONTINUED: 43 SUSAN (CONT'D) You had to put me in that position? You’re priceless. take her to the prom? Tell her to grow up.

Was she really your only option? Couldn’t you have just called a hooker if you needed it that bad? BEN I can’t afford to anymore. Then meets her eyes. SUSAN I’m still your child. Something. Maybe try medication. 2008 78. The good ones cost too much. BEN So what do you want me to do? SUSAN I want you to get help. BEN I still do. Ben lets this settle for a second.Oct. 31. . BEN No. See someone. Just until you get your balance back. SUSAN I liked that you’d treat me as your friend. A beat. BEN You’re not a kid anymore. And it’s time you realize you’re still my father. You know I’m not doing that. Salmon revisions . Susan does not laugh. SUSAN But now we’re both old enough to know you shouldn’t. BEN You used to love my stories. 43 CONTINUED: (2) 43 SUSAN No. It’s time to realize you can’t change your daddy.

did I? When you left mom. dad. 2008 79. when you blew up your franchises. SUSAN No.. the next you were slutting around Lexington Ave. I need you to leave me. 43 CONTINUED: (3) 43 SUSAN Do it for Scotty. And then you’ll just do whatever you want anyway. 31. nothing. it was worse for me. A long beat. What happened? Was it one thing? What hit the switch? Ben still won’t go there.Oct. when you used all of our money to keep from going to prison? One day you were someone I could rely on. BEN Bad as it may have been for you. And then one morning I turn on the news to see you in handcuffs. my friends. SUSAN But not sorry enough to do something about it.. If you really won’t help yourself. BEN I’m sorry to hear that. Because you’ll say whatever you think I need to hear. I don’t want you to tell me anything. BEN What do you want me to tell you? SUSAN Actually. For me. my family alone. Salmon revisions . SUSAN You’re really going to let us walk out of your life? . SUSAN Come on. I never complained about any of it. BEN Suze.

walks up the driveway to the front porch. CUT TO: 44 EXT.. gets out of the sedan.. Takes a beat. clearly just awakened. now cleaned up a bit. She turns and walks away. Ben steps lightly as he enters.Oct.. Looks through the pane of glass. On Ben. Susan hesitates for a moment.NIGHT 44 It’s late at night. If that’s the way you need to hear it. Salmon revisions . He steps aside and gestures Ben into the house.. Stay away from us. 31. Takes another beat. SUSAN Fine. Ben. A SEDAN rolls to a stop and parks in front of a. CUT TO: .. BEN Of course. Steps back as he hears footsteps. Door opens. 43 CONTINUED: (4) 43 BEN You’re making the choice. JIMMY’S STREET .S..NIGHT 45 Ben.) Yeah? BEN It’s Ben. Jimmy is in his robe. 45 EXT. Not me. JIMMY (O. No traffic on the tree-lined street. Knocks. I am making it. 2008 80. JIMMY Anne’s still sleeping so. Rings the bell. JIMMY’S HOUSE . He hesitates for a moment at the front door.

. Salmon revisions . BEN Of course. JIMMY Blankets are in the playroom. BEN Thanks.Oct. BEN Thanks. 46 INT. 31. Jimmy turns back.. Had to get out of the city. JIMMY I gotta serve breakfast in the morning.? JIMMY Really? . right? Ben takes a pull on his beer. JIMMY’S HOUSE .KITCHEN .. so. Didn’t even know where I wanted to go. JIMMY We’re friends.NIGHT 46 Jimmy takes two beers out of the fridge. Ben hesitates for a long moment. This isn’t easy. A beat. Jimmy. Ben nods and Jimmy begins walking down the hall toward his bedroom. Stopped here. I just put it in drive... hands one to Ben. At the deli. I know you weren’t expecting me. 2008 81. Use that couch. BEN How you fixed for help. Jimmy points to a room at the other end of the house. A Pillow too. BEN Hey.

sets the dial for him. And you’ve been married how long? JIMMY Twenty-four years this April. Before Jimmy walks away they both notice a KNOCKOUT come through the front door. BEN Uh huh. 31. 46 CONTINUED: 46 Ben shrugs. Friends. JIMMY I’ve needed someone since the kid quit last semester. 2008 82. BEN Jimmy. you’ve never had so much as a picnic with any of these girls? JIMMY I’m married to Anne. come help me set the thickness on this thing.DAY 47 Ben. fits a pound of Roast Beef into the meat slicer. . Ben turns on the machine. JIMMY I look for a second and then I go back to what I gotta do. BEN How the hell do you get your work done with all these distractions here. Jimmy comes over. Salmon revisions . wearing an apron. JAMES J. Besides-- BEN I know. BEN Hey. MARINO’S. CUT TO: 47 INT.Oct. thanks for the job. BEN And all that time.

pounds. BEN Yeah. BEN And nothing since then? JIMMY It’s not exactly like they’re begging me for it. 47 CONTINUED: 47 BEN Yeah I know. They’re looking to hook up with guys their own age. I'd dream about these girls all night. as they started coming back after they graduated. makes a sub as he talks. everything. Salmon revisions . But that was before I was married. They put on years.-- honest. and ordered the same food. and sat at the same tables. Ben takes the sliced roast beef out of the machine. slices it in half. None of ‘em. Micro and macro. tomato and the second piece of bread. But not once? Not once? JIMMY Four times. JIMMY Truth. BEN How could that offend me? Jimmy grabs a hero roll. puts it on a mayo’d piece of white bread. I saw: they don’t stay like this.Oct. 2008 83. or rich assholes. it wasn’t easy in the beginning. No offence. 31. to homecomings and ball games. JIMMY But then. Early eighties. I just said that. (MORE) . lines. JIMMY You want to know why it don’t bother me. They know what fifty-eight K a year gets ya. adds lettuce. First couple years after I took over for my dad. And I got one like that at home. These girls take economics.

I know her. the front door opens and Allyson enters with a group of GIRLFRIENDS. JIMMY Ah. But I can let it go. JIMMY No. I don’t know how I didn’t get up here sooner. Ben plates the roast been sandwich and walks it around the counter.Oct. gets up from her seat. I use it to mean something different sometimes. Some of these girls are real special. Ben. 31. Allyson. playing it as cool as she can in front of her new Friends. it’s all the same. Everywhere my eyes land I see soft targets. This is weird. just continues toward Ben. BEN And now you never look at these girls and want to fuck 'em. distracted. As he moves into the dining area. On his way back behind the counter though. I want to fuck all of them for a minute. Some for a month. I'll always know her. doesn’t answer. One of her ATTRACTIVE GIRLFRIENDS looks up. Al Allyson. It’s supposed to be young men who confuse the differences between young women-- BEN Yeah. 47 CONTINUED: (2) 47 JIMMY (CONT'D) And I can talk to her. they make eye contact. ALLYSON Ben. She does not see Ben at first. Ben tries to keep his back to her as he delivers the sandwich. ATTRACTIVE GIRLFRIEND I’ll order for you. BEN Not me. in the end. 2008 84. Salmon revisions . James. Shaw. and works her way to a table in the rear of the diner. .

Oct. A beat. 47 CONTINUED: (3) 47 BEN I didn’t chase you up here. Salmon revisions . . 31. 2008 84A.

SIDEWALK . BEN I needed to get out of the city. took it. ALLYSON This is really weird. I. BEN I’m not. Jimmy gave me a job. BEN Let’s go out front for a sec. ALLYSON You must be so mad at me. . 47 CONTINUED: (4) 47 ALLYSON I don't even know what to say. You had an opening. ALLYSON This is the best job you could get. BEN Your mother was very thorough in eradicating them. A few other tables are paying attention too. CUT TO: 48 EXT. That’s the reason I came up. actually. Salmon revisions . BEN It’s a job. 2008 85. MARINO'S . 31. Boxing glove can’t get mad at the fist. clean shot in on your mom. Light snow falls. Allyson takes this in...DAY 48 Ben and Allyson walk out of the restaurant. Now the Girls at Allyson’s table are watching the conversation.JAMES J. ALLYSON But you had to have other options. BEN Nothing you have to say. Got a hard.Oct.

then Allyson turns toward the restaurant. . Ben works the counter. Salmon revisions . Dinner crowd is thinning out. ALLYSON I didn't do it to get at her.Oct. and then Ben. MAUREEN. They stand for a moment longer. DISSOLVE TO: 49 INT. JAMES J. Cheston hands Ben the shirt that got messed up fighting over the frisbee.NIGHT 49 It’s another day. Allyson. There’s really nothing more to say. The two of them. I wanted to give this back to you. The front door opens and Cheston enters. Almost a smile from Ben. CHESTON De nada. 2008 86. BEN You even washed it. Kalmen. He’s with an attractive girl. Great to see you. I had heard you were here.. Just before she opens the door. 48 CONTINUED: 48 ALLYSON So you're alright. 31. in winter clothes lightly dusted with snow. CHESTON Mr. walks back inside... Thanks. take seats at the counter. BEN Me too. BEN It is what it is.. BEN Cheston. MARINO'S . Ben sees them. I did it because I wanted to.

young man. BEN And these are on the house. BEN Hi.. 49 CONTINUED: 49 This is obviously an inside joke to Maureen. having a party? Aren’t there classes the next day? CHESTON So I sleep late and miss a class. And the two of them laugh.Oct... CHESTON Dos. 31. 2008 87. What can I get you? MAUREEN Black and White shake. I told you I was a good student. Hey. Ben gestures with the metal mixing cups. BEN On its way. MAUREEN Dos. Cheston holds up two fingers. CHESTON Well. we’re having a little house party Thursday night. Ben likes it. Maureen.. MAUREEN De nada. Salmon revisions . You want to come by? BEN You. please. This is Maureen. She repeats it. BEN You seem to be doing just fine. CHESTON Thanks. Is that really such a big deal? .

Salmon revisions . 49 CONTINUED: (2) 49 BEN Not if you’re sleeping late with Maureen it’s not. 31.Oct. (MORE) . 2008 87A.

almost doesn’t answer. comfortable in the back of the limo. JIMMY’S STREET . walks home. He wears a long black woolen coat. JIMMY’S HOUSE . A50 EXT. together. 31. hands still in pockets. . which is parked outside of her home.NIGHT 50 Ben walking along the street outside James J. Ben turns on the blender. Ben watches it all as he walks. 2008 88. he finds it in the night before’s pants.PLAYROOM . CUT TO 50 EXT. but in small clusters. The snow has picked up now. STREET OUTSIDE JAMES J. B50 EXT. Buttons his shirt.Oct. INTERCUT WITH: 52 INT/EXT LONG STRETCH LIMOUSINE .SAME A50 Ben continues across the quad. Gracias por la invitacion.DAY 52 Jordan. BEN (INTO PHONE) Yeah. His cell phone rings. Not much laughter. Salmon revisions . CUT TO: 51 INT. talking and laughing. Marino's. MARINO'S . looks at the number.SAME B50 Ben.DAY 51 Ben finishes getting dressed. a figure somehow separate from all the students. 49 CONTINUED: (3) 49 BEN (CONT'D) I’d love to come to the party. CAMPUS . STUDENTS and LOCALS move along the street too.

I want her to remember it fondly. Salmon revisions .Oct. never tried to-- JORDAN You’re mistaking this for a conversation. BEN I’m at the school. Can’t we move past this-- JORDAN I have moved on. (MORE) . JORDAN You are to leave that campus tomorrow. BEN That would be fine. But I will. as you know. I will not have my daughter’s environment threatened. I got a job up here. BEN Well I’ve never approached her. BEN I’m sure he does. And a far reach. yes. he has a wide ranging group of contacts. BEN Did she complain to you? JORDAN That’s an irrelevant question. I don’t want to have to tell her father about everything that’s transpired. Benjamin. JORDAN It has been explained to me that you are on Allyson’s campus. This is her college experience. 31. 52 CONTINUED: 52 JORDAN I’m going to speak quickly and clearly so that we don’t misunderstand one another. And. 2008 89.

Tommorow. it certainly isn’t the only approach available to me. hear this. to any segment of the business world I might touch. But. you get going. 52 CONTINUED: (2) 52 JORDAN (CONT'D) The moment you put hands on my daughter you ceased to exist--to me. Ben. I believe I’ve shown remarkable restraint taking this approach. 31.Oct. Or this file moves from my desk to Allyson’s father’s. Salmon revisions . 2008 89A. In my ability to transcend the influence of a life form such as yours. I take a measure of pride in that actually. to the world we were both a part of. It was as if you never existed. .

Cheston’s ROOMMATES. a Bong. cigarettes. lean in close to one another on Cheston’s couch. BEN You were sneaking in some studying this afternoon weren’t you? CHESTON I still have to do well. Jordan leans back in her seat. Salmon revisions . Drinks..NIGHT 53 Belle and Sebastian’s Dear Catastrophe Waitress plays on an Ipod Hi-Fi set up on the lid of an old vinyl turntable. 52 CONTINUED: (3) 52 The phone goes silent. I told her I was crashing out after a morning wake and bake. CUT TO: 53 INT. Ben puts it back in his pocket. Ben. Cheston and Ben.. Ben realizes something. BEN .Oct. 31. JORDAN Take me to the Met. MAUREEN and a good sized group of other STUDENTS are hanging out talking over the music.. each with a bottle of beer in hand. 2008 90.. Ben makes eye contact with a TALL GIRL who has BLONDE STREAKS in her hair.So now I’m thinking that maybe Allyson wasn’t trying to get a rise out of her mother so much as she was trying to get my attention through her mother. CHESTON’S HOUSE . . At various points during the conversation. You see what I mean? CHESTON Trying to understand behavior through Jungian archetypes is a slippery slope.

.Oct. I just know there was a message being sent. But back to Allyson. Salmon revisions . 53 CONTINUED: 53 BEN Well played. Cheston closes his eyes for a moment. 2008 90A. 31. See.

young man.All around. Ben starts moving his head to the Belle and Sebastian. it was excellent getting invited into Eclectic House. nicely done. BEN . kid. BEN Nicely done.. Ben takes a moment. BEN Is this new? It’s great. like.. I was in ninth grade when it came out. Salmon revisions . I think. What is it? CHESTON Belle and Sebastian. 31. Scottish seven-piece.Oct. 53 CONTINUED: (2) 53 CHESTON Did you get. who is lounging across the room. being a Junior is nothing like being a Sophomore. I mean.. BEN Good though. CHESTON No. caught up in her or something. It’s old. 2008 91. . BEN I might have. scopes the whole scene Cheston’s working. CHESTON Yeah. Really old. And then he gestures toward Maureen. Some of it’s even true. CHESTON But your counsel to me was to remember that-- BEN I say a whole bunch of shit..

53 CONTINUED: (3) 53 BEN That’s for sure. 31. 2008 91A. But being a sophomore is better than being a senior. . Salmon revisions . Cause it’s all in front of you.Oct.

BEN Lumberjack. fuck what people think. eggs. right? TALL GIRL What? BEN That’s your Sunday morning breakfast. That’s way more thought than I put into it. gets up. Ben still keeps the time with his head. Robinson. or its opposite.Oct. The lumberjack special. Salmon revisions . Cakes. 2008 92. TALL GIRL Yeah. I loved the fact that you had the guts to just eat. And she always drove me nuts. and goes over to the Tall Girl with Blonde Streaks. See you at Marino’s. Ben tries to find his in. . 53 CONTINUED: (4) 53 Belle and Sebastian fades out and the IPOD shuffles to Hoodrat Friend by The Hold Steady. BEN I noticed the breakfast for two reasons. I just like pancakes. bacon. 31. Two two and two. BEN Uh huh. BEN And. you know. He downs his drink. No real sign of encouragement. right? TALL GIRL Wow. you’re gonna be you. Cool. TALL GIRL You’re the guy who works at Marino's I kept trying to figure out who you were. First because you’ve got the same hair Bancroft had in Mrs.

He thinks you’re some kind of arch Doctor Phil. it’s target specific. isn’t he? MAUREEN No. When I give advice.Oct. joins a couple of her Friends. BEN Cheston’s terrific. 31. 2008 93. . he’s superific. who try not to look over at Ben. warmly. Maureen is getting a refill too. Ben heads for the cooler to get another drink. Salmon revisions . BEN Doctor Phil? That guy’s a bozo likes to hear the sound of his own voice. Ben falls into a much more natural rhythm with her. 53 CONTINUED: (5) 53 She walks to the other side of the party. She laughs.

Oct.. Salmon revisions . He begins walking to a quiet corner. Or anything I saw. 53 CONTINUED: (6) 53 MAUREEN What advice did you give him. Ben really gets rolling now. Or anything that happened. BEN That’s not actually the question of the moment. Ben? Ben closes the distance between them a bit. 31. MAUREEN No? BEN The question of the moment is this: are you getting enough from the transaction? MAUREEN The transaction? .. I’d never tell him anything you said either. Maureen follows. exactly? He’s pretty closed mouthed about the specifics. 2008 94. MAUREEN What’s going to happen.. The preceding failure a memory.. BEN Well I never reveal confidences.I want you to know that too. BEN .

So instead.. Between the two of you. She grabs him by the shoulder. Sweet. I’ll just ask you to walk away. But I don’t want Cheston to know what you tried to do. but with fire. Funny. Cheston and I reach each other. how can he be getting it done for you where it matters? She leans in to him. He’s a million things that you aren’t. Ben. He turns to go. BEN Look. you can wear each other’s clothes. That’s what I get. BEN I do. tells me that you know it too. but.Cheston thinks you care about him. Ben. This has absolutely nothing to do with him. . Speaks as quietly as she can. actually. Since you asked.. that Spanish gimmick or whatever it is. which he does.Oct. 53 CONTINUED: (7) 53 BEN Yeah. MAUREEN Oh. BEN Hey. Besides ‘getting it done’ upstairs. MAUREEN I’m still standing here because I’m deciding whether to throw this drink in your face or not. study together. Look. He’d never find out. the very fact that you’re still standing in with me here. Smart. Never-- MAUREEN Aren’t you a little old for all this. He’s tender. nothing personal. MAUREEN That’s it. 2008 95. Something personal. you have jokes. 31. Salmon revisions ..

He walks past the Bench. Wake him up. Important things. Takes out his cell phone. He lingers. BEN This is important stuff. honey. THE QUAD/INT. I can teach him. 2008 96.. Jesus. do you know what time it is? BEN Late. What not to do. You can’t do this. I don’t want him to fuck it all up. I have things to tell him. Rules. SUSAN’S BEDROOM . You’re drunk. The one he stopped at before. drinks it down in a gulp. Ben hears the sound of the phone being passed across the bed.Oct.INTERCUT 54/A54 Ben careens across the quad. obviously starched. What to do. SUSAN Dad. I’m sure it’s late. GARY Hello. Salmon revisions . Runs his hand across the top of the bench. 31. Who else is going to? SUSAN No. And Ben heads for the door. It doesn’t last. On his way he grabs another beer. He’ll want to talk to me. 53 CONTINUED: (8) 53 BEN I was once. BEN I need to talk to him. I’m not gonna be around forever and when I’m gone who will he have to show him? ..six hours. GARY He’s been asleep for. BEN I want to speak to my grandson. 54/A54 EXT.

and takes a long look at the building which bears his name 55 EXT. gets out of the Lincoln and begins following him. I have to walk past this fucking bench three times every day. Five doors down from Jimmy’s place. To Scotty. Salmon revisions . BEN Okay. NASCARELLA. as still as he can considering his condition. He thinks you’re on a long trip where there are no phones. CUT TO: A55 EXT. But I’m hanging up. okay.. to someone. He doesn’t notice that. A man. I called past his bedtime. you know. talked from three in the afternoon until the sun came up again. SUSAN He won’t be available then either. I shouldn’t have. 54/A54 CONTINUED: 54/A54 SUSAN This is hard for me. Ben puts the phone back in his pocket. How can I be on this bench and not want to talk to her. I’ll call back in the morning. I try not to look at it. to you.LATER A55 Ben stands.Oct. 31. But I’m sitting here on the Bench. SUSAN I’m sorry-- BEN Tomorrow.. But I always do. Which you are. where I met your mother.NIGHT 55 Ben walks toward Jimmy’s house. KALMEN LIBRARY . dad. JIMMY’S NEIGHBORHOOD . We sat here. . Ben passes a parked LINCOLN TOWN CAR. 2008 97.

Salmon revisions . 55 CONTINUED: 55 Nascarella comes up behind Ben and PUNCHES him in the kidney. Ben goes straight down. Nascarella stands over him. . 2008 97A.Oct. 31.

Seems you’ve thrown the first punch before.Oct. Then I’m gonna do a few things. 31. Salmon revisions . NASCARELLA Second. As soon as you can. Nothing to do with me. 2008 98. breathing heavy. And the third thing I gotta tell you is: leave. Ben rolls over to a sitting position. NASCARELLA Good. BEN No. Plus I squared things with the campus officer when he was giving me a copy of a report he wrote up. I’ll leave first thing in the morning. you’re not being robbed. tries to get up on hands and feet. Just like tonight. . so you understand that you can forget going to the cops about this. You ignored it. NASCARELLA Not sure you’ll be able to get on your way that quickly. 55 CONTINUED: (2) 55 NASCARELLA I’m gonna tell you a few things. I had thirty years in and left with a gold shield. I’ll go. I run security for Allyson Karsch’s father. BEN The fuck do you want? I paid all my Vegas debts. my name is Nascarella. First. I’m giving you my particulars. AC too. Are you gonna ignore me? Ben meets Nascarella’s eyes. Ben. NASCARELLA Just stay there. I’m not. You were told once. NASCARELLA You mean that? Really? That’s a promise? BEN Yes.

Salmon revisions - Oct. 31, 2008
55 CONTINUED: (3) 55


You can get up now.

Ben gets himself to his feet. The moment he does,
Nascarella is on him. Even if he wasn’t drunk, Ben
couldn’t do much against the man.

Nascarella throws punches like a technician. He attacks
the ribs, stomach, kidneys and drops Ben back down to the
concrete with a shot to the face.

Don’t ignore me. No broad is
worth it.

Nascarella turns and walks back to his car.

Ben slowly tries to stand, can’t. He falls back again.

We gotta get you to a hospital.



Ben sits on the top step. He’s bent over, and has a
homemade ice-pack on his face.

Jimmy sits next to him.

No. No hospitals. Just want to
lie down.

Uh uh. I won’t let you close your
eyes until we get you checked out.

Ben forces himself to sit up straighter.

You won’t let me?

No. You could have internal shit
going on. Could’ve hit your head
on the ground. We need a doctor.

Salmon revisions - Oct. 31, 2008

We. We need one?


Jesus Christ are you just too
fucking good to be true. Why the
fuck do you care if I get looked
at or not. And don’t say, ‘we’re

But we are.

I hadn’t seen you in thirty-five *

Doesn’t change anything.

See, that’s where we’re different.
I never put much faith in that
whole racket.

The friendship racket?


You had more pals then you knew
what to do with when you were

Ben wobbles for a moment. Steadies himself with his arms. *

Look, there’s a place for friends.
Know where? In the midrange.
Because that's where everyone’s
comfortable. When you’re just
like them. Right in the middle.
But in the highest moments, the
lowest, you’re alone. When I was
on the cover of Forbes, I was
there by myself.

Salmon revisions - Oct. 31, 2008
56 CONTINUED: (2) 56
When I was on the cover of the
times business section in
handcuffs, I was by myself again.

. isn't it. BEN At the top. It was just me. Solitary? No companionship-- BEN Solitary wouldn't be a problem for me. smile at you. JIMMY I’m sorry to hear that. but they. Not even Ben can argue against that one. 56 CONTINUED: (3) 56 JIMMY That’s not-- BEN Please. I really am. No way she treated you like that. 31. And I was legit with her. BEN Nope. would kill you. literally kill you. Jimmy grabs him by the arm. JIMMY And where’s that left you? Don’t you see? BEN It’s fine. that's considered the worst. JIMMY I remember Nancy. Ben gets to his feet. Steadies himself. take a real peak in there? No. all of them. JIMMY But even in jail. leads him to the front door. Salmon revisions . Coughs. Ben. Winces.Oct. to take your place. 2008 101. It wouldn't be any different. A long beat. I left. And on my way to that court house--you think anyone wanted to know what was really going on in my head. When I couldn’t be anymore. Nancy was legit. Ben tries to take a deep breath. they pull at you.

BEN I just don’t know how to be like * you. BEN Damn. I think that guy might’ve busted my rib. Ben takes a step toward the door then BUCKLES.Oct. JIMMY For what it's worth. . Ben says nothing for a long moment. For now. Then. lies motionless. CUT TO: 57 INT. A little blood comes up with it. falls to a knee. Jimmy catches Ben just as he passes out. Wouldn’t even know where to start. I saved it and everything.NIGHT 57 Two nights later. Let’s get you inside. Ben STIRS and opens his eyes. taped around the chest. JIMMY You can start tomorrow. They stop moving. It doesn’t sound good. Jimmy turns to head in. dribbles out of the corner of his mouth. HOSPITAL ROOM . when you were on the cover of Forbes. hands in her lap. BEN You know something. 2008 102. felt like I was on the cover. After a moment. BEN I believe you. JIMMY Good. Salmon revisions . 31. Ben coughs once more. Ben. 56 CONTINUED: (4) 56 Ben puts a hand out to grab the railing. Susan sits in a bedside chair.

2008 102A.Oct. 57 CONTINUED: 57 BEN Susie. SUSAN Hi Dad. . Salmon revisions . I can understand myself now. BEN Hi. 31.

BEN’S HOSPITAL ROOM . You’re going to be okay. 2008 103. BEN How long can you stay? SUSAN For now. SUSAN Yeah. You rest. Forget about that now. .Oct. Ben sits on the edge of his hospital bed. Ben closes his eyes and Susan sits back in her chair. Had to keep it high so you wouldn’t move too much. BEN Thanks. BEN You came. BEN You’re gold. Salmon revisions . BEN I’m sorry about Carol Solomonde. I know I shouldn’t have-- SUSAN Shhh. DISSOLVE TO: 58 INT. gold. I’ll sit with you ‘til then. NURSE You’re healing quite nicely. Pumpkin. Rest. never letting go of Ben’s hand. 31. cause more internal damage. To see me. Ben puts his head back down. 57 CONTINUED: (2) 57 Ben struggles to lift his head from the pillow. I have to head back in the morning. SUSAN They lowered the dose of painkillers. Suze. She takes his hand in hers.MORNING 58 Susan is gone.

2008 104. NURSE It will be sore for some time still. BEN Disconnect it. Salmon revisions . 31. BEN I don’t remember. as I said. BEN Well. . 58 CONTINUED: 58 BEN Still hurts like a beast. Ben looks around the room. I’m leaving. NURSE That’s against doctor’s orders. Concentrating on your heart. BEN What kind of tests? How did they know who to speak to? NURSE You told them and signed consent forms when you came in. The doctors will be in after their rounds. NURSE You wouldn’t. BEN What kind of tests? NURSE They did a series. BEN Am I still connected to any of this? NURSE Just the IV.Oct. And I can’t drag that thing behind me. I know they want to discuss those results with you. please. The alcohol and shock to your system was pretty extreme. and while you were under sedation they ran a series of tests. They spoke to your doctor back in New York.

He knows I’m serious because I once didn’t talk to him for nine months. ALLYSON Yeah.Oct. ALLYSON I’ve been calling the hospital every morning. You have that ‘daddy thing. The caller ID reads “Mass General Hospital. BEN Only daughters have that kind of power. So I thought I’d wait here for you. They said no visitors except family.’ I remember. He won’t chance it. He sees Allyson waiting on the porch. Ben eases himself down into a chair.DAY 59 A taxi slows in front of Jimmy’s house. I hope you don’t mind. 58 CONTINUED: (2) 58 Ben gathers his energy and stands up. Ben gets out and struggles up the driveway. 31. BEN Right. JIMMY’S HOUSE . 2008 105. ALLYSON I told my dad if anything else happened to you. Salmon revisions . CUT TO: 59 EXT. And it’s almost enough to keep him around. And then today they said you left. ALLYSON Do you want me to come in for a while? . I wouldn’t ever talk to him again.” Ben hits ignore. BEN I hope your father doesn’t mind. Ben’s phone rings.

DAY 62 Ben rings the bell. PLAYROOM . BEN I treated you wrong. CUT TO: 60 INT. Caller ID: “Mass General Hospital.” Once again. Ben hands Cheston the bag. 59 CONTINUED: 59 BEN You know what. Ben opens his eyes to his cell phone ringing. CUT TO: 61 EXT. I think I need to rest. JIMMY’S FRONT PORCH . CUT TO: 62 EXT. She grabs him by the arm and guides him into the house. CHESTON’S HOUSE .MORNING 60 It’s morning. kid. Do me a favor though?. After a moment.MORNING 61 Ben exits the house. . CHESTON Ben. a purposeful expression on his face.Oct.. Cheston comes to the door. He has a department store bag in his hand. ALLYSON What’s that? BEN Help me up. 2008 106. Salmon revisions . he hits ignore. 31. ALLYSON You sure? BEN Yeah. I’m here to make it right.

but that’s who you are. But I never gave you back the one I borrowed. Ben smiles. CHESTON Thanks. Then Ben gets to it. She told me. She didn’t want to. Cheston looks inside the bag. BEN Yep. And rare.. 62 CONTINUED: 62 CHESTON Really. When you get a Good One. I forgot to tell you about the Good Ones. Salmon revisions .She said you were drunk. she might actually be a Good One. You gave me back my shirt. Ben nods. They’re different than all the others. And that’s wrong. that particular shirt is in a box in New York somewhere. 31. CHESTON This isn’t my shirt. CHESTON I figured that lesson out on my own. It was just sad. A beat. BEN It’s possible there have been other ways I treated you wrong.Oct.. . But I picked one out I thought would look good on you. that I shouldn’t be mad. you don’t want to fuck it up. BEN See. but I saw something was bothering her. BEN Well. CHESTON I know. 2008 107.

31. CUT TO: 63 INT. CHESTON Thanks for the shirt. And leave a sock on the door if you need some alone time afterwards. when we were kids. JIMMY That I remember. BEN You also forget about the time me and Nance intentionally ‘forgot’ to put the sock out. just so we could see your face when you walked in on us. You go take your wife out. you would. JIMMY I’m taking Anne to the North End for our regular Sunday dinner tonight. Daily Catch. 2008 108. Salmon revisions . You want to come with? BEN I think I’ve intruded enough in your home. mostly healed by now. 62 CONTINUED: (2) 62 BEN Yeah. I have to-- BEN Go ahead. I forgot about that. MARINO'S . JAMES J. JIMMY The sock. I was saying a small ass back then. Cheston nods at Ben. have a wonderful time. . Cheston. You had a puny little-- BEN Hey-- JIMMY Ass.Oct. goes back inside. That’s right. Hit those books. are closing up as the last customers leave. Because you’re a good one too.DAY 63 Ben. and Jimmy.

63 CONTINUED: 63 The men laugh with each other.SAME 66 She smiles at Ben.Oct. JAMES J. then continues walking. 65 EXT. remembering. go. Salmon revisions . Let me finish out. Do the dishes. She motions for him to come sit down. And Jimmy grabs his stuff and leaves. It’s fairly quiet. JIMMY You don’t have to make that offer twice. 2008 109.DAY 65 Ben makes his way across the quad. Jimmy throws some dishes into the washer. 31. although there is a twilight Frisbee golf game going on. QUAD . He does. MARINO'S . He sees.. When was the first time a doctor sent you for a heart scan? . He grabs his jacket. SITTING ON THEIR BENCH . Ben dries the last of the dishes. Suddenly. 66 NANCY. he stops. Ben watches the kids throw a few. walks out the front door and locks it. He’s really glad to see her. He returns it. The first signs of Spring are about. You have a great night.. BEN You know what. NANCY Let’s save ‘hi’ for a sec.DAY 64 Some time has passed. BEN Hi Nance. puts them away. No mixed feelings. DISSOLVE TO: 64 INT.

Silence from Nancy. BEN Hospital called you? NANCY They called Susan. but everything was building up anyway. 31. 66 CONTINUED: 66 Ben reacts. Salmon revisions . NANCY Invisible? . did you? BEN Nope. NANCY Uh huh. NANCY Building up how? BEN I was turning invisible.Oct. I can’t use that as an excuse. Now answer me. BEN Doctor Steinberg ordered that test about six years ago. 2008 110. BEN You have the results? NANCY I do. BEN Look. And you never went for the test. It was a factor. NANCY How long after that did you start cheating? BEN That day.

. NANCY It’s what happens. Because they knew who I was. I was right there next to the camera when you shot them. to see how much blockage there was. 31. When Steinberg thought he saw something on my EKG. Thirty years ago. and took the first young lady who said ‘yes’ to a suite at the Carlisle. I got nervous at first. Out of college. Nance. BEN Instead I went to some bar and grill on Lexington Ave. Salmon revisions . the room changed. BEN Hey. self-made. BEN Then you remember what I was like back then: A lion. But I can’t accept that it happened to me. NANCY Instead. You were my wife. Just ‘cause I showed up. 66 CONTINUED: (2) 66 BEN You couldn’t understand. had a couple to calm myself. we get old.Oct. But to everyone else: invisible. And that’s how people treated me. NANCY You were never invisible to me. TV commercials. BEN Doesn’t count. But it started to change the past ten or twelve years. I’d walk into a room and only the older crowd would notice. 2008 111. I walked out of his office with every intention of getting it checked out. Bennie. NANCY I remember. He told me to go get that heart scan. all of it. I accept that it’s biological. when I walked into a room. great shape...

BEN That was the first time I ever stepped out on you. I think so. It was over after that between us. I was at my shop in White Plains. BEN I figured you’d see it on my face. you wouldn’t even give me the chance to forgive you.Oct. BEN And then. But you didn’t. and I thought. NANCY What’d it do for you? BEN The truth--it did plenty. 66 CONTINUED: (3) 66 A beat.. NANCY And then. I did. 31. So I kept going. The only thing that had ever counted. BEN Would you have? NANCY I don’t know. Looking over the books. know straight away.? BEN And then I felt horrible. why am I ‘New York’s honest car dealer?’ (MORE) . Even if you didn’t know. Me and you. NANCY So you not only cheated. Salmon revisions . Nothing happened. not long after. NANCY Of course. 2008 112. I’d broken something. I knew we could never make it work again after that.

Salmon revisions . I was going to live. You know how it is at our age. so you wouldn’t have to pay the price. NANCY And the screwing around and the stealing. Benny. ‘it’s a good cancer.Oct. BEN I know that now.’ I decided I didn’t want to hear any of it. For years. BEN Worked for a while. 31. It’s gonna get you no matter how many nineteen year olds you talk into your bed. on my own terms. And I certainly wasn’t going to let them put me on a bunch of beta blockers and other crap to slow me down. Nobody seemed to notice. . to tell me the where. it all made you feel alive. I really do know. No one can. like you were cheating death. NANCY And the whole time you knew that your heart could blow at any second. level me out. ‘we got it early. 66 CONTINUED: (4) 66 BEN (CONT'D) And again. Why didn’t you go get the test to find out for sure? BEN I’m going to give some doctor that kind of power over me. right up until the fucking thing in my chest exploded. when and how? No way.’ Or. 2008 113.’ Or. NANCY Well you can’t cheat it. The best thing a doctor says is: ‘the survival rate is high. didn’t it.

31. But I don’t know if that guy still exists. Ben doesn’t open the email. Nancy takes an IPHONE from her bag. BEN Why would you give me that shot? NANCY For the same reason I chose you when we were here. No blockages. That’s why Steinberg ordered the test. NANCY All else being equal. you’re going to be around for years and years. You better figure out how you want to live them. Salmon revisions . You were smarter. Check your inbox. You worked harder. and what I came up with is: with the guy I met on this bench. Nods. No calcium deposits. 2008 114. Ben looks at his IPHONE. Since I have the information. you need the information. NANCY The EKG was inconclusive. NANCY The cardiologist at Mass General said you have the heart of a forty- year-old. If he doesn’t. You weren’t like everyone else. I just forwarded you the results. 66 CONTINUED: (5) 66 NANCY Well.. NANCY I thought a lot about how I want to live driving here.. I have to move on. (MORE) . BEN None? But the EKG. forwards an email. for good. The guy who gave me my daughter. Because I know this ride isn’t meant to be taken alone. I am going to share these results with you.Oct.

I was just as bad as all of them. Think about what you really want. gets into her car. 31. opens the email. Ben takes out his glasses. which is parked at the edge of the quad. They look at each other. BEN Understood. Happy to let you sleep on our couch while we figure it all out. NANCY Hey--that couch is all I’m offering for now. BEN I hurt you. Salmon revisions . And Susan. 66 CONTINUED: (6) 66 NANCY (CONT'D) You weren’t some rich kid full of shit and your father’s wing tip shoes. BEN But it was a lie. Read those results. NANCY I’m parked right over there. reads it and quickly puts his glasses back. Ben returns the warmth. And you were kind. 2008 115. And as you know. BEN I knew that’s why you kept it. NANCY Take a minute. I’m sorry.Oct. Happy to drive you back to New York if you’re ready. moved. Ben listens hard. . Nancy smiles. In the end. You just stopped believing you were different. She walks away. it’s a damn comfortable couch. NANCY No. Nancy stands.

. he stands. Back to the Girl. 31. Sees Nancy in her car. And then he notices. Ben looks back to Nancy. Looks back to Nancy. Leans forward to get up. Salmon revisions . His eyes follow her as she approaches the campus bookstore. We. Looks back to the Girl. 2008 116. after one more moment’s thought.Oct. 66 CONTINUED: (7) 66 He looks up. Smiles at her.. crossing right by him. CUT TO BLACK . a BEAUTIFUL YOUNG GIRL. And then.

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