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Creating a Transaction Variant

By Smita Singh

In this tutorial, we would discuss about creating a transaction variant for the transaction MM01.
Our transaction variant should default to a value for Industry sector and material type and should
not allow the end user to change those values (output only).

Go to transaction SHD0.

Enter the transaction code MM01. Now click on button CREATE.

Following information message would appear:

Click Enter to proceed.

Now the MM01 transaction would appear.

Following popup would appear: Now make the modifications as shown below: .Select the required Industry sector and Material Type and press ENTER.

Following screen would appear: . Following popup would appear: Click Enter to proceed.Click on “Exit and Save”.

Enter the name of the screen variant created earlier or use F4 help to select the value: . Now enter the transaction variant name and click on Change button as shown below: Now click on Insert Row.Save your entries and go back to the main screen.

Now click on Goto à Create Variant Transaction Enter the values as shown above. Click on Enter. The following SE93 transaction would appear: .

.The name of the Transaction Variant is automatically proposed. Now go to Transaction ZMM01 and check your transaction variant: You can observe that the field Industry sector and Material type default to the value we have given earlier and are output enabled only. Save your entries.