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Runs up to 7 Nights
C without Refilling



Virtually Silent



Low power consumption,
less than a 40w light bulb

Variable Spray Control for
large & small rooms

Automatic humidity
control, timer & shut off


Save money. No wicks or
filters to replace

Permanent filter for Negative ions for Cool or warm mist
white dust, mould & purified air & restful from one machine!
bacteria! sleep!

4 in) Weight: 3. push button controls. Med: 26.000. mould and bacteria. HF 707 Features and Benefits Variable spray mist control for use with Dual jets for broader spray mist coverage.7 kg (8.2 lbs) dry Warranty: 3 Years Parts and Labour Safety Certifications: CE. SILVER .6 gallon) refills with normal tap water Easy-set. easy-to-use.161. Rohs.8 m² BLACK (287 ft²). Large: 40 m² (430 ft²) Noise level: Low: 30dB(A). ceramic and nano- MY silver filter . level. 138W (Warm Mist) Water tank capacity: 6L (1. last – 3 Year Warranty. easy-to-clean.* Auto dimming display & tinted night light for Virtually silent operation ensures a quiet and C better sleep.1 fl oz) Room Coverage Area: Small: 6. Select either cold or warm spray mist. cETLus.000/cm³ (49.000/inch³) Dimensions (LxWxH): 23 x 22 x 34 cm (9.8 fl oz). CM Digital controls & ceramic transducer built to Save money with our permanent. bulb. Med: 200ml/hr (6. M Safely and automatically shuts off when it Consumes less power than a 40 watt light Y runs out of water. High: 300ml/hr (10. High: ≤35dB(A) Negative Ion Output: 3. Low water indicator notifies you when to Up to 60 hours of continuous operation (or 7 refill. Built-in Hygrostat sensor automatically Simple.7 m² (72 ft²).7 fl oz). one-touch timer regulates spray mist to desired humidity control for up to 12 hours of operation.6 US gallons) Mist Evaporation Rate: Low: 50ml/hr (1. Healthy negative Ions to purify the air while providing a restful sleep. medium or large rooms. CMY K PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Model: HF 707 Colour Available Power supply: 220~240V 50Hz (Europe).7 x 13. 110~120V 60Hz (USA & Canada) Energy Consumption: 38W (Cool Mist).0 x 8. nights) without refilling the tank. small.for control of white CY dust. Large capacity water tank (6L/1. restful sleep.

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