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State  Judicial  Nominating  Commission  


Date:     Monday,  January  24,  2011  through  Thursday,  January  27,  2011    

Where:   Supreme  Court  Courtroom,  Judicial  Branch  Building  

Time:   Commencing  at  9:00  a.m.  on  January  24th  and  at  8:30  a.m.  on  January  25th,  26th  
and  27th.      


Members  Present:    David  Wiggins,  Chair;  Steven  Brody;  David  Cochran;  Guy  Cook;  Coleen  
Denefe;  Jean  Dickson;  Joe  Fitzgibbons;  Dan  Holm;  Mary  Beth  Lawler;  Tim  Mikkelsen;  Steve  
Pace;    Margaret  Redenbaugh;  Amy Skogerson; Beth  Walker;  Madalin  Williams.  

Members  Absent:    None.        

The  meeting  was  called  to  order  by  Justice  David  Wiggins  at  9:00  a.m.  on  Monday,  January  24,  
2011.    The  purpose  of  the  meeting  was  to  conduct  public  interviews  of  the  sixty  applicants  to  fill  
three  vacancies  on  the  supreme  court  when  Chief  Justice  Marsha  Ternus,  Justice  Michael  Streit  
and  Justice  David  Baker  were  not  retained  in  office  at  the  November  2,  2010  general  election.    
Justice  Wiggins  made  brief  comments  describing  the  process  the  Commission  would  follow  
while  conducting  the  interviews.    Each  applicant  would  be  given  twenty  (20)  minutes,  and  each  
applicant  would  be  given  the  opportunity  to  make  an  opening  statement,  followed  by  questions  
from  members  of  the  Commission.    The  interviews  were  being  streamed  over  the  internet.      

The  interviews  commenced  at  9:10  a.m.    During  the  day,  the  following  applicants  were  
interviewed:    Inga  Bumbary-­‐Langston,  William  Talbot,  Patrick  Grady,  Don  McGuire,  Frank  
Tenuta,  Elisabeth  Reynoldson,  Samuel  Anderson,  James  Bruhn,  Marlon  Mormann,  Joel  Greer,    
David  Leitner,  Steven  Lawyer,  David  Hanson,  R.  Saffin  Parrish-­‐Sams,  Annette  Scieszinski,  Justin  
LaVan.    Following  the  final  interview,  the  Commission  recessed  for  the  day.  


Tuesday,  January  25,  2011  

The  Commission  reconvened  at  8:30  a.m.    All  members  of  the  Commission  were  present  for  the  
day.    Interviews  commenced  at  8:30  a.m.  and  the  following  applicants  were  interviewed:    
Douglas  Staskal,  Michael  Keller,  Allan  Richards,  Edward  Mansfield,  Gary  McKenrick,  James  Scott,  
Matthew  Noel,  Arthur  Gamble,  Angela  Onwauchi-­‐Willig,  Lawrence  Kudej,  Thomas  Duff,  Lorraine  
May,  Joseph  Barron,  Jeanie  Vaudt,  Iris  Post,  William  Serangeli,  John  Bernau,  L.  Craig  Nierman.    
Following  the  final  interview,  the  Commission  recessed  for  the  day.          

 Craig   Ament.      Following  the  final  interview.    All  members  of  the  Commission  were  present  for  the   day.  Mark  Cleve.  2011             .  and  the  following  applicants  were  interviewed:     George  Davison.m.  Gary  Kendell.Wednesday.  Matthew  Whitaker.   Richard  Vander  Mey.  James  Daane.  Bruce  Zager.  January  27.  Matthew  Dummermuth.  Boyd.m.  Robert  Blink.  and  the  following  applicants  were  interviewed:    Gayle   Vogel.  Thomas  Waterman.  Jerry  Foxhoven.  Bruce  Kempkes.    Interviews  commenced  at  8:30  a.  Secretary    Approved  by  the  Commission:      January  27.  the  Commission  adjourned  its  public   meeting.  January  26.    Following  the  final  interview.  ConGarry  Williams.  2011   The  Commission  reconvened  at  8:30  a.  Marti  Nerenstone.  Nathan  Callahan.  Andrew  Howie.m.  2011   The  Commission  reconvened  at  8:30  a.  the  Commission  recessed  for  the  day.  Michael   Mullins.             Thursday.  Stephen  Marso.  Suellen  Overton.  Timothy  Finn.  John  Gray.                     Submitted  by:    David  K.  and  Diane  Dornburg.  Peter  Hart.   Richard  Blane.    All  members  of  the  Commission  were  present  for  the   day.    Interviews  commenced  at  8:30  a.m.