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State  Judicial  Nominating  Commission  

Minutes  of  teleconference  meeting  

January  5,  2011  

Members  Present:    David  Wiggins,  Chair;  David  Cochran;  Guy  Cook;  Coleen  Denefe;  Jean  
Dickson;  Joe  Fitzgibbons;  Dan  Holm;  Mary  Beth  Lawler;  Tim  Mikkelsen;  Steve  Pace;    Margaret  
Redenbaugh;  Amy Skogerson; Beth  Walker.    

Members  Absent:    Steven  Brody;  Madalin  Williams.      


 For  technological  reasons  ĂŶĚƚŽĂĐĐŽŵŵŽĚĂƚĞƚŚĞ>ĞŐŝƐůĂƚƵƌĞ͛ƐŶĞĞĚĨŽƌĐŽŵŵŝƚƚĞĞƌŽŽŵ

space,  the  Commission  agreed  to  move  the  interviews  from  the  State  Capitol  back  to  the  Judicial  Branch  
Building.    The  interviews  will  be  held  in  the  supreme  court  courtroom  on  the  4th  floor.    The  interviews  
will  be  open  to  the  public,  and  streamed  over  the  internet  if  possible.          
The  Commission  reaffirmed  the  decision  to  allow  for  20  minute  interviews.    Candidates  will  be  
advised  in  advance  they  may  make  an  opening  statement  if  they  wish,  not  to  exceed  10  minutes.          
The  Commission  continued  the  discussion  begun  at  the  November  29,  2010  meeting  about  
whether  to  submit  one  consolidated  list  of  9  names  to  the  Governor,  or  to  submit  three  separate  lists  of  
3  names  each.      The  Commission  voted  to  send  one  consolidated  list  of  9  names  to  the  Governor.        
The  Commission  discussed  its  voting  methodology  once  the  interviews  and  deliberations  are  
completed.    The  Commission  voted  to  use  a  non-­‐cumulative  voting  methodology.      
The Commission directed its Secretary to include the decisions made during the teleconference
in a press release to be issued once the deadline has passed for filing a letter of intent and applicant
summary resume.

Submitted by: David K. Boyd, Secretary

Approved by the Commission: January 27, 2011