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1.) Quizzes are due on Friday March 5, 2010 in my mailbox in the math
department. The math department closes at 5pm. All quizzes must be on
time. You can also turn in your quiz in class on the Tuesday or Thursday
prior to the due date.

2.) Each page must have no more than 1 problem on it. (Front & back of 1
piece of paper count as 2 pages.)

3.) No spiral bound fringes! If you use spiral bound notebooks, cut off the
fringes before handing the quiz in.

4.) All pages must be stapled together. (Folding over the corner or using paper
clips does not count as stapling.)

5.) You are expected to turn in solutions to all four problems. Each problem
is worth 5 points. If your score out of 20 pts is 2n, then you will receive n
points for each quiz. If your score out of 20 points is 2n + 1, then you will
receive n points for one quiz and n + 1 points on the other quiz.

If any of the above requirements is not followed, you will receive half


then every column of that matrix must have a pivot position.) Show that if the columns of a matrix are linearly independent.1. 2 .

) Show that if every column of a matrix is a pivot column.2. 3 . then the columns of that matrix must be linearly independent.

3. L c  necessarily linearly independent in R 8 ?  4 . Is the set  L a .) Suppose L : R 5 → R 8 is a 1-1 linear transformation and assume  a . L b . b. c  is a linearly independent   () () () set of vectors in R 5 .

{ } Let a . b. z} constitute a basis of R 5 . y.) We define a basis of R n to be any set of vectors in R n that is both linearly independent and spans R n . c be three linearly independent vectors in R 5 . z ∈ R 5 such that {a. b. Show that there exist vectors y.4. 5 . c.