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. In a book which Iwan just returned. but he love somebody else. It explaind Resolution that somebody else were referred by Iwan is her. so Yustita invite Iwan to be good friends till the end. Yustita found the reason why Iwan did not answer Elsa͛s letter.     The story begins when Lucy told Yustita that Elsa. Yutita found the letter from Iwan. But Yustita may not received Iwan͛s love because Elsa is her good friend. her friend in Orientation volleyball club. her classmate was falling in love with Iwan. It͛s because Iwan didn͛t love Elsa. The conflict arose when Elsa asked Yustita to give a private letter to Iwan. But Yustita don͛t believe it because Elsa is calm girl. But Iwan told Yustita that he had Complication no time to write the answer of the letter when he n return a book of Yustita in Yustita͛s house which he borrowed a few day before.

By: Yuliani Fitriana No. Absent: 35 English Lesson SMA Negeri 13 Jakarta .