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One night, down a dark shadowy street, walks Dr. Hannibal Lector,
With his leather medical bag, in his hand.
He happen, across a maiden, who he over powered and laid in,
A galvanized metal, garbage can.

He put the garbage can in his car and drove behind this bar,
Where there was an abandoned warehouse, that he owned.
Inside, he had a laboratory, where the rest of the story,
Has his victims, sliced up and boned.

Then, respectable, Dr. Hannibal, turns into a cannibal

And eats, the maiden's liver, with Mosel wine.
With an insatiable, frenzy, brought on by a chemical dependency,
Dr. Hannibal's personality changes, from time to time.

So is born a serial killer, for single women, nights turn into chillers
And a crazed lunatic, walks our streets.
If your a woman be careful tonight, make sure the lights on you are bright,
For I would hate for Hannibal the Cannibal and you to meet.

Author: Timothy B. Thayer