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Introducing the “Ethernote”

A few weeks ago, I wrote about some ideas that I’ve had about changing the way that we
approached publishing. I talked about the importance of seeing content as fluid, and compared
the conversion process to metamorphosis.

Today I want to tell you a about a new invention I created based on my theories. I call it
the “Ethernote,” and it is intended to be the most basic building block of the publishing process.

The ethernote is a lot like a public release only longer and more informal. Ethernotes can
contain sections or chapters, graphics, or other different types of media. A single ethernote can
also stand alone, or be a part of a longer series.

Its so easy to write an ethernote that it is almost as simple as sending an email. Only, instead of
sending it out to an intended list of recipients like you would with email, you begin broadcasting
it out to a much wider audience. Let the Cloud distribute your message for you.

This is just the earliest stage of the “caterpillar to butterfly” process that I outlined in my previous
blog post.

Find out more by posting questions or comments below, or email me at

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