Conditions of France««

The conditions of France in the 1970s were not flourishing. They were harsh. People there had bad harvests. To top it of merchandise was taxed highly, plus there was the price of paying high taxes. This caused a lot of people to starve to death in the low classes. The people that inhabited France were all divided into a certain class. Also when ouis 15th lost the war it bankrupted France. The population kept increasing.

The estate system was made up of three estates. The 1st estate was made up of the clergy. They had special privileges of not paying taxes. The Roman Catholic Church clergy owned 10% of the land. The 2nd estate was made up of nobles. They also did not have to pay taxes. They owned 20% of the and. The 3rd estate was made up of Peasants and middleclass workers. They paid high taxes, for everyone. The Estate General««. The estate general was a meeting of representatives from all estates; to approve taxing the nobles. This meeting was held on May 5,1789 , in Versailles. Tennis Court Oath««.

The Estate System««.

. The door lead to a tennis curt. They promised to stay there until a new constitution had been made. . They broke down a door. The Fall of Bastille«««.The 3rd estate was locked out of a meeting.

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