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Venue: VSMMS – MALE WARD #12

Date and Time: JANUARY 28, 2011(FRIDAY) 8:00AM

Good morning everyone I am Romeo Balaba from the University of Bohol
College of Nursing Tagbilaran City. Today we are assigned to conduct the News
Sharing Therapy at the male ward. This is guided with the following objectives.

General Objective:

 The News Sharing Therapy is conducted such that, by the end of the
activity, the participants of this activity (patients) will be aware of the
latest news and be informed of the changing events of the world outside
their confinement.

Specific Objectives:
This News Sharing Therapy specifically aims that:
 The patients may be oriented to reality by introducing current events
happening in the international, national and local scene
 The patients’ knowledge base may be broadened
 The patients’ logical reasoning may be sharpened by the patients’
formulation of opinions after the news supplied to them
 The patients will be able to apply the knowledge that they gained from
this activity

We would like to request all nursing affiliates to please encourage your
clients especially those red coded clients and bring them at the male ground
for the activity. The news sharing therapy will immediately follow right after
the morning stretch.

Thank you and good morning.