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The Qualifications for the US Executive Office V3.

by Gerry Nance

1. We need to tighten up the vetting process of presidential and line of succession,

candidates to insure they are US Natural Born Citizens:
a. conceived of two lawfully married parents, and
i. the parents were legally married at the date and time of birth, and
ii. the candidate was born in the USA, and
b. the candidate is a legitimate child, not produced by
i. artificial insemination, or
ii. test-tube, or
iii. Petri dish, or
iv. surrogate mother, or
v. genetic-splicing, and
c. the candidate is not
i. a stepchild or
ii. adopted, and
d. the candidate is a direct-blood descendant of two US citizens who at the
date and time of birth were:
i. two US Citizens (per the Fourteenth Amendment), or
ii. two US Natural Born Citizens, or
iii. a US Citizen (per the Fourteenth Amendment), married to a US
Natural Born Citizen, and
e. the candidate is 35 years old, and
f. the candidate has lived in the USA for the last consecutive 14 years, prior
to January 1, of the election year.

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