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Initial Nurse Patient Interaction

Initial Nurse Patient Interaction

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Published by: Bryan Jay Carlo Paña on Jan 29, 2011
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NURSE OREINTATION PHASE  Maayong buntag sir!

Ako si Honey Monteras,est udyante sa North Valley College Foundation Inc. sa Kidapawan.Ak o ang imong student nurse gikan karon hangtod sa biyernes.


ANALYSIS  The nerve greets the patient to make him feel respected. The nurse uses giving recognition technique of communicati on. (Videbeck p. )  The client responded and recognizes the student nurse

DOCUMENTATION  The nurse begins to build trust with the client. It is the responsibility of the nurse to establish a therapeutic conversation that fosters trust and understandin g. (Videbeck p. )  Client indicates warm acceptance to the student nurse.(VideBeck p. )  It helps the client to articulate thoughts. (Vide-beck p. )  Plasing events in time and sequence. Helps the nurse and the client to see them in perspective (Videbeck p. )

Initial Nurse Patient Interaction

 Maayong buntag sad!

 Unsa imong full name ug pila imong edad sir?  Danilo, ug 36 na akong edad.  Taga-asa ka sir? Pila kabuok imong anak?

 Taga Santo Thomas.

 The nurse determines if the client is oriented with his name and age  Establishing memory status

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