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a? igh frequency Electronics ballast will save power and will provide quick starting to device. a? {n heavy industries use OLTC (on load tap changing transformer) with servo voltage stabilizer to maintain proper voltage level. a? îelect appropriate lighting scheme as per illumination level required at the given location. a? {nstall Power Factor improvement devices like Capacitor banks and îynchronous condenser. a? A proper insulation will minimize the heat loss in continuous process plant. a? Arrange the awareness programs to create interest in people about Energy Management and need of Energy Management with its benefits. a? {mplementation of Periodic Energy audit schemes. a? To minimize switching losses avoid rapid switching of devices when it is not necessary.    a? Preventive maintenance of equipments. a? Optimum use of sunlight in day time will save lots of power consumed in domestic or industrial lighting. m? Example: One fully loaded equipment will consume less power than two partly loaded equipments. while Bulb will consume 15 watts on the alarm panel. a? Adoption of nonconventional energy technologies will reduce the overall maximum demand to the utility company. a? A typical Load curve will give information about Maximum Demand and Base Load. so load shedding will be very effective to reduce the Maximum Demand. a? ©se of energy efficient devices and machines instead of non-standardized equipments. a? Jun the Machines at full load to get maximum efficiency. a? Jeplace conventional lamps with the CFL and LED lights to reduce power Consumption. a? ©se soft starters for Electrical motors instead of DOL and îtar-Delta starters. m? Example: An LED will consume 1 watt only. .