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Thermal Management Handbook

Thermal Management Handbook

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Published by: Satya Sai Babu Yeleti on Jan 29, 2011
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The MAX6650 and MAX6651 are fan RPM controllers designed for use with 12V fans. In the
standard configuration, an n-channel FET drives the low side of the fan and the tachometer
signal from the fan drives the IC’s TACH input(s). Voltage feedback is taken from the FET’s
drain (the fan’s ground terminal).


When a 48V fan is used with the MAX6650 or MAX6651, a FET with a higher voltage rating
must be selected, and the voltage feedback from the drain and the tachometer signal from the
fan must be attenuated so that they do not exceed the IC’s maximum input voltage of 13.2V.
The circuit in Figure 55 shows how this is done. For more details, refer to Maxim application
note 3361, “Using the MAX6650 and MAX6651 Fan Speed Regulators with 24V and 48V

Figure 55. 48V, linear fan RPM controller. The feedback and tachometer signals are attenuated for
compatibility with the MAX6651’s input voltage tolerance.

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