Table 3.

Listing of the primary and secondary fuels from the United Nations Energy Statistics Database used in calculating CO2-emission estimates. The two-letter commodity code used by he United Nations for each fuel type is shown in parentheses.
Gas Fuels Primary gas fuels Natural gas (NG)

Secondary gas fuels Gasworks gas (GG) Coke-oven gas (OG) Refinery gas (RG)

Liquid Fuels Primary liquid fuels Crude petroleum (CR) Natural gas liquids (GL)

Secondary liquid fuels Aviation gasoline (AV)

Plant condensate (CD) Gas-diesel oils (DL) Feedstocks (FS) Jet fuel (JF) Kerosene (KR) Liquefied petroleum gas (LP) Motor gasoline (MO) Natural gasoline (NT) Residual fuel oils (RF) Secondary nonenergy liquid fuels Bitumen/asphalt (BT) Lubricants (LU) Naphthas (NP) Petroleum coke (PK) Other petroleum products (PP) Petroleum waxes (PW) White spirit/industrial spirit (WS)

Solid Fuels Primary solid fuels Coal

Secondary solid fuels Lignite (brown coal) briquettes (BB)

(CL) Lignite/brown coal (LB) Oil shale (OS) Peat (PT) Hard coal (patent fuel) briquettes (BC) Brown coal coke (BK) Peat briquettes (BP) Gas coke (GK) .

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