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By Regd.



Under the instructions from our client we issue the following
legal notice to you for your immediate compliance.

(1) Our client states that you have taken loan from our client and as such you
have given the below mentioned post dated cheque for The details of the
cheque are as follows:

(2) (a) Cheque no Dated on Draw on

(3) Our client further states that as per your request, our client presented the
above said cheque for collection through their bankers but due to surprise of our
client the above cheque was returned on with an
endorsement of in your account. Our client states that you have
purposely issued the above cheque with out having sufficient fund in your
account. You have cheated my client which is an illegal at liable to prosecute
under sec.138 Negotiable Instrument Act

(4) Therefore as instructed by our client I hereby call upon you to pay the
total cheque amount sum of being the value of the aforesaid
cheque within 15 days from the date of the receipt of this notice, failing which our
client will be constrained to mulcted with criminal proceedings against you under
sec.138 of Negotiable instruments Act and you will be liable for all cost and
consequences thereon.