General Specifications

Engine Type Displacement Bore X Stroke Compression Ratio Carburetor Lubrication System Ignition System Ignition Advance Crankshaft Rotation Cylinder Material Fuel Required Oil Coolant —Capacity —Level Clutch Type Transmission Shift Pattern (Bottom up) Gear Ratios —1st —2nd —3rd —4th —5th —6th Primary Ratio Final Ratio Overall Ratio (Top Gear) Wheelbase Seat Height Ground Clearance Dry Weight Fuel Tank Capacity Tire Size —Front —Rear Brake Type —Front —Rear Brake Size —Front —Rear Wheel Travel —Front —Rear 2-stroke, 1-cylinder, crankcase, reed valve, KIPS 124 cc 54.0 x 54.5 mm 9.8:1 (low speed) 8.2:1 (high speed) Keihin PWK36S (short body w/ Power Jet) Premix gasoline & oil Magneto CDI (rotor) Digital Counterclockwise from ignition (LH) side Aluminum alloy with Electrofusion bore Min 95 Research/90 Avg. Octane, Mixed 32:1 Gas:Oil 2-stroke racing oil 50% soft water /50% ethylene glycol base antifreeze 0.9 liter Level with radiator filler neck Year & Model Color VIN Range Engine No. Range Engine No. Location

Model Identification
'99 KX125-L1 Lime Green (7F) JKAKXRLC XA000001 — KX125KE000001— LH side, bottom of engine cases

Tuning Specifications
Spark Plug Ignition Timing NGK BR9EVX 10.0° @ 11,000 rpm

Fork Oil —Capacity Kayaba 01 615-623 cc

Wet, Multi-disc, Manual 6-speed, Constant mesh, Return shift 1-N-2-3-4-5-6 2.384 (31/13) 1.857 (26/14) 1.529 (26/17) 1.294 (22/17) 1.125 (27/24) 1.000 (25/25) 3.200 (64/20) 4.000 (48/12) 12.8


1,435 mm 945 mm 390 mm 191.7 lb 8.5 liter/2.2 gal. 80/100-21 100/90-19 Single Hydraulic disc Single Hydraulic disc 220 mm Effective Diameter 190 mm Effective Diameter 310 mm 330 mm

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