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I am declaring this Saturday and Sunday, January 29-30, as official “Help a Neighbor Weekend”
in Roselle Park.

With the record amount of snowfall we have experienced this winter, we as a community, are
pulling together to help each other out. On this weekend I ask that you consider doing a good
deed for a neighbor.

Take a little time to check in on your elderly and infirm neighbors. Bring them a bowl of
Chicken Soup to nourish their bodies, and make sure they are okay – it will nourish your soul.

Help clearing a sidewalk for someone who has been unable to do so themselves. You might get
two or three neighbors together, strike up a conversation, and have a good time doing it.

Remove snow from around a fire hydrant or a street corner by a crosswalk. The five minutes
spent doing so could save a life.

Get a work brigade together and clear out the cars remaining on the street, clear out a driveway
and pull the cars off the street. In the end, it could be the boost our DPW and help clear the
snow… We may have another snowfall heading our way, and the more cars we get off the
streets, the easier it is for the proper job to be done.

Come up with your own ideas to help each other. We are innovative – there are countless ideas
on how to help one another.

Most of all, talk to each other and be neighborly – that is what Roselle Park is all about!

Remember… Working together we can make Roselle Park all it can be!

-Mayor Joe Accardi