Q. What is SAP standard organisation structure?

Ans. SAP Standard organisation structure is based on client reQuirement it will change for example. Clent--->Operation Concern(Co-pa)--->Controlling area(1:N)---> Company Codes(1:N) Plant and Purchase organization,Sales Organization assing the the Company code as per client reQuirement. Q. What is the T Code for Uploading the Bulk Vendor master data ? Ans. one of the option is through LSMW,BDC Q. What do you mean by Goods Clearing ? What are the journal entries for Clearing of Goods ? Ans. Goods Clearing is related to Inventary Management. Whenever Goods received against purshage order throught MIGO T.code then GR/IR A/c Dr and Party A/c Cr. So Goods clearing account automatically clear.

Q. What do you mean by cost carrier ? Ans. It mean which is the real cost posting that is cost carrier for example whenever create the Internal order as a real order then when we use this real order to book the general entry for expences side real cost posted to internal order and static post the cost center. And also using cost carying object for distribution and assessment purpose. Q. In APP If we want to Create cheQues. One Standard variant name avaiable in SAP. What is Name? Ans. The Standard RFFOUS Q. Where we have to define VAT Registration Number?

Variant in APP is

intigration between fi-mm. In Vendor Master XK02 and FK02. Q. Secondary cost element create for internal purpose of controlling area. what is the impartence of secondary cost element in controling. This is for service provide to one cost . Vendors Account Cr. (AP) 4.Ans. GR/IR Account Dr. Vendors Account Dr. That is in Tax Information area. When good receipt in terms of GR/IR (Good Receipt and invioce Receipt) Inventory Account Dr. fi-sd Ans. That is in Tax Information area. In Vendor Master XK02 and FK02. PO creating NO FI Integartion 2. gentered the pick order 4. according to the Ranking it should pick the money from HDFC bank. if it is needed give reasons Ans. in Vendor Control. Q. To Sales Revenue Account 6. Bank Account Customer Account Q. revenue account determination and Integration FI-MM 1. thru PICKING. Ans. Sales Order creating NO FI Inegartion 2. fi-sd is in credit management. GR/IR Account Cr. 5. but if you reallocate the House bank to ICICI in APP then the cheQue gets generated through ICICI bank the system automatically picks according to the rank. Bank Account Cr. Integration FI-SD 1. account determination. MM good issue & create the good issue document and Accounting document create in FI Cost of Goods sold Dr. Normally. Inventroy Account Cr. in Vendor Control. Customer Account Dr. Check the avalibilty of Material co09 3. 3. SD send reQuest to MM for issue the material.

g.Maintain master records (details of customers) e. Q.code then it will updated customer master record in which level. General Data Segment-Details of Cusomters. what is the business process. Coffee. . The point of integration between FI-PP is Work centre. etc.g. General Data Segment-Details of Cusomters 2. Q. one can pass and billing entries.Document number ranges (FBN1) .Create Sundry debtors/ Accounts Receivable account in FS00 . Company Code Segment-Reconciliation. Sales Area Segment After this. Company Code Segment-Reconciliation 3.Define tolerance limit for customers . Coffee Amount to others cost center that thru secondary cost element. The transaction code for the same is WRC1. foreign customer) . what u configure in accounts reeivable module Ans. how dunning procedure will updated in Customer Master. You allocated the TEA. Expamle:In your office you make the CANTEEN is cost center.Create account group (e. domestic customer. Q.last dunning date. Canteen is provides the service to other cost centers like TEA. Ans. what is the intigration b/n fi-pp Ans. When dunning printout is completed throught f150 t. Sales Area Segment ---.center to others cost centers. Q. recevie amount and settle accounts of the customers. we configure the following: . Account Receivable (AR) Generaly is Customer Account We configure AR Three Type 1.another answer--In Account Receivable module.

Business process is a collection of related. When the method is applied to the inputs then certain outputs will be created.Ans. method and outputs. . Each business process has inputs. The inputs are a pre-reQuisite that must be in place before the method can be put into practice. A business process is a recipe for achieving a commercial result. structured activities--a chain of events--that produce a specific service or product for a particular customer or customers.

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