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HP Pavillion dv9000 , a boot problem workaround

HP Pavillion dv9000 , a boot problem workaround

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Published by Kevin Fillips
My solution to the HP Pavilion DV9000 booting problem.
My solution to the HP Pavilion DV9000 booting problem.

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Published by: Kevin Fillips on Jan 29, 2011
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@Ke7in HP Pavilion DV9000 boot problem fix #hack

My Hp laptop has a problem not wanting to boot. Through trial and error, I came up with a system that is very easy to replicate.

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when I turn it off, I hold the power button 5 seconnds let it sit 5 seconds press the power button at this point the power light in the lower left corner lights up, and hopefully you see the third light blink if it does not blink, I start over

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but once it does blink I hold down the |fn| key, (which is between the left |ctrl| key and the dedicated |ms win logo| key) holding that down, I also press, repeatedly, the |f8| key which is to brighten screen I repeat pressing the |f8| key until the third light blinks once within 10 seconds, the HP Bios screen starts and the boot process begun.

I know this sounds crazy, and a little like a Sony PS1 hack to play games from different regions, but it has worked for me without fail

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