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January 2011

January 2011

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Published by: George Couros on Jan 29, 2011
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Principal’s Message Another busy month with a great group of kids, and this year seems to be flying by.

We are at the halfway point and we have seen some amazing things from our students and school community. I am always grateful that I am a part of the Forest Green family. What a great school! We are glad to say “hello” and “welcome back” in the past couple of months to staff members. Shehnaz Wierenga has come back to Forest Green School and the staff and students could not be happier. Shehnaz‟s dedication to students is evident the minute you meet her and we missed her dearly. Welcome back Shehnaz! Linda Trippel has recently joined our staff and is teaching with our EYALT program. She does a fantastic job with the students and is a welcome addition to our staff. Great to have you with us Linda :) There are some fantastic opportunities that are coming up in the next few months that I wanted to notify our school community about. We are SO EXCITED to have the Family Dance returning this year and are even happier that the School Council will be sponsoring it this year so

January 2011 Newsletter

Forest Green School

it will be free for all of our families! Thanks to all of the volunteers who put in a ton of time to make this a great event for our school. The kids are very excited about the opportunity to dance all night long! The Family Dance will be held on March 18th! Make sure you plan to be there. We are also excited to welcome back 3rd Street Beat in May to work with our students on their “Hip-Hop” moves. The group will be working with the students the first week of May with a performance being held on Friday, May 6 at 1pm. We are looking forward to this day but we REALLY need parents to ensure that they park in appropriate spots as we have busses coming in during this time. Believe me, it is worth the walk to see this show! Thanks so much for the School Council sponsoring this event. The students have also earned this opportunity through funding from the Recycling Club. Thanks for a great first half of the year. Let‟s make the second half even better!

Sincerely, George Couros Principal, Forest Green School/Connections for Learning http://forestgreenschool.ca Email: gcouros@psd70.ab.ca


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KEY DATES FOR February February 1—School Council Meeting at Forest Green (3:30). February 10-11—Teachers will be attending their annual teacher convention (no school for students). February 14—Valentine‟s Day February 15, 16 & 17—Scholastic Book Fair—9:00 to 3:30pm February 21—Family Day Holiday (No School)

St. Patrick's (Day) Family Dance
YEAH! The family dance is just around the corner! Mark your calendar for Friday March 18th from 6:30-9:30. To make this dance a success I need some great volunteers and that is YOU! Give me a call or email me if you would like to be involved at 780-963-7017 or jeff020@telus.net Let's come together for some community spirit, fun and dancing and make this years family dance a huge success. It's time to dance!!

Forest Green School What HAPPENED at Forest Green! December—Congratulations to the students and staff that put on a WONDERFUL Christmas concert. Awesome work everyone! January—Basketball season begins! January—Ski club!! January 21—First broadcast of the ―Forest Green News‖ by the grade 6 students.
If you have questions about weather cancellations or route delays, schedules or any other bussing concern, check out the Parkland Transportation web site @ www.parklandtransport.ca/ 5210 - 45 Street Stony Plain, AB T7Z 1R5 Phone: 780-963-7366 Fax: 780-963-0341

School Fees School fees were due September 30, 2010. If you have not yet paid your school fees, please see Mrs. Buchaski to make arrangements as soon as possible.


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Forest Green School

We are bringing the RAINBOWS™ program to Forest Green through Alberta Parenting for the Future. The program was created to provide children with an opportunity for healing after a painful loss (of divorce, death and other family changes...). The children are taught skills that will enable them to cope with painful life changes and everyday issues in a positive manner. If you think your child would benefit from such a program please contact Mrs. Kari at 780-963-7366.

Grade 6 News
Grade six student will be heading to Camp YoWoChAs, February 7th– 9th. We will take part in a variety of outdoor skills and team building activities. D.A.R.E graduation will take place on Feb.22nd for our grade six students who successfully complete the program.

Book Fair!
The Scholastic Book Fair is scheduled for February 15th, 16th and 17th. The fair will be open from 9 to 3:30 on these days. Scholastic credits our library with a large percentage from the cost of the books at the sale. This is an excellent opportunity to add new titles to our collection. To help support the classroom libraries, a portion of the profit from the book fair will be available for each classroom teacher to select some books for their room. The busiest times are first recess and lunch recess. If anyone would be available to help during the fair, please call Mrs. Shmyr @780-963-7366.

COSC Workshop: Blogging and Learning Using Web 2.0

Technology and social media are everywhere. Children are connecting around the world at a young age, but are they doing this in an appropriate way? Educators around the world as well as here in Parkland are using social media as a way of connecting, collaborating, and creating projects that are relevant to students, while preparing them to be responsible and ethical digital citizens. In this presentation, George Couros, Principal of Forest Green School/CFL, with Lesley Cameron and Corre Mahan, will show how technology is evolving in schools to create enhanced learning environments. Through the use of social media, George will show how technology creates learning opportunities at both home and abroad and demonstrate how parents can take part in their child's education. This presentation will be held at Forest Green School on Tuesday, March 1, at 7pm. Come check it out!


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Student Learning and Assessment at Forest Green Report Cards: You noticed some changes with our November report cards, and the March report card will be similar: 1) the terms “Strengths” (not to be confused with excellence, but is an area where your child is progressing well), and “Goals” (an area in which your child needs more time, practice, and progress) 2) shorter paragraph comments for more clarity 3) no “grades” for Art, Music, French and Health 4) we hope to improve the “readability” with font, spacing, and more everyday vocabulary Blogs: You have probably seen our classroom blogs, where our teachers and students post many exciting projects and information about everyday class events and learning. If you haven‟t had a chance yet, check out www.forestgreenschool.ca and scroll down to find your child‟s classroom. These blogs are gradually replacing classroom newsletters, so let your child‟s teacher know if you still need a paper copy. E-portfolios: Our students are just getting going on their very own “blogfolios” (Grades 3-6) and digital collection, not web-based (Grades K-2). Staff are busy having students store some of their learning on their portfolios. This work can have two purposes: to showcase learning (a finished product), or to show growth over time (first draft products). We are excited about sharing this project with you in the coming months, and this is meant to be an on-going portfolio that will carry your child into their future grades. Student-Led Conferences in March: Our hope with all these changes is to have students take more ownership of their own learning, especially as they mature. By looking at their own strengths and by setting goals, research shows that children become even more engaged in their school lives. A student-led conference is exactly as it states: the child leads the conversation with parents and teachers at the table. Our staff will work diligently to help your child prepare for the interview, and the teacher will also have information to share. You will still book a 15 minute interview slot and will still meet in your child‟s classroom. Watch for more information in February. Student learning and assessment should go hand in hand. One rarely exists without the other. Learners are assessing their own skills every step of the way. Teachers can provide the instruction, guidance, and standards needed, but it is often the self-reflection that pushes a learner to move forward. Assessment should not be something “done” to a child, but be something done “with” a child. At Forest Green/CFL, it is around this concept that we are planning our learning and assessment.


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What our staff is learning Mrs. Cameron continued on with her Balanced Literacy training led by our own Mrs. Wandio.  Ms. Hobbins attended a grade 2 cohort meeting that focuses on sharing our independent literacy centers in Language Arts.  Mrs. Wandio, Mrs. Shmyr and Mrs. McEwan attended a session on learning to use a Children's Literature resource kit that has been designed to support FNMI student success by using literature to help promote cultural awareness, develop respect for diversity and build pride in the First Nations student. It has been designed with both Aboriginal and nonaboriginal students in mind.  Mr. Usiskin attended a ―Critical Thinking in Math‖ session offered by Parkland School Division.  Ms. Mahan, Mrs. Cameron, and Mr. Couros presented to Stony Creek parents on the power of learning through social media.  Mrs. Johnson continues to lead sessions in assessment and student led conferences with all Forest Green staff participating.

If My Dog Could Talk Forest Green is proud to support the new release of the children's book „If My Dog Could Talk‟ and is looking for your support! The 24 page personally photographed book features the real life story of a Forest Green student and life with her Autism Service Dog, with important resource information in „About Service Dogs‟ and „Our Life with Autism‟. With your support, we can make a difference to educate and empower students, their families and communities both locally and abroad. $3.00 per book sold at the school will be donated back to Forest Green towards the enhancement and development of library initiatives. Stop by the library to pick up you copy today! ($12.99 / book - cheques payable to A. Ainsworth)


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Forest Green School Blogs
Forest Green Main Blog —http://forestgreenschool.ca Connections for Learning—http://cfl.forestgreenschool.ca Forest Green Kindergarten News—http:// kindergarten.forestgreenschool.ca/ French—http://french.forestgreenschool.ca Grade 1 News—http://grade1.forestgreenschool.ca Grade 2 Miss Heward—http://grade2a.forestgreenschool.ca Grade 2 Ms. Hobbins - http://grade2b.forestgreenschool.ca Grade 3 News! - http://grade3.forestgreenschool.ca Grade 3/4 News—http://grade34.forestgreenschool.ca Grade 4 News—http://grade4.forestgreenschool.ca Grade 5 News—http://grade5.forestgreenschool.ca Grade 6 News—http://grade6.forestgreenschool.ca Music—http://music.forestgreenschool.ca SNAP Program—http://snap.forestgreenschool.ca The EYALT Programhttp://eyalt.forestgreenschool.ca Buzz About Books—http://bwandio.forestgreenschool.ca

What’s Happening @ Stony Plain Library This Month
What’s a Pirate’s favourite subject in school? ARRRRRRRRR-T!!! Join us at Stony Plain Library for an afternoon full of Pirate Mayhem on Friday Feb 11 th from 1:00pm-3:00pm during Teacher’s Convention. Check out our webpage at www.stonyplainlibrary.org for more information.


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