JAVIER My name is Javier, I work for myself as a courier, For Americans from up north, I get for them, contraban

! In Me"ico #ity, if your poor, you have no voice, but a choice, For your family, you make money, how ever you can! In $!%, working in fiel s, my family, I coul give many meals, &ut if I'm caught, I'm sent back, so what oes it matter! I'm (ust trying to live an my family I (ust want to give, An put on their table, milk, brea an butter! &ut I'm (ust one of millions, it might as well be a billions, I (ust want to get up in the morning an provi e for my family in any way! I on't call it steeling, or criminal actions, I'm not ealing, Just trying to keep my family alive, ay by ay! %o this is my life, in Me"ico #ity an believe me, it's anything, but pretty, I (ust thank the )or , we all are alive! *hen I can be sure we won't be foun , I'll leave this +o forsaken groun , An go to the $!%! bor erian an cross over to the other si e! Author, -imothy &! -hayer ./01201.//

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