What is the purpose of Housing Development Act?

To provide for the control & licensing of the business housing development in West Malaysia and related matters. What is the purpose of Housing Development Account? To regulate and control the monies transaction for housing development and to protect public from developer taking advantage of collected money. Description -Ensure all monies is deposited to the H D account (Sec 4) -Ensure purchasers loan is deposited to the H D Account (Sec 5) -All interest deposit to H D account (sec 6) -Ensure withdrawal of monies is in compliance with sec 7 & 8 of H D A -Ensure withdrawal of monies is in compliance to sec 9 HDA What is the role of the Ar under this regulations? -Ar.certifies for the withdrawal of monies from H D account -Ar certifies the amount to complete the work is deducted before developer withdraw surplus money -Ar certifies CMGD and support for withdrawal of surplus money What are the purposes for withdrawing monies from HD Account? •1. quit rent, taxes, assessment •2 stamp duty •3. legal fees •4 insurance •5. consultant fee, construction, earthwork, foundation, •6. soil Investigation, building,external work, infrastructure, relocation of squatter •7. Contribution fee: water, elec. Supply •8. government charges •9. Refund •10. financing incl. interest •11. Payment for the purchase of land •12. administrative (eg. marketing) Note : • item 1,2, 12 - payment made in favor of developer •all other items - in favor of recipient. What are the conditions for withdrawing surplus monies from HD Account? •Obtain CCC •Request by director and supported by the director of the housing development • Deduction of all cost as certified by architect to complete project • 10% Centrum amount to above for contingencies and inflation •All LAD claims have been settled How would you advise the client/ developer if they wish to withdraw all monies from HDA account or to close H D account? Developer can only w'draw all monies fr. HDA accont when: 1. housing development has been completed, 2. solicitor for developer certifying: • obligation of developer under SPA fulfill incl. Transfer of title, •Houses completed with CCC/ CFO

under any circumstance. • • • Clauses 4(2): The S & P Agreement states that a request for stage payment from the developer shall be supported by a certificate signed by the Vendor’s Architect. issue these certificates prematurely. . • • • • • • Key clauses which indirectly affect / involve the Architect.What are the architect’s duties while certifying stage payment for Schedule G project? • Key clauses which confer the Architect with the power to act and the Architect’s role and obligation. The Architect must note here that the application for the CF may involve the works undertaken by the other consultants and other contractors and proper coordination is necessary. The responsibility on the Architect is therefore heavy. It further states that every much certificate so signed shall be proof of the facts the works referred to have been completed. Great responsibility is placed on the Architect to discharge his professional duty by exercising fair judgment on whether the construction of the said building has been duly completed. This clause places responsibility on the Architect for the issuance of the certificate certifying completion of the said building. The clause also requires the Certificate of Fitness to be applied for which is done by the Architect as agent of the vendor. He must not. as his certificate is conclusive proof that the stage of work has been completed and the developer is entitled to collect his stage payment. Thus the Architect has to satisfy himself that the works have been completed before issuing the certificate for stage payment. Clause 21(1) of the S & P Agreement which specifies the Manner of Delivery of Vacant Possession also empowers the Architect to act. The Architect should also not prematurely apply for the CF without properly checking that all parties have completed their scope of works and that all the conditions of approval have been complied with.

As such. there may be cases of complication arising as to preparation of drawing and certificate of completion of the parcel according to the approved plan for the issuance of strata title. even the renovation work is done after the issuance of CF but before the issuance of strata title. The amount would be determined according to the provisional share units assigned to the said parcel by the Architect. The Architect has to take note that no changes or deviation are to be made without the consent in writing of the purchaser except as may be required by the appropriate authority. Also under Clause 9(b) of the Strata Title Act. Clause 25 on Defect Liability Period This clause prescribe the defect liability period of 24 months after the handling over of vacant possession. in a lot of instances. Clause 16 on Maintenance of Services This clause provides that the purchases are liable to pay for service prior to the establishment of the management corporation. The Architect has to be familiar with the provisions of this Act and periodically advise the Vendor when necessary of the obligation. The Architect shall while preparing the building contract. etc according to provisional share value assigned by the Architect. the Architect is responsible to assign the provisional share units according to the provisions of the Strata Title Act. What are the architect’s duties while certifying stage payment for schedule H/ non-housing project? • . allow a longer defects liability period to cover the Developer’s obligation under S & P Agreement. Clause on payment by purchasers on a fair and justifiable proportion of issuance premium and outgoings. However. Clause 13 on Materials and Workmanship To Conform to Description The building description is set out in the 4th Schedule and the plans approved by the authority are to be included in the agreement under the 2nd Schedule. The Architect is also to note that for sub-divided building. the defect liability period under the S & P Agreement differs from those stipulated under the building contract. the Architect is required to certify that the parcel was constructed in accordance with the approved plans. Clause 14 on Restriction Against Variation by Purchaser The Architect has to note that the Purchaser shall not carry out any variation to the building which would involve the amendment of building plans until the CF is issued.Clauses 11 on Separate Document of Title / Transfer of Title The Vendor is required to apply for the sub-division of the building to obtain the issue of a separate strata to the said parcel under the Strata Title Act 1985. the purchaser is entitled to a corresponding reduction in purchase price or damages. If changes or deviation involve the substitution or use of cheaper materials or omission of works.

Arkitek perlu mengesahkan petak dibina mengikut pelan-pelan yang telah diluluskan oleh pihak berkuasa seperti yang dinyatakan dibawah klausa 9(b) Akta Hakmilik Strata. dimana menyatakan pembeli tidak boleh buat pengubahan yang melibatkan pindaan kepada Pelan Bangunan yang dilulus tanpa mendapat izin bertulis daripada Penjual sehingga Perakuan Siap dan Pematuhan yang berkenaan telah dikeluarkan. electricity . Klausa 11 – Seperate strata title document dan transfer of title Penjual bertanggungjawab untuk memohon hakmilik strata. .Pematuhan Undang-Undang Bertulis Akitek Penjual hendaklah mematuhi peruntukkan-peruntukkan dan kehendak-kehendak undangundang bertulis yang sedang berkuatkuasa...Klausa 4 – Jadual Pembayaran Tiap-tiap notis yang disebut dalam Jadual Ketiga meminta bayaran hendaklah disokong oleh suatu perakuan yang ditandatangani oleh Arkitek mengesahkan bahagian kerja-kerja yang telah disapkan mengikut peringkat kerja yang ditetapkan. Klausa 20 – Insurans Pembeli hendaklah membayar sebahagian yang adil bersamaan dengan unit syer yang telah ditetapkan oleh arkitek penjual bagi menginsurankan bangunan tersebut terhadap kerugian dan kerosakan akibat kebakaran. pembeli hendaklah membayar kos sinking fund 10% dari bayaran kos penyelenggaraan. pembeli hendaklah membayar kos penyelenggaraan mengikut jumlah unit syer yang telah ditetapkan oleh Juru Ukur Berlesen yang dilantik oleh Pemaju untuk petak tersebut berdasarkan pelan yang disediakan oleh Arkitek. Klausa 14 – Restriction of variation by purchaser Arkitek perlu mengambil perhatian klausa 14(1). Akitek juga perlu menasihatkan penjual tiada perubahan bahan boleh dibuat tanpa izin bertulis daripada pembeli kerana ianya boleh mengakibatkan kepada potongan harga. gas and sanitary plumbing Make sure all the above Is ready for connection Klausa 23. Klausa 18 – Payment of maintenance service Selepasa pemilikan kosong petak diberikan. Arkitek hendaklah menasihatkan penjual untuk memberi penyelarasan harga seperti yang dinyatakan dalam klausa 12 (2) Klausa 13 – Material to comply to approve description Arkitek hendaklah memastikan petak tersebut dibina mengikut keperihalan yang dinyatakan dalam Jadual Keempat dan mengikut pelan-pelan yang diluluskan oleh PBT. Klausa 12 – Position and area of lot Jika kedudukkan dan keluasan petak berbeza dengan dokumen hakmilik tetap. Klausa 19 sinking fund Selepasa pemilikan kosong petak diberikan. Klausa 22 – Connection in relation to water.

. serta memperakui bahawa bangunan itu siap pembinaan mengikut pelan-pelan yang diluluskan dan mematuhi kehendak-kehendak Pihak Berkuasa. act and requitment and adapt to construction.. Klausa 29(3) – Tempoh Liabiliti Kecacatan Arkitek Penjual hendaklah selepas (8) bulan dan (24) bulan selepas tempoh liabiliti kecacatan memperakui bahawa kecacatan . Klausa 26(1) – Cara Penyerahan Pemilikan Kosong Arkitek Penjual perlu memastikan pemilikan kosong petak tersebut bersedia untuk penyambungan bekalan air dan elektrik.. Inform client Klausa 25.24 to consider all new rules.. Klausa 26(2) – Penyerahan milikan kosong disokong oleh Arkitek Penjual bahawa suatu perakuan siap dan pematuhan yang memperakui bahawa bangunan itu siap pembinaan mengikut pelan-pelan yang diluluskan dan layak diduduki. Ini adalah seperti yang dinyatakan dalam butiran 5(a) dan 5(b) Jadual Ketiga – jadual Pembayaran..Masa Untuk Penyerahan Pemilikan Kosong Akitek Penjual hendaklah menyelaraskan penyerahan pemilikan kosong bersama-sama dengan bangunan dan semua perkhidmatan dan kemudahan bersama. ..petak tersebut telah dibaiki dan diperbetulkan oleh Penjual.

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