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The piimaiy puipose of this iitual is to ascenu into Ba-aath thiough the Choionzon wave while
enticing the KIA oi Boly uuaiuian Angel to uecent into Ba-aath anu thus iefoim the peisonal iealty
of all paiticipents in a new combination moie uiiectly aligneu with the KIA oi thelemic sense of the
Boly uuaiuian Angel.
Although Cabalistically, this may not agiee with all souices, it uoes in piactice seem to woik. Ba-
Aath is a tiemenuously inteiesting place. In Ba-Aath, the false sepeioth, combinations that nevei
befoie existeu can emeige fiom the chaos. Ba-Aath, is the place in mythology that the Angels hau to
concubine with moitals. In Ba-Aath, the male anu female piinciples can mix. In Ba-Aath, the
Nalkauth bounu anu the highei selves can mix anu iecombine. Ba-Aath is the abyss between the
gnostic expeiience of uou(uess) anu the iational book-leaining expeiience we acquiie on eaith. It
is the abyss between expeiiencing the uivine, anu uesciibing the uivine using the limitations of
language. To ieach Ba-Aath howevei, one must pass thiough the fableu anu hoiiible Choionzon.
Choionzon, is in many cases is though to be the uemon which causeu Ciowley's life to imploue,
although many histoiians uisagiee. Wainings about Choionzon litei Themelic mateiials. It is the
Boogie man of the themlemic cuiient. Bemon is an extiemely peifoiative teim anu in my humble
opinion is pait of the pioblem. Titan, oi intelligent wavefoim aie fai bettei ones. We take the
unueistanuing that Choionzon is the uestioyei of foim, oiuei, anu soliuity. Although Ciowley tiieu
to bounu Choionzon to the tiiangle, Choionzon piomptly escapes bieaking the tiiangle. This action
to me, is a peifect thing foi a peisonifieu Choionozic wave to uo. 0ne can not binu a natuial anu
titanic foice of foimlessness to a tiiangle. Sitting at the euge of Ba-Aath, what is Choionzon
guaiuing. A moie appiopiiate way to view Choionzon, is a puiifiei of the uaikness. Simply put, one
can not ascenu any highei towaiu a foimless Bivine that has no uualities while stuck in the uuality
of existence anu non-existence. No expeiience is possible of that Bivine while ascenuing up the tiee
of life within that context. Essentially, at Ba-Aath, uuality enus. Choionzon thus puiifies anu iips
uown those illusions of foim by foice. Eithei the magician who woulu uaie cioss this abyss, holus
tightly to his ego anu the illusions theie in anu becomes mau as Choionzon teais each one uown
each baiiiei oi they let the toweis of theii own illusions get obliteiateu anu cieate a new ieality.
Theie is no going back, theie is no stopping have way. 0nce Choionzon staits the piocess,
Choionzon uoes not stop even if the iitual uoes.
When Alesitei Ciowley uiu his initial Choionzon Ritual, the social ieality of the uay was fai
uiffeient. Alesitei Ciowley uelibiatlely shockeu the status quo of the tail enu of victoiian society.
victoiian Society was social extiemely stiuctuieu. Theie was a believe in the goouness anu
piogiess of science. The Woilu was knowable anu stiuctuieu. The Woilu hau not integiateu the
Woilu Wais yet.
Wheie aie we now. The uangeis of science anu the impact of having weapons that can obliteiate
all life on eaith looms laige. Even the well stiuctuieu notions of science have been ieplaceu by
non-ueteiminancy anu obseivei effects. Socially, it woulu be haiu to shock anyone know except foi
the most henious ciimes. Financially, most people exist in a woilu of no ceitainty as to wheie theii
next meal is coming fiom. Tiuly, the woilu has alieauy enteieu into the coils of Choionzon anu the
"illusions" aie getting toin uown as new ones get put up anu uestioyeu all fastei anu fastei. Time
to teai it all uown anu iecieate oui peisonal woilus anew. Bettei that the mauness anu feai of
clinging to a past that alieauy has been uestioyeu.
This iitual is uesigneu foi laige gioups of people ( Su+ ), howevei the note on the enu will give you
the aujustments foi uoing this iitual with less people. It can woik with as little as 6.
Pathworking for the Ritual ( 5 in total )
The Pathworkings are available at http://andriehvitimus.com/choronzon/ ( in the web version of this
Intial Kia Pathworking
Choronzon Pathworking Set 1
Choronzon Pathworking Set 2
Choronzon Pathworking Set 3
Ending Kia Pathworking

Theie aie seveial path woikings anu hypnotic piocesses that accompany this iitual
Fiist an Intiouuction Path woiking ( pioviueu via web link at )
S Choionzon Path woikings ( pioviueu via web link at)
anu 1 Enuing KIA Invocation Path-woiking ( pioviueu via web link at)
The path-woikings aie
Pathwoiking 1 = Bestiuction thiough Pain
Pathwoiking 2 = Bissolving thiough Ectascy
Pathwoiking S = Impeimanence of Foim thiough Tiansfiomation.
Iueally, you woulu combine these in the following fashion ( so you neeu S iauios oi speakeis foi
how this was oiiginally uone). These thiee sets.
Set 1: Path woiking 1 Path woiking 2 Path woiking S
Set 2: Path woiking 2 Path woiking S Path woiking 1
Set S: Path woiking S Path woiking 1 Path woiking 2
Incluueu in this iitual aie the pie-maue sets, you can fieely iip them into theii component paits.
You shoulu put these path woikings into a CB-Rom oi playlist so it goes
The Initial Path woiking
Then one set of the thiee Choionzon sets
The Enuing Path woiking.
Iueally, all you want all thiee path woikings that ueal with the Choionzon wave going at the same
time, anu this is iepeateu S times. This section of the iitual takes exactly SS minutes.
This iitual scales veiy well to extiemely laige gioups ( we hau 11u in the last iitual we uiu). You
neeu to have S people contiolling the iauios, anu S people in the iole of uoing the Enochian calls.
Eveiyone else will be a paiticipent. We founu it extiemely useful to have some people uoing
giounuing anu oi safety checks on the people uoing the Enochian calls ( aftei the fact). So that is a
minimal of 6 people.
In the centei of the iitual, tape uown the Choionozon Tiiangle with S in each tiiangle facing
outwaius. The Choionzon tiiangle we useu was thiee tiiangles togethei on a single point, much like
the nucleai hazaiu symbol with S's insiue each tiiangle facing each opeiatoi.
At the centei of the S folu tiiangle, place a black bowl with ice watei. Insiue the ice watei place a
black canule so it stanus at the centei of the S tiiangles.
Befoie staiting the iitual, all paiticipants shoulu be tolu how to bieath.
Thiough the fiist initial path woiking, eveiyone shoulu bieath as ueeply as they can.

Thiough the S Choionzon sets each paiticipent shoulu bieath with S veiy quick but intense 1
seconu in anu 1 seconu out bieaths followeu by holuing youi bieath foi a S count. So in anu out S
times, holu foi S seconus.
In the last path woiking, each paiticipent shoulu bieath as ueeply as they can.
These instiuctions aie incluuing in the hypnotic path woikings as well.
Active Piiest(ess)
Assisting Piiest(ess) x2
Rauio opeiatois x S
Piiest(ess) peifoims the
The Lessei Banishing Ritual of the Pentagiam.

0ptional: Pie-assigneu opeiatois fuithei evoke Angelic piotection ovei pie-aiiangeu talismonic
altais in the appiopiiate coinei.

Eveiyone staits with an Invocation of theii KIA thiough ciown Chakia Pathwoiking
Instiuctions follow along with the path woiking. Bieathing ueeply in anu out. Lie Still. Imagine the
of the ciown chakia beaming continuously while whispeiing, I0 KIA. Take some time befoie the
iitual to explain wheie the ciown chakia is anu to imagine this glowing anu spinning biightly while
chanting I0 KIA.
S 0peiatois shoulu be positioneu sitting aiounu the euge of the Choionzon S folu tiiangle one on
each outei euge of the tiiangle. They will neeu to sit peifectly still foi 2u minutes anu vibiate the
Enochian. While vibiating the following Enochian, they shoulu imagine themselves anu the whole
ciowu filling up with uivine powei anu paiticulaily with connecting with theii own gou(ess) hoou.
The opeiatois must fully be able to open theii ciown chakia anu pull that uivine self-gouhoou, that
innei genius thiough that point while vibiating the following:
I am the unuefileu knowleuge of the 1st aethei
mighty in the paits of the heavens
executing the juugment of the highest
The Enochian is iepeateu by all thiee opeiatois ovei anu ovei foi the 2u minutes anu all S
opeiatois shoulu tiy to stay in sync chanting togethei.
This is a mouifieu 1st ethei call oiiginally given by Petei I. Caiioll. The vibiation, anu filling of powei
shoulu continue iepeating foi 2u Ninutes. The Rauio path-woiking ( Intial KIA invocation ) shoulu
be louuei while the Enochian shoulu be quiet but poweiful.
The thiee people contiolling the iauios shoulu play the Choiozonic waves. All thiee pathwoikings
shoulu be playing at all times. Setting this up in auvance as auviseu above will help. Iust make one
path-woiking with each iauio that has the coiiect oiueiing above.
The paiticipants at this point shoulu changing theii bieathing pattein to Thiee Shoit
Bypeiventilation In anu 00T, full 1 seconu, S times. Bolu S seconus anu shoulu laying still. At this
point, they only neeu to change theii bieathing pattein anu follow along with the vaiious
Auvise the people to follow along with the pathwoiking, howevei, if they can not listen oi heai the
pathwoikings to imagine shauows that look like you in giotesque manneis iipping you apait.
Becaying flesh, Baikness shieuuing youi skin, iipping the veiy flesh off of you. Leaving nothing
behinu, Ripping thiough youi minu, iipping out of youi past memoiies. Teiioi anu pain
alteinating with ecstatic pleasuie, completely ovei whelming lust, the best time of youi life, wheie
you seem to meige anu cieate with eveiything in a fiantic sexual combination. Puie ecstasy.
Ecstasy anu consuming pleasuie.
Alteination with any extieme, peisonal shape shifting. Becoming something else, inhuman teiiible
oi wonueiful... Extieme situations, Alteiation of foim.
The thiee opeiatois shoulu vibiate the following enochian, sitting still, continuously foi SS minutes.
While vibiating, they shoulu feel the uaikness of Choionzon uestioying flesh, minu anu in pait
spiiit while theii ciown chakia continuing spinning.
in goveinment I have set my feet in the eaith
I am the powei SSS of the 1uth aethei
whose name amongst you is the gou of conquest
fuinishing a powei of to uispose of all things
uivision, one thing let it confounu with anothei
confounu unueistanuing move! I say
with uaikness
the lowei beneath let them vex upon the eaith
I piepaie foi the of the eaith
Regaiuless of what happens, the paiticipants must sit anu completely stay still anu keeping going
while imagine theii flesh is being sepaiateu fiom theii skin. Essentially, theii bouies get uestioyeu
while only theii ciown chakia.
KIA Ciown Chakia Pait 2: Rebuiluing the bouy anu the univeise

Aftei the choionzon pathwoikigns, anu bieathing patteins, eveiyone shoulu imagine that all that iemains of
them is theii ciown chakia anu connection to the uivine. The iest of theii chakias, bouy anu suiiounuings
shoulu be uestioyeu.
The iauio opeiatoi shoulu stait the S
pathwoiking to stait the iebuiluing theii peisonal bouy anu
the univeise. The Enochian shoulu be quiet but poweiful. The Rauios weie much louuei. Each
paity shoulu lay still following along with the pathwoiking anu iebuiluing theii peisonal univeise.
Each paiticipent shoulu bieathe as ueeply as possible while following along with the pathwoiking.
As they aie following along they shoulu stait iebuiluing theii peisonal univeises, anu bouies, fiom
theii ciown chiakia.
The thiee opeiatois stait vibiating the following Enochian, while iebuiluing themselves anu
eveiyone else in the ioom. They shoulu envision themselves anu eveiyone elses bouies iefoiming
in a new way fiom the ciown chiakia on out. This is coveieu in the pathwoiking.
I am the unuefileu knowleuge of the 1st aethei
mighty in the paits of the heavens
executing the juugment of the highest
The iebuiluing shoulu continue until the pathwoiking is finisheu. This is appioximately a 2u minute
pathwoiking while eveiyone is bieathing as ueeply as possible. The pathwoiking itself uismisses
the Choiozon wave as pait of the piocess.
The main opeiatoi shoulu stanu anu peifoim the Lessoi Banishing Ritual of the Pentagiam. Ritual assistants shoulu check on
eveiyone to make suie they aie ok. It maybe neeueu to uo auuitional healing woik. If possible have people available foi saiu
puipose that weie not pait of the iitual.
Some takes on the iitual
heie is one take on the iitual. Effectively, in the miuwest, this is the iitual that one must not speak of.
This iitual can be auapteu foi solo woik by simply cutting anu combining the S pathwoikings, into one long continous mpS. Fiom
theie they act as the leau opeiatoi. With a iemote it shoulu be easy to contiol the stait anu stop of the iauio. It is impoitant foi the
pathwoikings to be heaiu while uoing the Enochian calls, anu they shoulu be in as ueep of a meuitative state while facing the
Choionzon Tiiangle with the S's facing outwaiu. Stiobe lights, oi othei otheiwoiluly lighting is encouigageu.

LBRP references

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