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Published by: Stef Ramone on Jan 30, 2011
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It’s simple. Really simple.

This is about you. You and the bike you choose to ride. And the roads you choose to follow. This isn’t about insurance, the savings plan, hybrid cars, or the low-cholesterol life people think you should lead. These are choices decided by a turn signal and a throttle. Hauling down long straight roads or chasing twists and turns through mountains: it’s all down to you. And the Harley-Davidson® motorcycle you choose.


son®. essly by your Harley-David each one covered effortlevery mile, leaving you to enjoy the And g off We build bikes that shruat every mile on the odometer brings. th ventures voured. lasting friendships and ad s ridden, memories made and experiences sa ed, road Miles mean life liv raphically

st geog bikes in one of the mo ing our bikes. We build ces from the Pacific Miles are key to develop of roadway cover distan world. 5.7 million miles ska, the alpine diverse countries in the st, the sub-arctic of Ala deserts in the South We of the Californian to the Atlantic through Mediterranean climate rn mountains and the sure they can take conditions of the Weste se kind of miles, we’re build can cope with the ow at them. coast. So if the bikes we choose to travel, can thr you, and the miles you a lifetime of them. ® whatever challenges torcycles are built for – at Harley-Davidson mo Because miles are wh

exploring and discovering the world in front of the handlebars. The ride. Experience it for yourself.harley-davidson. Test ride a Harley-Davidson® today.eu/touring . Just riding. In every sense of the word. www.It’s always been about the journey. the feeling of sheer and utter joy and the sense of freedom as the road falls away behind you.


eu/touring . Almost half a century later. A smooth six-speed gearbox. A new seat pan. Whilst your eyes and attention are distracted by the beauty of the movement. Air adjustable rear shocks and the capacious Tour-Pak™ mean you’re all set to head off for your destination. mated to our latest engine. When it first appeared in 1965 it debuted as the first Harley® with an electric start. The magician’s trick has always been hidden in what you don’t see. test ride one. revised saddle ergonomics add to the magic of Harley-Davidson Touring.harley-davidson. the real work is done behind the scenes. you’ve got the effortless cruising power of the upgraded 103 V-Twin purring contentedly beneath you and all with the aerodynamic protection of our distinctive Batwing fairing. Whether you’re solo or fully-loaded. Isn’t it time you tried an Electra Glide? Find out more at www. with new foam shaping and seat cover are designed to make your ride even more comfortable. Electra Glide® Classic Few motorcycles can make every ride an experience. meaning you can stay in the saddle longer and push your boundaries even further. Underneath the luxurious paint and kaleidoscopic chrome we have a highly developed chassis and soulful engine. And that’s where the magic of our Touring range is hidden too: but there’s no sleight of hand here – no magician’s code. Electra Glide® Classic. Our Touring range remains instantly recognisable as Harley-Davidson®. Plus fly-by-wire throttles and ABS give you ultimate control. out of sight. better handling and improved carrying capacity. But the moment you hit the road you’ll realise traditional looks can be married to a thoroughly modern ride. while ABS as standard and the latest chassis refinements mean you and the Electra Glide can handle any road in confidence. this headline Harley is still covering miles in comfort and giving long distance riders the perfect companion for adventure. And for this year. A chassis developed to give increased agility. We don’t mind sharing the secrets of our success. Don’t take our word for it though. sitting lower and narrower. but the Electra Glide® has been doing that for 46 years. We’re sure you’ll fall under their spell.Electra Glide® Ultra Limited.

Choosing to explore from the saddle of a motorcycle shouldn’t mean you have to compromise on what you take with you. Tour-Pak™ and front fender. And just so that the uneducated know they are watching the king of grand touring glide by. heated grips. But that’s not the spec. giving a more refined ride and improving control and feedback. black and chrome spoke cast aluminium wheels and a full security system and you’re getting closer. The original Electra Glide concept brought bang up to date. Improved chassis. More power. giving you a brand new connection with your machine. ABS is fitted as standard to all Touring models. Add in luxurious paint. 103 Cubic Inch V-Twin. allowing you to carry more in comfort. Our luggage means you don’t need to cut back on life’s essentials when you hit the road. Our new Touring chassis has been rigorously redeveloped to be 67% stiffer. All 2010 Touring models feature a new. . The new seat is narrowed and 1" lower than previous years. ergonomically advanced seat to give improved comfort and increased rider confidence. Simply the best. There’s some exciting news in the engine department this year. we’ve fitted Electra Glide Ultra Limited badges to the tank. that’s just the start. The Twin Cam 103™ engine is now standard on the Touring range (optional extra on Road King® Classic). with increased carrying capacity and security across the range. Our bespoke ABS system has been developed to deliver the latest in braking technology whilst blending perfectly with traditional Harley-Davidson style.Electra Glide® Ultra Limited. more torque and more performance at the heart of your Touring machine. ABS as standard and full luggage system. Watching the scenery spin by from the cosseting saddle of a Harley-Davidson® Tourer is one of life’s great motorcycle experiences. our new chassis has an increased load capacity. In addition. saddle bag and Tour-Pak™ liners.

Left to right: Road King® Classic and Street Glide® .

elegance and glamour mixed with the ability to load up and follow the horizon. Style. After all.It’s OK to want the best of both worlds. there’s nothing better than a ride out to meet up with a bunch of friends – and then all heading off for another adventure. .

ABS as standard.Road King® Classic Leather wrapped saddlebags. . Wide chrome headlight framed by a pair of riding lights. But don’t let the nostalgic looks fool you into thinking this is anything other than a truly modern ride. air-adjustable rear suspension and electronic cruise control are just a few of the rider-inspired additions to this iconic bike. For 2011 we are giving you the option to upgrade to our 1690cc engine. if you want to pack more punch. A classic silhouette that can only be the Road King® Classic. Whitewall tyres wrapped around laced wheels.

as is the attitude. The Street Glide® comes with GTX saddlebags which can swallow luggage whole and a classic two-up saddle gives you and your passenger all-day riding comfort. fire up the 1584cc Twin Cam 96B™ V-Twin. Authentic detailing such as the cat’s eye console. half-moon footboards and Softail® suspension mean this is one custom tourer that stays true to its roots. feel the bike talk to you and then let the miles flow by. with a soft padded backrest fitted as standard. Relax into the saddle.eu/testride . We’ve slammed the suspension and fitted hugging fenders to finish off the custom bagger look. rider and passenger footboards and our iconic Batwing fairing. finished with a chopped windscreen are just the start of it. This urbanclassic style is matched to the latest ABS and our 1690cc engine and both are fitted as standard.Heritage Softail® Classic The ultimate custom Tourer. the Heritage Softail® Classic delivers classic ‘dresser’ looks with the assurance of ABS as standard. Your passenger shares the luxury. Book a free test ride now. www. Street Glide® The Street Glide® combines custom style and Touring practicality. Black slotted spoke cast aluminium wheels.harley-davidson.

Our passion for creating stunning motorcycles has never burned brighter than it does today.Harley-Davidson® has been producing iconic motorcycles for over 100 years. stories of life on the road and the roar of a V-twin. . the adventure. Check it out at your local dealer. We live for the ride.

slammed suspension and a solo saddle. Fat front tyre. . underslung mirrors. The Forty-Eight is an instant icon – available from your Harley-Davidson® dealership today.™ the is unmistakably Harley® through and through. You still get the benefits of a nimble chassis and a torquey 1200cc V-Twin added to the looks of a stripped-out street bike. all of which give this Sportster® motorcycle a massive dose of pure street attitude.

And find out why it’s been one of the world’s favourite motorcycles for the last 20 years.It’s one of the most recognisable motorcycles on the planet. If there’s one thing you have to do this year then you must ride a Fat Boy motorcycle. . A chromed-out 1584cc V-Twin. horseshoe oil tank and solid bullet-hole wheels (exclusive to the Fat Boy®) are signature finishing touches to this metal masterpiece. now fitted with ABS as standard. Fat twin pipes. fat boy® A true heavyweight both in terms of style and reputation. wrapped in a muscular Softail® chassis. Now fitted with ABS as standard Book a free test ride now.

A whole new view on a true motorcycle icon.harley-davidson. Now fitted with ABS as standard www.The Fat Boy® Special.wide bars and a new blacked-out attitude are just the start of a bike that could only ever be named the Fat Boy® Special. clean hardtail lines by cleverly hiding the rear suspension whilst the massive V-Twin nestles tightly in the rigid mounted frame. fat boy® special Even the mighty Fat Boy® can’t escape the continually roving eye of our designers. The signature wide front end and huge headlight flow through the tank to a reshaped Badlander™ seat. Lowered SEAt height.eu/testride . The Softail® chassis maintains cool.

whilst delivering the ultimate in ride comfort and enhanced handling. deep paint and luxurious chrome. Our unique Softail® chassis.Rocker™ c They say a picture paints a thousand words. And what looks like accommodation for one quickly becomes seating for two with our revolutionary Trick™ saddle. Finished in deep. It’s ok to drool… Now fitted with ABS as standard . with rigid mountED engine and hidden rear suspension keeps the lines of a traditional hardtail. This is the Rocker™ C. Kicked-out chrome forks are topped off with V-bars on pull-back risers. this is the new definition of factory custom.

The recipe is simple – take a Super Glide®. Deep fenders. We’ve done it. whitewall tyres. chrome out the engine covers. one-piece saddle and mini-apehangers for a perfect riding position and there’s nothing more you need to hit the road in a style that only a Harley® can deliver. pull-back bars and full rider footboards are just a few of the details that will catch your eye whilst sumptuous two-tone paint. then you can only be thinking of the Super Glide® Custom. deep chrome and a trademark V-Twin rumble will catch your heart. Add in a low profile.softail® deluxe You asked for it. Traditional hardtail looks with Softail comfort and handling are now enhanced with the addition of ABS as standard. The bike that pretty much started the whole factory custom trend. Riders around the world have been asking us to reinstate this iconic Harley® motorcycle. And now the Softail Deluxe is better than ever. Now fitted with ABS as standard dyna® super glide® custom When you talk about pedigree factory customs. by popular demand. the centre console. the laced steel wheels and add deep paintwork. The Softail® Deluxe is back. .

A myriad of subtle enhancements such as adjustable passenger backrest. Exclusivity comes as standard with the CVO™ Road Glide® Ultra. . the CVO Road Glide Ultra will eat miles in serious style. satellite radio and dual control heated seat. This premium Tourer is loaded with custom components including a bespoke navigation system. Improving the ultimate Tourer was always going to be tricky. but our CVO craftsmen have managed it.The daddy of all touring motorcycles is taken to the next level with the strictly limited CVO™ Ultra Classic™ Electra Glide®. Finished with a unique CVO paint scheme and an advanced power-locking Tour-Pak™ with key fob activation. complete with lumbar support and interior lights in the luggage make this a truly unique motorcycle experience.

and stunning paintwork as standard. They are fanatical about all things Harley-Davidson and the machines they produce truly are la crème de la crème. CVO Road Glide®Ultra and CVO™ Ultra Classic™ Electra Glide®. Finished. No more. this CVO beauty has ABS as standard. In the world of Harley-Davidson® that elite is called Custom Vehicle Operations™ – also known as CVO™. Each bike is hand built by one technician to full CVO spec and once the limited run is sold out they are sold out. CVO™ Softail® Convertible. Each year we select three or four models to receive the CVO touch. These guys aren’t just engineers who love bikes. And a stunning ride deserves a stunning soundtrack. Time to turn the key and turn it up! . the absolute pinnacle of perfection. provided courtesy of a premium sound system complete with iPod interface. this is a real touring hot rod. So contact your local dealer to find out how you can get your hands on one of this year’s crop of exclusive dream machines. Cruise control is just one of many CVO enhancements to this streetwise stunner. Done. This year we are producing limited edition CVO™ Street Glide®. Slammed to the deck. Need an eye-catching tourer that flips to stripped-out street cruiser in a heartbeat? Welcome to the CVO™ Softail® Convertible – it could be everything you’ve ever dreamed of. fitted with a 19" front wheel and finished with a paint job only CVO could deliver.There’s always an elite. The CVO™ Street Glide® fans the flames for fans of custom baggers. Each receives a Screamin’ Eagle® 110 V-Twin engine. Dripping in chrome with removable touring screen and saddlebags.


You could say this is a pure Harley-Davidson®. and the new 883 SuperLow™ takes this to the next dimension. swing a leg over the SuperLow and be inspired. but with a blackedout vibe that’s right up to date. Iron 883™. The 883R Sportster pays homage to the racing colours of Harley-Davidson® with striking paint and chrome.THE NEW This is a different kind of easy rider. black spoke cast aluminium wheels. No clutter. revise the front end geometry and you get a brand new riding experience. mid-mounted rider footpegs and a one-piece. straight from the dealership floor. New seat and bars combine with the compact chassis for maximum manoeuvrability whilst simple clean styling gives you a timeless classic. The Sportster has also been known to be nimble and manageable. So whether you’ve been riding for a lifetime or just a few hours. two-up saddle mean this is a Sportster that lets you get the most out of your ride. Take the legendary Sportster® motorcycle. No fuss and nothing superfluous. Iron 883™ Sportster® 883R . This is the Sportster that sticks to the simple life. One that’s true to the original 1957 Sportster. add new suspension. Low-rise bars.

Left to right: Fat Bob® and Iron 883™ .

just as you’d pictured it in your mind.® Time was it used to take hundreds of hours wrenching to get the look. the attitude and the stance absolutely perfect. Subtle. junk it”. Stripped-out street bikes available direct from the dealership floor. a beer in the cooler and the stereo cranked until it looked just right. Welcome to the Dark Custom® revolution. Machines for a new breed of rider seeking something different. a bike to ride at every opportunity. Clean. Built by riders who wanted a bike to use. workshops or even front rooms. Not a sculpture to park up and polish. Working deep into the night in garages. Poised. And these home-grown bar hoppers and brawlers have emerged from the underground scene and inspired a whole new generation of Harley-Davidson® riders. The lines. Wielding the spanners whilst following the age old theory “if you don’t need it. . No wrench required.

Street Bob® and Nightster® . Cross Bones™.Left to right: Iron 883™.

A pared-down Dyna® that’s long on style and rideability and low on trinkets. Nothing less. Street Bob® For some riders.eu/darkcustom . These people were probably at the forefront of the first chopper builds. One hell of a Harley® and a Harley from hell. Full reach apehangers. A stripped-down street bike that’s as lean as you can get. rigid mounted Twin Cam 96B™ V-Twin. Ask for the Cross Bones™ motorcycle and tell them we dared you. The powerful 883 V-Twin combines with the manoeuvrable Sportster chassis with clean uncluttered lines making a bike that’s made for the business of riding. Just ride it. How about a full Springer® front end and staggered twin pipes. www. Chopped fenders.harley-davidson. Not enough for you? OK – let’s talk about hardtail looks with our innovative hidden Softail® suspension system and a Cruise Drive™ six-speed gearbox. the thought of hauling along a whole load of bits you just don’t need is a waste of fuel. and they were definitely around when the idea for the Street Bob® cropped up. Need more? Fine.Iron 883™ The dark side of the Sportster® is out in force with the Iron 883™ motorcycle. Nothing more. Mini-apehangers and a solo saddle top off chopped-down fenders and a retro rear light in a street bike made for riders by riders. black spoke cast aluminium wheels and low-rise drag bars give the Iron 883 a streetwise stance that’s unrivalled. Enough talking. Cross Bones™ It’s probably the most daring factory custom ever produced. sprung solo saddle.

Fat Bob® .

the Fat Bob® motorcycle sports a hardcore front end. . for a mean and moody stance. A cc V-Twin Sportster® engine in a lithe chassis with authentic street styling. From the saddle use the purposeful drag bars and forward foot controls to get the most out of this surprisingly agile machine as you dominate the street. complete with twin headlights. the Nightster® motorcycle offers a pure riding vibe. old-school fork gaiters and staggered exhausts are just a few of the details that will keep you coming back for more.Fat Bob® There’s no mistaking this heavyweight contender. A Dyna® with real punch. Nightster ® Sometimes the most simplistic style is the most effective. Tommy gun pipes add to the distinctive side profile and deliver that glorious V-Twin soundtrack that is pure Harley-Davidson®. Drilled out components.

our factory customs. This is a journey that will take as long as it takes. a journey that keeps on rolling. fists and feet kicked out into the wind casting a familiar shadow on the highway as the ride flows on.That legendary silhouette. when kicked-out forks and metal flake paint hit the west coast. These are our bikes. This is riding for the sake of riding. . There’s no hurry here. And your blank canvas. Like a smooth cool drink on a hot summer’s day. Long and easy. A journey that began in the sixties.


and grab some apehanger . Single seat. Kick a leg over the strippe d-out Street Bob®. An understated work of factory custom genius. No drama. No fuss. Simple. Shades on and roll. drop into the saddle . internally wired bars and retro detailing. It’s not rocket science is it? But it is Harley-Davidson® through and through. with a 1584cc air-cooled V-Twin nestled in the classic Dy ® na chassis.

and the t racin will set your hear – from slammed rposeful profile pu ll de front end – wi suspension to wi d it to fire it up an wa mean you can’t . From there th on g. u Well? What are yo waiting for? Book a free test ride now.eu/wideglide . It’s everything we know and love about motorcycling.Wide Glide®. Wrapped up in steel and chrome. A chopped e world head out into th a ed-out rims and ar fender. The Dyna®ures up kicked-out The name conj on ed pull-back bars forks and chrom en clap eyes re you ev t thick risers befo e wild flame pain it.harley-davidson. to do is ride it. black re f on factory sign-of shorty grab bar that no-one else stom credentials cu can get close to. www. Now all you have It’s made up of more than just parts. And everything we know you love about motorcycling.



h k w p .R12 turn k sty tes ® s X ist.eu Se hee the urn ean ey w t son p s. Th es roun hic nt a xr1 / c a qu a ls lin .B S lf F h d his ed pe st rse ou un rap le. N nsp es i ma with peo tw D ion ea ns rack 0® . d er ke w mic t to uro w th avi i lip o E no y-d ca -sp to m wan t of k ® e 3 is arl in ho d ou iss ired igne e y a tw le w w. and ing d l t 0 pe t ri us flat.XR1 20 ior 0 pr Mod ear el Y no de t Mo l Ye ar 2 011 . d ac ka wa un he w t-tr oo ho aro is t at t la . n Du man R75 gain e r X ld fo ll a ok sp ur o rling it a ike e. e o a do a b mor I. T oad y r t-t w c for or s cy or ut Sp tyre otor ed f do m tun Fin . B t y sn EF isn’ the and is is ttle l 0 li d th is 20 tia of en . er lifi ua ey® ® Q arl d lop ’s H 0 an .

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Muscle ® an or the wide-shouldered lthy lines d simply let of drag strip rip. And to make sure SC motorcycle’s hung lly er fo all easily contro of this performance can r lled ABS is fi be tted as stan dard. th rley® motor eir liquid-co cycles that ho and the oled Revolu ® gear after ge wl as the tion engine ar as yo screaming fo 60 degree V. e VR ™ ifica power.eu/vrsc . The V-Rod Muscle dump revs rise. Some days you just wan boost your and then let t to feel the revs scre heart rate as you drop the am. Some days y th you don’t the adrenalin e scenery.You can feel the tarmac wrapped in a chassis de tremble. Take the lo w. e live for. want to enjo . These ar e the days w clutch Feel the fat. The 1250cc unction with ith a close-ra Pors tio designed to cope with th six-speed gearbox spec che.u hurtle towards the ho r is coupled w Twin. Left to right : V-Ro and Night Ro ® d Muscle ® d Special Time to try a new kind of Harley-Davi dson ® moto rcycle. designed in conj rizon.ha rley-davidso n. nerations e no apolog these ies fo Some days you don’t w r their single-minded in power ant to cruise tentions. www . Born fro aggression m ge cruisers mak duels and traffic light time-trials. sinuous st fect from Rod Specia of the V-Rod ea l. Horsepower an every twist signed to ge of e t maximum d torque ef of the Night th® throttle. 240m the race-insp m section rear tyre di g in when yo ired slipper Night Rod Sp cl u ecial are Ha utch.



From seats to saddlebags. No other motorcycle brand in the world is as customisable as Harley-Davidson®. and from custom paint sets to countless chrome add-ons – the possibilities are endless. from wheels to windshields. You can put your stamp on almost every part of your bike. Just like you can put your stamp on every bit of road out there.“EV ERY LITTLE THING SAYS SOM E T HI NG AB O U T ME ” It’s your Harley®. www. just the way you see it.harley-davidson.eu/mydreamharley .

And now we’ve made that process a little easier. Fit. . to ride the way you want and to cause jaws to drop every time you park up.fit FUNC T ION Harley-Davidson® has always been about you – the riders. mould it to your personality. change it. Put your own stamp on it. Sure. Tweak it. But we hand them over to you. Function and Style are three easy steps that will help you design a bike that fits you perfectly. we make the bikes. happy in the knowledge that you’ll make your bike YOUR bike.

And once you’ve created your dream Harley®. One model.eu/mydreamharley and get one step closer. Whether you’re cruising around town or covering miles across country. but we’re more about the riding. FUNC T ION Once you’ve got your bike to fit like a glove then it’s time to think about what you want your bike to do for you. your style. We’re all for custom. so you can have your dream bike AND ride it. You can also check out our “Inspiration Gallery”. Get personal and go for what you want. We’ve shown you the way with this Softail® Deluxe. Go to www. Once you’ve got your Harley® to fit your body. stripped down or souped-up – if it’s what you want then you can’t be wrong. now it’s time to go crazy. All it takes is a little imagination and a desire to make your mark. This is what “Fit” is all about – making your bike fit perfectly at the start. where some of our customs might spark your imagination. your personality. Enjoy creating a bike that’s as beautiful and individual as you are. it’s time to make it call out to your soul. styled and finished different ways for different riders.harley-davidson. Blacked-out. visit your local dealer to find out how to make your dream a reality.Ok. So stop dreaming and start building. fit Sometimes it’s too easy to let style overcome comfort. Are we talking bar hopping on the boulevard or coast to coast touring? Or both? Function is the second most important step in creating your perfect Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. . your individual take on over 100 years of legendary riding. your bike should feel like an extension of your body. chromed-up.

And the pocket systems on our FXRG range? Well that’s all about convenience – that’s why there’s waterproof space for your mobile and eyewear. thermo-adaptive membranes for optimum comfort and lightweight yet protective construction. your way. And we believe in your look. Our FXRG® range includes climate control liners. We’ve always stood for your bike. We like to dig deep into the detail too and that’s why we create clothing that looks as smart as it works. The latest addition to our clothing range is the 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material which gives 360° visibility and the greatest level of visibility in the motorsports industry. Guardian Technology and abrasion resistant materials give you something you can rely on – off or on the road. Dark Custom® Black Label brand to belts. you can be confident you’ll be well protected from the elements and the fashion police. Take our zippers and pulls on jackets for example. we’ve got everything covered. . It’s clothing with the attention to detail that only Harley-Davidson can deliver. complete with a built-in lens wipe. So.When was the last time you trusted the words of a weatherman? Exactly – that’s why our doubleneedle topstitching. we’ve redesigned them to reduce the chances of snagging. five-ply thread. whether you’re heading out of town or just down town to shoot some pool. Which is why we develop our riding gear to suit your ride and your road. From hoodies to holdalls.

harley-davidson.eu/motorclothes .www.

so we know who to expect at the dealership Choose the time you’d like to ride. If your local dealer doesn’t have your selected bike then our test ride booking system will let you know the nearest dealers that have one available Turn up at your selected time. what are you waiting for? Four simple steps will get you into the saddle of your chosen Harley®. The world is getting smaller. jump in the saddle and take a test ride to remember . Get online at www. unlike most ‘first time’ experiences. the clock is ticking away and as the man once said “There’s no time like the present”.eu/testride Pick your bike Give us your details. and the dealership you’d like to ride from. this is one that never goes away – and some say – gets better with time. So.Getting on board a Harley-Davidson® for the first time is up there with the best of them. And the good news is.harley-davidson.



Our technicians are the best in the business. And they don’t just cover the bikes. accessories and MotorClothes®. another adventure. offering you the right solution at the right price. There really is no-one better to work on your bike. we’re here to help you get out there. join a H. and every single one of them has trained at the Harley-Davidson University to give them intimate knowledge of the entire range. but include parts. ready for you to test ride and staffed with people as passionate about Harley-Davidson as you are – people who live and breathe Harley®. Make the most of our fitting centre to choose the parts that will make your bike YOUR bike and then have them fitted by one of our trained technicians. And once you’ve chosen the bike of your dreams. The bike of your dreams is a lot more affordable than you might think. choose a T-shirt. another timeless memory. prep and help care for your pride and joy. we also have a huge range of Harley-Davidson® parts and accessories and the latest range of Harley-Davidson® MotorClothes® for you to experience.Our hang-out just happens to be stocked with the latest Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. Don’t let anything get in the way of another experience. Whatever you need. thanks to Harley-Davidson® Financial Services Our products can be tailored to meet your exact needs.harley-davidson.G. Their knowledge could be just what you need to find the perfect bike for your needs. Your road is waiting for you. Rent a bike.com . Or just grab a coffee with a new bunch of friends. Our technicians can also service.® chapter. Our door is open. www.O. See you soon.

another timeless memory.com Enjoy the ride! Harley-Davidson® Financial Services Your road is waiting for you.harley-davidson. Don’t let anything get in the way of another experience. You can even get riding gear appropriate for the region if you need it. Owning the bike of your dreams could be much easier than you might think. whilst our bespoke road insurance and extended warranty solutions ensure complete peace of mind.® Chapter that organises everything from local ride-outs and charity events to trips to the furthest corners of the world.com/events No licence? No problem.O. but have always wanted to ride. Ride to one of our fantastic event locations ranging from sun. patient and professional motorcycle instructors around. In less than no time they will have you cruising along. if meeting up with a bunch of friendly people who share your passion for the Harley lifestyle sounds like something you’d enjoy.h-drentals. thanks to Harley-Davidson® Financial Services. the Harley Owners Group® (H.O. You can choose from a selection of bikes available at participating dealerships at competitive rates.h-d.G. celebrating music and motorcycling. And once you’ve got your licence you can learn how to get more out of your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle by enjoying one of our Advanced Riding courses. Harley-Davidson Financial Services *Harley-Davidson Financial Services is a trading style of Harley-Davidson Financial Services Europe Limited. Finance. is the world’s biggest and most successful motorcycle enthusiast group.Harley Owners Group® With over a million members.com . We’d love you to join the family! Owning your new motorcycle is just the beginning – why not join us to celebrate all things Harley at a Harley-Davidson® Event. Whatever you need. And every Harley-Davidson® Dealership has an associated H.G. Find your local Dealer at www. **Not all products are available in all markets Harley-Davidson® Authorized Rentals Want to experience new horizons on a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle? Or do you want to try a different model for a few days? If this sounds appealing then Harley-Davidson® Authorized Rentals might just be for you. We have national and international events that attract friends and Harley® riders from all over Europe and even further afield. a company authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority for arranging general insurance.® members share a passion for Harley-Davidson® motorcycles and the world of adventure that Harley® ownership opens up. accessories and MotorClothes® too. Our range of finance products offer you a tailored solution to meet your budget. find out more at www.O. one step closer to riding the Harley-Davidson® motorcycle you’ve always wanted. we’re here to help you get out there. not just for your bike but potentially parts.com or speak to your local Authorized Dealer. Not all products are available in all markets. another adventure. We can help with that.G. sea and sand to bustling cities to mountain ranges. we ignite the Harley party spirit. And they specialise in working with people who have never even sat on a motorcycle. For further information visit www. Insurance and Warranty products are offered through carefully selected 3rd party providers. All you need to do is go to www.harley-davidson. The Rider’s Edge® Academy of Motorcycling** is staffed with some of the most approachable. H. So. Wherever we go.®).

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