Brosas SUMMARY # 1 REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH BILL: Fact Sheet and Explanatory Note This fact sheet is a summary of facts and explanations by the committee on health about the Reproductive Health Bill introduced by certain house representatives led particularly by Rep. EdcelLagman. The House Bill is called the REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH AND POPULATION DEVELOPMENT ACT OF 2008 and the objectives of this bill points out to mainly two things. First is to promote respect for life through birth spacing or in other words, the Family Planning Method. Secondly is to guarantee access to legal and quality reproductive health care services such as the drugs and contraceptives necessary for birth spacing. It has at least ten Key Provisions mostly of which are the provision of the necessary actions and materials for this Bill to materialize. The mandatory stage/age it shall cover, the agencies responsible such as the Department of Health and Population Commission, the penalties for not abiding, and the availability of the materials also covers the provisions. Hon. Lagman·s explanatory note, moreover clearly states about the gradual problem of overpopulation in the country . As of 2008, 88.7 million is the population rate, making us the 12th most populous country in the world. He further explained more statistics such as the women·s fertility rare, birth rate and surveys and studies made about . Now the Filipinos, as surveys would say view RH Bill as the apparent solution to this predicament. In the survey conducted, most Filipinos are responsive to a smallsized family, and that through family planning it will be achieved, with due consideration that contraceptives are to be used for this. It was also stressed that the Bill isn·t only for population control but is about four main things. (1) Improve reproductive health of Filipinos, (2) reduce teenage pregnancy, (3) Provide policies that will assist the government in the population and economic management and hence, (4) provide a solution to poverty.

µ Methods vary such as condoms. News articles reporting how the pope believe that condom use can after all be less sinful than it was thus making it appear advisable. It may also refer to abortion which is the expulsion of a fetus or unborn child from the uterus.SUMMARY # 2 BIRTH CONTROL Birth control refers to the methods and techniques used to prevent contraception. which is the placement of intrauterine devices in the uterus . as per the author of this article believes so. Nick News reports from the interview of Peter Seewald on the Pope. Other mentioned methods were fertility awareness. Pope Justifies Use of Condom By: Rachel Donadio and Louie Goldstein The New York Times Rumors and speculations have spread after dirty journalism twisted the facts on the pope·s statements of the condom usage. Once and for all. Another method would be contragestion. but for example when a prostitute use it to prevent HIV infection. are definitely product of a dramatic and misleading journalism. It may also be called ´contraception. . hormonal contraception such as pills. the reporters cleared everything and furtherly explained the Pope·s statements and excerpts from his interview with Peter Seewald addressing the criticisms of the media in his turbulent papacy. There can also be BEHAVIORAL METHODS which involve the regulation of the tuning / methods of intercourse to prevent conception. Sterilization on the other hand comes in the form of tubal ligation for women and vasectomy for men. didn·t let himself get affected but in turn said. SUMMARY # 3 POPE Benedict ² nuanced thinking in age of sound bites By: Deacon. There·s also LACATATIONAL METHOD that gives guidelines for determining the length of a women·s period of breastfeeding infertility. the Pope only meant that condom use is still immensely an immoral act of defying human sexuality. In reality. The pope. avoiding semen near vagina and total abstinence. but can be a first step to morality. proved to be exaggerated and untruthful as to the speculations that the holy Father favors the use of condoms. ´Ignore the media and listen to what I·m saying. nevertheless.µ SUMMARY # 4 In Rare Cases. coitus interruptus. injectable contraceptives.

He never considers it a real or advisable solution. However. It was advised to be read for further enlightenment. in the case of ´male prostitutesµ ² for whom contraception isn·t a central issue ² in the intention of avoiding infection.His statements of condoms are limited and slightly are indirect. He also said that the Church·s teachings are not learned from headlines but rather from the catechisms. ´Light of the Worldµ by Peter Seewald. It was all a product of misunderstanding and miscommunication and false reports. As interpreted. Books have been published as written by Seewald. affirms Spanish Bishop From: Catholic News Agency ² Euro Press Reports of the alleged legitimization of the condoms by the Pope alarmed the religious catholic community. The Bishop further stressed that its use is an act of immortality and can never be recommended. In Spain. SUMMARY # 4 Pope did not Legitimize Condom Use. across the world. confessions. his statements somehow justify the use of condoms. the secretary general of the Spanish Bishops· Conference carefully remarked that the Pope never meant such a thing. SUMMARY # 5 Pope Says Condom use OK in few cases By: Mitchell Landsberg Los Angeles Times The news report tackles briefly of the Pope·s remarks on the Book. It has been interpreted that the pontiff under some circumstances. he cleared that he never approves of it but in rare cases when used to evade HIV can be moral. had somehow taken condom use could be justified. may took condom as an acceptable mean to avoid HIV for prostitutes. in his recent remarks on the book of Peter Seewald. and religion classes. . and excerpts of the interview were printed on Vatican newspapers. Does this mean the pope also approves of prostitution to say that condom will generally help them? SUMMARY # 6 POPE: Condom Use can be Justified to Halt AIDS By: CBS News World The Pope.

the Pope had rather said that in some terms. does NOT in any way justifies. The further clearing up that the pope.µ .The church has long opposed artificial contraception and it was quite a shock to hear this from an influential church theologian and not to mention the leader of the church. It has been clarified however that it can never be a moral solution and the reliance on it distracted the need for proper education in sexual contact. the Church and the signs of Timesµ. Seewald was to release a book called ´Light of the World. amidst the deliberation of the Reproductive Health Bill. the use of condom for the mere intention of reducing or evading infection. However. the article related well the root of all these issues as well as the pope·s side. can be a sign of assuming moral responsibility than preventing conception. That the church remains opposed to any form of ´artificial contraception. But in understanding to the context of the pope·s statement the Pope still strongly oppose this matter and support the entire Catholic community who renounce this issue. the Pope. SUMMARY # 8 Pope Says Condom Use ¶first step of morality· By: Nicole Winfield and Frances D·Emilio From: Associated Press via Yahoo! News After the ongoing spread of rumors and alleged disgust and various reactions of the pope·s opening upon the subject of condoms and contraception. approves of. SUMMARY # 7 RP ² How Pope·s remarks on Condom Affects the RH Bill From: Manila Bulletin Online The Pope·s comments about condoms drew the attention of the entire human population. one conclusion would always come out from critics and analysts as well as ordinary and concerned people. Initially. On the bottom line. nor sees it as the utmost solution to the problem. which primarily is the aim of condom usage. in a change of mind. when the subject was moved over the growing cases of AIDS and the pope·s strong condemnation on condoms as the real solution to this disease. Reproductive Health Bill basically suggests the open use of the contraceptives which long have received great opposition from various sectors particularly the church and other pro-life sectors. most importantly here in the Philippines. as in the case of ´male prostituteµ. German journalist Peter Seewald made way to unsolicited and unexpected burst out on the subject.