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Causes of road accidents in J&K.

Causes of road accidents in J&K.

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Published by: Vinit Gupta on Jan 30, 2011
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Road accidents have become very much rife in the last few years. Statistical data shows that road accidents claimed more lives than militancy in J&K in 2009. According to J&K Traffic Police statistical record a total of 1,031 people died while 7,562 were injured in total 5,496 road accidents in the state during 2009. It is much higher than the loss of lives due to militancy related incidents which claimed 85 civilians killed and 235 injured this year in total 485 incidents.

Causes of accidents in J&K
1. Use of cell phones during driving: Use of cell phones during driving has drastically increased the road accidents in J&K. The reason is that a 20 year old driver talking on a mobile phone behaves like a person of 85 years of age. The drivers’ inattentive mind is estimated to be factor in 20% to 50% of all police reported accidents. It has been found from the study of Highway Loss Data Institute that when young motorists use mobile phones while driving, their reaction time increases manifold. The reason is attention blindness where motorists gaze at the conditions on the road ahead, but do not really see them because they are distracted or preoccupied. It also throws light that during driving, the use of cell phones not only endangers ones life but also trouble others. 2. Lack of awareness among the road users: It has been generally seen that most of the road users are ignorant about the traffic rules. The pedestrians instead the walking on the footpaths are often seen walking on the roads while the motorists drive their vehicles rash and carelessly. 3. Overloading: Overloading is another reason for rapid increase in accidents in J&K. It has been surprising to find that on Jammu – Pathankot national highway the accidents are more but killings are less, but in Doda – Kishtwar accidents are less, killings are more. The recent accident in Rajouri District is due to the overloading. The vehicle having the permissible seating capacity of 15 + 1 (Driver) was overloaded four times the seating capacity and was fully packed. According to the eye witnesses nearly a dozen passengers were seating on the roof top of the vehicle and many passengers were hanging on the backside stairs and also from the door of the vehicle. 4. High driving speed: Higher is the speed of the vehicle, higher is the risk of collision and of serious injury to the driver or others. Even a small speed reduction helps reduction both in number and severity of accidents. For example: A pedestrian hit at speed below 30mph receive mainly survivable injuries but a speed between 30 – 40mph may cause fatal injuries to them. 5. Excessive sleepiness: Excessive sleepiness among the drivers can be another cause of road accidents. Both the public and doctors should come forward to make people aware of sleep disorders.

Sign boards: Traffic signboards must be erected on both sides of the roads which should depict the directions to be followed by the drivers and precautions to be taken while driving. so that the movement of the vehicles is brought under control and chances of road accidents are minimized 3. Awareness about the traffic rules: People must be made aware of the traffic rules so that they keep their vehicles always on the left side and do not park their vehicles on the roads and pedestrians should be educated to walk only on footpaths to avoid any collision between the two.removal of circumstances causing injury. Our traffic department should be well activated to guide the drivers and even punish them for their negligence. hilly terrains. e. They must be installed on every busy chowk of Jammu city. we should be serious enough to implement some speedy steps to check the menace of road accidents. Tertiary prevention . People who are addicted to drugs and alcohol do not know how much quantity their consuming enhance they loose their control over themselves. Secondary prevention . e.optimal treatment and rehabilitation following injuries.reduces severity of injury should an accident occur. Installation of traffic lights: Traffic lights are meant for the smooth movement of traffic on busy roads. When we talk the authorities of the traffic police they maintain that the drivers’ negligence. Alcohol and Drugs: Alcohol impairs judgments. effective first aid. appropriate hospital care. So it is best to advise them not to drink while driving. poor geometry of roads. traffic speed reduction. like 1. e. rough and bad roads. as we can see on the highway roadf sides AFTER WHISKY DRIVING RISKY. fitting stair gates for young children. bicycle helmets.g. 2.6. reducing alcohol consumption. Etc. smoke alarms. coordination and concentration. 4. • • • Primary prevention . It Will not only educate the people but also help a lot to restrict the violation of traffic rules. With the rapid increase in the vehicular traffic day by day. accidents are the greatest threat to life. 5. Hierarchy of Roads: It is very unavoidable that the construction of roads must be well planned keeping in view the effect of increasing traffic flow in the years to come. LET HIM DRIVE DONOT GOSSIP. . weather conditions and drivers’ state of mind besides some other factors like inadequate maintenance are responsible for the occurrence of road accidents in the mountainous state of J&K. use child safety car seats. Accident prevention must be on the top priority. Prevention Accidents are the major cause of death and disability and for children and young people.g.g. reaction time.

Giving Crow’s eye view to the killings and casualities caused by the road accidents. If they inculcate in them discipline. COLLEGE(BOYS) UDHAMPUR. P. it will not only lessen the traffic accidents but also build a healthy society.G. morality and avoid immoral and inhuman activities(habits). Email: vgvinitgupta@gmail.BBA III GOVT. it is the responsibility on the shoulders of every citizen to develop the spirit of leading a disciplined life and abide by the rules of life.com . VINIT GUPTA CLASS.

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