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Working Arm of the City Government of Manila, Delivering Primary Health Care Services The Department of Health and Welfare in the City of Manila, later renamed MANILA HEALTH DEPARTMENT, was established by Commonwealth Act 561 on July 1, 1940. Being the health provider of the City of Government of Manila to the City residents especially the urban poor, it is equipped with accessible various facilities such as • • • • • • • • • • • • • 51 Health Centers 12 Lying-In-Clinics 4 Community Reference Infirmaries 1 Satellite Clinic 4 Flying Squads Stations 1 City Government Employees Clinic 1 Geriatric Clinic 1 Insect and Vermin Control Office 1 Public Health Laboratory 2 Cemeteries (North and South) 1 Venereal Disease Clinic 1 Drug Rehabilitation/Treatment Clinic 1 Mortuary Complex

The Department is guided by the Vision: To be a strong and dominant force in the health care system of Manila by providing high standard of health care services and inspired by the Mission: To conduct health care services in the highest form of professionalism guided by the high standards of competence, integrity and excellence.. The Department is concerned mainly on promotion of health and prevention of diseases to the Manila constituents with special focus on poor families. It administers free specialized services and implements regular activities on the different thrust programs of Maternal and Child Care, Communicable and Non-communicable Diseases Control, Environmental Sanitation, Dental and School Health.

HEALTH PROGRAMS Health Programs and Services PROGRAMS I. THRUST PROGRAMS Maternal and Child Health 1. Maternal Care SERVICES

    

Pre and Post Natal Check-up Provisions of Vitamin A and Iron Delivery in 12 Lying-in Clinics Tetanus Toxoid Immunization Newborn Screening

2. Safe Motherhood and Women’s Health 3. Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI)

 Pre-Marital and Responsible Parenthood Counseling  Pap’s Smear  Vaccination on BCG, DPT, OPV, AMV, Hepatitis B  Supplemental Immunization for Polio and Measles  Oresol administration to prevent dehydration  Home fluid therapy  Provision of medicines for ARI cases  Provision of nebulization therapy  Operation Timbang (regular weighing)  Growth Monitoring  Information on Breastfeeding  Breastfeeding promotion and practice in Lying-in-Clinics

4. Control of Diarrheal Diseases (CDD)

5. Control of Acute Respiratory Infection (CARI) 6. Under Five Clinic/Growth Monitoring 7. Breastfeeding Promotion

8. Nutrition  Supplemental Feeding  Micronutrient Supplementation like Iron, Vitamin A and Iodized Capsule  Promotion of Household utilization of

Tuberculosis   Provisions of Anti-TB drugs (Directly Observed Treatment Short Course Chemotherapy-DOTS) to qualified patients  Sputum Microscopy-case finding and follow-up  Chest X-ray  Provision of anti-leprosy drugs to qualified patients  Laboratory diagnostic examination (skin slit smear)  Contact tracing  Reactive Plasma Reagin. Communicable Disease Control 1.iodized salt B. Non-Communicable Diseases Control 1. Urethral and Pap’s Smear  Provision of drugs to positive cases  Consultations in the Social Hygiene Clinic and in Health Centers  Voluntary Confidential Counseling and Testing for HIV patients  Health education activities in schools and in barangays  Fogging. Dengue Prevention and Control Program C. Cardiovascular Diseases 2. Cancer Control Program 3. Primary Eye Care  Pap’s smear to all women ages 40 years and above  Self-breast examination to detect early signs of cancer  Lectures on anti-smoking campaign  Promotion of Healthy Lifestyle . Leprosy 3. spraying and larviciding  Larvitrap implantation for larval index determination in Dengue hot spot areas       Blood pressure monitoring ECG and laboratory examinations Dietary and exercise counseling Provision of anti-hypertensive drugs Anti-smoking campaign Promotion of Healthy Lifestyle 2. Sexually Transmitted Diseases 4.

National Voluntary Blood Donation  Visual acuity testing  Consultation and treatment of common eye problems  Eye Exercises     Donor recruitment and screening Blood typing Blood testing Promotion of Healthy Lifestyle 5.E. Urban Cleaning and Greening E. Environmental Health 1. Insect and Vermin Control 3. Dental Health F. of students. School Health          Health education  Medical-Dental consultation and treatment  Health inspections of classroom and school premises  Annual P. Water and Sanitation  Blood chemistry for screening and monitoring  Diet counseling  Water and food sampling including swabbing of utensils  Inspection and issuance of Sanitary Permits to industrial and commercial establishments (food and non-food)  Inspection of water and toilet facilities  Inspection and regulation of water refilling station     Fogging and spraying Larvi trapping in Barangay households Domestics Pests Control Educational Campaign for the Control of Insect Vectors Zero Waste Management Garbage Recycling Tree Planting Herbal and Vegetable Gardening Health Education Consultation and treatment Orally Fit Child Program Sealant application 2. athletes.4. teachers and other school personnel . Diabetes Mellitus control D.

Adolescent Counseling. City Government Employees Clinic (CGEC) 4. Lying-in-Clinics including Flying Squads and Domiciliary Obstetrical Services (DOS) Half-way hospital Minor surgical operations Rehydration therapy ECG and chest X-ray Ultrasonography Oxygenation Nebulization therapy Simple laboratory examination (urine tests. Drug Abuse Education Program and others 2. Medical and Dental Missions . spiritual and occupational therapy  Consultation and treatment 3. sputum microscopy)  Derma. Cauterization          Delivery of normal pregnancies at the lyingin clinics  Delivery at house under DOS  Flying squad stations have physicians on 24 hours duty  Consultation and treatment of City Hall Employees  Annual Physical Examination of employees and examination of newly hired personnel  Diabetes screening  Cholesterol Determination  ECG  Micral testing  BP screening for CVD Control  Epidemiological Investigation  Diseases Surveillance  Vital Statistics  Care of the Elderly and disabled thru physiotherapy. SPECIALIZED SERVICES 1. Preventable Diseases 5. Community Reference Infirmaries  Special programs and projects. Community Outreach 7.II. Geriatric Clinic 6. blood typing.

Urban Cleaning and Greening  Foodhandlers’ classes  Issuance of Health Certificate to food and non-foodhandlers  Sputum microscopy  Chest X-ray  Garbage recycling  Herbal and vegetable gardening  Tree planting  Functional disaster response units in all districts  IEC Campaign in all Health Centers on Natural and Artificial Methods of Family Planning  Life enrichment seminars for health personnel  Pregnancy crisis intervention 13. battered children. child abuse. Special Programs / Projects 10. Health Certificate Section 12. coordinated with funding agencies  Routine and diagnostic laboratory examinations 11.North and South Cemeteries  A house to house visit by health teams to assess and address health and health related concerns of families 9. Disaster /Emergency Management 14. Cemetery Services a.8. Public Health Laboratory  Provides Pauper’s free coffins and burial lots  Five (5) year grave rentals  Free transfer permits  Offers basic/specialized services to specific target groups (street children. child labor and battered woman) in identified pilot areas. Pro-Choice Movement .

257.212.00 Capital Outlay -00------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Grand Total Php566. eighty three percent (83%) of the plantilla personnel of 1. 12% was appropriated for MOOE with zero Capital Outlay had no allocation for this period.000.212.510. Distribution of Family Planning pills at Health Centers Budget Allocation: Of the Php566 million allocated budget for the department for the year 2010. It is to be noted that the nature of services rendered by public health workers requires great demand for manpower since target clients involve not only individual patients but the whole family and the community as well.993. 88% was allotted for Personnel Services.00 Manpower Services The Department has an actual manpower of 1.588. Personnel Services Maintenance and Other Operating Expenditures Php 511.00 Php 55. Manpower Complement: • • • • • • • • Physician Dentist Nurses Midwives Medical Technologist Sanitation Inspector Nutritionist/Dietitian Others 157 149 183 105 50 69 4 540 . which were maximally utilized to render utmost services.405.

Presently. Planning Training Research. the Manila Health Department adopted an organizational structure which consists of three major services such as: 1. Health Operation Services – implement health projects/programs 2. Administrative Services – support services ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE: . Development and Evaluation Services – tasked to operate as the policy making body which is a staff function and technical in nature 3.

. JR. YSON 732- South Cemetery MR. BENJAMIN M. DY 895-04-97 Manila Treatment & Rehabilitation Center DR. 527-49-50 52708--98 DR. EDUARDO J. ROSALINA R. YSON Assistant City Health Office 527-51-74 Office of Public Cemeteries 527-08-77 North Cemetery 711-00-73 Crematorium 88-43 DR. BENJAMIN M. NO. SANCHEZ DR.DIRECTORY OF MANILA HEALTH DEPARTMENT OFFICIALS DIVISION / OFFICE City Health Office CHIEF TEL. SERRANO. TAN 732-88-43 Office of Insect & Vermin Control 245-73-82 DR. HENRY E. MARIE LORRAINE M.

EDUARDO J. UNDA . REYES 527-09-15 Transportation & General Services Section MR. VILMA L. TRAINING. MARIA LIWAYWAY A. LYNNETTE J. TECSON 524-92-51 Personnel Section MS. GANTE MS. ROLINDA R. DEVELOPMENT AND EVALUATION SERVICES Division of Maternal & Child Health 527-50-39 Division of Planning & Coordination 527-50-05 Training Office 715-39-35 Health Education Promotion Section MS. PALOR 521-66-18 Property Section MS. MA. ROSALINA VASALLO 527-78-06 Finance Section MS. ROSALINA B. BRAVO (OIC) 525-66-29 Records Section MS. RESEARCH. SERRANO.Health Emergency Management System DR. JR. VIRGILIO B. ROMEO ORLANDA 711-98-39 PLANNING. DIANA C. MENDOZA DR. CLEMENTE D. RASHIDAH M. MARTIN III 527-49-50 Pharmacy Section 527-09-91 ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES Division of Administration MS. PARDILLA DR. GEMPERLE DR. GINA F. DR. SAN GABRIEL DR. LOURDES O. MARITES GARCIA 527-08-90 Division of Preventable Diseases 527-49-41 Social Hygiene Clinic 711-69-42 Division of Sanitation 302-64-28 MR.

781- . MA. AGUJO MS. COROZA DR. SUSANA M. CHARLITA N. Safe 526-87-12 Motherhood & Women’s Health Office of Nutrition Urban Basic Service 527-09-04 HEALTH OPERATION SERVICES / PHC DR. CRISELDA V. PEPINO DR. DUMAYAS 527-49-60 Geriatrics Clinic 73-98 Division of Public Health Laboratory SANTOS 711-69-45 DR. ROSALINA R. ENRIQUEZ DR. TAN DR.Division of TB Control 243-54-50 Division of Nursing Services 527-09-90 Division of Dental Services 525-09-04 Office of Midwifery 527-08-90 Office of Reproductive Health. MARIA LOURDES P. JUANITA A. ROSELIN B. PASCUALA Q. ECARMA 527-08-73 Division of School Health Services DR. DULCE G. Employees Clinic DR. BEVERLY R. SAN DIEGO MS. MACABUDBUD 467-29-75 Division of City Gov’t.

Bo. Tondo Foreshore HC Pacheco Street Tondo Foreshore LIC Tondo Foreshore CRI TEL. Fugoso LIC . Fugoso HC 247-14-70 971 Lualhati & Matiisin Sts. ROMEO B. Bo. Manila – Tel.. Lourdes Martinez Dr. 255-72-35 DR. Aurora Quezon HC 254-50-64 Francisco Street Aurora Quezon LIC 3. Bernadette Maniebo 459 2. Cecilia Lopez – District Sanitary Officer – 474-89-45 HEALTH CENTER ADDRESS 1. No.I.C.MANILA HEALTH DEPARTMENT DIRECTORY OF DISTRICT OFFICES / HEALTH CENTERS HEALTH DISTRICT OFFICE I Aurora Quezon Health Center and Lying-In Clinic 459 Francisco St. 254-57-60 P./ADMINISTRATOR Dr. CANDO– District Health Officer Ms. Tondo. Marie Paz Custodio Dr. NO. Marjorie Luna Dr.

Vitas HC 253-00-54 Dr. Tayabas HC Molave Street 6. Obrero HC Narra Street 3.4. Manila – Tel. No. . Aurora HC Biak Na Bato Street 7. Milagros Valenzuela – District Sanitary Officer – 253-95-25 HEALTH CENTER ADDRESS 1. REYNULFO SM. Rosalia Sion Dr.A. Smokey Mountain HC Dr. Napoleon Fernando Dineros Dr. Liecel Lameyra 327 Dagupan Street 5. Shirley Santos Nepomuceno & Bangkusay 7. 8. Bo. 253-95-24 VIB Herbosa Balut. 6. Magsaysay HC 256-81-24 Dr. J. Evelyn Rimando Permanent Housing (Bgy 128) Smokey Mountain LIC Tondo 10. Mary Grace Aquino Compound.Santos 8. Velasquez HC 254-29-40 Dr. Area B P. Bo. Gilda Geronimo Street 9. Jocelyn Denoga 365-52-36 253-90-13 256-10-52 252-14-01 252-48-18 254-91-48 Dr. Rodriguez Sts. Patricia HC Gagalangin TEL.I. Tondo HC Juan Luna Street 2. Atang Dela Rama HC Pampanga Street Atang dela Rama LIC 4. SY – District Health Officer Ms. NO. Potenciano Hernandez Dr. Armie Vianzon Nepa Cor. Tondo. Vitas St./ADMINISTRATOR 1957 3216 424 2575 Dr. Dagupan HC 254-36-84 Dr. 5. Magsaysay HC Jose Abad Santos St. 256-09-08 DR. Posadas HC 253-75-62 Dr. R.C. Aurora Alfonso Dr. Palomar HC Recto near J. Rebecca Cristina Bailon Dr.. Marivelle Zambarrano Dr. Ronaldo Ronda 1752 CM Flora Street. Tondo HEALTH DISTRICT OFFICE II Tondo Health Center 1956 Juan Luna St. Parola HC (not yet operational) Parola Pier II.

/ADMINISTRATOR 1. Ana Maria Tan – District Sanitary Officer – 468-87-69 HEALTH CENTER ADDRESS TEL. Manila – Tel. Quiapo 4.L. 731-36-32 DR. Belmonte Health Center 1648 P. Dimasalang HC 711-28-49 Dr. Sta. No. Puyat St. Sol Ulanday Plaza Del Carmen. Binondo San Nicolas LIC 6. Esther Peralta Isagani Cor. Meisic HC 244-21-08 Dr. Cruz 8. F. JUDY V. Cruz. Cruz F. 711-98-72 DR. Tiago Sts. Quiapo 7. Judy Gargantiel F. Barangay 310 Satellite Dr. Fugoso HC 740-74-70 Dr. Sta. SOLIVEN – District Health Officer Mr. Elmer Ulanday Felipe II. A.. Emil Arleen Morales 899 G.. GARGANTIEL – District Health Officer Ms. Jeff Dexter Agustin – District Sanitary Officer . P. A. Florentino St. San Sebastian HC 734-87-54 Dr. V. Lanuza HC 783-55-64 Dr. RENATO A. NO. Cesar Follosco 1533 Alvarez St.HEALTH DISTRICT OFFICE III F. Sta.. Lacson Sts. Agnes Paderanga 310 Sports Complex 68 521 47 Bgy. San Nicolas HC 243-35-93 Dr. Manila – Tel No.. HEALTH DISTRICT OFFICE IV D. Binondo 5. Arleen Perez Aragon cor. Lanuza Health Center and Lying-In-Clinic 1533 Alvarez St. Lanuza LIC 711-82-05 Dr. Lanuza CRI 2. Cruz Dimasalang LIC 3. Sta. Sampaloc.I. Evelyn Belmonte Asuncion St.. Mabini HC 735-71-31 Dr.C..

C. Ma. Belinda Laya 477 Quintos St. 5. M. San Jose Sts. Fabella HC 523-28-57 Dr. 9. Calabash HC 781-20-24 Dr. Bernadette Fuggan 211 Calabash Road 7. Samp. 3. M. Belmonte HC 731-36-32 Dr. Richard Castro Luzon Cor. Dapitan HC 741-20-78 Dr. Paltoc HC 715-03-56 Dr. Florentino St. 559-77-97 DR. Ma. Malate 2. Domingo Radovan 1004 Fermin St./ADMINISTRATOR ADDRESS 1. Mohammad Zain Bada San Andres. Singalong 3. Clara HC 731-26-61 Dr. Manila – Tel No. Samploc HEALTH DISTRICT OFFICE V Rosario Reyes Health Center 627 San Andres. Malate. Jocelyn Rosal 844 D. Maria Carizza Jimenez Pureza Cor.C. Rafael Solidum M. Santiago HC 713-08-48 Dr. Barbea Agrifina Saldevar 1648 P. NO. Luzviminda HC 715-50-47 Dr.. PINTO – District Health Officer Engr. Mitzie Salvador – District Sanitary Officer HEALTH CENTER TEL. Jonathan Laya P Margal nr Instruccion Sts. Icasiano HC 564-07-79 Dr. Rosario Margate 677 M. Melanie Mateo Pedro Gil St. J.HEALTH CENTER ADDRESS TEL. D.F Jhocson St. Cebu Sts. Santiago Street 6. F. Rosario Reyes HC 525-21-15 Dr. 2. NO. Paco M. Earnshaw St. Jhocson HC (on going construction) M.I.I. Earnshaw HC 749-82-73 Dr. P. Legarda HC 781-24-56 Dr. corner Lavanderos St. Clara LIC 731-26-28 4. D../ADMINISTRATOR 1. P.C.C. DAVID B. Icasiano CRI 627 1806 .C. Clara Sts Ma.. 8. Paz Genevieve Herrera Prudencio Cor. 10. Icasiano LIC 563-66-78 Dr.

Bagong Barangay HC 563-01-94 Dr. Ana 6. Barangay 752 Satellite Dr. Sta. Maripaz Aguilar 2158 Jesus St. Francisco Cor. Arlene Manzo 1427 Canonigo Street.. Ma. Neome C. Pedro Gil LIC 563-97-13 San Andres 6....4. Lena Mempin 390 A. Rodante Rafanan Estrada St. Consolacion Mendoza Barangay 752 10. Ma. San Miguel. P. Ermita 9. Port Area Corazon Aquino LIC 11.) HEALTH DISTRICT OFFICE VI San Miguel Health Center 3312 Padilla St. Arquiza Satellite Dr. Jr. Corazon Aquino HC 494-34-71 Dr. Bacood HC 714-68-69 Dr. Paco HC 563-23-21 Dr. Manila – Tel. Ma. Ana 7. Roxas Blvd. Isidro Mendoza HC 563-32-73 Dr. NO. Consolacion Mendoza A.C. Sta. Pandacan 5. San Miguel HC 736-03-60 Dr. Esperanza HC 715-70-28 Dr.. San Andres Bukid 7.Fredeliza Iringan Baseco Area Compound 8.. Old Sta... BASECO HC Dr./ADMINISTRATOR 1. 286 Teresa St. J.Comp.I. RAFANAN – District Health Officer Dr. Bautista St. Old Sta. Lacson HC 563-42-57 Dr. Ma. Sta. Vicencio HC 534-68-07 Dr. No. Julieta Recidoro Plaza Hugo. Beverly Juan Baseco Compound. Zolina Cruz Arquiza Cor. Melencio Percival Makasiar 3312 Padilla St. Pandacan . Perlita St.. Valentina HC (Paco 2 HC) (not yet Operationa. Azarcon 286 Teresa St. Pedro Gil HC 563-78-66 Dr. Joselinda Buencamino – District Sanitary Officer HEALTH CENTER ADDRESS TEL. EVANGELINE L. Dalisay Sts. Restituto Aguilar. San Miguel 2. Ma. Mesa Esperanza LIC 715-70-28 Dr.H. Buhay Mahalaga HC Dr. A. Zamora St. Rebecca Arellano Lakay Cor.. 735-18-77 DR. Paco 5. Mesa Esperanza CRI 4.. Charina Benedicto Bgy. Mesa 3.

CRISELDA Dr. Ms. ESTHER PERALTA/Ms. CARI & Breastfeeding COORDINATOR/S Dr. Over-all Coordinator 527-50-39 MCH. Pamana HC 716-13-70 Damka St. Paz Franco Petron. a) b) PROGRAM CONTACT NO. Pandacan 9. OM.. AMELIA MCKAY 526-87-12 And Women’s Health d) Natural Family Planning SAMONTE 732-88-43 527-50-39 Dr. Feliz Sts. Kahilum HC 564-84-01 Kahilum Cor.. Pandacan Petron Community HC Jesus St. ROLINDA R. ENRIQUE .. MATERNAL & CHILD HEALTH (MCH) GANTE. MHD MANILA HEALTH DEPARTMENT DIRECTORY OF PROGRAM COORDINATORS AS OF NOVEMBER 2010 1.Bagong Barangay LIC 8. Beata. Sta. ROSALINA R. Mesa 11. NELIA Dr. Bagong Lipunan HC 588-06-86 Certeza St. Dr. Child Health. Joel Abesamis Dr. Pandacan Dr. CONCEPCION YUSOP Nutrition 467-29-75 Soil Transmitted Helminthiasis ELIZABETH ABRIL 711-28-49 c) Reproductive Health Safe Motherhood COROZA/Ms. Pandacan 10. Frances Redondo Dr. TAN SUSAN RAFAEL/Ms..

BARTOLOME 521-84-16 Diabetes Control Program 521-84-16 Occupational Health & Safety Program MACABUDBUD Cancer Control MACABUDBUD Visual Health Care Program 527-08-73 527-09-04 Dr. NON-COMMUNICABLE DISEASES CONTROL Cardiovascular Diseases Control Dr. BARTOLOME . MA. DIANA 243-54-50 Dr. EDUARDO Dr. REGINA M. CHARLITA PEPINO SERRANO/ Ms. EDUARDO Dr. LINDA DEVEZA Leprosy Control 527-49-41 Dr. MA.Ms. EDUARDO Dr. EDUARDO 527-49-41 Sexually Transmitted Diseases 711-69-42 Rabies Control SERRANO/ Ms. DULCE Dr. Over-all Coordinator 527-49-41 a) Tuberculosis Control AGUJO/ b) Ms. PASCUALA Dr. REGINA M. COMMUNICABLE DISEASES CONTROL SERRANO. SUSAN BELISARIO a) b) c) d) e) 527-49-41 Dr.DULCE Dr. ANA CORETA DAHILIG 526-87-12 e) Lying-In-Clinic GARGANTIEL 527-08-90 2. THELMA PAREDES c) SERRANO d) MENDOZA e) Dengue Control 3. BEVERLY ECARMA 527-09-04 Dr. JUDY 711-82-05 Ms.

6. MARITES Dr. DOLORES OTHER PROGRAMS DISTRICT Dr. ROSELINE . SUSANA SAN DIEGO Dr.4. VIRGILIO MARTIN Ms. Dr. ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH & SANITATION Mr. ROMEO HALCON 302-64-28 Mr. SHEILA JUDY GAERLAN f)Medical Mission SERVICES/DISTRICT HEALTH OFFICERS g) DUMAYAS Mental Health 527-49-60 HEALTH OPERATIONS Dr. GINA PARDILLA/Ms. CLEMENTE SAN GABRIEL Insect & Vermin Control SERRANO 527-49-41 Urban Cleaning & Greening/ 5 S DENTAL HEALTH 525-09-04 SCHOOL HEALTH SERVICES ECARMA 527-08-73 Adolescent Health & Youth Development Program 781-73-98 Ms. BEVERLY Dr. 7. NELIA SUSAN RAFAEL 527-50-39 c) III d) GARCIA e) Health Education 527-08-90 Integrated/Alternative Medicines 527-50-05 Disaster Management 527-49-50 Dr. EDUARDO a) b) 5. a) MANESE HEALTH OFFICERS b) Community Reference Infirmary & Hospital Services CHARLITA PEPINO 527-08-90 Ms.

BAUTISTA i) National Voluntary Blood Services Program Dr. ROWENA RUFINO 400-02-61 j) Persons With Disability MACABUDBUD k) Philhealth Para sa Masa SUGAR SANTIAGO l) Primary Health Care 467-29-75 m) Renal Disease Control Program 781-73-98 n) Research JUDY GAERLAN o) Training WENEFREDA UDTUJAN 715-39-35 p) Urban Basic Services MACABUDBUD 525-09-04 Dr. JOCELYN DENOGA 253-90-13 Ms. MA. DOLORES MANESE 527-50-05 Dr. MARIVIC FARONILLO 527-50-05 Dr. ROSALINA R. DULCE 527-09-04 Ms. LYNNETTE J. MA. LYNNETTE GEMPERLE/Ms.h) Modified Field Services Information System Dr. GEMPERLE 527-50-05 Mr. DULCE . MA. Dr. ALBERTO G. MA. Dr. GINA F. TAN 527-09-04 Dr. GINA PARDILLA/Ms. SHEILA Dr. PARDILLA/Ms.

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