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Published by: Gunjan Agnihotri on Jan 30, 2011
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Gopalganj. ‡ NAME: Laloo Prasad Yadav ‡ BORN: 11 June 1947. Bihar ‡ Political party :RJD ‡ RESIDENCE :PATNA ‡ SPOUSE: RABRI DEVI ‡ CHILDREN: 2 Sons and 7 Daughters .BACKGROUND«.

Flashback«. ‡ Was born in a poor peasant family ‡ Active involvement in Patna University Students¶ Elections ‡ Subsequently elected as the member of the 6th Loksabha at the age of 29 ‡ In a span of 10 years became a formidable force in Bihar State Politics ‡ Elected as the Chief Minister of Bihar in 1990 ‡ Allegedly involved in the fodder scam in Bihar ‡ became the railway minister in the UPA Government. .

Criticisms & Controversies«.. ‡ He has been criticised for aggravating caste divisions ‡ Some MPs belonging to Yadav's party (RJD) have criminal charges against them ‡ famous for making controversial remarks ‡ has been charged with corruption cases ‡ Fodder scam-the funds meant for cattle fodder were diverted from the animal husbandry department ‡ After corruption charges compelled Yadav to step down as chief minister of Bihar in 1997 .

claimed that the measure would generate more employment ‡ In June 2004. a cumulative total profit of Rs.000 crore was reported ‡ Yadav is now credited with engineering the financial turnaround of Indian Railways. 25. that was on the verge of bankruptcy .TENURE AS AN UNION MINISTER« ‡ Yadav banned plastic cups to serve tea at railway stations ‡ ordered that they be replaced by kulhads . announced that he would get on the railway himself to inspect its problems ‡ When Yadav took over. the Indian Railways was a loss-making organization .heading towards bankruptcy ‡ In the 4 years under his leadership.

000 crores ‡ introduced cushion seats in all unreserved compartment ‡ In 2008.000 crores ‡ in the 2007 budget.SUCCESS STORY OF INDIAN RAILWAYSu ‡ ‡ He left passenger fares untouched found several other profitable sources of revenue for the Railways ‡ improved on his first year's performance by stating a profit of 14. he increased the profit level to 20. profits were 25000crores .

had a significant impact on the turnaround ‡ In the freight business.. there was focus on higher volumes ‡ The strategy of higher volumes was also carried through in the passenger business . ‡ The country·s economy was growing faster than before.The overall strategyª.

Wharton and others in Hindi ‡ The turnaround of the Indian Railways is now being studied by the students of the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad .Accomplishments«.. ‡ He addressed over a hundred students from Harvard. ‡ brought about the transformation in IR ‡ looked upon Railways as a commercial enterprise and not a social welfare institution.

. ‡ Non Interference ‡ Direct Action ‡ Caring Attitude ‡ Identifying Right People .LALOO PRASADS LEADERSHIP STYLEu.

. in television and film industry. ‡ Many books have been written in praise of Yadav ‡ Entertainers. mimic Yadav for their profession ‡ many local barbers and saloons are earning money by offering what they call the Lalu style hair cut ‡ Prakash Agro Industries in Bihar started selling cattle fodder under the brand name Lalu Pashu Aahar ‡ Yadav has a sizable fan following in Bollywood .His Popularity among masses«.

2nd class AC & 3rd AC and AC chair car fares ‡ Four Railway enquiry call centres to be set up ‡ Passenger trains to have 22 per cent more capacity ‡ Laloo announces 43 new trains in Railway Budget ‡ Steps to improve rail connectivity to Kashmir introduced . ‡ Laloo gives 2 per cent cut in 1st class AC.HIGHLIGHTSu.


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