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Martin Luther Reluctant Revolutionary Video Questions

Martin Luther Reluctant Revolutionary Video Questions

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Published by: David Duez on Jan 30, 2011
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NAME____________________________________________ PD__________ Martin Luther: The Reluctant Revolutionary Video Notes and Questions Mr.

Duez World History Write all answers on a separate sheet of paper:
1. During the plague a ______ of all children died before they were 5. 2. Martin Luther took on the _______________ church. 3. Martin Luther grew up in a tiny town in northern ______________. 4. If you followed the church’s rules and _______________ you would go to heaven. 5. Luther’s father wanted him to become a _______________. 6. In a time without clean drinking water ______________ and ___________ were a stable drink. 7. In the year 1505 ______ struck Herford, Luther’s college town. 8. The Black Death had killed almost a ______ of Europe’s population. 9. What weather event led to Luther vowing him to become a monk and serve God? 10. How many times in the day did the Monks need to be singing parts of the service? 11. What color robe would a novice monk wear? 12. The monks strict routine meant to bring about physical harm to oneself, including: 13. Luther complained in later years that his time as a monk ruined his ______. 14. Luther went on a pilgrimage to ______. 15. Luther arrived in Rome just as the ________ was reaching its heights. 16. Rome was as much about _____ as it was religion. 17. The Catholic Church is basically a _____. Meaning that it has everything a country would have. 18. Rome was a spiritual place filled with a lot of un________ people. 19. The chance to buy time off of purgatory was extremely ______ for the church. 20. Luther’s trip to Rome only brought dissolution and _____. 21. At Wittenberg’s new university, Luther was made professor of _____________. 22. Luther threw himself into his work and read, pondered, and reasoned. It led him to a ______. 23. Luther is saying that you don’t need the church and ceremonies to get to heaven. It is about you and _____. 24. Luther now believed that salvation could only happen between God and the ___________. 25. Pope Leo began to sell indulgences. What did that give the buyer? 26. In modern money, it would have meant many _____ of dollars to the church. 27. Johan Tetzel had a slogan, “When the coin in his coffer rings, then the soul heaven would wings.” Tetzel’s big market for selling indulgences was in the country of ______. 28. Luther thought salvation was a gift from God, a gift received through _____. 29. 31st of October 1517, Luther wrote ___ stinging bullet points or thesis that lashed at the Pope and the sale of indulgences. 30. Luther ____ them to the door of Wittenberg’s castle church. If time remains, write a 3 sentence summary of what you have seen in this video.

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