Michael Andritsopoulos analysis of the opera Helike Athanatos

The libretto and the idea of this opera was very intriguing. The need to blend the new with the old was the one which provided me with the harmonic material from the beginning. The old ways and scales gave their sound to the main characters, for example in the first duet of Diotima kai Kleanthis , Diotima sings in a diatonic modal way while the orchestra accompanies in a very busy contrapuntal style and Kleanthis sings in a multimodal way while the orchestra surrounds him with homophonic style. Old dances give their rhythms but in a more modern style, combined in multirhythmical dances. The use of divisi at the string section in the beginning summons memories of programme music as it magnifies the waves of Poseidon and in the middle an atonal surrounding with contrapuntal action makes an earthquake. Also intriguing for me was to make it all happen with the minimum of performers so the instruments and the musicians needed for the opera is at least the following : 1 piccolo, 1 flute, 1 oboe, 1 clarinet in Bb, 1 Bassoon 1 trumpet in Bb, 1 horn in F, 1 trombone, 1 tuba 1 harp 2 percussionists ( for timpani, cymbals, marimba - not at the same time) String section (at least 6 first and 6 second violins and 2 violas ) Choir (of at least 8 people -SATB) And the soloists : 1 soprano, 2 mezzo sopranos, 2 tenors, 1 bass, 2 baritones

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