I am Mohabat Singh of B.B.A. of G.N.A-I.M.T. Phagwara. I am conducting a project entiteld “Effectiveness of Television Advertisements”. I need your cooperation which will help to draw conclusive inferences…..

Q1. By watching T.V. advertisements which product you prefer to buy under the influence of advertisement? a. Electronic e. Farm Products b. FMCG f. Pharma c. Garments g. Others….. d. Automobiles

Q2. How do you react when advertisements appear on T.V? a. Watch with interest c. Start talking to others b. Switch to another channel. d. Get irritated.

Q3. According to you what is the main purpose behind advertisements? a. Sell the product b. C. Increase the value of Product. b. Inform the customer. d. Reinforcement.

Q4. Rank the following factors that catch your attention through T.V. advertisements? a. Humor b. d. Brand Personality b. Emotions e. Children in Advertisements c. Fictions f. Others

Q5. How frequently you view the T.V advertisements with concentration? a. Frequently c. sometimes b. Quite often d. Never

Q6. Which forms of advertisement do you like more? a. Still image (Magazines / Newspapers) b. Moving image (Television / Internet) Q7. While shopping under the influence of T.V advertisements what do you look for? a. Value for money d. Customer service b. good quality e. Latest fashion ii c. Product image f. Durability

Infomercials b.V. Billboard b. Press e. Variety h. advertisements. Advertisements acts as a imbalance of budget for a middle income level person? Advertisements act as a source of T. d. Below 20 c. Male b.. In store c..... for T.V channels? Advertisements is a measure for dumping of products? Advertisements act as a link breaker of the viewers? Identify strongly with the advertising about branded products ... Sex: 3.. online Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly disagree Your personal details.. Rate the following on Likert Scale Strongly agree Advertisement is more wastage of funds Brand ambassadors are the main source of attractiveness in T.. Status Symbol j. 30 to 40 4. Produces an advertisements is not a cake-walk..V. 20 to 30 d. Above 40 a..R... Name: ………………………………. advertisements are misleading. advertisements reflects our ethics & values 90% of the T.. Uniqueness i.. 2.g. Availability Q8.. Female .I want to be like the people in the advertisements Advertisement sometimes fires the religious issues... Radio advertisements f.V........P... As an added advantage to T. Occupation: ii b.V... advertisements T. Q9. Age: a... the following affects your buying behavior? a. 1.

Service class ii . House hold d. Student c.a. Other Profession__________ b. Business class d.

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