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DEFINITON OF TERMS: treatments of health problem visit - for the diagnosed/ undiagnosed diseases (eg.

a. BAG TECHNIQUE Industrial Clinic Visit 2. antepartum
- a tool use of a public health bag through which - nurses are hired by agencies or companies to do - for the pregnants
the public health nurse, during his/ her home visit a medical assessment on their employees for pre- 3. postpartum
can perform nursing procedures with ease; employment check-up and treatment on health -after the mother’s delivery, 6 mos. after
knowing he/ she has with them their materials, it problems 4. health supervision
saves time & energy with the end view of - used for children under 6 years old & below
rendering effective nursing care School Clinic Visit 5. case finding
- it’s where students seek health care services - this is without the diagnosis by doctors or
b. PLAN OF VISIT from their school physicians
- an essential tool in achieving the best results in - most schools have clinic wherein the nurse is 6. geriatric
home visiting always in contact with the students who are prone - for the olds, 65 years of age & above
to accidents
- a professional face to face contact made by a CONTENTS OF CHN BAG: Name of Student: Dionne M. Perez Type of Case:
public health nurse to the patient or the family to Case Finding
provide health care activities a. FRONT OF THE BAG (left to right) Age: 17 Visit no.: 3
- oral thermometer (facing down) Address: Banilad, Mandaue City Date of Visit:
d. FAMILY-NURSE CONTACT - rectal thermometer June 30, 2009
- the within or behalf of the particular family & - syringes & needles in a metal container
the nurse in achieving an important goal for the General Objectives:
success of delivering nursing care b. on the RIGHT SIDE OF THE BAG After 2 weeks of home visiting, the family will be
e. PUBLIC HEALTH BAG - test tube & test tube holder able to acquire adequate knowledge, skills, and
- an essential & indispensible equipment for the - medicine dropper attitudes in the promotion of health, prevention of
public health nurse which he/she has to carry - match illness and management of common diseases.
along he/ she goes home visiting - alcohol lamp & denatured alcohol
- contains basic medications which are needed for Specific Objective:
giving care c. on the LEFT SIDE OF THE BAG (near to the After 45 minutes of nurse-client orientation, the
front) nurse will be able to:
f. CASE LOAD - medicine glass w/ suction inside
- number & kind of families a caregiver will - baby weighing scale 1. establish rapport with the student nurse
handle at a given time 2. explain the purpose and importance of home
d. BACK of the bag (left to right) visit
Purpose: - betadine 3. observe family’s behavior and surrounding
a. CHN Bag - 70% alcohol 4. identify health related problems
 Serves as a first aid kit - hydrogen peroxide 5. plan appropriate nursing intervention from
 To work efficiently and swiftly during nursing - Lysol solution identified health problems
procedures - spirit of ammonia 6. set another contact of visit
 To conserve time and energy - Benedict’s solution
 To minimize or prevent the spread of infection GUIDELINES IN USING THE CHN BAG
 To render effective nursing care to clients and/ e. on the CENTER OF THE BAG 1. Perform handwashing as frequently as possible
or members of the family during home visit - kidney basin or if the situation calls for the help to minimize or
- cloth bag: avoid contamination of bag & its contents.
b. Bag Technique Kelly curve & Kelly straight
 To minimize if not to prevent the spread of Umbilical scissors 2. The CHN bag should contain all the necessary
infection Bandages articles & equipment which may be used to
 To work efficiently and rapidly during - cloth bag w/ sterile OS, cotton balls, cotton answer emergency needs.
techniques applicators
 For organization purposes - hand towel
- soapdish & soap 3. Contents of the bags should be protected from
c. Home Visiting - apron contact of different unsterilized object.
 It provides necessary health care activities
 Impart health teachings to the family for f. on the TOP POCKET 4. The arrangement of the contents of the bag
maintenance of health - sterile gloves should be the most convenient to the users to
 To evaluate results of the outcomes of the - French 12 catheter facilitate efficiency & so as to avoid confusion.
nursing care given - French 8 catheter
 To know the health status of an individual or a - cord clamp 5. Bag technique should be performed in different
family - paper waste bags ways depending upon the policies.
- plastic bags
DIFFERENT TYPE OF FAMILY- NURSE 6. Bag should be placed in a clean & warm
- 5’- 8” paper soapdish lining
Home Visit - 12 ½’ – 18 ½” paper lining 7. Avoid shaking or swaying the bag when
- health caregiver visits a home in the community - 13 ½’– 19 ½” plastic lining carrying it.
- 14’ – 20” paper lining- for the bottom
Clinic Visit 8. The bag should be thoroughly cleaned &
- clients visit the health clinics to inquire or to TYPES OF CASE LOAD: disinfected after using esp. if there is a
seek health center consultation, check-ups or 1. morbid communicable case in the area.
- time & effort should be budgeted wisely so that
GENERAL PRINCIPLES: efficient plan of procedure can be achieved 5. SOCIOLOGY
- nurse & family interaction should occur always
1. MICROBIOLOGY 3. PHARMACOLOGY during the procedure
- CHN bag and its content should be well - CHN bag contains disinfectants, such as
protected from contact with any article in the betadine which is used in cleaning wounds 6. PHYSICS
home. Do medical handwashing as frequently as - avoid swinging the bag to prevent breaking of
the situation calls 4. PSYCHOLOGY contents
- Utensils & other materials should be sterilized - bag technique shouldn’t overshadow but rather
should show the effectiveness of the total care
2. TIME & ENERGY given to an individual or family
Definition 5. Hand washing is done as frequently as
the situation calls for, helps in
Bag technique – a tool making use of public minimizing or avoiding contamination
health bag through which the nurse, during of the bag and its contents.
his/her home visit, can perform nursing 6. The bag when used for a communicable
procedures with ease and deftness, saving time case should be thoroughly cleaned and
and effort with the end in view of rendering disinfected before keeping and re-
effective nursing care. using.
Public health bag - is an essential and Contents of the Bag
indispensable equipment of the public health
nurse which he/she has to carry along when • Paper lining
he/she goes out home visiting. It contains basic • Extra paper for making bag for waste
medications and articles which are necessary for materials (paper bag)
giving care. • Plastic linen/lining
Rationale • Apron
• Hand towel in plastic bag
To render effective nursing care to clients and /or • Soap in soap dish
members of the family during home visit. • Thermometers in case [one oral and
Principles rectal]
• 2 pairs of scissors [1 surgical and 1
1. The use of the bag technique should bandage]
minimize if not totally prevent the • 2 pairs of forceps [ curved and straight]
spread of infection from individuals to
• Syringes [5 ml and 2 ml]
families, hence, to the community.
2. Bag technique should save time and • Hypodermic needles g. 19, 22, 23, 25
effort on the part of the nurse in the • Sterile dressings [OS, C.B]
performance of nursing procedures. • Sterile Cord Tie
3. Bag technique should not overshadow • Adhesive Plaster
concern for the patient rather should • Dressing [OS, cotton ball]
show the effectiveness of total care • Alcohol lamp
given to an individual or family. • Tape Measure
4. Bag technique can be performed in a • Baby’s scale
variety of ways depending upon agency • 1 pair of rubber gloves
policies, actual home situation, etc., as • 2 test tubes
long as principles of avoiding transfer • Test tube holder
of infection is carried out.
• Medicines
Special Considerations in the Use of the Bag • betadine
• 70% alcohol
1. The bag should contain all necessary
articles, supplies and equipment which • ophthalmic ointment
may be used to answer emergency (antibiotic)
needs. • zephiran solution
2. The bag and it’s contents should be • hydrogen peroxide
cleaned as often as possible, supplies • spirit of ammonia
replaced and ready for use at any time. • acetic acid
3. The bag and it’s contents should be • benedict’s solution
well protected from contact with any
article in the home of the patients.
Consider the bag and it’s contents clean
and /or sterile while any article
belonging to the patient as dirty and
4. The arrangement of the contents of the
bag should be the one most convenient
to the user to facilitate the efficiency
and avoid confusion.