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Digital Photography
Expert Techniques
Ken Milburn
O ’ R E I L L Y D I G I T A L S T U D I O


|a t||s c|apter
Usinc Lhe PhoLoshop File 8rowser
Usinc imace manacemenL
Nakinc accuraLe correcLions
Keepinc oricinal imaces inLacL
Usinc layers
Ninimizinc duplicaLe íiles
Usinc special names
NainLaininc íile iníormaLion
So vou`ve taken the shot. Is that it? Certainlv not. In the worlu ol uigital
µhotograµhv. vou can use a wiue varietv ol technioues to ¨Lring out¨ the Lest
µicture µossiLle lrom the shot vou`ve taken. You might Le wonuering. ¨How
is that µossiLle?¨ Vell. in oruer to exµlain that. we shoulu µroviue some Lack-
grounu on how cameras uiller lrom our own Lrains.
The human Lrain can µrocess more color range at anv given instant than a
comµuter monitor or a uigital µrint can uisµlav. Our eves uon`t actuallv see
more range than lilm or uigital sensors; rather. our Lrain instructs our eves
to comµosite uillerent areas ol the image into a single whole. The Lrain uoes
this ¨multiµle-exµosure¨ Llenuing so ouicklv that we think we are looking at
onlv one image.
The camera. on the other hanu. uoesn`t have our Lrain insiue. It recorus onlv
one instant in time. which is whv we are olten so uisaµµointeu when we look
at a Lase µicture. (¨That`s not how I rememLer the color anu the uetails'¨)
Anu it gets worse: cameras are notorious lor losing all the little uetails in the
highlights anu shauows ol a shot. Thanklullv. we can use the camera anu
the comµuter to minimize these ueliciencies. anu Lring out a wiuer range ol
Lrightness anu colors in each ol our uigital µhotograµhs.
For examµle. comµare the uillerences Letween Figures 3-1. 3-2. anu 3-3.
Figure 3-1 shows a lanuscaµe shot using the color range that vou woulu
exµect lrom a camera that saves to ]PEG. As we mentioneu in the µrevious
chaµter. RAV liles caµture a lar greater range ol colors÷vou can see an
immeuiate uillerence in the color range ol Figure 3-2. Figure 3-3 shows what
the same µhotograµh looks like alter aµµlving several ol the technioues in
this chaµter to Lring out more uetail.
8r|a¢|a¢ 0at t|e
8est ||ctare
êò 0|¢|ta| ||ctc¢rap|): |tpert !ec|a|¢aes
||eare 1-1. | |+aa.c+ae a|ete +. + I||0 |m+ae .ee. |t.
||eare 1-1. I|e .+me |m+ae +. + ||\ l||e .ee. |t. |a+|a, |ee| te t|e a+r|e.t +aa ||a|te.t
+re+. te .ee mere aet+||.
ûett|a¢ !tarte4
ê¹ C|apter 1, 8r|a¢|a¢ 0at t|e 8est ||ctare
ûett|a¢ !tarte4
Here are two tiµs that will get vou the Lest results in anv situation:
1. Il vou use RAV liles (anu I hoµe vou uo). get in the haLit ol slightlv
unuerexµosing vour shot. Then. auiust the RAV image using comµuter-
Laseu soltware to show the wiuest range ol Lrightness µossiLle.
2. No matter what lile lormat vou use. make Photoshoµ exµosure correc-
tions Lelore anv other image mouilications.
Let`s look at these tiµs one at a time.
Ua4eretpcs|a¢ aa4 a4|ast|a¢ kkU |ma¢es
Il vou shoot in RAV moue. you a|ways want to undcrcxposc thc shot. This
mav seem counterintuitive. Lut when vou set the camera lor slight unuer-
exµosure. vou minimize the chances that imµortant uetails÷such as the
highlights in Lacklit hair or the Lrightest clouus in the skv÷will Le washeu
out to soliu white. See Figures 3-+ anu 3-5 lor a nice examµle ol this. In that
case. I set mv camera to unuerexµose Lv a hall-stoµ. Vith this unuerexµoseu
shot. I can then Lring uµ uetails in the shauows Lv using either the Levels
(AuoLe Photoshoµ anu AuoLe Photoshoµ Elements) or the Curves (AuoLe
Photoshoµ onlv) tool when lirst oµening an image.
||eare 1-1. I|e .+me |m+ae +lter +aa|¡|aa .eme el t|e e\ae.are tec|a|aae. |e|ew. I||. a|ctare |+. + tremeaaea.
+meaat el aet+||.
!aper CC0s
1he "Super CCD" sensor, pioneered
by Fuji and íeaLured in several oí
Lheir laLesL prosumer cameras and
Lhe new S3 Pro, uses Lwo sensor
cells íor each pixel posiLion-one Lo
record hichlichLs and Lhe oLher íor
shadows. 1hese Lwo "exposures"
are Lhen blended by Lhe camera
Lo auLomaLically produce dynamic
rance similar Lo LhaL described in Lhe
procedures on Lhese paces.
ûett|a¢ !tarte4
êz 0|¢|ta| ||ctc¢rap|): |tpert !ec|a|¢aes
||eare 1-4. |a |m+ae .|et a.|aa t|e c+mer+.
recemmeaaea e\ae.are. Nete t|e |+c| el aet+|| |a t|e
w||te.t aet+|..
||eare 1-î. |a |m+ae .|et +t -.å e\ae.are cemaea.+t|ea.
||t|eaa| t|e .|et m+¡ +aae+r + ||t a+r|, t|e ||\ l||e
cea.erter c+a cerrect t|e|| e\ae.are w|t|eat |e.|aa
aet+|| |a t|e ||a|||a|t..
||eare 1-ã. |a |m+ae .+.ea lrem t|e ||\ l||e
cea.erter w|t| ae +a|a.tmeat..
||eare 1-I. I|e .+me |m+ae +lter c|ee.|aa .ett|aa. |a t|e
||ete.|ea t+mer+ ||\ a|aa-|a.
ûett|a¢ !tarte4
ê1 C|apter 1, 8r|a¢|a¢ 0at t|e 8est ||ctare
Figures 3-6 anu 3-7 show another examµle ol a RAV lile image as it came
lrom the camera. anu how it can Le correcteu using the Photoshoµ CS
Camera RAV µlug-in. As vou mav recall. I talkeu aLout the Camera RAV
µlug-in iust Lriellv in the µrevious chaµter. Now it`s time to use it to Lring
out the Lest in vour RAV shots.
The AuoLe Photoshoµ CS Camera RAV µlug-in is Lv lar the most wiuelv
useu aµµlication to interµret RAV images. Yet another examµle ol the µower
ol this µlug-in is shown in Figures 3-8 anu 3-9. Il vou`re not using it. I`u give
serious consiueration to getting vour hanus on it (it`s Luilt into Photoshoµ
CS). Here`s whv:
1. It hanules RAV liles in a more versatile anu lrienulv manner than anv
other interµreter I`ve seen. It`s also much laster than the run-ol-the-mill
RAV lile interµreter.
2. It hanules RAV liles lrom a varietv ol cameras. so il vou have multiµle
cameras (even lrom uillerent manulacturers). vou won`t Le lorceu to use
uillerent RAV interµreters lor each ol them.
||eare 1-ê. I||. |m+ae, .|et |a + |er|e|e¡ |+r, +. + are+a|a.tea ||\ l||e. ||eare 1-9. I|e .+me |m+ae
+lter m+||aa t|e +a|a.tmeat.
recemmeaaea |a t||. .ect|ea.
0|ffereat !taa4ar4s
UníorLunaLely, RAW íiles diííer írom
one camera manuíacLurer Lo Lhe
nexL. Unlike JPLC and 1lFF, Lhe íile
íormaL LhaL Lhe daLa is sLored in is
noL yeL sLandardized. Hopeíully, Lhis
will chance soon.
ûett|a¢ !tarte4
ê+ 0|¢|ta| ||ctc¢rap|): |tpert !ec|a|¢aes
The cameras currentlv suµµorteu Lv the AuoLe Photoshoµ CS RAV µlug-in
are shown in TaLle 3-1.
Ia||e 1-1. Cameras receea|te6 |¡ the k6e|e |heteshee C! kkW e|ae-|a
EOS 3OOD (Digital
ReLel/Kiss Digital)
PowerShot 6OO
PowerShot A5
PowerShot A5O
PowerShot S3O
PowerShot S+O
PowerShot S+5
PowerShot S5O
PowerShot G1
PowerShot G2
PowerShot G3
PowerShot G5
PowerShot Pro7O
PowerShot Pro9O IS
FinePix F7OO
FinePix S5OOO Z
FinePix S7OOO Z
FinePix S2 ProO
DCS 1+n
Valeo 6
Valeo 11
Valeo 22
Digilux 2
Coolµix 57OO
Coolµix 5OOO (with lirm-
ware version 1.7)
C-5O5O Zoom
C-5O6O Zoom
'ist D
Us|a¢ t|e k4c|e Camera kkU p|a¢-|a
Here are steµ-Lv-steµ instructions using the
Camera RAV µlug-in:
1. Oµen the AuoLe Photoshoµ CS File Browser
(File © Browse) anu navigate to the loluer
to which vou`ve uownloaueu vour RAV
liles. Vait a moment (these liles are aLout
1O times larger than ]PEGs) anu the thumL-
nail images lor those liles will start aµµear-
ing. See Figure 3-1O.
2. Rotate anv vertical images to their µroµer
µosition. (This uoesn`t allect the lile itsell.
Lut it makes it a lot easier to iuuge the µho-
tograµh without having to lie on vour siue.)
To rotate 9O uegrees. click the Rotate Lelt or
Rotate Right icon.
||eare 1-1ê. I|e ||ete.|ea t: |||e |
ûett|a¢ !tarte4
8efcre \ca ûc |art|er.
You may wanL Lo make sure LhaL
your moniLor is properly calibraLed.
See Lhe becinninc oí ChapLer 11 íor
more deLails.
êå C|apter 1, 8r|a¢|a¢ 0at t|e 8est ||ctare
3. Right-click on anv image vou
want to uelete. then choose
Delete lrom the in-context menu.
RAV liles are verv large; it`s a
goou iuea to get riu ol losers
Lelore the task ol linuing the
image vou want turns into a lile-
time µroiect.
+. Use Batch Rename (Automate ©
Batch Rename) to rename all the
images with meaninglul. aLLre-
viateu lilenames that uescriLe
the suLiect Lv categorv. name.
anu an alµha character lor each
uillerent µoint ol view on the
same suLiect. The Batch Rename
uialog is shown in Figure 3-11.
5. DouLle-click a RAV image.
or iust urag it into the AuoLe
Photoshoµ CS worksµace. The
Camera RAV µlug-in uialog will
oµen. Oluer versions ol the µlug-
in will aµµear similar to Figure
3-12. while the Photoshoµ CS
version looks like Figure 3-13.
||eare 1-11. I|e |+tc| |ea+me a|+|ea. \ea c+a
.ee .eme rea+mea l||e. |a t|e |+c|areaaa.
||eare 1-11. I|e t+mer+ ||\ a|+|ea ler e|aer .er.|ea. el t|e ||ete.|ea
t+mer+ ||\ a|aa-|a.
||eare 1-11. I|e t+mer+ ||\ a|+|ea ler ||ete.|ea t:.
ûett|a¢ !tarte4
êê 0|¢|ta| ||ctc¢rap|): |tpert !ec|a|¢aes
6. Choose 16-Lit lrom the Bit Deµth
µull-uown menu. This will allow
the image to oµen in AuoLe
Photoshoµ in 16-Lit color moue
so that vou can uo vour exµosure
corrections bctorc vou have to
throw out all that uata.
7. Check the Histogram Lox at
the lower right ol the Preview
winuow. (In the Photoshoµ CS
version ol Camera RAV. the his-
togram is µermanentlv visiLle.)
The histogram shows the image`s
uistriLution ol µixels over the
lull range ol Lrightness. This is a
great aiu in ¨scientilicallv¨ iuug-
ing the Lrightness levels in the
image vou will exµort lrom the
RAV lile.
8. From the Sµace µull-uown menu.
choose the AuoLe RGB (1998)
color sµace. as shown in Figure
9. From the Size µull-uown menu.
choose the largest image size the
µrogram µermits lor vour cam-
era (see Figure 3-15). I recom-
menu vou uo this Lecause anv
auiustments or retouching vou
uo is less oLvious il vou start
with a large image. You`ll also Le
less likelv to uestrov image inlor-
mation Lv reµeateulv having to
enlarge anu reuuce (resamµle)
the image.
||eare 1-14. I|e :a+ce Meaa.
||eare 1-1î. I|e :|te meaa.
ûett|a¢ !tarte4
êI C|apter 1, 8r|a¢|a¢ 0at t|e 8est ||ctare
1O. Set the resolution to 3OO uµi il most ol vour images go to µrint. or 2+O
uµi il thev go to a color inkiet µrinter lor uisµlav. (Il vou also create weL
images. uon`t worrv aLout size right now; vou`ll Le urasticallv resamµling
anu oµtimizing them at a later stage.) See Figure 3-16.
11. Set the Lrightness ol the Lrightest signilicant highlight area Lv µressing
Oµt/Alt anu uragging the Exµosure sliuer until a light sµot aµµears on
the Lackgrounu. The smaller the light sµot. the Letter. The µreview image
Lecomes much Lrighter at this stage.
12. Set the uarkness ol the area that vou want to see as a soliu (or near
soliu) Llack Lv µressing Oµt/Alt anu uragging the Shauows sliuer until
the areas vou want to turn uark start aµµearing against the white Lack-
13. Drag the Brightness sliuer to auiust the miutones until vou like what vou
see. There is no scientilic ¨must¨ lor this setting; it`s a matter ol µersonal
1+. Plav with the Contrast anu Saturation sliuers. Thev give vou a lot ol
interµretative leewav.
15. Sharµness anu Smoothness uelault to a setting ol 25. Lut I µreler to
reuuce them to aLout 1O. On the other hanu. I have a talenteu lrienu who
is haµµier with a setting ol 5. so vou mav want to exµeriment a Lit to linu
what vou like. The iuea is to lower these settings so that vou can Letter
control euge sharµness anu noise (smoothness) using more soµhisticateu
tools. which we`ll talk aLout later.
16. Finallv. zoom in to 1OOº using the Zoom µull-uown menu at the Lottom
lelt ol the Preview winuow.
Anu that`s it' Click OK to exµort the image as vou see it in the Preview win-
uow. Or. il vou want to start all over again. µress Oµt/Alt anu click the Cancel
Lutton when its laLel changes to Reset.
||eare 1-1ã. I|e :a+ce, |eat|, :|te, +aa |e.e|at|ea l|e|a..
Notc that thc suggcstions abovc tor sctting |ightncss and dar|ncss sinp|y
givc you thc bcst possib|c starting point to cnsurc that you havc naxinun
dctai| in both high|ights and shadows. |t you |atcr dccidc that you want
dccpcr shadows or washcd-out high|ights, you can a|ways changc thcsc sct-
tings. Howcvcr, | rcconncnd na|ing thcsc ¨intcrprctativc´ adiustncnts attcr
you´vc nadc a|| thc othcrs as suggcstcd hcrc.
. / 4 %
ûett|a¢ !tarte4
ê° 0|¢|ta| ||ctc¢rap|): |tpert !ec|a|¢aes
0c )car ||ctcs|cp etpcsare ccrrect|cas hrst
The seconu steµ is verv imµortant: a|ways do your cxposurc corrcctions in
Photoshop tirst. Lelore anv ol the other corrections or ellects vou`ll linu later in
this Look. Il vou uon`t. vou`ll linu that correcting exµosure is extremelv haru
(il not imµossiLle) to uo. For examµle. look at the uillerence that exµosure
correction makes Letween Figures 3-17 anu 3-18.
||eare 1-1ê. I|e .+me
|m+ae +lter lart|er e\ae.are
cerrect|ea. |a |ae|e ||ete.|ea.
||eare 1-1I. |a |m+ae +lter
cerrectea e\aert lrem t|e
t+mer+ ||\ a|aa-|a.
ûett|a¢ !tarte4
ê° C|apter 1, 8r|a¢|a¢ 0at t|e 8est ||ctare
Here`s how to uo exµosure corrections in Photoshoµ. Il vou`re not using the
AuoLe Camera RAV suµµort. make sure vour camera`s RAV lile conversion
soltware saves in 16-Lit lormat. Next. oµen Photoshoµ. loau vour image. anu
use the lollowing routine.
1. As soon as vou`ve oµeneu a new lile in Photoshoµ.
choose Image © Duµlicate. In the Duµlicate Image
uialog. auu ¨-cor¨ (short lor ¨exµosure correcteu¨) to
the lilename (see Figure 3-19). Then click OK.
2. Vhen the uuµlicate lile winuow aµµears. select the
original lile winuow anu click the Close Lutton. You`ll
Le askeu il vou want to save the lile. Since the µurµose
ol this workllow is to keeµ the original unuisturLeu.
click No. This is esµeciallv true il the image is a
]PEG that mav ueteriorate each time it`s saveu uue to
reµeateu image comµression.
3. Press Cmu/Ctrl-L (or uo it slowlv anu µainlullv Lv
choosing Image ©Auiustments ©Levels). The Levels
uialog aµµears. as shown in Figure 3-2O.
+. The lirst thing vou shoulu uo is sµreau the histogram
across the visiLle sµectrum ol Lrightness values. Il
vou uo this lor each color channel inueµenuentlv. vou
will simultaneouslv µerlorm a color correction to the
image that can Le auiusteu to suit vour µrelerences
with minimum hassle anu maximum chances lor suc-
cess. So. µress Cmu/Ctrl-1 to lirst isolate the histogram
to the Reu channel.
5. Drag the shauow sliuer at the lelt ol the histogram
(lor the Inµut Levels. not the Outµut Levels) to the
lirst µoint that shows µixels in the histogram. Some
image`s histograms will show ouite a rise at the verv
enu. Il there is no emµtv sµace at the shauow (Llack
sliuer) or highlight (white sliuer) enu ol the histo-
gram. uon`t move the sliuer lor that enu. Do not move
the miutone (grav) sliuer lor anv ol the color channels
at this time.
6. Reµeat this lor the other color channels (i.e.. green
anu Llue). Vhen vou have auiusteu all ol the channels
accoruing to the instructions in Steµ 5. µress Cmu/
Ctrl-~. You will see the histogram lor the comµosite
RGB channel. In the rare case that there is still a gaµ
Letween the shauow or highlight enu ol the histo-
gram anu the histogram winuow. auiust the sliuer lor
that enu ol the histogram. See Figure 3-21.
||eare 1-19. I|e |aa||c+te |m+ae a|+|ea.
||eare 1-1ê. I|e |e.e|. a|+|ea +. areaer|¡
+a|a.tea ler t|e |ea c|+aae|.
||eare 1-11. I|e |e.e|. a|+|ea +lter areaer|¡
+a|a.t|aa t|e cemae.|te (|0|ï c|+aae|.
ûett|a¢ !tarte4
Iò 0|¢|ta| ||ctc¢rap|): |tpert !ec|a|¢aes
7. Now vou can auiust the miutone Lrightness ol the
image using the grav sliuer. Il vou want to lorce higher
contrast in the image. move the highlight anu shauow
sliuers in towaru the center until vou get the ellect vou
are looking lor. See Figure 3-22.
8. Lastlv. vou mav neeu to change the overall color Lal-
ance using the Levels commanu. even though vour
auiustments uµ to this µoint have maue the color
Lalance ¨theoreticallv correct.¨ Perhaµs vou shot the
image too lar oll-Lalance to achieve correct color Lal-
ance without lorcing it. Or vou mav want to create a
certain moou Lv giving the image a cooler or warmer
color-cast. You can uo this Lv uoing what I tolu vou
not to uo Lelore: move the miutone ol the µrimarv
color(s) that are most likelv to shilt the color in vour
µrelerreu uirection. Dragging anv color channel`s
miutone sliuer to the right will intensilv that µrimarv
color. while uragging it to the lelt will intensilv its
oµµosite (in the Reu channel. uragging the sliuer to
the lelt will auu Cvan; in the Green channel. it will
auu Magenta). So il vou want a cooler (Lluer) image.
µress Cmu/Ctrl-3 to access the histogram lor the Blue
channel anu then urag the miutone sliuer to the right.
Il vou want a warmer tone. urag the miutone sliuer to
the lelt. ALout 85º ol the time. vou can get the color
Lalance vou want Lv auiusting onlv one µrimarv; il
vou uon`t. there`s no law to µrevent vou lrom tweaking
the other two.
You now have an image with almost µerlect exµosure
correction. But ¨almost µerlect¨ isn`t ouite µerlect
enough. So there are a couµle more things vou can
uo using the Curves anu Hue/Saturation commanus.
First. µress Cmu/Ctrl-M to Lring uµ the Curves com-
manu. shown in Figure 3-23. (Note that this commanu
is not availaLle in AuoLe Photoshoµ Elements 2.O.)
9. Use the Zoom tool (or enter a Zoom Level in the
small Lox at the lelt enu ol the Status Lar) to make
the image small enough so that vou can see the entire
image in auuition to the Curves uialog.
1O. Move the cursor over the image (notice that the cursor
turns into an eveuroµµer). Finu a sµecilic tone that
vou want to lighten or uarken (µerhaµs vou want to
uarken the shauow siue ol a lace or Lrighten the leaves
on a tree). anu Cmu/Ctrl-click uirectlv over that area.
||eare 1-11. I|e tar.e. a|+|ea |elere m+||aa
+a¡ +a|a.tmeat..
||eare 1-11. I|e |e.e|. a|+|ea +lter +a|a.t|aa ler
|r|a|ter m|ateae..
Us|a¢ katccc| Nct
You could períorm essenLially Lhe same operaLion by
choosinc lmace © AdjusL © AuLocolor. However, ií
you períorm Lhe process manually, you'll learn how Lo
adjusL an imace accordinc Lo your own inLerpreLaLive
preíerences. Cí course, ií you're in a bic rush, Lhe
AuLocolor command is a viable shorLcuL.
% 8 0 % 2 4 ! $ 6 ) # %
ûett|a¢ !tarte4
I¹ C|apter 1, 8r|a¢|a¢ 0at t|e 8est ||ctare
A Llack uot will aµµears on the curve line at the µoint that µreciselv
reµresents the area vou want to Lrighten. See Figure 3-2+.
11. Place a µoint on either siue ol the uot. This will
anchor the curve line so that it uoesn`t move when
vou auiust the area that vou highlighteu aLove.
12. To Lrighten the chosen area. urag its uot uµ; to uarken
it. urag its uot uown. For examµle. in Figure 3-25. the
uot was uraggeu uown slightlv.
You`re uone' Save the lile anu. il vou`re curious. comµare
the original with the correcteu version to see what vou`ve
0ºer4c|a¢ |t
Cccasionally, you'll overdo placinc
and draccinc curve poinLs and come
up wiLh a surprisincly ucly resulL.
1he easy cure is Lo sLarL over by
pressinc Lhe CpL/AlL key and clickinc
Lhe ReseL buLLon (beíore you pressed
CpL/AlL iL was Lhe Cancel buLLon).
||eare 1-14. I|e c|rc|e ea t|e a|+aea+| ||ae .|ew. t|e e\+ct |e.e| el |r|a|tae.. aaaer t|e ae|at el t|e (e¡eareaaerï |a t|e |m+ae.
||eare 1-1î. |r+aa|aa aa t|e a+r| aet |a t|e
ceater |r|a|tea. t|e .|+ae. |etweea t|e aet.
t|+t were a|+cea ea e|t|er .|ae. \ea c+a m+aa+||¡
ceatre| .aec|l|c +re+. el |r|a|tae.. |¡ +aa|aa +aa
ar+aa|aa mere aet..
ûett|a¢ !tarte4
Iz 0|¢|ta| ||ctc¢rap|): |tpert !ec|a|¢aes
!|p 1: ûet tc Kacw t|e ||ctcs|cp |||e 8rcwser
Ve useu the Photoshoµ File Browser
earlier to loau our RAV liles. However.
there`s so much more that vou can uo
with this File Browser that using it is
our numLer one tiµ lor this chaµter.
The lile Lrowsers native to the latest
Vinuows anu Mac oµerating svs-
tems have Leen uµuateu to make
them a Lit more uselul lor managing
image liles. (The Vinuows Exµlorer
lile Lrowser lor XP is shown in Figure
3-26.) You can now see images as
thumLnails. insteau ol as simµlv lile-
names anu tvµes. However. neither
Vinuows nor Mac OS X uoes much
to helµ vou rename crvµtic camera
lilenames ellicientlv. vou can`t rotate
thumLnails without rotating the
image. vou can`t sort Lv rank so that
vou can see all the goou shots at the
toµ ol the Lrowser. anu vou can`t see
anv lile inlo alongsiue an image.
This is where the AuoLe Photoshoµ
File Browser. which comes with
Photoshoµ anu Photoshoµ Elements.
comes in. Here are some ol the com-
mon µroLlems that the Photoshoµ
File Browser (shown in Figure 3-27)
will helµ vou to solve. Each task is
nameu in the oruer in which vou
shoulu µerlorm it.
Batch rcnaming. One ol the most
µowerlul leatures ol the File
Browser is Batch Rename. Il vou
want to change the entire con-
tents ol a loluer to have a com-
mon lilename. vou can simµlv
select all the liles in that loluer.
enter the µart ol the lilename
that the liles will have in com-
mon in the lirst lielu. leave a
sµace alter that name. ask lor a
||eare 1-1I. I|e |ae|e ||ete.|ea |||e |
||eare 1-1ã. I|e \|aaew. |\a|erer l||e |
ler /|.
!|p 1: Kacw t|e ||ctcs|cp |||e 8rcwser
I1 C|apter 1, 8r|a¢|a¢ 0at t|e 8est ||ctare
serial numLer to Le auueu in the next lielu anu the lile tvµe extension in
the last lielu. then click OK. All the liles will Le uniouelv nameu with the
same starting lilename almost instantlv. (As mentioneu in Chaµter 1. vou
shoulu uo this as soon as vou oµen a new loluer ol recentlv uownloaueu
Ranking imagcs. Bv choosing Large with Rank lrom the View Bv µull-uown
menu at the Lottom ol the File Browser µalette. vou will see the woru
Rank unuer each thumLnail. Il vou haven`t assigneu a rank. Rank will Le
lolloweu Lv an unuerline (____). Click the unuerline. anu an entrv lielu
will automaticallv aµµear. You can enter uµ to 15 alµhanumeric charac-
ters. Lut I suggest vou iust enter one ol the lirst lour or live letters in the
alµhaLet. like school graues. Then. when vou sort Lv ranking. vou`ll see
the images that vou like Lest at the toµ ol the Lrowser insteau ol having
to µoke arounu through uozens ol thumLnails.
Rotating imagcs. Alter renaming. the lirst thing vou shoulu uo when vou
uownloau images is oµen the File Browser anu rotate all vertical images
to the µroµer orientation (unless vour camera rotates them automati-
callv). The File Browser uoesn`t actuallv rotate the image. iust the thumL-
nail. It also inserts an instruction into the lile heauer telling Photoshoµ to
rotate the image as inuicateu everv time it is oµeneu. This is such a valu-
aLle uata-saving leature that I wonuer whv Photoshoµ AlLum uoesn`t uo
exactlv the same thing.
Vicuing dctails. Il vou turn on the
Exµanueu View µortion ol the
File Browser. vou can size that
view to see a greatlv enlargeu
version ol the currentlv cho-
sen thumLnail. I leave it on Lv
uelault. ALove it. vou will see the
Lrowser µath to show where in
the uirectorv the lile is locateu.
The File Inlo will aµµear imme-
uiatelv Lelow the image µreview.
Sccing thc jilc injo. You can see all
the µertinent inlormation aLout
the µhotograµh Lv clicking the
Exµanueu View icon at the Lot-
tom ol the File Browser. Choose
All lrom the µull-uown menu
that aµµears when vou click on
the arrow iust unuer the image
inlo. Scroll uown. anu vou`ll see
all the inlormation vou entereu
lor the image. See Figure 3-28.
ûett|a¢ t|e ûra4e
l always cive íinished imaces
an A rankinc so LhaL when
l browse Lo a civen íolder,
anyLhinc l've already íinished
and LhaL's ready Lo prinL or
send ouL is aL Lhe Lop oí Lhe
browser pace. l can Lhen
hichlichL all oí Lhem aL once,
drac Lhem inLo Lhe workspace,
and Lell Lhe prinLer Lo prinL
Lhem all while l'm ediLinc
oLher imaces or havinc dinner
wiLh Lhe íamily.
% 8 0 % 2 4 ! $ 6 ) # %
||eare 1-1ê. I|e |||e |, .|ew|aa +|| t|e
|m+ae |alerm+t|ea (.ee |ewer |eltï.
!|p 1: Kacw t|e ||ctcs|cp |||e 8rcwser
I+ 0|¢|ta| ||ctc¢rap|): |tpert !ec|a|¢aes
!|p ì: Use \car |ma¢e Maaa¢emeat |rc¢ram
Three image management µrograms were introuuceu in Chaµter 1: iPhoto.
AuoLe Photoshoµ AlLum. anu Canto Cumulus. No matter which aµµlication
vou like. there`s a certain µrocess that vou shoulu alwavs lollow when vou
start to use these µrograms.
Il vou have either AuoLe Photoshoµ AlLum or iPhoto 2. Le sure to uo the
lollowing to avoiu heauaches:
!. Eliminatc duplicatcs. It is a goou iuea to riu voursell ol all uuµlicate liles
on vour svstem Lelore vou create vour lirst catalog. Otherwise. vou`ll
have manv more liles to manage. which can suck uµ all the time vou
shoulu Le sµenuing hiking. going to movies. or getting oualitv time with
the lamilv.
2. Crcatc a catalog. In the terminologv ol these two µrograms. a catalog
is a uataLase ol image thumLnails. as well as user-suµµlieu inlorma-
tion such as caµtions. notes. anu tags. You can have the µrogram catalog
all the image liles on vour svstem. or vou can sµecilv that onlv certain
urives or loluers Le incluueu. For examµle. I create one catalog lor all
mv screen shots. Look illustrations. anu Lusiness graµhics anu another
exclusivelv lor µhotograµhs. This makes it much easier to sort anu linu
what I am sµecilicallv looking lor. Unlortunatelv. catalogs onlv rctcrcncc
images throughout the svstem. Both µrograms will lose track ol liles il
vou uelete them or move them to a uillerent location. or inauvertentlv
change a urive letter.
3. Tag jilcs by catcgory and subcatcgory. The iuea Lehinu tagging is to get
all vour images. regaruless ol their location. organizeu Lv categorv anu
suLcategorv. Onlv Photoshoµ AlLum sµecilicallv uses tags. Lut vou can
accomµlish the same thing with iPhoto 2. Each tag is simµlv a uescriµtive
relerence to that lile÷it uoes not alter the lile itsell. Photoshoµ AlLum
has a lixeu set ol categorv tags. Lut vou`re alloweu to create suLcategories
anu new categories. You can also assign multiµle categorv tags to a µhoto.
For examµle. vou can have a categorv calleu Vomen. anu suLcategories
calleu Vomen in Business. Glamour. Girls. etc. Then. when vou want
to create a µroiect that will involve onlv certain images within a limiteu
numLer ol categories. vou can uisµlav onlv the images with that tag Lv
simµlv clicking on the tag. This Lecomes extremelv µowerlul when it
comes time to create µroiects (see Chaµter 1+) Lecause vou can ouicklv
Create |a4|º|4aa|
|c|4ers fcr !|ccts
lí you've jusL reLurned írom a
shooL where all imaces were
shoL wiLh Lhe same diciLal
camera, download all Lhe íiles
inLo Lhe same íolder. 1his
makes iL easier Lo boLh locaLe
and rename all Lhe íiles wiLh
Lhe creaLesL eííiciency wiLh Lhe
PhoLoshop File 8rowser.
4 ) 0
!|p ì: Use aa |ma¢e Maaa¢emeat |rc¢ram
Iå C|apter 1, 8r|a¢|a¢ 0at t|e 8est ||ctare
linu iust the µhotos that are Lest suiteu to that µroiect anu uroµ them
into the Vorksµace winuow. AlLum 2.O also has Catalogue tags that
allow vou to µlace liles lrom anv numLer ol tag categories into anv sµe-
cial-µurµose collection ol images.
+. Add captions and titlcs. Both µrograms allow vou to auu caµtions anu
titles. You can also uo this insiue the AuoLe Photoshoµ File Browser. Il
vou`re using iPhoto. vou neeu to auu caµtions at this stage so that vou can
linu anu uisµlav liles Lv categorv.
5. Archivc thc jilcs by tag. At this µoint. vou will linu it goou organizational
µractice to use the µrogram`s archiving caµaLilitv to move all the liles
with a given tag to a ueuicateu loluer. In Photoshoµ AlLum. vou uo this
Lv uisµlaving the items with a given tag anu choosing File © Exµort. In
the Exµort uialog. create the lile loluer vou want to exµort to alter click-
ing the Browse Lutton. Leave all the other settings at their uelaults anu
click OK. Vhen the oµeration is comµlete. close the uialog; the taggeu
items vou selecteu will still Le uisµlaveu. Choose Euit © Select All anu
then µress Delete. Be sure to check the ¨Also uelete selecteu items lrom
the haru uisk?¨ Lox Lelore clicking OK in the Conlirm Deletion lrom
Catalog Lox. Now. immeuiatelv uelete the original liles anu their thumL-
nails anu create a new catalog. It mav take a lew hours to create the new
catalog. so I`u suggest vou uo it Lelore leaving the stuuio lor the uav.
6. Usc thc Workspacc to crcatc projccts. Il vou select a lew liles. vou can
urag them into a µroiect winuow. In Photoshoµ AlLum. this winuow
is calleu the Vorksµace. It`s where vou can gather liles lrom a varietv
ol tags or other search criteria. uo minor euiting on them such as one-
click exµosure anu reu-eve correction. anu then incorµorate them into a
7. Archivc thc projccts. Since vou might want to reuse or reµurµose a con-
tact sheet or sliue show Lv µutting it on a weL site or suLmitting it as a
µortlolio. it`s a goou iuea to simµlv store evervthing vou neeu on a well-
laLeleu CD-ROM. Ve`ll uiscuss that later in this chaµter.
TaLle 3-2 shows suggesteu suLcategories lor tags or titles. Suggesteu aLLre-
viations lor these categories are hanuv il vou want to incorµorate them in
lilenames. iPhoto uoesn`t have µreuelineu categories. Lut vou can still use
these as guiuelines. I stronglv suggest that vou make a similar chart. auu everv
categorv anu suLcategorv vou can think ol. then µrint it out anu keeµ coµies
in all the µlaces where vou might auu names to liles (e.g.. with vour laµtoµ.
Lv vour comµuter. etc.). This will ensure consistencv anu greatlv ease all vour
other lile-management chores.
|||ctc k||ams
ln iPhoLo, Lhe equivalenL oí TAGS is
ALBUMS. lnsLead oí assicninc Lacs Lo
imaces, you drac Lhumbnails írom
Lhe main caLaloc inLo albums, which
can be named íor caLecories.
1he deíaulL caLecories are FavoriLes,
Hidden, People, Places, LvenLs, and
CLher. See 1able 3-2 íor some quick
succesLions Lo speed you alonc.
!|p ì: Use aa |ma¢e Maaa¢emeat |rc¢ram
Iê 0|¢|ta| ||ctc¢rap|): |tpert !ec|a|¢aes
Ia||e 1-1. !aeeeste6 f||e cateeer|es aa6 a||reº|at|eas
'BWPSJUFT Use lor anvthing that µertains to a µarticular ioL or µer-
sonal interest.
Invent vour
)JEEFO I use this categorv lor things that are so ioL-sµecilic that
I`m unlikelv to use them as stock µhotos or lor anv other
Camera cm
Photo Accessories µaccs
Screen Shots ss
Book Illustrations Li
1FPQMF µµl
Canuius cnuu
Frienus lnu
Familv lam
Glamour glm
Kius kuz
BaLies LaL
Executives exc
Vorkers wkr
1MBDFT This is lor anvthing that has more to uo with location
than µoµulation. I uuµlicate tags when categories overlaµ.
such as Peoµle anu Russia.
Il I`ve µhotograµheu a µarticular µlace (Countrv. state.
citv. neighLorhoou) extensivelv. I auu a sµecilic tag lor it.
UrLan Lanuscaµe ulnu
SuLurLan Lanuscaµe slnu
UrLan Detail uut
SuLurLan Detail sut
Mountains mtn
Creeks crk
Beaches Lch
Vater wtr
Nature (also suLuiviueu into µlants. llowers. animals.
&WFOUT evt
Nightlile nte
PuLlic Gatherings gth
Festivals lst
Partv µtv
Oµening oµn
Traue Show tusw
0UIFS otr
Clouus clu
Surl srl
Backgrounus Lkg
Textures ttr
OLiects oLi
You may wanL Lo add
classiíicaLion abbreviaLions
Lo Lhe ends oí íilenames
while you're workinc in your
album applicaLion. 1he Lacs or
LiLles help you Lo keep Lhese
íilename addiLions consisLenL
wiLh one anoLher and wiLh
Lheir Lac names, and Lhey help
oLhers Lo idenLiíy speciíic íiles,
especially ií you have Lo send
Lhem Lo a publisher or clienL.
% 8 0 % 2 4 ! $ 6 ) # %
!|p ì: Use aa |ma¢e Maaa¢emeat |rc¢ram
II C|apter 1, 8r|a¢|a¢ 0at t|e 8est ||ctare
Caatc Cama|as î.î
As I mentioneu in Chaµter 1. I reallv like using Canto Cumulus 5.5. So whv
not iust lorget Photoshoµ AlLum anu its comµetitors anu iumµ straight to
Canto Cumulus? Vell. it`s mostlv aLout cost. Photoshoµ AlLum costs $5O.
anu some ol its comµetitors cost even less. Canto Cumulus 5.5 Single User
Euition sells lor $1OO. The Vorkgrouµ Euition sells lor closer to a thousanu
uollars. anu each auuitional seat is $295. In mv exµerience. however. even a
low-volume µrolessional µhotograµher will linu that the Single User version
µavs lor itsell several times over in time saveu.
Here are some ol its auvantages:
º One Lig auvantage ol Cumulus is the wav it µuts alLums (¨collections¨)
together. Insteau ol iust asking vou what liles anu urives vou want to
incluue. Canto actuallv shows vou thumLnails ol anv uirectorv. anu vou
can either ask lor all the liles in that uirectorv or simµlv urag anu uroµ
the liles vou want to catalog into the collection. There is an immense
amount ol llexiLilitv in how vou can µut the collection together. too.
º Cumulus uses categories insteau ol tags. You can cre-
ate categories anu suLcategories. then iust urag liles
into them lrom uirectories in the Cumulus Lrowser.
There`s no limit to the numLer ol µrimarv categories
vou can have or how vou name them. anu vou can
estaLlish suLcategories anv wav vou want. You can
also assign multiµle categories to anv image. Canto
suggests assigning them Lv Image Tvµe. Proiect. anu
SuLiect as the root categories. Not a Lau iuea.
º You can urag anu uroµ categories. either Lv urag-
ging the image lile to the categorv or Lv uragging the
categorv to the image. much as vou uo in Photoshoµ
AlLum. You can search lor an image Lv anvthing vou
tvµe into its recoru lielus. Recoru lielus are automati-
callv lilleu in with anv uata that is alreauv in the lile.
such as EXIF uata or the uata vou entereu in AlLum
or in the Photoshoµ File Inlo interlace. You can then
auu auuitional lielus in Cumulus il vou wish.
º You can create collections ol liles Lv searching lor anv µiece ol inlorma-
tion that exists in an image`s uata lielus. This is one ol the most amaz-
ing things aLout Canto Cumulus. For examµle. sav vou wanteu to µut
together a collection ol linisheu versions ol reu llower images µhoto-
graµheu in the sµringtime. No µroLlem÷iust search the right lielus lor
the right uata anu vou`ll have vour collection in an instant.
Creat|a¢ Ue| |crtfc||cs |as||)
CanLo Cumulus can auLomaLically creaLe a web
porLíolio írom a preselecLed collecLion oí on-disk
phoLos. 1his is, in my opinion, well worLh Lhe money
alone. Files are sized and opLimized auLomaLically in
a maLLer oí minuLes. Nany oí Lhese procrams will
also creaLe írames and auLomaLically LiLle Lhe imaces.
Cí Lhe procrams menLioned in Lhis chapLer, Cumulus
and PhoLoshop Album are besL aL Lhis because Lhey
allow you Lo add meanincíul LiLles Lo Lhe íile daLa and
Lhereíore don'L have Lo depend on crypLic íilenames.
lL's Lhen very easy Lo individualize Lhe sLyle oí Lhe
callery by coinc inLo Lhe H1NL and chancinc Lhincs
such as Lype íonLs, backcround colors, and even Lhe
posiLioninc oí Lhe individual íiles.
% 8 0 % 2 4 ! $ 6 ) # %
!|p ì: Use aa |ma¢e Maaa¢emeat |rc¢ram
I° 0|¢|ta| ||ctc¢rap|): |tpert !ec|a|¢aes
º Like Photoshoµ AlLum. Cumulus can also create sliue shows anu
HTML weL µages that catalog vour µhoto collections. Cumulus creates
a QuickTime sliue show insteau ol a PDF sliue show. regaruless ol the
µlatlorm vou`re working on. You can move assets lrom one uisk or uirec-
torv to another. something vou can onlv uream aLout in AlLum. You can
also move assets to an FTP site il vou neeu to share liles with others.
Vhen it comes to image management. it mav seem as though vou might uo
okav to use the lile-Lrowsing caµaLilities Luilt into vour oµerating svstem.
However. these uon`t give vou nearlv the µower anu llexiLilitv ol a lull-lea-
tureu image management µrogram. It`s more uillicult to change the size ol
thumLnails. anu vou certainlv coulun`t unuertake the archiving oµerations
mentioneu later.
Given the µower ol Cumulus. vou might Le wonuering
whether there`s anv µoint in using Photoshoµ AlLum. I leel
there is. AlLum excels in Luiluing µroiects such as sliue
shows. weL galleries. Looks. CDs. anu gilts. thanks to the
ease with which vou can tag liles. view them visuallv. anu
uroµ them into the worksµace winuow where thev can Le
oruereu lor use in a µroiect.
!|p 1: Use a ûra) Car4 tc Ma|e
|astaat kccarate Ccrrect|cas
Il vou are shooting in a shaueu area next to an intenselv
coloreu wall. shooting with mixeu lighting. or using
lluorescent tuLes that varv in color lrom their stateu color
Lalance (a mauueninglv common occurrence). vou mav
have a haru time auiusting color Lalance using some ol
the technioues uescriLeu at the Leginning ol the chaµter.
This is Lecause vou have to guess at the µroµer changes in
more than one color channel.
One wav to helµ is to start Lv taking a test shot that
incluues an 18º grav caru (or other item that is 18º grav).
as shown in Figure 3-29. These carus rellect 5Oº ol the
light cast on to them. Kouak`s 18º grav caru is verv µoµu-
lar anu can Le lounu at most µro camera stores. Microstar`s
18º grav lens cleaning cloth is comµact. inexµensive. anu
serves multiµle µurµoses. Personallv. I like to oruer several
carus at a time (thev`re easv to lose) anu it`s a goou iuea to
have one in everv camera`s carrving case so that vou uon`t
lorget it when vou venture out to shoot.
||eare 1-19. I|e .a||ect |+. + ||a|.| c+.t. |a
¹°° ar+¡ |ea.-c|e+a|aa c|et| |+. |eea a|+cea |a
t|e lr+me.
!|p 1: Use a ûra) Car4 tc Ma|e Ccrrect|cas
I° C|apter 1, 8r|a¢|a¢ 0at t|e 8est ||ctare
Il vou µlace vour camera in sµot-meter moue anu set the
white Lalance to automatic. vou increase vour chances ol
getting the µroµer color Lalance in the image when vou
take the shot. Unlortunatelv. the camera will µroLaLlv
µick another color Lalance as soon as vou move the grav
caru or cloth lrom the µicture. The Lest wav arounu this is
to keeµ the shutter Lutton hall ueµresseu to lock in the set-
tings. have someone else remove the grav caru. then µress
the Lutton all the wav to take the shot.
Il vou can`t uo that. the grav caru still serves a µurµose.
as it can Le useu Lv Photoshoµ as a Lasis to Lalance the
overall color anu exµosure. vieluing a µhoto such as Figure
3-3O. Here`s how vou uo it.
1. Vhen vou get the image with the grav caru/cloth into
Photoshoµ or Photoshoµ Elements. oµen either the
Levels or Curves uialog. (The Curves uialog is shown
in Figure 3-31.) At the lower-right siue ol the uialog.
vou will see three eveuroµµers: Llack (shauow). grav
(miutone). anu white (highlight). Choose the grav
eveuroµµer. click on the grav caru in the µhoto. anu
µresto' The color Lalance in that image is instantlv
µerlect. vet vour overall exµosure uoesn`t change.
2. In the uialog. click the Save Lutton. This will save
the settings useu to correct the image. Vhen the Save
uialog aµµears. give the .acv lile a categorv name that
uescriLes all the images vou want to correct accoruing
to the same setting. Save anu close the grav caru lile.
3. Drag all the other liles vou want to color-correct into
the worksµace so that thev`re all oµen at the same
time. Click each in turn to make it active. then µress
Cmu/Ctrl-M to oµen the Curves uialog. Click the
Loau Lutton (it Lrings uµ a stanuaru ¨File Oµen¨-tvµe
uialog) to loau the .acv lile vou saveu lor the grav caru
exµosure. Vhen the lile loaus. the color Lalance will
automaticallv correct. Il this is the last curves auiust-
ment vou neeu to make lor this image. iust click OK
anu then Save As. anu auu ¨clr corr¨ to the lilename
iust Lelore the linal serial numLer.
+. Reµeat Steµ 3 lor all the other images in the series.
Il vou have createu an action. iust highlight it in the
Actions µalette anu click Plav to uo evervthing in this
exercise with a couµle ol mouse clicks.
||eare 1-1ê. I||. |m+ae |+. |eea ce|er-cerrectea
w|t| t|e .+me .ett|aa. a.ea te cerrect ||aare 1-z°.
I|e ce|er cerrect|ea. were m+ae |a t|e tar.e.
a|+|ea, +aa t|e e\ae.are cerrect|ea. were m+ae +t
t|e .+me t|me.
Us|a¢ kct|cas
1he cray-card rouLine works even íasLer ií you creaLe
a PhoLoshop acLion íor iL. All you have Lo do is creaLe
a new acLion. Name Lhe acLion in Lhe resulLinc dialoc
and click CK Lo sLarL recordinc. 1hen períorm Lhese
sLeps and click Lhe SLop icon aL Lhe boLLom oí Lhe
AcLions paleLLe when you've compleLed Lhe rouLine.
% 8 0 % 2 4 ! $ 6 ) # %
!|p 1: Use a ûra) Car4 tc Ma|e Ccrrect|cas
°ò 0|¢|ta| ||ctc¢rap|): |tpert !ec|a|¢aes
Saulv. it`s not µractical to stick a grav caru into everv shoot-
ing situation. All too olten. vou simµlv neeu to shoot lirst
anu ask ouestions later. Thanklullv. Photoshoµ lets vou
correct color Lalance in numerous wavs. so with a little
Lit ol ellort vou`ll likelv µrouuce a µerlectlv acceµtaLle
result. For instance. vou can use the technioue uescriLeu
earlier when setting levels; vou can color-correct sµecilic
areas ol Lrightness Lv using the Curves uialog on one or
more color channels; anu vou can even Lreak uown anu
use the Image ©Color Balance. Image ©Hue/Saturation.
or Image © Variations uialog to change the color Lalance.
Il vou`ve shot RAV liles. vou can also make auiustments
with the Temµerature anu Tint sliuers in the AuoLe
Photoshoµ Camera RAV µlug-in uialog.
!|p 1: Keep t|e 0r|¢|aa| |ma¢e |atact U|ea \ca
!tart Ma||a¢ Mc4|hcat|cas
One ol the great things aLout uigital µhotograµhv is that it accelerates vour
aLilitv to meet vour ueaulines. In a rush. however. it`s easv to lorget that
once vou`ve mouilieu an image÷µarticularlv il it`s an alreauv-comµromiseu
]PEG÷vou have lost image oualitv uata that vou can ncvcr retrieve.
There`s an easv solution: ncvcr na|c noditications to thc origina| ti|c. I alwavs
auu the aLLreviation ¨orig¨ to the original interµretation ol anv lile. esµeciallv
il that interµretation is a ]PEG image. Most originals. such as Figure 3-32.
are uestroveu simµlv Lecause the µhotograµher or the assistant lorgot that a
0ca't |cr¢et ||ctcs|cp
k4|astmeat |a)ers|
lí you use Lhe Levels or Curves command as an
adjusLmenL layer, you can insLanLly adjusL oLher imaces
shoL in Lhe same condiLions. 1o do Lhis, open Lhe oricinal
imace and iLs Layers paleLLe and link all Lhe adjusLmenL
layers. NexL, open any imace in which you wanL Lo make
idenLical adjusLmenLs. Nake Lhe íirsL imace acLive and
Lhen drac Lhe linked adjusLmenL layers Lo Lhe imace you
jusL opened. 1he oricinal adjusLmenL layers insLanLly
appear in Lhe Layers paleLLe oí Lhe new imace, and Lhe
layers are auLomaLically adjusLed.
% 8 0 % 2 4 ! $ 6 ) # %
|tper|meat|a¢ w|t|
1he black and whiLe eyedroppers
can also correcL color balance ií
you can íind an absoluLely black or
whiLe objecL in Lhe picLure, buL Lhey
will also likely chance Lhe overall
exposure. lL's worLh experimenLinc
wiLh Lhese opLions aL leasL once,
as Lhere may be Limes when Lhey
are useíul. However, Lhey should
be used only as a lasL resorL or an
inLenLional deviaLion meanL Lo creaLe
a "mood."
||eare 1-11. I|e tar.e. a|+|ea w|t| t|e ar+¡
e¡eareaaer tee| ||a|||a|tea.
!|p 1: Keep t|e 0r|¢|aa| |ma¢e |atact
°¹ C|apter 1, 8r|a¢|a¢ 0at t|e 8est ||ctare
uuµlicate shoulu Le maue Lelore making mouilications to the image (such as
the zoom anu color correction in Figure 3-33).
As I hinteu at earlier. vou can also µrotect the original Lv rotating the thumL-
nail reµresentation ol the lile in the AuoLe Photoshoµ CS File Browser Lelore
vou oµen it insiue ol Photoshoµ. This saves a rotateu µroxv
ol the image anu leaves the original comµletelv unscatheu.
It also tells Photoshoµ how to rotate the image as soon as
the lile is oµeneu. As long as vou save the lile with a new
name when vou`re uone working with it in Photoshoµ. it
never neeus to Le rotateu again. To rotate the image in the
File Browser. click the Rotate icon in the Lottom lelt margin
ol the File Browser. (Click Oµt/Alt simultaneouslv to rotate
Because manv ol their Lrowsing lunctions overlaµ. it`s uil-
licult to know when to use the File Browser versus the OS
Lrowser versus aµµlications such as iPhoto. Photoshoµ
AlLum. or Canto Cumulus. Here`s what I uo: use the
Photoshoµ File Browser with the Camera RAV µlug-in to oµen vour RAV liles.
to name images as soon as thev`re uownloaueu lrom the camera. anu to rotate
images. Once vou`ve uone that. it`s easier to keeµ vour uucks in a row il vou
start working in iPhoto. Photoshoµ AlLum. or Cumulus.
||eare 1-11. I|e er|a|a+| a|ete.
||eare 1-11. 0ae el m+a¡ |ateraret+t|ea. t|+t
|+. t|e .+me l||e .|te.
|mme4|ate 0ap||cat|ca
lL's a cood idea Lo ceL in Lhe habiL oí choosinc lmace
© DuplicaLe Lhe MINUTE you open an imace (you
probably noLiced LhaL we did LhaL earlier). A dialoc
will appear askinc you Lo name Lhe duplicaLe; you
can subsLiLuLe Lhe "oric" suííix íor one LhaL describes
how you'll be inLerpreLinc Lhe imace. 1hen close Lhe
oricinal íile (you don'L need Lo save iL) beíore you've
done anyLhinc more Lo iL.
% 8 0 % 2 4 ! $ 6 ) # %
!|p 1: Keep t|e 0r|¢|aa| |ma¢e |atact
°z 0|¢|ta| ||ctc¢rap|): |tpert !ec|a|¢aes
!|p î: Keep |a)ers '!|| t|e |a4
Once the lavers in an image have Leen llatteneu anu the lile has Leen closeu.
vou can`t make a change to one ol the lavers without starting over lrom
scratch. This is true when it comes to correcting exµosure as well as the
ellects useu on oLiects. The µroLlem is. the more lavers vou have. the larger
the lile size (with the exceµtion ol auiustment lavers. which auu virtuallv
nothing to lile size). In lact. each laver can increase lile size Lv as much as
1OOº ol the size ol the Lackgrounu laver. Comµare Figure 3-3+ with Figure
3-35 to see all the lavers that were auueu to the original µhotograµh. Figure
3-36 shows the actual lavers in the Lavers µalette.
This Lrings me to another valuaLle tiµ: |ccp thosc |aycrs. There is a wealth
ol auvantages to keeµing lavers lor as long as µossiLle Lelore llattening the
image. You shoulu llatten or merge lavers onlv when vou`re sure that vou`ll no
longer neeu them. or when the lile size is so large that everv little euit takes
minutes insteau ol seconus.
|astaataaecas C|cat
8elieve iL or noL, one oí Lhe
besL reasons you should keep
all your layers inLacL is Lo
impress and win over your
boss, clienL, or ediLor. Usinc
layers allows you Lo keep
alLernaLive versions oí Lhe
same imace in Lhe same íile.
You can show Lhese diííerenL
versions simply by clickinc Lhe
Layers paleLLe's Show/Hide
box íor Lhe appropriaLe layers.
% 8 0 % 2 4 ! $ 6 ) # %
||eare 1-14. :t+rt|aa lrem .cr+tc|.
!|p î: Keep |a)ers '!|| t|e |a4
°1 C|apter 1, 8r|a¢|a¢ 0at t|e 8est ||ctare
Vhen vou are reauv to senu the lile elsewhere anu don´t want it to bc a|tcrcd.
choose Image © Duµlicate. Then llatten anu rename the uuµlicate to rellect
the µurµose lor which it will Le useu. I recommenu saving it as a TIFF lile.
Manv µeoµle are too miserlv when it comes to saving haru urive sµace. a
hangover lrom the uavs when it wasn`t alloruaLle or easv to auu urive sµace to
an existing comµuter. Touav. FireVire anu USB 2.O µorts allow vou to uaisv-
chain numerous urives together lor aLout $1 µer gigaLvte. Since those urives
are also hot-µluggaLle. thev can Le storeu ollline when thev`re useu to holu
oluer µroiects or to archive images. In other worus. there`s no µractical limit
to how much haru urive sµace vou can easilv attach to one comµuter. Don`t
sell voursell short.
||eare 1-1î. I|ere +re .|\ |+¡er. |a t||. |m+ae, |ac|aa|aa cerrect|ea |+¡er., t|e |e||ceater, t|e ||ra. |a t|e
lereareaaa, +aa t|e ||ra. .|+aew..
||eare 1-1ã. I|e |+¡er. a+|ette ler t|e
a|ete |a ||aare 1-1å.
!|p î: Keep |a)ers '!|| t|e |a4
°+ 0|¢|ta| ||ctc¢rap|): |tpert !ec|a|¢aes
!|p ã: Keep 0ap||cate |||es tc a M|a|mam
Earlier. I mentioneu that vou shoulu use an image management µrogram to
keeµ uown the amount ol uuµlicate liles on vour svstem. That`s a goou iuea
no matter what.
As cameras increase their sensor size. resolution. anu RAV lile Lit-ueµth.
image liles get larger. On toµ ol that. uigital µhotograµhv makes it easier to
interµret the same image in manv uillerent wavs in oruer to create uillerent
moous. meet uillerent lavout sµecs. or match uillerent color schemes. The
more µrolilic vou are in uigital µhotograµhv. the worse this µroLlem can
Lecome. Belore vou know it. vou can enu uµ with uuµlicate liles evervwhere
on vour uata urives. The results ol a Vinuows XP Search commanu on one
ol mv urives. shown in Figure 3-37. illustrates how Lau it can get.
||eare 1-1I. | t¡a|c+| .e+rc| ler l||e. a.|aa t|e
\|aaew. /| :e+rc| cemm+aa.
!|p ã: Keep 0ap||cate |||es tc a M|a|mam
°å C|apter 1, 8r|a¢|a¢ 0at t|e 8est ||ctare
To remeuv this µroLlem. vou neeu to emµlov Loth ol the lollowing solu-
1. Create goou haLits lor naming. tagging. anu storing liles as vou create
2. Immeuiatelv get riu ol all the useless uuµlicates on vour svstem Lelore
vou start using lile-organizing soltware such as AuoLe Photoshoµ
Note that getting riu ol uuµlicate liles is not a reµeat ol the auvice to uelete
all the mistakes lrom vour camera carus Lelore vou uownloau them. The
µroLlem here is that it`s too easv to create numerous coµies ol the same lile
attcr vou`ve uownloaueu it. You mav create various versions Lecause vou`ve
exµorteu them to uillerent comµuters within vour ollice svstem. Or vou
mav iust lorget where vou storeu the lile anu enu uµ saving it again. I once
lounu mvsell with +5.OOO µhotograµhs on mv main comµuter when I trieu
to consoliuate all mv image liles anu aLout lour-lilths ol them turneu out to
Le uuµlicates. Trust me: getting riu ol all those uuµlicates is one ol the most
teuious. Loring. anu time-consuming ioLs on the µlanet'
The trauitional wav to get riu ol uuµlicate liles is to search lor all the image
liles with a given lilename using the search lacilities Luilt into the oµerat-
ing svstem. Some image management soltware. such as AuoLe Photoshoµ
AlLum. Canto Cumulus 5.5 (the trauitional µro lavorite). Picasa. anu even the
AuoLe Photoshoµ anu Photoshoµ Elements File Browsers can helµ in getting
riu ol uuµlicates Lecause vou can see the images. However. this iust takes way
too long il vou`ve Leen collecting uigital images lor a vear or more anu haven`t
carelullv manageu vour accumulation ol uuµes.
Vhat vou reallv neeu is a ¨ue-uuµlication utilitv.¨ Mv µersonal lavorite is a
$2+ µrogram aµµroµriatelv calleu DeDuµe (see Figure 3-38). Il vou`re a Mac
user. vou can run DeDuµe with the aiu ol VirtualPC. Il vou want. uownloau
the lull version lrom www.tcchnopundits.con/dcdupc.htn anu µut it to work
right awav.
Vhen vou set uµ DeDuµe. vou can sµecilv which urives anu uirectories vou
want to search. as well as what lile tvµes vou want to search lor. Then. iust
click the Run icon anu the µrogram uoes a thorough search. On mv svstem.
which contains over a teraLvte ol liles. this can take over an hour. Lut when
the search is linisheu all the liles are sorteu alµhaLeticallv Lv name. DeDuµe
automaticallv makes the lirst lile with a given name the ¨µrimarv¨ lile. coues
it with a grav Lar. anu then lists all the uuµlicate liles Leneath it. (Files with
uillerent lilename extensions are not treateu as uuµlicates.)
Excrcisc cxtrcnc caution whcn
trying to dc-dupc ti|cs that havc
thc origina| scria| nunbcrs givcn
to thcn by thc cancra. |t is
cntirc|y possib|c that nu|tip|c
ti|cs havc cxact|y thc sanc nanc
and arc cxact|y thc sanc sizc. Bc
surc to rcnanc thcsc ti|cs as soon
as you down|oad thcn so that
you can avoid this prob|cn (scc
Tip 1 tor norc on using thc Ii|c
Browscr tor batch rcnaning). |t
you a|rcady havc hundrcds ot
scria|izcd ti|cs down|oadcd, ita
wou|dn´t bc a bad idca to usc thc
Ii|c Browscr to batch-rcnanc
thcn a|| bctorc dc-duping.
7! 2 . ) . '
!|p ã: Keep 0ap||cate |||es tc a M|a|mam
°ê 0|¢|ta| ||ctc¢rap|): |tpert !ec|a|¢aes
Here`s the most ellicient routine I`ve lounu lor eliminating unnecessarv liles
using DeDuµe:
1. Scroll uown until vou have an entire screen ol real uuµlicates.
2. Mark the µrimarv lile lor each list ol uuµlicates. Use the Return/Enter
kev to llv through the cautionarv uialogs.
3. Shilt-click to highlight the entire list.
+. Ctrl-click to ueselect the µrimarv liles.
5. DouLle-check to make sure that all the highlighteu liles are actuallv
uuµlicates (with the same lile size anu uate). Deselect anv that aren`t.
||eare 1-1ê. I|e |e|aae l||e aaa||c+te .e+rc| |aterl+ce.
!|p ã: Keep 0ap||cate |||es tc a M|a|mam
°I C|apter 1, 8r|a¢|a¢ 0at t|e 8est ||ctare
6. Right-click to choose Delete Duµlicate. then µress
Return/Enter twice to llv through warning uialogs.
7. Scroll uµ until vou have a whole new µage ol uuµli-
Columns can Le narroweu or wiueneu Lv uragging the
vertical taLle line. Do this to ensure that vou can see all
the uata vou neeu to see to uetermine il the lile is actuallv
a uuµlicate.
Il vou lollow the suggestions in Tiµ 2: Use Your Image
Management Program Viselv. vou shoulu never neeu
to use DeDuµe. However. il anu when vou uo neeu it.
DeDuµe can Le a lilesaver. However. DeDuµe uoes lack
some caµaLilitv that I`u like to see auueu: the aLilitv to
µreview a thumLnail. the oµtion to uelete all liles ol a
given name. anu the oµtion to rename liles on the sµot in
case a uuµlicate isn`t reallv a uuµlicate (e.g.. a weL. µrool. or
small version ol the lile. or a version that has Leen euiteu
Lut hasn`t Leen croµµeu or resizeu).
As noteu earlier. il vou`re a Mac user. vou won`t Le aLle
to use DeDuµe unless vou own the version ol Virtual PC
that`s aµµroµriate to vour oµerating svstem.
!|p I: Use !pec|a| Names
AuoLe Photoshoµ anu Photoshoµ Elements give vou an
imµressive list ol lile lormats that vou can save to. Thev
then comµlicate matters Lv auuing a varietv ol oµtions as
to what to incluue with a lile when vou save it. Il vou uon`t
µav attention to how vou name vour liles when vou`re
choosing those oµtions. vou`ll either neeulesslv increase
the numLer ol uuµlicate liles on vour svstem or vou`ll
start ueleting liles that vou sµent hours euiting. Comµare
Figure 3-39 anu Figure 3-+O to see examµles ol a magni-
lieu ]PEG anu a magnilieu TIF. Laseu on various settings
that we`ve given the liles when we save it. (These are two
seµarate images. each magnilieu to +OOº.)
||eare 1-19. |et+|| el + I||0 l||e w|t| meaer+te
cemare..|ea (m+aa|l|ea te +òò° el er|a|a+|
|m+aeï. Nete t|e ||ec||ae...
||eare 1-4ê. |et+|| el + I|| l||e (m+aa|l|ea te
+òò° el er|a|a+| |m+aeï. Nete |ew mac| |etter
t|e |m+ae aa+||t¡ |. cema+rea te + I||0.
!|p I: Use !pec|a| Names
°° 0|¢|ta| ||ctc¢rap|): |tpert !ec|a|¢aes
The solution to this µroLlem lies in uoing two things:
1. Choose vour save oµtions carelullv anu µurµoselullv.
2. Auu inlormation to the lilename that lets vou know
how anu whv the lile uillers lrom the original
enhanceu lile.
Naming liles so that vou know how anu whv thev uiller
lrom other versions ol the same µhoto makes it much eas-
ier to uistinguish uillerent versions ol the same liles lrom
others that are simµlv uuµlicates. As mentioneu µreviouslv.
this is Lest uone Lv auuing a short aLLreviation as the verv
last element ol the lilename when the Save or Save As uia-
log aµµears. Photoshoµ alwavs shows the current name ol
the lile in the File Name lielu. Place vour cursor iust aheau
ol the uot that µreceues the lile extension anu then tvµe
in the aLLreviation. TaLle 3-3 shows a list ol aLLreviations
that I use to show the imµortant characteristics ol a lile;
these shoulu Le auueu to the aLLreviations that uesignate
the lile`s µurµose. I also auu a serial numLer to the original
in oruer to track uillerent versions ol these oµerations.
Ia||e 1-1. ke|efa| |heteshee a||reº|at|eas
corO1 The µrimarv exµosure-correcteu lile; nothing else has Leen uone
to this image. You will want to go Lack to this lile il vou ueciue to
exµlore a whole new route to enhancing the image. The serial num-
Ler inuicates lurther corrections.
lxO1 Sµecial ellects have Leen auueu to the original.
cmµO1 Auuitional images have Leen comµositeu into the original.
smO1 This is a small 1O2+ î768 version ol the lile that can Le useu lor
µresentations. CD alLums. µroiect µrinting. etc. Using smaller images
saves time when a µrototvµe µroiect involves numerous images.
wLO1 The image is weL oµtimizeu.
µuLO1 The image is sizeu anu µrolileu lor ollset µrinteu µuLlication.
lgO1 The image is llatteneu anu sizeu lor an exhiLit µrint.
See Figure 3-+1 lor a µractical aµµlication.
There are literallv uozens ol image lile lormats. so it`s a goou iuea to limit vour
lormats to those vou`re most likelv to use. Unless vou have an aµµlication that
reouires a µeculiar lormat in oruer lor vou to uo a ioL. vou shoulu convert all
ol these weiru lormats to the lour that are most universallv acceµteu across
the various comµuter µlatlorms. Doing so will save a lot ol conlusion later on.
TaLle 3-+ shows the most common Photoshoµ extensions. anu some recom-
menuations on using them.
||eare 1-41. Nete t|e +||re.|+t|ea t|+t |+.
|eea |a.ertea +t t|e eaa el t|e l||ea+me.
!|p I: Use !pec|a| Names
°° C|apter 1, 8r|a¢|a¢ 0at t|e 8est ||ctare
Ia||e 1-4. Cemmea |heteshee exteas|eas
QTE The AuoLe Photoshoµ multilaver lile lormat. which can also Le reau
Lv most other image-euiting anu µaint aµµlications. Alwavs use this
lormat lor works in µrogress. incluuing those that vou mav want to
lurther alter at some later uate.
UJG The most cross-µlatlorm anu cross-aµµlication comµatiLle lile lormat
lor single-laver lossless images. Use this lor anvthing that vou are shiµ-
µing as a linisheu lile lor µuLlication or lor service Lureau µrinting.
KQH The most wiuelv acceµteu lull-color lormat lor µhoto-oualitv weL
images or lor anv other aµµlication where liles must Le highlv com-
µresseu in oruer to save storage or uata transmission sµace. Do not use
this lormat to archive liles that must maintain maximum oualitv.
HJG The Lest weL lormat lor animations anu coloreu text. urawings. anu
llat-color illustrations.
!|e !aºe ks 4|a|c¢
You mav linu it helµlul to make use ol the lollowing leatures in the Photoshoµ
anu Photoshoµ Elements ¨Save As¨ uialogs. Most ol these oµtions shoulu
alreauv Le turneu oll. unless vou have createu that entitv (e.g.. annotations
or lavers) Lelore saving the lile. Some ol these oµtions are not availaLle with
Photoshoµ Elements.
As a Copy. This oµtion lets vou save a version ol an image that vou`ve altereu
to a uillerent lilename. You can also change the lilename Lv auuing the
uistinction coues listeu in the µreceuing section.
Alpha channcls. Anv time vou sµenu more than 1O minutes making a selec-
tion. it`s a goou iuea to save that selection so that vou can recall it il
vou ueciue to make more changes to an image (choose Select © Save
Selection). The saveu selection takes the lorm ol an alµha (transµarencv)
channel. which will Le Lunuleu with the lile il the Alµha Channels
checkLox in the Save As uialog is checkeu. The uownsiue ol saving each
selection is that it increases the lile size Lv aµµroximatelv one-thiru lrom
the original RGB lile. So vou uon`t want to save alµha channels il vou
won`t Le using them again lor a linal version ol a lile or lor a lile that has
to Le weL-oµtimizeu. Ve`ll talk more aLout this in Chaµter 5.
Laycrs. Each image laver can easilv uouLle the lile size. However. vou shoulu
save lavers whenever reasonaLle. Il uisk sµace is a worrv. vou might Le
Letter oll Liting the Lullet anu Luving more urives insteau ol having to
re-create the entire euiting µrocess iust to make a slight change in exµo-
sure or re-create a sµecial ellect or comµosite.
!|p I: Use !pec|a| Names
°ò 0|¢|ta| ||ctc¢rap|): |tpert !ec|a|¢aes
Annotations. Manv µeoµle uon`t know that AuoLe Photoshoµ CS lets vou
auu Loth voice anu text annotations to an image. These annotations
can Le a Lig helµ il vou`re µart ol a crew that is working on an image.
or il vou want to collaLorate with someone else. Thev`re also uselul as
notes or reminuers ol something that vou might want to teach or write
aLout later on. On the other hanu. annotations can auu ouite a Lit to lile
size anu won`t work in all lile lormats. so uon`t save annotations il vou
uon`t neeu them. To make an annotation. simµlv choose the text or voice
annotation tool lrom the ToolLox anu click when the cursor is over the
µart ol the image that vou want to annotate. You can oµen anu close the
annotation at anv time. Il vou make all annotations on a seµarate laver.
vou can hiue that laver anvtime vou want to see the image without the
annotation markers.
Spot colors. Sµot colors are µrocess colors that are µrinteu with a ueuicateu
ink÷usuallv to ensure a µerlect match with a client`s logo or µrouuct
color (think Coke reu or Master`s Tournament green). Il vou`ve sµecilieu
them in a lile to Le useu Lv the client whose color it is. Le sure that the
color stavs with the lile.
Color projilc. Be sure to emLeu the color µrolile il vou want the uestination
µrinter to µrint the lile as vou envisioneu it.
Imagc Prcvicu options. Il vou check this Lox. vou will save the thumLnails.
I`u recommenu uoing this unless the lile is Leing sent to an Internet ues-
tination where lile sµace is imµortant.
Trv to make the Photoshoµ Save/Save As uialogs the onlv µlace where vou
set anu change the oµtions uescriLeu aLove÷even il other utilities allow
vou to change them. Keeµ in minu that il vou uon`t conscientiouslv stick to
the µlan. vour ellorts at ellective lile management will have a less consistent
µavoll. You`ll start wonuering il it`s reallv sale to eliminate what vou think is
a uuµlicate. anu vou`ll start uesignating µrimarv liles that reallv shoulu have
Leen eliminateu.
!|p ë: k44 aa4 Ma|ata|a |||e |afcrmat|ca
You neeu a wav to recoru the circumstances anu leelings that surrounueu the
taking ol the µhotograµh. or the technical inlormation aLout how the µicture
was taken (known as EXIF uata). or the relevant categories anu kevworus that
might helµ vou locate liles that are suiteu to a µarticular market.
Photoshoµ allows vou to enter anu save various kinus ol inlormation with
a lile anv time vou oµen it Lv using the File Inlo commanu (shown in Loth
Figure 3-+2 anu Figure 3-+3). This commanu is locateu on the crowueu File
menu. which makes it verv easv to overlook when saving anu retrieving inlor-
mation aLout vour image. So make it a haLit ol choosing File © File Inlo as
soon as vou use Photoshoµ to oµen a lile lor the lirst time.
!aº|a¢ fcr t|e Ue|
Choosinc File © Save íor Web
cives you exLensive conLrol
over Lhe opLimizaLion oí Lhe
imace. CpLimizaLion is Lhe
process oí makinc Lhe besL
compromise beLween imace
qualiLy and imace size. See
ChapLer 13, Sell lL on Lhe
Web, íor more iníormaLion.
( ) . 4
!|p ë: k44 aa4 Ma|ata|a |||e |afcrmat|ca
°¹ C|apter 1, 8r|a¢|a¢ 0at t|e 8est ||ctare
At a minimum. auu a title that relates the lile to the shoot it was taken lor (e.g..
¨Telegraµh Ave ÷ stuuent Lookstore laçaue¨). Later. vou can use the search
caµaLilitv ol other lile management µrograms to locate all the Telegraµh Ave
µhotos. Il vou`re getting µaiu lor the shot. name it alter the client anu assign-
ment. In anv case. Le sure the name ol the shoot is uescriµtive enough anu
stanuaruizeu enough to helµ vou relate it to other shoots ol the same tvµe.
Then. create a macro that will oµen the lile anu aµµenu the inlormation
lrom a saveu lile to the lile inlo lor each image in the loluer (vou`ve createu a
seµarate loluer lor each shoot. right?). Now all vou have to uo is oµen the lile
inlo lor each lile anu auu whatever inlormation is unioue to that lile. such as
a caµtion or certain kevworus.
It woulu Le nice il vou coulu use this inlormation to linu certain liles lrom
within Photoshoµ anu then have them show uµ in the Lrowser. Lut unlortu-
natelv that can`t Le uone vet. But at least vou can use the File Inlo uialog to
see all ol a lile`s inlormation or auu more inlormation.
Note that il vou maintain the lile inlo. vou can use some image management
µrograms. such as Canto Cumulus. See Tiµ 2: Use Your Image Management
Program Viselv lor more inlormation.
!|p º: krc||ºe ke¢a|ar|) tc C0 cr 0\0
This mav seem oLvious. Lut there are manv reasons whv vou shoulu consiuer
archiving vour work. First ol all. vour µhotos are extremelv valuaLle÷Lut
vou µroLaLlv uon`t neeu to Le tolu that. You mav also linu voursell neeuing
to keeµ collections ol certain tvµes ol suLiect matter on a meuia that is easv
||eare 1-41. :creea.|et el aeaer+| l||e |alerm+t|ea. ||eare 1-41. :creea.|et el |/|| a+t+ t|+t ceme.
w|t| + l||e. I||. |. eltea are.|aea |¡ t|e c+mer+.
!|p º: krc||ºe ke¢a|ar|) tc C0 cr 0\0
°z 0|¢|ta| ||ctc¢rap|): |tpert !ec|a|¢aes
to uuµlicate anu shiµ. (Ol course. vou can simµlv use either Vinuows XP
or Mac OS X to move image liles to a loluer. Lut it`s tough to linu. euit. anu
organize µhotos lor a µarticular µurµose when vou`re in a hurrv.) Also. vou
mav want to Le aLle to incluue some wav ol µresenting the images on the CD.
such as a sliue show. Finallv. haru urive sµace isn`t inlinite. even il vou have
uozens ol 25O MB haru urives uaisv-chaineu to vour comµuter.
Once again. the solution lor avoiuing an organizational mess is to estaLlish
a logical workllow using an image management µrogram. such as iPhoto.
AuoLe Photoshoµ AlLum. or Canto Cumulus. The lollowing workllow µro-
viues a goou starting µoint that vou can customize to vour own neeus anu
µrelerences. Here`s a methou to ollloau µroiects to CDs that vou can linu eas-
ilv anu shiµ anvwhere at a moment`s notice without having to worrv aLout
Internet uownloau times.
!. Usc iPhoto 2 or Photoshop Album to sclcct thc jilcs. You reallv want to
use vour image management µrogram to uo this. Il vou`ve alreauv taggeu
liles Lv categorv anu suLcategorv. it shoulu Le easv to ouicklv collect all
the canuiuates lor a µarticular µroiect Lv uisµlaving onlv images that are
taggeu with the aµµroµriate categories. Trv not to use another µrogram
such as the AuoLe Photoshoµ File Browser. You coulu enu uµ skiµµing
over some liles that Lelong to more than one catagorv.
2. Drop thc jilcs into a Workspacc uindou. Highlight or search lor onlv
the tags that suit the µroiect vou`re working on. You`ll µroLaLlv want to
eliminate anv aµµarent uuµlicates anu Le sure vou`ve chosen versions
that are aµµroµriate to vour µroiect (i.e.. the linal exµosure-correcteu anu
laver-comµositeu versions). It`s much easier to make these choices when
vou can see Loth the image uata anu notes anu the image itsell. Vhen
vou linu the exact image vou want. simµlv uroµ it into the Vorksµace
winuow. See Figure 3-++.
3. Export thc projcct imagcs to a CD. It mav Le that all vou want to uo lor
this µroiect is create a CD that contains onlv the images vou want to
work on or senu to a team memLer.
To create a CD ol all the liles vou`ve µlaceu in the worksµace. iust use the
Exµort commanu. (In Photoshoµ AlLum. click the Commanu Lutton in
the TaskLar at the toµ anu choose Exµort lrom the µull-uown menu.)
Vhen the Exµort uialog oµens. choose the lile tvµe anu µhoto size (Le
sure to choose Original il vou uon`t want the image resizeu Lelore exµort-
ing). click the Browse Lutton to locate anu name the CD or loluer vou
want to exµort the images to. anu then choose whether vou want to auu
a common Lase name or simµlv use the original lilenames. Il vou choose
a common Lase name. each lile will have a serial numLer auueu to it.
0r¢aa|t|a¢ |) C0
lí l make up a porLíolio, l place
all Lhe íiles Lo be prinLed inLo
a workspace and Lhen make
a CD oí Lhose imaces. 1hen,
any Lime l wanL Lo duplicaLe
Lhe porLíolio, book, or
presenLaLion, l can jusL mounL
Lhe CD, open all Lhe íiles in
PhoLoshop, and Lhen prinL
Lhem. 8e sure Lo have Lhe
prinLer proíile (we'll discuss
Lhis in ChapLer 11) on Lhe CD,
Loo. 1haL makes iL easier Lo
íind Lhe correcL proíile íor LhaL
parLicular croup oí imaces ií
you inLend Lhem Lo be prinLed
on a speciíic prinLer/paper/ink
% 8 0 % 2 4 ! $ 6 ) # %
!|p º: krc||ºe ke¢a|ar|) tc C0 cr 0\0
°1 C|apter 1, 8r|a¢|a¢ 0at t|e 8est ||ctare
You mav want to create another
CD ol sliue-show liles to µre-
view a µroiect or to create a low-
cost µortlolio. This can Le verv
uselul. as µortlolios are olten
not returneu Lecause µotential
clients want to keeµ them lor
luture relerence. so vou like-
lv won`t want to sµenu several
hunureu uollars on a µortlolio
case. mounting Loarus. anu cus-
tom µrints. A CD sliue show is
much more alloruaLle. It also
µroviues a great wav to test the
contents ol a µortlolio Lelore
vou go to the exµense ol making
uµ a haru-coµv µortlolio.
To create a CD sliue show lrom
the images in the worksµace.
click the Start Creations Vizaru
Lutton anu choose Sliueshow
lrom the Creations Vizaru win-
uow (see Figure 3-+5). Now all
vou neeu to uo is lollow the
instructions in the Vizaru. You
can choose to create vour sliue
show as haru coµv lor µrint.
exµort it to a sell-µlaving CD-
ROM. email it to someone. or
use it to oruer µrints online. Il
vou want to uo more than one
ol the aLove. simµlv go Lack
anu continue to µush Luttons on
the lilth µage ol the Creations
+. Print a contact shcct that can bc
storcd uith thc CD. Vhile vou`re
still in the Vorksµace winuow.
vou can also µrint the images to
a contact sheet that contains the
caµtions. lilenames. anu uates lor
each µhoto. I woulu like to see
the inuiviuual images Le some-
what larger. Lut vou can con-
trol that to some extent Lv the
||eare 1-44. I|e ||ete.|ea |||am :t+rt
tre+t|ea. \|t+ra. I|e |m+ae. ¡ea .ee |a t|e
w|aaew |+.e |eea ar+aaea lrem t|e +||am
wer|.a+ce +aa w||| |e a.ea |a w| cre+t|ea
er e\aert ¡ea c|ee.e te m+|e.
||eare 1-4î. I|e tre+t|ea. \|t+ra.
!|p º: krc||ºe ke¢a|ar|) tc C0 cr 0\0
°+ 0|¢|ta| ||ctc¢rap|): |tpert !ec|a|¢aes
lact that vou can choose anv numLer ol columns. You can also choose
Inuiviuual Prints rather than Contact Sheet in the Print Vorksµace
Vinuow (see Figure 3-+6). anu the µrogram will automaticallv lit as
manv µrints as µossiLle on the µage. given the size ol the µrint vou`ve
chosen. The onlv µroLlem with this is that there`s no iuentilving lilename
or caµtion. so vou coulu lose track ol exactlv which µrint the client hau
chosen. I sometimes µresent the µrints Loth wavs. so that the client can
see somewhat larger µrints lor making linal annotations anu choices.
while using the contact sheets as a relerence. You mav want to rotate
images so that vou can view Loth lanuscaµe anu µortrait images without
having to µhvsicallv rotate the µage. That`s uµ to vou. Lut rememLer that
Photoshoµ AlLum can`t rotate a µroxv. It resamµles the image anu coulu
therelore cause some uata loss. which is esµeciallv worrisome il vou`re
rotating ]PEGs that are alreauv lossv.
There are. ol course. manv other µrograms anu methous that let vou accom-
µlish all ol the tasks in this section. However. I tenu to use the worksµace in
Photoshoµ AlLum to organize the images that will Le µlaceu in those µro-
grams or useu in those methous. iust Lecause it`s the easiest wav to keeµ all
the aµµroµriate images in one easv-to-linu µlace÷µreleraLlv a CD. I iust wish
there were a wav to µut multiµle CD µroiects on one uisk. This woulu let vou
exµort Loth the sliue show anu the liles vou might want to µrint or archive.
Use û|css) |aper fcr
l buy 100-sheeL packaces oí
Lpson or Kodak clossy paper
aL my local discounL or oííice
supply warehouse íor abouL
S20 a packace. 1his is noL
archival paper, buL iL cerLainly
lasLs lonc enouch Lo presenL
a conLacL sheeL Lo a clienL
íor preprinLinc markup and
imace approval. Also, Lhe
imaces look proíessionally
phoLocraphic-which is noL
Lhe case ií conLacL sheeLs are
prinLed on sLandard-weichL
oííice-size phoLo papers.
% 8 0 % 2 4 ! $ 6 ) # %
!||4e !|cws aa4 |ma||
PhoLoshop Album and iPhoLo also
leL you creaLe emails and email-able
slide shows. 1he process íor doinc
Lhis is essenLially Lhe same as íor
creaLinc a slide show excepL LhaL you
choose email as a desLinaLion. Also,
ií you're producinc a slide show on
disk, Lhere's no need íor Lhe procram
Lo opLimize íiles íor Lhe lnLerneL, so
your imaces can be enlarced Lo íiL
whaLever size screen Lhe viewer has
||eare 1-4ã. I|e |r|at \er|.a+ce a|+|ea |a ||ete.|ea |||am.
!|p º: krc||ºe ke¢a|ar|) tc C0 cr 0\0

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