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sylabus of 2nd sem

sylabus of 2nd sem

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Introduction to Portfolio Management Introduction to Cross Cultural Management Indian Business Environment Web Designing & Marketing Introduction to Rural and Services Marketing Sales and Distribution Management Introduction to Consumer Behaviour & Branding Advertising Creatives Corporate Accounts International Business and Management Mass Media and Integrated Marketing Communication Case Study Analysis French Language ± II Executive Communication ± II

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COURSE DURATION: 2 HRS PER WEEK FOR 12 WEEKS COURSE CREDITS: 2 1. INVESTMENT OPTIONS (10 HRS) y The investment decision process: types of investors; types of investments± commodities, real estate, and financial assets; concept of return and risk (4 HRS) y Indian securities market: options available and their evaluation (4 HRS) y Impact of taxes and inflation on returns (only a preliminary account) (2 HRS)

portfolio selection. managing of negotiation and conflict. PORTFOLIO ANALYSIS AND COMPUTERS (4 HRS) y Basic idea about portfolio construction (for only 2 assets) and analysis using spreadsheets. applying cultural framework to motivation 5. Markowitz optimization. advantage of managed portfolios. managerial implications 4. MANAGING ACROSS CULTURE (4 HRS) y Various cultural predispositions. WORK MOTIVATION (4 HRS) y Meaning. environmental context. Chand & Company) y PRASANNA CHANDRA: Security Analysis and Portfolio Management (TMH) INTRODUCTION MANAGEMENT TO CROSS CULTURAL COURSE DURATION: 2 HRS PER WEEK FOR 12 WEEKS COURSE CREDITS: 2 1. factors involved. SEBI guidelines relating to mutual funds (4 HRS) 3. y Decision making: Meaning and process. NEGOTIATION AND DECISION MAKING (4 HRS) y Meaning and process.IIPM (2010-13) UGP_II_SEMESTER 2. optimal portfolio mix (2 HRS) y Portfolio analysis: Traditional. LEADERSHIP ISSUES (4 HRS) . barriers. COMMUNICATING ACROSS BORDERS (4 HRS) y Meaning and process. diversification (4 HRS) y Managed portfolios (Meaning and evaluation). environmental context. cultural models of Hofstede and Trompenaars. communication. medium. BASIC TEXTS y VK BHALLA: Investment Management ± Security Analysis and Portfolio Management (S. types of mutual funds. PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT (10 HRS) y Meaning. negotiations. leadership. communication across borders and cultures 3. 2. and human resource practices. theories. issues in managing multiculturism ± motivation.

TEAM WORKING (4 HRS) y Individualism vs. BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT (4 HRS) y Meaning and scope: Micro. working as individuals vs. and macro. BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT IN INDIA (6 HRS) y Role of govt. BUSINESS CULTURE OF VARIOUS REGIONS (Note: There will be no teaching on topics included here. French. and control 2. entrepreneurial. theories of leadership.Korean chaebols .IIPM (2010-13) UGP_II_SEMESTER y Meaning. leadership across cultures and borders. collectivism. domestic and international. and Mixed Economy) and role of business enterprises (private and public) in them. short term and long term 3. Socialism. and cohesion. rationale for change y Economic planning: Changing contours since Independence and relevance in contemporary scenario y Liberalisation. economic and noneconomic. roles of govt: planning. privatization. THOMAS: Essentials of International Management: A Cross Cultural Perspective (Sage) INDIAN BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT 1. 7. etc) . and globalization in Indian economy 4. working as teams.Any West European country corporation (British. German. 6. POLICY ENVIRONMENT FOR INDIAN BUSINESS (6 HRS) . facilitation. meso. team formation.Chinese enterprise The marks assigned will determine µinternal assessment¶ performance and will carry 30 ± 50% of total weightage BASIC TEXT y DAVID C.Japanese companies . working. ECONOMIC SYSTEMS AND BUSINESS DECISIONS (4 HRS) y Various economic system (Capitalism. The student groups will COURSE DURATION: 2 HRS PER WEEK FOR 12 WEEKS COURSE CREDITS: 2 prepare and present reports on one particular nation to their respective faculty) y Work culture of the following: . non ± Western styles of leadership. and private sector in India: Historical perspective since 1951 and the current position.

trade policy. OVERVIEW OF HTML (1 HR) y Overview of HTML y Introduction to HTML y Creating an HTML Document 3. monetary policy. INTRODUCTION TO WEB PAGE EDITORS (1 HR) y Adobe Dream weaver y Microsoft FrontPage y Microsoft Publisher 4. foreign investment (inward and outward) policy. CREATING A WEB PAGE (2 HRS) y FORMATTING TEXT WITH FRONT PAGE  Paragraph Formatting with Front page  Character Formatting with Front Page  Comparing Procedural and Descriptive Formatting . NON ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT (4 HRS) y Political environment y Ecological concerns y Sociocultural environment y Corporate Social Responsibility BASIC TEXT y K. INTERNET INFRASTRUCTURE (1 HR) y Web Integrated technologies y Server applications y Myths & realities of internet 2. ASWATHAPA: Business Environment for strategic Management (HPH) WEB DESIGNINING & MARKETING COURSE DURATION: 3 HR PER WEEK FOR 12 WEEKS COURSE CREDITS: 3 SECTION-A: WEB DESIGNING 1.IIPM (2010-13) UGP_II_SEMESTER y y Industrial policy. fiscal policy Consumer Protection and Competition Act 5.

IIPM (2010-13) UGP_II_SEMESTER y ADDING LOCAL AND REMOTE LINKS  Adding Local and Remote Links  Adding Internal Links with the Named Anchor Tag  Links to non web Internet Services y ADDING GRAPHICS  Linking and Embedding Graphics y CREATING LISTS IN FRONT PAGE  Creating Lists and Nested Lists y CREATING TABLES IN FRONT PAGE  Creating and Modifying Tables  Creating Advanced Table Elements y SETTING BODY AND BACKGROUND ATTRIBUTES  Setting Background and Text Colors 5. DIGITAL COMMUNICATION (1/2 HR) y Internet as A Communication Medium to Help Market 2. MARKETING THROUGH INTERNET (1/2 HR) y Internet to Enhance Existing Products / Services y Internet to Promote & Recruit New Customers 3. PUBLISHING (1 HR) y FTP y Uploading all contents y Introduction into Search Engine Optimization 7. CASE STUDIES (1 HR) y Discussion on various Challenges while web designing and development y Strategies by top web sites y Banner advertising y Google site model SECTION-B: INTERNET MARKETING 1. HOSTING (1 HR) y Free Host Servers & Paid Host Servers y Domain Name 6. INTERNET TRANSACTIONS (1/2 HR) y Internet to Conduct Transactions .

and sellers y Market strategies and their tactical execution in Indian rural markets y Institutional participants: Govt. controller and marketer. E. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION (1/2 HR) y Internet to Provide Customer Services y Creating Seamless & Satisfying Online / Offline Customer Experience 5. TAUBER. HOLZSCHLAG: Mastering Microsoft front Page (BPB) INTRODUTION MARKETING TO RURAL AND SERVICES COURSE DURATION: 2 HRS PER WEEK FOR 12 WEEKS COURSE CREDITS: 2 SECTION-A: RURAL MARKETING 1. India¶s rural market 2. IMP: This paper carries weightage of 3 credits. as facilitator. while 2 hours per week will be spent on practical work) BASIC TEXTS y WARD HANSON: Principles of Internet Marketing (Thomson) y STEVEN HOLZNER: HTML Black Book y DANIEL A. BRENDA KIENAN & MOLLY. NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT FOR NET (1 HR) y Developing & Offering Digital Products for the Internet to Distribute 6. . Out of these 1 hour per week will be devoted to class room teaching. RURAL MARKETING (6 HRS) y Uniqueness of rural markets in terms of consumers. institutional set up.IIPM (2010-13) UGP_II_SEMESTER y Challenges in Executing Online Transactions 4. RURAL ECONOMY AND MARKET IN INDIA (2 HRS) y Structural features and trends in the rural economy in India. Hence it is a 36 teaching hours course. SELLING THROUGH NET (1 HR) y Marketing & Sales Operations at Dot-com Companies y Internet to support Innovative Pricing & Payment Collection (V.

beneficiary behaviour. SALES PLANNING (4 HRS) y Sales organization. service encounter. consumer behaviour in service markets. territory designing. MARKETING: PLANNING AND EXECUTION (3 HRS) y Use of Marketing mix by marketer of not for profit products BASIC TEXTS: y KRISHNAMACHARYULU & RAMAKRISHNAN: Rural Marketing (Pearson) y GOVIND APTE: Services Marketing (OUP. sales control and cost analysis . the selling process 2. distinction from commercial marketing. and application of marketing in the context of non ± profit organizations. OPPORTUINITY ANALYSIS (3 HRS) y Segmentation. setting up of objectives. sales forecasting. uniqueness of services. obstacles faced 3. budgeting. PERSONAL SELLING AND SALES PROCESS (2 HRS) y Sales management. 2. SERVICES MARKETING (6 HRS) y Unique requirements of services marketing. scope.IIPM (2010-13) UGP_II_SEMESTER SECTION-B: SERVICES MARKETING 1. marketing of services through 7 P¶s framework SECTION-C: SOCIAL MARKETING 1.) y ANDERSEAN & KOTLER: Strategic Marketing for Non Profit organizations (PHI) SALES AND DISTRIBUTION MANAGEMENT COURSE DURATION: 2 HRS PER WEEK FOR 12 WEEKS COURSE CREDITS: 2 SECTION-A: SALES MANAGEMENT 1. role and significance of services sector in India 2. targeting. personal selling. and positioning approach. SOCIAL MARKETING: CONCEPT (2 HRS) y Meaning. and salesmanship. managing sales quota. objectives of personal selling. SERVICES: CONCEPTUAL AND STRATEGIC ISSUES (2 HRS) y Meaning and classification of services.

social class. values. motivation. personality. CONSUMER AS INDIVIDUAL (3 HRS) y Role of needs. and lifestyle on consumption behaviour y Consumer perception and learning process 3. retailing ± type of retailers. VENUGOPAL: Sales and Distribution Management (Response) INTRODUTION BRANDING TO CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR & COURSE DURATION: 2 HRS PER WEEK FOR 12 WEEKS COURSE CREDITS: 2 SECTION-A: CONSUMER BAHAVIOUR 1. inventory management. compensation. external and market induced). vertical and horizontal marketing systems 2. influences on consumer (internal. order processing.IIPM (2010-13) UGP_II_SEMESTER 3. SUPPLY CHAIN AND LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT (5 HRS) y Objectives. management of channel members 3. SALES FORCE MANAGEMENT (6 HRS) y Recruitment and selection. opportunity. and culture on consumption y Other situational influences (time. management of physical distribution BASIC TEXT y P. wholesaling ± role and types. buying and consumption stages 2. ware housing. evaluation. CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR AND EXTERNAL INFLUENCES (3 HRS) y Role of family. groups. control of sales force SECTION-B: DISTRIBUTION MANAGEMENT 1. motivation. intermediaries. ability. DISTRIBUTION MANAGEMENT (2 HRS) y Role and functions of distributing. retail management strategies. and channels in marketing activity. RETAILING AND WHOLESALING (5 HRS) y Importance of channel partners. etc) . CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR: AN INTRODUCTION (3 HRS) y Why does a consumer buy a product. transportation.

positive benefits . revitalizing brands 3. category/subcategory. brand elements and building brand equity through them.IIPM (2010-13) UGP_II_SEMESTER 4. brand portfolios. benefits./ commercial: copy and layout. brand hierarchies. script: audio and video y Communicating through the ad. brevity considerations .Length vs. MANAGING BRANDS (4 HRS) y Product and corporate branding. significance of brand for buyer and seller. branding and integrated marketing communication. GETTING SET TO WRITE THE AD/COMMERCIAL (4 HRS) y Planning the ad copy / commercial y Setting objectives (seeking attention to intention to buy) y Sources of idea for commercial / ad words and visuals plus audio elements y Content considerations: .Use of human interest material and other extraneous devices . culminating into purchase y Consumption and post consumption behaviour SECTION-B: BRAND MANAGEMENT 1. SPECIAL BRANDING STRATEGIES (3 HRS) y Global branding y Branding of a service y Branding in not for profit offerings BASIC TEXTS y HENRY ASSAEL: Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Action (Cengage Learning) y HARSH VERMA: Brand Management (Excel) ADVERTISING CREATIVES COURSE DURATION: 2 HRS PER WEEK FOR 12 WEEKS COURSE CREDITS: 2 1.Highlighting of negative vs. proof of delivery points . 2. CONSUMER DECISION AND CONSUMPTION (3 HRS) y Stages in buying decision. INTRODUCTION (2 HRS) y Anatomy of an ad. reinforcing brands. BRANDS AND BRANDING (5 HRS) y Meaning of brand. line extension./commercial: Role of various elements 2.Use of attributes. secondary associations to build brand equity. mental maps and brand positioning.

DESIGN AND LAYOUT (5 HRS) y Artwork y Material y Plates y Color separation / processing / new methods.arouse interest and create desire .convince the listener / viewer / reader . main body. therefore no formal lecture system will be followed. y Preliminery ideas about production of audio and video commercials (Note: The students should be asked to make presentations) Note: y The emphasis in this paper will be on µlearning by doing¶. and the ending 5.induce action (to know more / buy) 4. ACTUAL COPY/SCRIPT WRITING (1 HR) y Beginning.seek attention .IIPM (2010-13) UGP_II_SEMESTER 3. y If possible. one print and another one a TVC / Audio Commercial. BASIC TEXTS y WALLADERES: Craft of copywriting y SCHLEMMEN: Handbook of Advertising Art Production . SPECIFIC COPIES / SCRIPTS FOR (8 HRS) y Newspaper ads y Magazine ads y Mail order / other direct mailers y Outdoors y Radio y TV y Online (Note: The students should be encouraged to actually write copy / scripts) 6. COPY/SCRIPT APPROACHES: COMMUNICATION STRATEGUM: (4 HRS) y Communication strategum to . y Evaluation will be on the basis of preparing a minimum of 2 advertising campaigns. the faculty will organize visits to various sites for advertising / commercial preparation and production.

bonus shares. UNDERWRITING OF AN ISSUE (3 HRS) y Accounting treatment of underwriting. and discount. forfeiture and reissue of shares. national and international standards 2.IIPM (2010-13) UGP_II_SEMESTER CORPORATE ACCOUNTS COURSE DURATION: 2 HRS PER WEEK FOR 12 WEEKS COURSE CREDITS: 2 1. AMALGAMATION AND RECONSTRUCION OF COMPANY: BASICS (2 HRS) y Amalgamation and its accounting treatment y Reconstruction and its accounting treatment 7. and preliminary expenses 5. methods for valuation of shares 8. managerial remuneration. acquisition of business. conversion of debenture into share. various methods for valuation of goodwill y Needs for valuation of shares. DEBENTURE CAPITAL (3 HRS) y Issue and redemption of debentures. provision and reserves. unpaid dividend transfer to investor education and protection fund. buy back of shares. ACCOUNTING AND COMPUTERS (2 HRS) y Computerized accounting. SHARE CAPITAL TRANSACTIONS (4 HRS) y Issue of shares at par. special accounting softwares BASIC TEXT . factors affecting the value of goodwill. accounting applications using DBMS. premium. NEED AND RELEVANCE OF ACCOUNTING FOR A CORPORATE ENTITY (2 HRS) y Books maintained by a company on voluntary and statutory basis. need for valuation of goodwill. transfer of profits to resources. appropriations out of profit. profits prior to incorporation. dividend payment. valuation of stock exchange prices. Accounting treatment and procedures for the above 4. payment of interest out of capital 6. VALUATIONS OF GOODWILL AND SHARES (4 HRS) y Meaning of goodwill. redemption of preference shares. y Statutory compliances and corresponding accounting treatment for all of the above 3. rights issue. benefits to the company of maintaining these record y Accounting standards: Relevance and significance. FINAL ACCOUNTS OF JOINT STOCK COMPANIES (4 HRS) y Preparation as per statutory requirements.

scope. sourcing and vertical integration. Indian scenario y FDI: Nature. trade policies. pitfalls. drivers. competitive advantage through international operations. choosing a structure. benefits. policies. OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT (3 HRS) y Nature. benefits. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT (4 HRS) y Political environment: Political systems. 9. INTERNATIONAL MARKETING (3 HRS) y Domestic vs. RADHA SWAMY: Corporate Accounting (Sultan Chand) INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS & MANAGEMENT COURSE DURATION: 2 HRS PER WEEK FOR 12 WEEKS COURSE CREDITS: 2 1. international. . dispute resolution. process of strategic management 6. steps in formation. factor influencing organisation structure. ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE (2 HRS) y Nature of organizational design. domestics vs. theories. MULTINATIONAL CORPORATION (2 HRS) y Nature. 2. TRADE AND INVESTMENT (2 HRS) y Foreign trade: rationale. making alliance work 8. international operations. marketing strategy. major activities. implication for international business y Technological environment: Impact and management. globalization and its implications. STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT (2 HRS) y Nature of SM. political risk y Legal environment: Legal systems. STRATEGIC ALLIANCES (2 HRS) y Nature. Indian share 4. and regional criteria. development of alliance. international technology issues y Economic environment: Country classification by income. various issues in designing organisation globally 7. theories of FDI.IIPM (2010-13) UGP_II_SEMESTER y RL GUPTA AND M. treaties. technology transfer. case for and against global corporations. NATURE AND SCOPE OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS (2 HRS) y Introduction. economic systems. Indian MNCs 3. international business. routes of globalization. firm specific theories. level. domestic vs. areas of concern for MNCs y Cultural environment: Nature. factors influencing. strategy and international operations. conventions and institutions 5. elements of culture.

personal and non personal. barriers to effective communication. COMMUNICATION (3 HRS) y Nature. social. communication effects on interpersonal.Audio video . classification of media according to alternative schemes y Detailed discussion about: . commercial and non commercial y Mass communication: Role. INTERNATIONAL HRM (2 HRS) y Nature. commercial and noncommercial use of media. and visual. y Effectiveness of communication: Prerequisites. etc) Actual position and significance of these media for achievement of commercial and non commercial (social/developmental) objectives SECTION-B: INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATION 1. expatriate management BASIC TEXT y K.Print media . and participants involved. media. international. internet. MEDIA FOR COMMUNICATION (9 HRS) y Need and relevance of media for effective communication.IIPM (2010-13) UGP_II_SEMESTER 10.ASWATHAPA: International Business (TMH) MASS MEDIA AND COMMUNICATION INTEGRATED MARKETING COURSE DURATION: 2 HRS PER WEEK FOR 12 WEEKS COURSE CREDITS: 2 SECTION-A: MASS MEDIA 1.Other traditional forms .Audio media . cultural. management of HRM. INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATION (3 HRS) y Concept and relevance for a marketer y Brief idea about tools and techniques for 360o communication . 2.Newer media (viz. target audience. MARKETING COMMUNICATION (2 HRS) y Meaning and significance for a marketer. element. players involved. purpose of marketing communication. and political processes. domestic vs. and characteristics of communication process y Alternative forms of communication: written. economic. factors determining effectiveness. mobile. oral. barriers 2.

meaning of µsolution¶ to the case problem/ situation. and development of decision making skills 2. and Marketing (EEE) CASE STUDY ANALYSIS COURSE DURATION: 2 HRS PER WEEK FOR 12 WEEKS COURSE CREDITS: 2 1. y Contribution of case study method towards bringing in real business scenario in the class room set up. significance. case method of learning.Recommendations . case method vs.Pathway for implementations 3. lectures ± their relative suitability. and process of the following tools of IMC y Advertising y Public relations. CASE WRITING (AT HOME EXERCISES) y Selection of the company and/or management issue y Conduct preliminery desk and/or field research . Promotion. INTRODUCTION (3 HRS) y What is a case study. TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES FOR IMC (7 HRS) y Meaning. types of case studies. KUMAR: Mass Communication in India (JAICO) y JV VILANILAM: Mass communication in India (BR Publications) y CLOW & BAACK: Integrated Advertising.Problem identification and analysis .Generation and evaluation of alternative solutions . case studies in business and management. including media relations y Event sponsorships and management y Direct marketing y Sales promotion y Exhibitions and conferences Their relative suitability and nonsuitability for communication BASIC TEXTS y KEVAL J.IIPM (2010-13) UGP_II_SEMESTER y IMC Process 3. CASE STUDY ANALYSIS (9 HRS) y Types of analysis: Qualitative and quantitative y Tools of analysis for analyzing: strategy/ marketing/ HR/ finance/ operations cases y Approach to case analysis: .

writing about a situation and speaking about it. and writing letters (formal and informal) will be the thrust areas in this trimester.Démonstrative. etc.IIPM (2010-13) UGP_II_SEMESTER y y y y Conduct additional research Write first draft of the case Contact company (in case of field research) and/or other experts for comments Revise the draft and finalize 4. visual (including movies/ commercials«). role plays. During this trimester the emphasis will be on written and verbal communication. interrogative y Passé Composé tense (Limited to common verbs) y Informal letter writing 1. y The end term examination will carry 30% weightage and will have 2 cases to analyse. role play etc IMPORTANT NOTES (ONLY FOR FACULTY) y Case study analysis session must not be theoretical and lecture based! At the very least they should be demonstrative and interactive y Faculty should use innovative tools like movies/ video clippings/ audio tracks. OUTLINE TOPICS: y Introduction to future proche y Introduction to passé recent y Future y Introduction of verbs pronominaux y Imperatif y Pronouns-possessif . y Each group will make presentation on 1 simple and 1 one detailed case FRENCH LANGUAGE . They will be studying from their book as well as through pre prepared material. Creation of dialogues.II COURSE DURATION: 2 HRS PER WEEK FOR 12 WEEKS COURSE CREDITS: 2 The students are now quite well versed with the basics of grammar and spoken French. PRESENTATION AND DISCUSSION ON CASE (12 HRS) y Presentation of cases on management issues (general management/ HR/ Finance/ marketing/ operations/ ethics/ CSR/ any other) Simple case (3-4 pages): 1st round Detailed case (At least 10 pages long): final round y Tools for presentation: written. 70% marks will be allotted to classroom presentations. as case material. le tourisme . oral.

Faire . Usage of etre . ?.departures y À . il neige .. y Describe a given picture y Some common social etiquettes and common sentences in a social environment y Body parts ( review ) y Visit to a doctor _ imagine a conversation informing him of your discomfort 2. second and third groups in present.dans. depuis . and give your identity y Speak about your family and what each member of the family does.pendant. le tourisme Introduction to Future proche and passé recent Adjective demonstrative ( review ) «. Il Fait .other usages of verb in infinitive. to conjugate verbe Faire and its usage to know about the second and third group verbs and how to use them Pouvoir and vouloir Prendre. ask for someone¶s identity. Review numbers y Usage of Il faut . pronom interrogative lequel«. y Verbes Pronominaux Role play : Introduce someone.etc  Locations of places and map reading µ Dans quel direction¶  Describe an existing location  To learn how to ask and to give directions on phone or/and on paper Usage of ³on´ y Usage of Imperative in office environment (with pre -prepared material) Usage of Imperative in other areas (revision) 3. 2. en and de + nom des villes et pays y Using dans combine de temps.IIPM (2010-13) UGP_II_SEMESTER Conjugation and the usage of all relevant verbs in the first. mettre. à etc  adjective interrogative Quel . avoir. . devant derriere . Il faut 4. il pleut etc Role play . aller . le tourisme Location et directions y Impérative  Position µOù¶ ( prepositions sur sous.Pronom Demonstrative y Taking an appointment as per the convenience of the client asking for the number of the telephone on which the client can be contacted y review time y Vocabulary pertaining to travel and tourism industry. y How to enquire about destinations . Arrivals . de. venir and 1st groupe verbes. dans . le tourisme Seasons Describe the various seasons and the weather Verbe ..pour+verb.

Grammar ±future tense Adjective Possessif -pronom possesif le mien la mienne etc To learn how to ask questions about someone and talk about one¶s family or office using Adj possesif ±pronom possesif 7. y Usage of quelqu¶un. the inquiries made and answered y Role play: Respond to a given advertisement y You work for a firm make an advertisement which will be put in letter boxes y Making a classified ad and reading a classified advertisement and responding to it ( house rentals etc ) 8. L¶alimentation et restaurants Vocabulary pertaining to food and restaurants y How to order in restaurants y Le comparative et le superlative y Making invitation ( informal ) y Writing to thank someone for the invitation y How to express agreement or refusal to a . find out about weather in a particular month from travel agents. Group discussion/ presentation 30 marks choice) on any personality (or a topic of your . Food and Restaurants The comparatif and superlatif . 5.IIPM (2010-13) UGP_II_SEMESTER y Make reservations for a flight . invitation proposal 6. Poem by Jacques pervert 9.Le passé compose y Passé compose with auxiliaries Avoir y le dejeuner du matin .. La publicité y La publicité les petits announces y Advertisements making them and responding to them asking inquiries etc Classified ads --about accommodation qu¶y a-t-il ?Y a-t-il/ modes de transport( review ) y Role play conversation between a client responding advertisement and the marketing personnel of a firm . la mode ± entrepreneur -Coco channel y Grammar.quelque chose.les articles partitifs. le passé compose entrepreneur -Coco channel continued y aux Etre with relevant text from various texts 10.l¶alimentation.

English to French dictionary (Collins make easy) EXECUTIVE COMMUNICATION ± II COURSE DURATION: 2 HRS PER WEEK FOR 12 WEEKS COURSE CREDITS: 2 Note: The syllabus for Executive Communication ± II (UGP Programs) is yet to be finalized and approved by the national coordinator Prof. BASIC TEXTS y Dictionnaire y Handouts by the faculty y G. -4-5 minutes NOTE: Allocation of teaching hours for individual topics will be at the discretion of the faculty. MAUGER: La Langue et civilization Francias y French to English. . future proche and passé recent )Topic to be decided Personal interview: the candidate can speak about himself.IIPM (2010-13) UGP_II_SEMESTER (in French using passé compose . In addition there will be periodic graded assignments and verbal communication evaluation. his institute. Hence that shall be marked to you in the next week. his plans for the future and any visit that he has done in the past . And will have to give a personal interview This will comprise of 50% of their in their internal assessment. Mode of Evaluation At the end of the trimester the students will be required to make a group project and presentation in French on any topic of their choice. Rajita Chaudhuri.

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