Affirmative Cross ex questions Value: Do you value life?

How exactly will nuclear weapons keep your value? Criterion: Do you know what a Criterion is? How exactly does your criterion weigh this round? Contention Mutually Assured Deterrence works: How exactly does peace come from threats? Do you feel inclined to be allies with people who threaten to kill you if you do something which displeases them? Contention Disarment is impossible. You do realize that the resolution says "states ought no posses nuclear weapons" So it implies that states ought not possess nuclear weapons and not about how the affirmative will get rid of nuclear weapons? Contention Nuclear weapons protect from conventional war: Are you familiar with Nuclear Weapons, Deterrence, and Crisis Escalation or Daniel S. Geller the author?
Or are you familiar with Kugler the Executive Vice President of the Government Securities Department and his studies of how deterrence fails to prevent conventional wars.

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