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The Charles Schwab Corporation is an American brokerage and banking company, based in San francisco,California. It was founded in 1971 by Charles R.Chuck Schwab "I started Schwab to fulfill the needs of individual investors. That core idea – putting our clients' needs first – has never changed, even in times of crisis." — Charles R. Schwab

Schwab activates its first website at schwab.com in 1995.

Why choose Schwab Bank?
Low rates
3.50% 3.45% 3.40% 3.35% 3.30% 3.25% 3.20% 3.19% 3.15% 3.16% 3.17% APR 3.27% 3.45%


3.10% 3.05% 3.00% Schwab Bank Bank of America Chase CitiMortgage US Bank Wells Fargo


Active Trading
 It is best suited for frequent traders because of the decent price and impressive services.  The company's leaders believed that online trading is going to become huge. Company made fast decisions and was able to introduce online trading service.

 By the start of 2000, Schwab had an average 25% market share, was handling one of four stock trades in the United States, was receiving nearly 80 million hits on pick days, had open up more than 3 million online accounts, and was doing more than $10 billion weekly in e-commerce.

Charles SCHWAB Customer Service
The excellent customer support is one of the main highlights of this online brokerage company.

Customer-focused e-business strategy of Charles Schwab & Company :It describes its multichannel strategy that aimed at providing the customers as many channels as possible to interact and transact with Schwab. In February 2004, Charles Schwab & Company (Schwab), launched the Personal Choice program, targeted at individual investors. Branch Network : Branch network was the traditional channel of service delivery for Schwab, introduced at its inception. Customers used this network to open brokerage accounts, deliver and receive checks and obtain market information.


 Telephone and Automated Channel : The branch network is well supported by the company's customer contact centres, which could deal with customer queries and transactions including performing trade, providing account status, receiving requests for prospectus and more. Schwab have five customer contact centres in the US.  Schwab invests in the BETA mainframe system. The success of this automated transaction and recordkeeping system demonstrates that technology can be a key growth driver.  Website Enhancement : With the increasing number of online customers, Schwab initiated measures to improve its website architecture so that it could handle large volumes of transactions.


Customers Feedback
 "Better than my full service broker that I used for over 30 years! I can do everything I want to do with no hassle.“ John Henderson - USA  "The very best, absolutely the best, they treat me like a king, platinum service every time, this is a company that will be around for a long time. If they make a mistake they undo it and make it right, everyone is a VIP at Schwab. Thank-you Chuck!!! “ Alexander Von – Virginia  "Excellent low cost service, useful research, easy to negotiate website.“ David Gillespie


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